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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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DID!Jim, Mormor

Jim has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, aka Multiple Personality Disorder). Richard Brook is one of his alters. Up to the writer how many other alters he has.

Bonus if one of the alters is a little kid, and it's from him that Sebastian finds out what Jim's childhood was like.

Another bonus if Jim and Seb aren't in a relationship, but one or more of the alters wind up seducing Seb just to piss Jim off.

Re: DID!Jim, Mormor

Oh God, yes. This is brilliant!!

Re: DID!Jim, Mormor (Anonymous) Expand
One day Mycroft comes over to 221B with a package. He hands it to Sherlock, informing him he may not under any circumstances open the package, and that he will come to pick it up in exactly 24 hours. 
The package itself is empty, Mycroft just wants to test Sherlock (and maybe mess with him. A bit. But mostly test him!) 

I'd like to see some Sherlock (and John?) going totally crazy-theory-nuts for what's inside the damn package. (as fluffy/cracky as possible.)

If Sherlock (and John?) break or not is up to you! ^^

The idea itself came from a kids show my little brother was watching and I just really wanted to see the boys in that place, sooo no idea if it's been done before. If it was, all for the better !

Re: The Box Test

what you wrote inspired me; It would be funny if after hours of mumbling-Sherlock they actually opened the box and inside found a black cube like the ones in Doctor Who. I can imagine John's 'you have got to be kidding' face when he sees it and Sherlock's indignant squawk

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Re: The Box Test (Anonymous) Expand

TW: Eating disorder but with a twist

I know that there are a lot of fics about Sherlock having an eating disorder, but what about one where John has one. He's always around Sherlock and Sherlock barely has to eat, so John starts to feel self-conscious about his eating habits. Also Sherlock is really skinny, so maybe John begins to feel inadequate next to him.

Basically anything where John has the eating disorder and Sherlock finds out. If there's a pairing please make it Johnlock. Lots of angst, John in denial, and feels.

Thank you :)

Re: TW: Eating disorder but with a twist

This is not related to this prompt directly, and I apologise, but can I get recs to those fics with Sherlock with an ed?

J/S Sherlock gets relationship advice from the wrong sources

The boys have just admitted their feelings for each other. Sherlock is awfully insecure though and thinks he needs to be the perfect boyfriend otherwise John will leave. However, he's a little too proud to ask advice from the people around him. Instead he reads magazines and Internet forums and applies the disastrous tips and tricks he found there.

BONUS if Sherlock believes sex is like the porn he watched

Apologies for any mistake. English is not my mother tongue.

Re: J/S Sherlock gets relationship advice from the wrong sources


I would really like to see Sherlock try to surprise John with some of the more ridiculous Cosmo tips.

OP (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft/Mike Stamford

They have been married for nearly two decades now. Mike basically brought Sherlock up. He was a sort of father figure to him while he was growing up. Mike is indulgent and Mycroft is rather strict with Sherlock. Sherlock always liked Mike more.

One day John witnesses the dynamics between them when he invites Mike over to 221B and Mycroft happens to drop by while they are having tea with Sherlock.

Mystrade AU. Sherlock acting like matchmaker because Mycroft is a prick magnet.

Mycroft's raising Sherlock. He keeps getting into abusive relationships not caring what happens to him as long as Sherlock is alright. After the last disastrous ending to the last relationship Sherlock makes him promise that he gets to choose who Mycroft dates next. Mycroft agrees without thinking, too weary to answer any other way.

He hadn't been expecting Sherlock to actually hook him up at all.Let alone with his teacher Mr.Lestrade. Nor was he expecting that he might actually like him and be liked back.

Problem is that there is one dick of an ex that wants Mycroft back. Mycroft thinks that Lestrade is too good for him and he doesn't deserve him. Lestrade either talks him into staying or Mycroft goes back to the dick and he starts to bully Sherlock and realizes the mistake and needs to get back with Lestrade and break up with the dick.

Re: Mystrade AU. Sherlock acting like matchmaker because Mycroft is a prick magnet.

I want this to happen!!!

Agraphobia - TW for sexual abuse

Because when Sherlock said, "Sex doesn't alarm me," he was not being entirely honest. Agraphobia is the fear of sexual abuse. Sherlock abstains because an incident in his past (when it took place and with whom is entirely up to you, as is its prominence in the story) was so traumatizing that the fear of a repeat is enough to make him physically ill; shaking, sweating, crying, the whole gamut.

Someone (not John) takes advantage of this fact.

Cue BAMF!John who either witnesses the attack or finds out and must rescue Sherlock and go medieval on someone(s) ass(es.) Preferably with aftercare and cuddles. The relationship between John and Sherlock can be slash or strong friendship, whichever you prefer.

Re: Agraphobia - TW for sexual abuse


Harry Potter Xover, Magic!John, Muggle!Sherlock

After the wizarding war, Harry went underground and hid among the muggles. With the help of (someone) in the ministry, he created a new identity, John Watson, and hid among the muggles of London. (Either Harry was always looked like John or he changed his appearance somehow.) John found himself rooming with a very perspective muggle, and largely gave up magic.

Why Harry became John is up to you. Maybe his friends all died in the war or he was tired of all the attention, what ever you want.
I want Sherlock to have no idea about the wizarding world, though Lestrade or Mycroft can if you want. But something happens and John is forced to reveal his power.

Bonus points if random wizards somehow recognize him on the street and come up to shake his hand, confusing Sherlock
Even more bonus points if there's and infestation of some magical pest that John has to take care of.

Re: Harry Potter Xover, Magic!John, Muggle!Sherlock


Mycroft/Lestrade shaving

Mycroft maintains the reason Greg develops five o'clock shadow by three o'clock is because he persists in using an electric shaver. It may look good, but Mycroft's tired of beard rash. So he gives Greg a proper shave.

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade shaving

Shaving!kink, I has it!

John's family

John's family is actually really powerful and well connected.
The only problem? Their all criminals. John tried got away from that lifestyle long ago and he (and Harry?) no longer associate with them.

At least a few are in the government (and doing shady/illegal business) and are in high enough positions that they can mess around with Mycroft's intel on John.

They find out when one of John's young family members is arrested for something petty and calls him.

Re: John's family

Ohhh. YES. Seconding!

Re: John's family (Anonymous) Expand

Inception crossover

Arthur is Mycroft's son

Re: Inception crossover

And there go my ovaries
I mean,seconding...

H/C John helps Sherlock cope with becoming "normal"

Sherlock is infected with a chemical virus during a case that causes him to very slowly loose his extraordinary mental abilities. John comforts Sherlock throughout and helps him cope with fear and confusion as his worst fear becomes inescapable reality. Happy ending preferred, where Sherlock turns back to normal. Gen or slash.

TW:Underage Teacher/Student Johnlock

There are not nearly enough stories of Dr. Watson getting into all sorts of sticky situations with his young, possibly wayward pupil, Sherlock Holmes.

Re: TW:Underage Teacher/Student Johnlock


I guess you already know Teacher's Pet by Rehfan?

Dark!John or crack:

John becomes obsessed, possibly sexually, with Sherlock's skull.

Not the one on the mantelpiece.

(Think it through. Those cheekbones.)


I'll totally have to read this!

Sherlock/Irene (tw: drugs)

Irene knows what people like.

It doesn't take her long to figure out that what Sherlock likes is cocaine.

Re: Sherlock/Irene (tw: drugs)

I am considering doing a fill for this, does it need explicit Sherlock/Irene? Or can it be more about a hold she has over him with the drugs with added flirting and sexuality?

So more about the power play with drugs as the tie but there would be spots where she is naked, maybe some kissing etc.

Sherlock and John learn to appreciate art

For a case, John and Sherlock must infiltrate an advanced art class that includes drawing nude figures. One of them ends up being one of the nude subjects. I think a fit John and artistic Sherlock would work nicely, but the other way around is fine too. Bonus points if the nude subject has to turn an unlikely nearby object into a weapon or has to tackle someone. Extra bonus points if, after the case is wrapped up, the subject sees the artist's drawing (which is surprisingly good) and it leads to romantic involvement. (This is my first post here, I hope I'm doing it right!)

Re: Sherlock and John learn to appreciate art

somehow i love this :)
+ 100

Mystrade sexual tension, pining

John and Sherlock are out of town. Greg needs a place to stay as his wife has just thrown him out OR alrady divorced Greg had his flat blown up by Moriarty OR any other reason the author wants.

Mycroft who's been fancying the pants off the DI for ages gingerly offers him to stay at his place.

Greg is impressed, intrigued and not a little turned on by Mycroft's apparently cool demeanour.

Cue massive UST, inconvenient boners, blushing, stuttering and maybe hot monkey sex at the end.

Bonus for domestic scenes like Mycroft cooking for both and Greg doing the washing-up.

Re: Mystrade sexual tension, pining



Teenage daughter (or son) scapes bakerstreet to go to a party, when she/he comes back and turns on the lights BAM! John and Sherlock are waiting on the couch Reichenbach-style.

Bonus: For sherlock deducing the party.

To Love (1)

Hello, lame title is awful, it came directly from the song I happen to be listening to as I post this, and it was better than 'Untitled Fill'. Hope OP enjoys!

Four teenagers stumbled into a Tesco’s Express at half-past two in the morning and the clerk was less than amused. She hadn’t had any customers in about fifteen minutes, and had liked it better that way. The clerk surmised that they were between the ages of fourteen and sixteen; too old to get enjoyment out of playing in their suburban yards, too young to yet legally engage in adult entertainment. Two boys, two girls, one hundred percent sloshed; the past, present and future of London’s youth.

“Watercress,” the first teenager, a short, thin girl with wispy locks of blonde hair muttered as she nearly tripped over the umbrella stand by the door. “Need. Watercress and egg. Sandwich.”

“Why?” the second teenager, a taller, darker girl, asked as she filled a basket with crisps. “That’s a disgusting midnight snack, Clara.”

“Oh, thank the Lord,” Clara murmured as she practically preened at the sandwich display. The third teenager, a boy, had wandered to the frozen isle, and was trying to get the second girl’s attention. The fourth teenager, the tallest and lankiest of the four, was standing by the display, peering out the window awkwardly and pushing his glasses up his nose every three seconds. Clara turned sharply to face him, her cheeks hot pink.

“Ben, you want one?” she said, waving the boxed meal in his face. Ben made a disgusted face and did what appeared to be a habitual twitch of his neck to get his dark curls out of his eyes.

“Ech, no thanks, Gen was right, that is disgusting for a midnight snack,” Ben agreed, and Clara pouted indignantly.

“Don’t be so judgmental, Benjamin,” she huffed, pressing a painted finger to his chest. Both teens wobbled a bit on their feet and began snickering into their hands. The clerk leaned on her till and narrowed her eyes; that boy looked oddly familiar. Not familiar as in a regular of this Tesco’s but he had such an odd look about him, she knew she couldn’t have forgotten him if she’d seen him before…

The second girl, Gen, and the other unnamed boy returned to their friends with bottles of water.

“Alright, mates, gotta start sobering up,” Gen instructed, forcing the bottles into their hands. “Or our parents will literally murder us tomorrow, yeah?”

“Ben’s the only one whose parents will actually find out,” Clara said, punching Ben’s shoulder. Ben seemed to somehow go even redder than before, and he left his three friends to pay at the till. The clerk smiled as he approached.

“Late night?” she asked as Ben attempted to pull his wallet from his jacket pocket. The jacket seemed too big, too old for a boy of his age. Probably his father’s.

“You could, uh… say that,” he responded, and he pulled his glasses off to count out his notes. As he did so, the clerk was struck by how big and bright his eyes actually were, and a deep shade of chocolate brown with flecks of green and gold. He was oddly beautiful, she thought, and wondered why she recognized him.

“Where you coming from? Soho?” the clerk coaxed. Ben chuckled as his friends appeared behind him. He handed over the money he owed (after seemingly somehow getting a one pound coin and a five pence piece mixed up) and the clerk happened to catch sight of his ID. Her gasp was small enough that it could have been mistaken for a particularly deep breath.

“Yeah, Soho,” he lied, and stepped out of line to allow his friends to pay. Once all four had paid, they took off, Ben giving a nod of thanks to the clerk as they left her store. She leaned forward on the till, name tag clanking against the computer, and wondered how often this teenager got away with anything.

Once outside, Ben split ways with his friends.

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GEN or Johnlock, Humor or Crack

John sings in the shower, a lot.

PD: Mycroft says "and postgov" idk

Mycroft, John, Lestrade and Molly get stuck in Sherlock's mind.

John is dyslexic, meaning sometimes he has trouble wringing d's instead of b's instead of p's while writing. His words sometimes get mixed up (both on paper and while speaking), and despite being a doctor (and at most having above average intelligence, say maybe 130 while Sherlock's, what, 300+?) he can't spell worth crap. His spelling's so bad that it's registered at 1st grade level.

John can recognize the correctly spelled word from a list of misspelled ones, but he utterly fails spelling tests. John also reads at a slower rate than others. For example, while all the other 29 students in class have just finished reading a short story to themselves, he's still a page or so behind. Just about finished reading, but not quite there. Due to this, tests were also hard on John, who neared the finish, but either didn't or had to rush through the rest.

And don't get John started on subtitles to foreign movies. So annoying for him and others because he can't keep up with them and has to rewind every few seconds if the subtitle was more than a few short words.

(This is me venting my frustrations. I love reading and writing, but damn.)

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Good or Bad - consensual painplay


Sometimes he likes to make her choose. "Are you my good girl? Or my bad girl?"

His good girl is treated gently, with soft touches and chaste kisses. She's praised and licked and teased and fingered, but never quite all the way to orgasm. He edges her expertly and, in the morning, licks her cunt until she's desperate and begging before he sends her to work in silky underwear and lacy stockings, still aching for satisfaction.

On the other hand, his bad girl... He knows she's dirty and disobedient. Filthy little girls who get off on pain must be punished by having their pussy whipped until they come. He binds her up and fucks her hard and in the morning canes her ass until it's scarlet and sends her to work with no knickers.

Re: Good or Bad - consensual painplay

Uhg, fuck.


Mycroft discussing Gregs *ahem* nether reagions


Re: Mycroft discussing Gregs *ahem* nether reagions

More love for Greg's ass!


Inspired by a movie I totally forgot the name.

The Holmes have magical powers. Not much mind you, just enough to heal minor cuts, stay awake or staying fit without having to do anything and they can throw a curse if they meet certain conditions (phase of the moon, magical herbs, vodoo dolls and so on).

Wee!Sherlock has seen how love has driven his family into despair and how it turns everyone into bigger idiots so with Mycroft's help he casts a curse on himself so that he is unable to love anyone but his True Love ('cause no magic can overcome True Love). Then he says that his true love must: be a warrior and a healer, be not boring, admire and praise his intellect, refuse Mycroft baits...
Almost a hundred conditions later, Mycroft remarks that surely such being can't possibly exist and wee!Sherlock is all like "of course he doesn't exist, no being can be that perfect and that is exactly why I will never, ever fall his love. It is foolproof! (and don't try to steal my idea, I found it first!)"

Well, that's what he thought until he meets John Watson.
And Sherlock totally freaks out and he is torn between jumping at him and resist, resist at all cost, let's share a flat together and live happil...I'm married to my work dammit! Mycroft is his usual smug self and his first move is to kidnapp John and armed with wee!Sherlock's list see for himself if he really meets every single condition.
John of course has absolutely no clue and wonders why his flatmate doesn't stop sending him mixed signals.

I'm not usually into these kinda prompts, but it sound interesting and somewhat funny.

Seconding. :D

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Re: Bewitched (Anonymous) Expand

J/S underwear kink

Sherlock likes stealing John's pants, sniffing them and wanking in them.

Thank God for anon.


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