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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Reprompt: Sherlock/Jim - Gentle, slow love-making

Original Prompt:

(Inspired by this: (NSFW) )

I just want slow, gentle, maybe even loving, sex between Sherlock and Moriarty.

Everything else is up to Anon (The way, where, verse, anything, as long as it involves this kind of sex.)

Re: Reprompt: Sherlock/Jim - Gentle, slow love-making

Seconding this. Ngh, that gif.

RTYI? (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock and his Magic Healing Cock

Sherlock, after a horrible experiment gone wrong, finds out his cock has magical healing qualities! Intrigued, sherlock decides to see just how much "Healing" his cock can do... on EVERYONE(except Mycroft cause incest is my squick).

All in all, I only ask for a shameless crack fill please!

Re: Sherlock and his Magic Healing Cock

Mawhaha! This needs to be filled by someone.

"Ouch! Got a paper cut," Lestrate said, while sucking on his finger.

*Cue Super!Cock!Sherlock*

Magical Healing (Anonymous) Expand

BDSM - Irene/male character

Scene/scenes in which Irene is punishing her male sub in some way while he is wearing/has been wearing a chastity belt and is not allowed orgasms as punishment for orgasming without her permission.

The punishment has to be something sex based and something that doesn't give her sub a full orgasm. It should be something that Irene would enjoy but her sub not so much, so not him being teased to the brink with oral/handjob and then not allowed to orgasm. Preferably without large quantities of oral on Irene or her being 'worshipped' or severe corporal punishment. No internal anal play (external prostate stimulation is fine) or blood/piss/shit.

Beyond that detailed list (sorry) I don't really have any preferences in terms of who her partner.

Omegaverse. Yarders walk into a suspiciously quiet Baker Street to find our boys knotted together.

John and Sherlock haven't been seen in almost a week. Right in the middle of a hugely important case, the two people that Lestrade and the Yard NEED to help... They've gone missing. Won't answer their texts, their phones, Mrs Hudson's away at her sister's, and Lestrade snaps.

He and the Yarders break into 221B and find evidence of a struggle (cups smashed, tables knocked over, the smell of an aged experiment blotting out anything else, etc.). They assume the worst - Moriarty's men have been here, some unfranchised criminal caught Sherlock off guard... They search the rest of the flat with growing fear.

When they find John and Sherlock passed out, knotted together and in the middle of the strongest heat-fug Anderson's ever scented, they are amused and unimpressed.

No preference for which is the Omega or Alpha.

Bonus if the Yarders all assumed John and Sherlock were both Alpha or Omega.

Re: Omegaverse. Yarders walk into a suspiciously quiet Baker Street to find our boys knotted togethe

It was too long to post in one piece, so here's the link. I hope you like it.


An au where Sherlock and John aren't introduced to each other, they meet by hooking up for anonymous sex.


Lestrade hasn't been able to ejaculate for years. He can get aroused, but he hasn't managed to finish. This contributed to his divorce, and has caused him quite a bit of frustration in the past few years. He's tried several different methods of getting himself off, but none of them have worked.

A bit after his divorce, however, he starts up a new relationship with one of the Sherlock characters. At first he's hesitant-- in part because of his inability to come-- but eventually things start to go swimmingly and he begins enjoying himself properly. Finally, things get to the point where sex can no longer be avoided. After much coaxing and patience and some creative sex acts, his partner finally manages to get him off, and it is possibly the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life.

-Feel free to make the cause of Lestrade's inability to come as angsty as you please.

-Sherlock/Lestrade preferred, but I'm partial to any and all permutations of Lestrade paired with Sherlock characters except Anderson.

-Bottom Lestrade will win my heart :D

-Bonus points for lots of come and come play

Re: Lestrade/Anyone


Sherlock covered in blood, H/C from John

Sherlock messed something up, and a case ended horribly. Sherlock figured out just enough to arrive in time to watch the killer brutally slaughtered/blew up/what have you a bunch of innocent victims - the more innocent and the more horrifying way they were killed, the better. (Totally going to hell for that sentence alone.) Sherlock messing something up, not seeing something or what have you, led DIRECTLY to these people suffering and dying.

John, Lestrade, etc are minutes behind Sherlock, and arrive to find him frozen in shock, covered in the victim's blood.

...Really all this build up doesn't need to be in the fill if you don't want (or you can have a totally different backstory), I just want a scene of Sherlock traumatised and mute, totally out of it. And I want John to have to take care of him, getting him out of his bloody clothes and washing all the blood off him, all while telling him he didn't do anything to cause what he saw.

(If you can do this without totally turning Sherlock into a woobie, that would be awesome.)

Re: Sherlock covered in blood, H/C from John

I'm totally filling this

A Closer Look - Sherlock/Closer crossover

First prompt request so hopefully I do it right and someone with better writing skills than me picks this up.

I've basically been reading a lot of movie crossover fics - Wimbledon and Memento are the two that come to mind - and I just thought it would be great to read a Sherlock/Closer crossover because that was a great movie. In my head the characters are as follows: John = Anna, Sherlock = Larry, Moriarty = Dan and Irene = Alice, but if you want to play around with that feel free. Bonus points if you get some of the dialogue in too but the main thing is the interaction between the couples and Larry/Sherlock slowly getting darker (although in our case he's already halfway there).

John loves Sherlock, but he lusts after Mycroft (Johncroft only!)

John cares deeply about Sherlock. They are best friends, soulmates even, and he cannot bear the thought of life without him, but any feelings he may have for Sherlock are purely platonic and they both prefer it that way.

Mycroft, on the other hand… He is sensual, haughty and so very dangerous – all things that John finds wildly arousing, so Mycroft's visits are becoming an endless source of sexual frustration for him. Unfortunately, Mycroft is well aware of the effect he has on him and has no qualms about using it to get John to do his bidding, much to Sherlock's horror and disgust… :P

PS: It's up to you whether Mycroft has a thing for John or if he's just leading him on, but whatever the case I'd like them to eventually end up in bed together. I don't even care if it's a romance, pity sex or plain non-con - anything works for me.

Re: John loves Sherlock, but he lusts after Mycroft (Johncroft only!)


Sally and Sherlock swap bodies

Our grumpy Sergeant and favorite consulting detective switch bodies. Have Sherlock experience first hand how hard it is to be a colored woman in the police force and Sally learns that being Sherlock is not that easy either. They get some respect for another and might actually for once work together to get their bodies back.

Bonus: If they have some fun as well. Maybe SallySherlock annoys Anderson with whom Sally recently split up with by deducing him. Sally might annoy Mycroft or something like that... they have a great laugh...


We all knew that the minute 221c was shown in the Great Game that everyone would be moving their OC in. What if, though, it had been John Watson who had moved in?

Prompt: AU in which John found and moved into 221c on his own (great location in central London, price break due to possible *ahem--maybe-some-black-mould-don't-worry-about-it,dear--ahem*) Head-cannon has Mycroft checking into Sherlock's new neighbor and (trying to?)poaching the army doctor before John and Sherlock meet, but it would be FANTASTIC if Sherlock and John don't actual see or talk to each other until John walks into a drugs bust in his own flat (221 C! C, not B, for God's sake!) and throws around some BAMFy army doctor-y-ness that catches Sherlock's attention. I'd love some see some Johnlock, but mostly I want a John in 221c AU, so I'll try not to be too greedy.

Re: 221c

seconded. especially mycroft poaching john before john and sherlock meet.

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Omegaverse or Sentinelverse etc with a twist...two concepts

So I've read several fics with either of these world setups or something like, where the Omega/Guide/whatever is effectively a second class citizen and often a slave to hormones/heats whatever, and (usually) it winds up with John turning into a bit of a submissive. Even if he starts out the story as his usual BAMFy self, often 'hiding' his status, only to submit to his 'nature' by the end.

That situation has always kind of stuck in my craw. Maybe because I've read romance novels with similar character arcs, where a 'strong woman' just needs to be 'tamed by the love of a good man'.

Give me a fic where John doesn't submit. Not where he's the Alpha or whatever instead, because that doesn't deal with the problem. John the Omega/Guide/whatever needs to remain an equal, is not conquered, in other words, IS John.

[Now in my secret heart of hearts, I'd also love a story where John the Omega/Guide turned out to be a MUCH stronger/tougher/BAMFier little SOB than any mere Alpha/Sentinel, but that's really another prompt, and more of a comeuppance to the first class citizens fic with its own cliches and problems. Sue me. I'm a fan of the underdogs.]

Re: Omegaverse or Sentinelverse etc with a twist...two concepts


I did start out trying to fill the prompt but it may have gone a bit wonky...John is never overly submissive and the relationship is pretty equal but it also has a rather domestic focus and mpreg.

I don't know if it still might be something you'd be interested in but the link is here for if it does interest you. :)

Fingers crossed someone does it much better because mine just got odd :)

Moriarty/Moran. WARNING: Lazy Eye/s

Jim spent *years* building the Richard Brook persona, acting in theatre and taking on TV jobs. It was very convenient to use it with Sherlock.

However, being the paranoid man he is, he made Sebastian get a job in the media as well.

That persona? Comedian Russell Howard. After all, who would suspect that a top sniper who had a "wonky" eye?

(This is by no mean to disrespect people who do have lazy eye/s. 'Wonky' is how Howard refers to himself. I grew up with it myself and luckily, the operation worked. Howard does fit the fanon BBC!Moran - blonde and fit. It's just a trope subversion to make him act totally unlike a dishonorably discharged sniper and the fanon stereotype. And dammit, I want to see more people with lazy eye/s in the public image.)

Bonus points: Jim is extremely pissed off when Sebastian is much more successful than him. Especially when he has to postpone assassinations because of 'Russell's' TV and stand up commitments.

Re: Moriarty/Moran. WARNING: Lazy Eye/s

This is hilarious and I love it. Seconded!

Young strangers on a train

As a child John Watson is in a truly awful situation - up to filler what it is, maybe an abusive parent or step parent. He meets another boy about his own age by chance on a train who somehow mamanges to figure out exactly what is going on with John and offers him a solution - he will kill the person who is making John's life miserable, on the condition that John gets rid of his school enemy, Carl Powers.

Whether John signs up wholeheartedly, or whether he just thinks the other boy is joking, the two strike up some ind of agreement. John's tormentor is dead within a week, and the other boy makes it clear he isn't getting off the hook without killing Carl....

If you like you could replace John with Moran or Mycroft, but I want the original other person on a train to be Jim. If it's John I'd really like to see the fallout years later when Sherlock starts talking about his first ever case.

Criss-cross! :D

Re: Young strangers on a train

Seconding this!!

johnlock dom/sub au

In a dom/sub au John and Sherlock are in a commited relationship. The submissive of which is constantly dealing with people hitting on him. While the sub could easily deal with the unwanted attraction himself he let's his dom handle them. Because he finds Possesive! John/sherlock to be an incredable turn on.

Bonus- mystrade. Just because.

Sherlock/Lestrade + Lestrade's cat

(Inspired by a comment on Tumblr that if Greg had a cat, the cat and Sherlock would get on splendidly. Hum...I beg to differ.)

Sherlock and Lestrade are in/start a relationship after Greg's divorce, to the point that Greg had asks Sherlck to move in with him. Various factors preclude this, including Sherlock's "death", but once the Hiatus is over, Sherlock has made up his mind to come and live with Greg.

Unfortunately, Greg, under the pressure of grief and loneliness, has adopted a cat in-between. Sherlock still moves in, or tries to, but the cat will have none of it. The cat is extremely possessive and territorial, and it becomes a tug-of-war (or wits) between the two felines, with Greg watching and finding it both annoying and rather hilarious.

Bonus points for the cat cockblocking them by meowing at the bedroom door like there's no tomorrow.

((You can change the premises if you like, but I do require a happy ending, please.)

Re: Sherlock/Lestrade + Lestrade's cat

Cats are excellent cockblockers. Mine won't tolerate a closed four and rips up the carpet in front of it , killing my damage deposit.
I would love to see this!

Possible spoilers for Arrow.

So has anyone been watching the new series Arrow? I can't say that I ever read the DC comics, but the new series has sired this plot bunny.

Instead of Oliver Queen getting stuck on the Island, what if it was Mycroft Holmes, party boy and heir to the Holmes family fortune? He arrives home to find his younger brother has turned into him from five years ago (drink, drugs, skipping school etc), his ex has become a cop is flirting and sleeping with his best friend John Watson.

Give me Mycroft on a mission to make up for Holmes Snr's misdeeds (I'm envisaging something in the Government). Give me him struggling to deal with all all the changes, re-connect with his brother etc.

Mystrade and John/Sherlock preferred, but if you want to switch it around and have John be lost, maybe during his time in the army, go ahead? Harry with the problem? Feel free to use artistic license to mold it all together. No fidelity to the TV series required, just the idea.

The most awful bad fic or troll fic you can think of

You don't have to say what inspired it but give me the bad fic or troll fic that'll make me laugh.

Re: The most awful bad fic or troll fic you can think of

One of the funniest sherlock troll fic there is XD (Personally i like the dramatic reading of it more)

"That went well."

"You spit Skittles in his face and told him to taste the rainbow."

Oh that is SO John snarking Sherlock!

EKG sex

Two characters engage in sexual activity while one of them is hooked up to an EKG monitor. Could be in a hospital setting or some kinky roleplay.

You've read the Paradox series by Wordstrings?

Sherlock helps fem!John on her period

So I'm on my period at the moment and feeling completely shitty and kind of annoyed about how most of the guys around me are totally unwilling to hear/learn about/sympathize with any Icky Ladybusiness.
So I desperately need a fic where fem!John is completely laid out during her period and uncomfortable friend!Sherlock is trying to help. I have this image of John sending him out to get supplies and Sherlock having no idea what to buy and enlisting the aid of some random helpful women at the shop who walk him through the whole thing. And he becomes very pragmatic and, being Sherlock, researches periods and ends up becoming an expert on menstruation and cramp treatments.
tl;dr: fem!John is on her period. friend!lock is clueless at first but ends up being surprisingly helpful.

Re: Sherlock helps fem!John on her period

YEP! Yepyep!! Yepyepyep!! Needs to happen!


Five times someone sees Sherlock giving John a blowjob.

Reprompt: Sherlock/Jim, not what you were expecting (not OP)

The whole "Mr. Sex" thing is a bluff, and Jim is not only a virgin, but he's never had an orgasm.

Sherlock remedies this. Bonus if he humiliates Jim while doing it.


With the collusion of some old Army mates, John hauls Sherlock off to a day-long paintball session for the sole and specific purpose of teaching Sherlock fire discipline.

Crack is okay, serious would be better, Sherlock's reaction when he realizes he's just scored an accidental kill on John would be best of all.

yes! seconded!

Re: It's just paint (Anonymous) Expand

Werewolves are a tricky bunch.

Most of the main characters are werewolves, as are about 15% of the population. Once ever four years, they ALL go into heat and there's about two weeks when there's relative peace and quiet in the capital.

Heat time is sacred. They're angry, they're possessive, they're... vulnerable. And this is what Jim Moriarty, human crimelord, likes.

Jim crafting a sex pollen drug, Jim staging an attack during Heat time, another character (*coughMorancough*) turning him into a wolf just to solve a problem... Whatever the filler likes.


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