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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Would you go to dinner with me? J/S

Sherlock asks John on a date.. But John doesn't know it's a date. Cue John being a bit weirded out when Sherlock does something like wipes food from John's lip.

Re: Would you go to dinner with me? J/S

The opposite of what you're looking for, but might still be RTYI:


I'd /love/ a fic in wich Sherlock is asthmatic. Any fic would be awesome =D

For example, Sherlock has an attack while working on a case and Lestrade and/or John have to help him out, or maybe John finds out about Sherlock's asthma in some way and is disappointed he didn't tell him about it,...

Whatever you can think of. Any fill would be highly appreciated XD

Re: Asthmatic!Sherlock

Seconded! I absolutely love asthmatic Sherlock!

There's a million things to be- you know that there are

I've been listening to too much Cat Stevens lately. Was reminded of Harold and Maude and was hoping for a little crossovery thing with our favorite death-obsessed boy and Mrs. Hudson? Maybe a younger Sherlock whilst solving that case with her husband? I dunno.

Post-Reichenbach, Sherlock is recruited to the Avengers.

Sherlock has a superpower that he has kept firmly under wraps all of these years. When he goes after Moriarty's network, he lets it loose across the globe... attracting the attention of SHIELD

I'd like to see Sherlock being interviewed by a SHIELD agent (*coughCoulsoncough*), and struggling to describe his old life in London. But if the prompt doesn't take you there, no worries.

I just want some Avenger!lock.

Re: Post-Reichenbach, Sherlock is recruited to the Avengers.


Greg/Mycroft, power kink, unhealthy relationships

Not only does Mycroft have a way of always knowing where Lestrade is, he can have him abducted on a moments notice, or fuck around with his vacation days and bank accounts. Really, he has the power to destroy Lestrade's life if he wishes to. Greg's aware of this, but a sick part of him gets off on it.

Sherlock/John - sex injuries

Sherlock and John attempt to have sex for their first time together in the shower. It does not go well, and John badly injures himself and can't do any strenuous physical activity/walk around much for a while.

Sherlock decides they should still have sex, and he'll just have to do all the heavy lifting.

BONUS: Anyone asking about how the injury happened, and Sherlock and/or John's response.

Re: Sherlock/John - sex injuries

Nyeheheheh, lovin' the bonus.

Serial Killer AU (where Sherlock isn't one)

John and Molly are a literal killer duo. They meet Seb and Jim. I'd love knife-play and blood-play, but anything works.

Asexual Sherlock likes to touch

Most fanfics that have Sherlock as asexual seem to make him not enough physical contact. This isn't true for all asexuals and, moreover, Sherlock seems to have no problem touching those he cares for (as seen in canon).

So, put asexual!Sherlock in a relationship. Make him cuddle, touch, hug and make him enjoy touching and being touched.

OP is partial to Sherlock/John, but willing to read any pairing.

Re: Asexual Sherlock likes to touch

If you're interested in RTYIs, is a favorite series of mine.

Sherlock gets amnesia

Non-con trigger warning!

Sherlock is raped. Upon being found or being found out, it isn't immediately apparent the event was non-consensual. People immediately get upset with Sherlock (because the sex was with bad guy, already in relationship with John, take your pick)...and rather than feel guilty and become all emo and confused, Sherlock lets lose on everybody because how could the be SO STUPID to not realize the situation. Anyone with half a brain would have realized he was raped in moments. What is it like living in their tiny little heads. It must be so peaceful...

Re: Non-con trigger warning!

Sounds very in character.


Sherlock took down Moriarty's web, but he won't come back because he's abusing cocaine again and is ashamed to have John seem him like this, but he can't seem to shake it. Have someone (not John) discover him and get John involved.

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OP here

This is beautiful and sad and it hurts so good right now <3
*wipes tears.* More soon, please! <3

ohhh, i'm so glad it's what you were after!
i'm working on some more right now! :)

age play, daddy kink

Consensual age play and daddy kink where the "boy" pretends to not understand what's happening as he approaches orgasm. "Daddy" keeps going and helps him through it.

Lestrade/John preferred but any pairing is fine by me.

Re: age play, daddy kink

Aww hell yes, seconded.

Re: age play, daddy kink (Anonymous) Expand

Mrs. Hudson!

Sherlock doesn't know everything...

Back in the day, Mrs. Hudson used to host the best swinger parties.

Lestrade in "Hound"

Lestrade was, in fact, on vacation and had been planning to be part of the dogging group (that John later happened upon).

Re: Lestrade in "Hound"

LOL yes please.

Heal me

John has the ability to heal people by touch. He has kept this gift secret his entire life. The problem with his power is that whatever he heals, he takes on himself. He wasn't shot, he was losing a patient in the field and used his power, taking on the shoulder wound.

John finds Sherlock passed out from testing an experiment, John heals Sherlock. When John is rushed to Hospital, Sherlock is utterly confused until the results from blood tests show that John has large ammounts of the experiment Sherlock was using. Sherlock remembers the times that colds and minor injuries would suddenly disappear, and John would get ill or twist his ankle.

Sherlock knows about John, furious he tells John that must never use his gift again, he cannot lose John. John reluctantly agrees until one night sherlock is stabbed in the stomach. No help is on the way. As Sherlock screams for John to stop, John heals Sherlock. John dies as Sherlock holds him.

No character reversal


The day Anthea nearly passed out in Mycrofts office is the day he sends her on a long vacation. When Sherlock "dies" Mycroft's grief over his brother is not hard to fake (he helped Sherlock, planned everything from the start) Anthea was supposed to have returned, and he knows she would show on the news of Sherlock's "suicide."

Anthea has been kidnapped. Mycroft enlists every favour ever owed to find her.

(If filler wants to have Mycroft/Lestrade or Mycroft/John that is fine. No other Mycroft pairings though)

The Holmes Brothers

John is actually the full biological brother to Sherlock and Mycroft.

The reason he uses his mother's maiden name of Watson is because he realized early on that everyone underestimated and dismissed him as a threat until they heard the name Holmes.

He was raised with his brothers, and is either Mycroft's twin (fraternal obviously) or the middle child.

The only ones who know are the Holmes family.

Mycroft says "This optedhh" (apparently he wants to read this)

I was just messing around on my laptop when the song "Munks on a Mission" started playing on my itunes.

In the song, Alvin and Simon are hunting the "Wolfman".

Then the image popped up of John and Sherlock hunting Moriarty to this song.

If some brilliant anon out there could bring this to life with a fanvid to this song, I would be eternally grateful.

Here's a link if you need to hear it:

Sherlock/any- slight age play, honey used to calm a tired/worn out Sherlock

I just had to image in my head of Sherlock suckling honey off someones fingers and being sleepy and too tired to do much or move around a lot. Whether this turn sexual or not its up to you. I did have a few scenarios in my mind for this though...

Mycroft does this to younger!Sherlock when he gets too insufferable. Mycroft is at Sherlock's while John isn't there until he suddenly is and decides to do this because Sherlock isn't paying his case any attention and is getting more and more irritated. Or Sherlock comes over to Mycroft's and asks for it.

Dark twist where the honey is drugged so Sherlock is all nice pliant.

Johnlock where this is foreplay.

Something completely different.
bonuses for-
Honey coated fingers dripping all over Sherlock's erection(PLEASE).

His partner continues feeding Sherlock honey and leaving him to suckle maybe going as far as to give him a honey covered pacifier/dummy.

Sherlock's partner already has his cock buried deep inside him and Sherlock gets fucked gently.

Especially if dark AU: Sherlock's cock is in a cage or his partner continuously stops him from coming.

Re: Sherlock/any- slight age play, honey used to calm a tired/worn out Sherlock

^Seconded! Adorable and kinky

Re: Fill: Sans Frontières (2b/?)

thanks! :) i can't wait to get more up, work schedule allowing

A bit more than the ol' slap n' tickle

John spanking Lestrade until he whimpers and cries, and then keeps going a bit. Followed by John riding Lestrade's cock.

100% consensual.

Gerald's game

What I would really love to see is a Sherlock version of Stephen King's Gerald's Game.
I am not really picky about how they actually get into the same situation -if it actually develops from a sexual game gone wrong or if it happens during a case investigation, or whatever. That would be up to the filler. Also, not picky about who is in it, but it would really, really make me happy if it is Sherlock in Jessie's place (hallucinations and all)

Sherlock was born outside of England (kidnapping, possible rape/torture)

Sherlock's mother was a diplomat/ someone of high enough rank that she often traveled /just unfortunate and in the 'wrong place, wrong time'/etc She gets kidnapped for long enough that when she gives birth its somewhere completely unsavory like in the middle of an extended hostage situation or terrorist cell.

Sherlock and her end up staying there for a long while.

The rape comes in with this:
Mrs. Holmes was raped in captivity which is how Sherlock ended up being born.

+5 This all comes to light some years later during a case.

Sherlock is colourblind

I'd like to see a fic in wich Sherlock is colourblind and nobody knows until on a crimescene he somehow manages to make a huge mistake/blunder by not seeing something very obvious. When people start to laugh at him he gets upset, but he's too proud to tell anybody what his problem is. Afterwards John confronts him about it. Maybe some h/c?


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