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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
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S/L frottage against a wall

Sherlock/Lestrade frottage against a wall. Can be in an alley, 221B, in a bathroom somewhere, whatever. I need this in my life.

Bonus points for Sherlock leaving marks on Lestrade's neck and hair pulling.


Trying to be stoic as his dom slowly takes him to apart leaving a needy pliant mess.

Re: sub!John/anyone

Please, please - we need more sub!john...
Maybe with Sherlock or Sherlock and Mycroft...

Re: sub!John/anyone (Anonymous) Expand
Re: sub!John/anyone (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock - Copenhagen


I love Frayn's "Copenhagen" and since Benedict is in it now, I can't wait to have a Sherlock/Copenhagen fic...

Play it anyway you want: Sherlock, John and someone else (I was thinking on Mycroft, Lestrade or Molly) having a similar conversation to the one on the play, an AU set on the universe of the play or anything you want.

Bonus for science!

Perhaps it's been done. Oh who are we kidding this is the kinkmeme, everything's been done. Except i can't find any sherlock/mycroft/lestrade porn. Rtyi s are very much appreciated. But what would be even better is some brand spankin' new pwp in which lestrade gets spitroasted by à couple of Holmes'.


Well here's a great RTYI! It's all three together at the Diogenes, having steaming sex with a bit D/s thrown in.

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Mycroft's a switch - loves to take control in bed, loves to let go - but Greg is happier topping. The solution is obviously another person! Anyone other than Sherlock or Jim, please.

(teddy)bear John

Something about John being muscular and squarely built, broad-shouldered and with nicely golden-haired forearms. About him being both strong and protective in a cuddly, trustworthy way. Maybe eroticizing his jumpers. Maybe eroticizing his capable hands and his forearms with rolled-up sleeves.

Pairing irrelevant.

Rape-setup fails, hurt/comfort ensues

An evil villain puts Sherlock in a sexy pose on John's bed, tied up and gagged, with a note Sherlock was forced to write begging John to fulfill his fantasy and fuck him roughly.

John falls for the ruse and thinks Sherlock chose to do this himself. However, John turns Sherlock down gently, with much apologizing and reassurance of how much he cares for Sherlock.

Up to you if John is not interested in sex with Sherlock, or is not into this particular kink.

Re: Rape-setup fails, hurt/comfort ensues


No 1/1 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: No 1/1 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: No 1/1 (Anonymous) Expand

Back to the Future style Mycroft/Sherlock

Sherlock travels back in time and meets young Mycroft. Mycroft is intensely attracted to him, no connecting this well-dressed, sophisticated adult to his bratty little brother.

Re: Back to the Future style Mycroft/Sherlock

I like this. Do you have any age range in mind for Mycroft?

Sherlock secretly transforms into a woman

Sherlock uses mystic arts to transform into a woman, as part of his disguise while dead. As a woman, she returns to London hunting Moran, and meets John. They starts a relationship.

When she succeeds in saving John, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade, she wants to reclaim her identity as Sherlock and return to being a man.

Cue angst about how John will react to being deceived about his girlfriend's identity, and how he will like having a boyfriend instead.

(You may recognize this as a classic SGA trope.
The lack of any thoughtful examination of a man being transformed into a trans man while perceived as a woman is key to the escapist enjoyment. Those wonderful mystical arts change Sherlock's gender as well as his sex, easy-peasy.)

John is half fairy, leads a double life

In the human realm, John is a very ordinary man, except for being a danger addict and following Sherlock around.

In the fairy realm, John is extraordinary. He's a famous and infamous warrior king, descendant of famous explorers into the human realm, a huge and fearsome fighter able to use weapons of iron and steel.

When John saw the breadth of his domain in fairy, he didn't weep, he invaded Afghanistan.

Being a very conscientious despot, John returns to the fairy realm regularly to check on his council and his people. One day, Sherlock follows him.

Re: John is half fairy, leads a double life

I'm a sucker for fairy AU. I loved Karen Moning and Laurell K. Hamilton. I'd love any fic with John or Sherlock being Sidhe. I just am a little confused as to the prompt. Why did John invade Afghanistan? Was it part of the fairy realm or in the human realm?

norovirus!sick fic

Sherlock gets the norovirus.

Sherlock is an emetophobe who has a panic attack whenever he thinks of vomiting, never mind when he's so sick his body is trying to eject food his stomach does not contain.

Cue comfort from John?

Re: norovirus!sick fic

Seconded! XD

Re: norovirus!sick fic (Anonymous) Expand
Re: norovirus!sick fic (Anonymous) Expand
John is a Minotaur. Sherlock/whoever eagerly expects his instincts to kick in and John to have his wicked way with them.

John never does. Sherlock/whoever ends up so frustrated with John they throw him down and fuck him though the mattress.

OCs/Dimmock, Sherlock/Dimmock - threesome/gangbang, dub-con, (maybe more non-con?), voyeurism

Somehow (I don't care how, I'll leave it up to the author) Sherlock has to watch criminals having their way with a drugged!Dimmock. Sherlock ends up being aroused and getting off on it (hidden somewhere).

Bonus for a lot of manhandling a drugged!pliant!Dimmock into numerous positions for better dick access, rimming, spit-roasting, deep throating, bukkakke and all the nasty things.

C'mon guys, Dimmock needs more love around here!

Re: OCs/Dimmock, Sherlock/Dimmock - threesome/gangbang, dub-con, (maybe more non-con?), voyeurism


Amother military AU

John's a medic in a commando unit. Sherlock's a highly-valued military tactician.

Though they've never met, John hates missions that have been sent down from Holmes. Sherlock's perfect logic is theoretically always right but it leaves no room to manouver when good old irrational human behaviour and an experienced soldier's gut feeling tell you the plan's seriously going to hell.

Still, John's a good soldier and not prone to insubordination, so of course he follows the plan he's ordered to adhere to by his commanding officer. It's just unfortunate that it winds up with him getting shot.

Funnily enough this really doesn't endear the mysterious Major Holmes to him very much.

Re: Amother military AU

:D I'd read this.

You really shouldn't mess with me right now. My bra is filled to the brim with Starburst and they're leaving these little square indents all over my boobs.

Very much hoping for a fill.

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Sherlock is a Sleeper Agent. AU

Sherlock is actually a sleeper agent unknowingly working for the government. Given a new life for the purpose of infiltrating the shady London underworld and stopping threats. Agent or not, he's still the adorable Sociopath we love who still dislikes his own brother. Making Mycroft job a pain in the ass.

John finds out and doesn't know how he should react. He's upset of course, but really turned on by Secret Agent Holmes.

Puppy Play

John is a long suffering puppy who just wants to relax at his master's feet but his master insists on playing with him.

Seconded, please.

sci-fi and more sci-fi ...sorta.


THIS. ANYTHING with this. It seems like a great crossover! :3

Of course just change a few things.;)

John Watson and Sherlock Holmes things , preferable (or AU where these two somehow end up in canon verse in the room of one Gregory Lestrade or in front of Anthea and Mycroft really whatevez I'm not a picky person).

John holds Sherlock

Sherlock starts to laugh, in earnest and starts to realise that he has never laughed like that before and begins to cry.

Bonus point: if he remembers mummy and/or abusive(neglective) father
DBP: If john holds him.
Hurt/comfort and/or angst

Laugh Kookaburra Laugh

It started with a laugh.

John stared at Sherlock as, instead of the slow chuckle that he'd normally emit, a throaty belly laugh poured out of him. Sherlock's face began to turn red. John frowned. Tears slowly fell from Sherlock's eyes and he covered his face.

John turned and gripped Sherlock's arm. "Sherlock?"

Sherlock was sobbing. It was not a farce. Deep, hitching sobs made Sherlock's body tremble. John pulled Sherlock close and held him. It took five minutes before Sherlock's sobs began to slow. John had kept constant contact with sherlock, from running his hands through Sherlock's hair to winding his back like a newborn.


Sherlock rubbed his face into John's shoulder "th-th-they were so cruel, so abusive."

"Who was Sherlock?"

"How could anyone do that? How?"

John clasped Sherlock's face in his hands and raised his head. "Who, Sherlock?"

"Mummy and Daddy." Sherlock sniffed.

John stiffened "what did they do?"

"Everything." Sherlock lowered his head back onto John's shoulder "th-they made me go to bed when I didn't want to, I wasn't allowed to go to cinema on week-days, I was forced to wear clothes I hated! I wasn't allowed to experiment with certain chemicals, and...and they made me do the washing up twice a week!" Sheock raised his head again "twice a week. We had a housekeeper! I was brilliant! Special! Unique! How dare they stifle that? How could they be so cruel?" Sherlock began to sob again.

John pulled back. Sherlock fell forward, his face planting into the cushions. John picked up Sherlock's mug and looked at the remains of the tea in it. He sniffed the tea and then stuck his pinky in, dabbed it lightly with the cooled liquid and touched it to the tip of his tongue. "This was meant for me." He stared at Sherlock.

Sherlock turned his head. "Not exactly. I did mean to ingest it, but you..." Sherlock rubbed tears from his eyes " couldn't know about it" he said thickly.

"What is it?"

"Sherlock propped his head on his hand "I haven't-ha-haven't decided yet" he choked out.

John placed the mug back on the table and frowned.

Sherlock smiled "there's a camera in the bookshelf recording all this."

John frowned deeper.

"I couldn't well rely on you to recount this entire experience my love, my sweet..." Sherlock sat up "my darling, my heart and soul. My brave solider!" Sherlock lept forward and embraced John.

"What were the names you couldn't decide on?"

Sherlock stepped back, cupping John's cheek with his hand "first I thought of: 'Who in the Bloody Hell is That?' " Sherlock lowered his arm "the second was: 'Woefully Obtuse Overreacting 'Beings in Everything'." Sherlock smiled.

John stared "W.O.O.B.I.E?"

"Ooh! I like that! Woobie!" Sherlock laughed again.

"And why have you created Woobie?"

"Well, if people act nothing like who they are, and are themselves in name only...think of what they'll confess!"

John closed his eyes "You just told me that your parents were horribly abusive because they wouldn't let you go to cinema on a week-day"

Sherlock's lip trembled "and th-they didn't! I'd never have told you about my abusive childhood otherwise."

John rolled his eyes. "I can't wait 'till you see what the camera captured after this..."

"Woobie!" Sherlock shouted.

"...Wears off."

Sherlock believes he is too inattentive to be in a relationship

Sherlock has been dumped more than once, for being too flaky with his romantic attentions. Conversely, when he did focus on his boyfriends/girlfriends, he was too intense and it would psych people out.

Now he's too scared of being rejected for doing it wrong to initiate any kind of romantic relationship.

The fantastic sexytimes and roleplaying of 221B Baker Street

Sherlock and John loves roleplaying. In fact, they do it quite often.

Bonus for imaginative scenarios, 2 kinky bastards and hot sex.

(Crack/fluff/serious are all fine)

Re: The fantastic sexytimes and roleplaying of 221B Baker Street
more crack than smut, but I thought the OP would like seeing this

titled "Naughty passenger"

john is adorable and cute and he melts sherlock's heart

Can't get the image of happy, excited little bilbo baggins running out of his house to go "on an adventure" aw.

Somehow my brain collided the two universes and the conclusion is: John is cute. And cuddly.

The reason why Sherlock's a better person with john around? he goes all awwwww when he sees john. I just really want to see them cuddle ;_; in any situation. Slash or gen or cuddly fluff are all more than welcome!

An experiment: Effectiveness of tears as persuasive measures.

Sherlock cries at/to/in front of a few individuals. For science.

Anderson runs for the hills.

Sally Donovan gapes/stares/any appropriate reaction

Lestrade tries to comfort him.

Mycroft eyerolls.

Molly tries to comfort him.

Moriarty laughs.

Mrs Hudson brings tea.

John calls his bluff and kisses him on the lips, that little drama queen.

Points for Sherlock being surprised at the great myriad of reactions he received.

Re: An experiment: Effectiveness of tears as persuasive measures.

Emotional experiments! Why has this not been written? I second.

TW details about pregnancy/ birth

I would like to request a fic where Sherlock doesn't notice he's going into labour untill his water breaks. In a very inconvenient place ofcourse. The met? The diogenese club? In an elevator? Up to author.

Now before anyone says it's not realistic, it happened to me 6 years ago today.

Re: TW details about pregnancy/ birth

The mpreg? Or the going into labour at the met, the diogenes club or in an elevator?


Sherlock/Molly, John/Molly, or heck, Irene/Molly. Regardless, Molly gets some. Go, Molly.

Except. Her partner notices that she seems to be holding back and maybe even fakes her orgasm. Embarrassed, Molly admits that when she comes, she squirts, and it can make a mess/weird out her partners. This new partner is very understanding.

(If it's Sherlock, bonus points for him attempting to figure out how Molly's doing that. Or worse, bringing it up in conversation with John.)

"John, in your medical opinion, what is the physiology responsible for female ejaculation?"

"I'm sorry, what?!"


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