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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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The Double Bluff, warnings: child abuse, abused child being called a liar

Sherlock, for the purposes of a case, reveals that he was abused as a child. Details and type of abuse up to you. People react. It's awkward and uncomfortable but the case is solved.

Then, afterwards, he reveals that he lied, that it was just for the case. He expects for things to return to normal after that. Donovan will call him a freak, John will roll his eyes and maybe give a lecture on appropriate behavior, and in the end it will be normal again.

Except no one believes him. About lying. After all, who should believe a self-confessed liar when he says he's lying? So whatever he says and however he explains it, everyone insists on continuing to believe he was abused as a child.

It's not fair. The first time around when he told about the actual abuse, when Mycroft refused to believe it had happened and made him tell everyone he was lying, then no one had any trouble believing it was a lie.

Please no graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. Other than that, take this prompt wherever you like.

Re: The Double Bluff, warnings: child abuse, abused child being called a liar

I really want this... would prefer non-graphic sexual abuse (I am not OP)and I could see how Sherlock would react negatively to what he would see as pity and thoughts that that is why he is so detatched and an "explanation" of why he is like he is... and then choose to call it a lie to preserve his sense of self.

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Hamish takes after Sherlock a bit too much

In all the Parentlock fics I've read, Hamish always seems to get the best of both world. He gets Sherlock's brains while still managing to be sweet and cuddlely (and a bit weird) like John.

So here's my question... What would John and Sherlock's reaction be if Hamish took after Sherlock a bit more? Distant, aloof, possibly verging on being downright cold. What do they do when those first letters start to come in from concerned teachers?

I'd prefer this to be in some kind of mpreg-verse with John as the "mother" but I'd be just as happy with an adoption or surrogate mother as well. I'll take what I can get ;)

And I'll be perfectly happy if you decide to give it a happy ending and say that Hamish just heard someone mention sociopathy in relation to his father and decided that (in order to be just like him) he'd be one as well.

Or not.

I'll be happy either way :D

Re: Hamish takes after Sherlock a bit too much

Love this idea! Would Sherlock be a good parent because he understands his strange offspring better than others or worse because he really doesn't understand some basic childhood needs like attention just for the sake of it?

Sherlock is mistaken for a rentboy by someone because obviously John would never be able to get with a guy like him if he wasn't.

Preferably someone who works with John at the hospital.
Bonus- John is unaware of the rumours at work until Sherlock comes to visit him one day.

Yesyesyesyesyes!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaase

Mystrade: first blowjob

Even if Mycroft hadn't already known that Greg didn't have much experience with men prior to meeting him, his attempt at sucking off Mycroft would have made it obvious.

To put it kindly, Mycroft's had a lot better blowjobs, and only some by professionals, but it's hard to be objective when the man who's slobbering all over your dick is trying so hard, just because he loves you.

tl;dr, Lestrade is a n00b when it comes to gay sex, but Mycroft does his best to alleviate any awkwardness because of ~feelings~.

Re: Mystrade: first blowjob

Yes, please!

Mycroft says "First". Indeed!

Lyric Prompt

"I'm an angel with a shotgun,
fighting til' the wars won,
I don't care if heaven won't take me back."

- Angel With a Shotgun, by The Cab

I thought of John, post-Reichenbach, fighting the rest of the world with whatever he's got.

John/Sherlock, possible John/Irene and/or Sherlock/Irene, watersports

John has a watersports fetish. Not a little one, either. He loves it when sex is messy and full of fluids. He especially likes being the one to piss on his partner, preferring it over the reverse.

But he still wants, you know, an actual relationship. He won't go to fetish bars or fetish dating sites because he's convinced the best way to start is by connecting with a person intellectually, then getting into the emotional part, then the sexual — so it always comes out last. And, unfortunately, he doesn't have a great deal of success in meeting someone who just so happens to be into the same kink. Some — Sarah, in particular — gave it a good go, but it just didn't work. He can even cut out the watersports, if he has to, but once they know — and he always tells them — things never seem quite the same. And there were other reasons for breakups, too, of course... he DOES live with Sherlock, after all.

Eventually, it somehow comes up in a conversation that Sherlock thinks they'd work well together as a couple. He's not PROPOSING it, exactly, but he thinks that if they were together, it would be a successful relationship. And that he wouldn't be bothered by the watersports thing.

As it turns out, he's right, and he can fulfill all of John's dirtiest desires.

BONUS for any involvement of Irene: John going to her to indulge a little, or Irene pushing the two together, or instructing Sherlock in the ways of sex, or even becoming a third for them (even if only occasional, if she has to go on the run again).

Sally as Javert

Just saw Les Mis and I don't know how I want this fic written, all I know is that I want it now.

Mycroft/Moriarty/Lestrade/Moran. Noncon/dubcon ? maybe


Moriarty and Moran make Mycroft and Lestrade their entertainment whether its fuck or die or playing them against each other. Or just using them for what ever they want.

Re: Mycroft/Moriarty/Lestrade/Moran. Noncon/dubcon ? maybe

Dear God, so many possibilities! And so much rare-pair potential...

+ 1000

Sherlock grew up travelling abroad with his parents (and Mycroft).
Because of this he learnt to speak various languages but had trouble fitting in and making friends (as his family were on the move so often). Sherlock returned to England for uni and ended up staying put and meeting John.

Mummy and Daddy stop in for a visit (maybe to see their new son in law?) and are not what John was expecting at all.

Stereotypes and stereotypical scene - dubcon

jock!dark-ish!Greg being in denial about having a crush over nerd!Mycroft and consequently abusing him in his team locker room.

Bonus if Mycroft actually planned the whole thing. also, a little bit of breathplay/choking too but no D/s

Hobbit crossover - John Watson/Sebastian Moran, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield

The cast of Sherlock are all Tolkien characters reborn into the modern world. John is Bilbo Baggins, and has remembered this ever since he got shot in Afghanistan (about to die, whole life flashing before his eyes, only it was the wrong life? plot contrivance? you choose how). Sherlock Holmes is Smaug, Lestrade is Aragorn, Sally is Boromir, Anderson is...I don't know, possibly get the picture. No-one but John remembers. Except one Sebastian Moran who, in his former life, was known as Thorin Oakenshield.
He has no idea who John is right up until the end of series 1, when soemthing just clicks and he realises who John Watson really is.
Bonus points for:
- The rest of Thorin's company also remember who they are, and being very glad to get their burglar back.

Re: Hobbit crossover - John Watson/Sebastian Moran, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield


On Sherlock and Roses...

I just finished Naval Treaty and I am just so struck by this section:
"What a lovely thing a rose is! There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as in religion. It can be built up as an exact science by the reasoner. Our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers. All other things, our powers, our desires, our food, are really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But this rose is an extra. Its smell and colour are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers."

Now, Sherlock knows full well that flowers' smell and colors serve to propogate the species by attracting bees, but still, there is something in here I haven't seen in BBC Sherlock yet, and want to. John might just help this appreciation of unnecessary beauty being worth praising God for, eh? Wink wink nudge nudge say no more?
Would very much like to see this explored. Johnlock please?

Re: On Sherlock and Roses...

Ok, because I really am that thick... Is this a subtle way of asking for Sherlock to recognize UST? Seeing John's beauty? or were you looking for something more philosophical?

John and Sally's friendship pre-TRF (and maybe post-TRF)

I’d like to see something where John and Sally actually have some sort of friendship pre-TRF, as much as two somewhat dysfunctional adults in their respective situations could be. They don’t have to like each other all the time, because at the end of the day they still disapprove of each other’s life choices (or some other aspect of one’s character that the other just doesn’t get). But somehow there are moments when they enjoy each other’s company, or at least recognize enough humanity in each other in a way that transcends mere tolerance.

It can end there, as a portrait of How Things Were Before It All Went to Shit, or it can continue into TRF (please, if you can, make the “betrayal” a difficult decision for Donovan, too) and beyond. Whether or not they become friends again is up to you. I’ve read way too many fics lately with John vs. unsympathetic Yarders and Sally who’s out to get Sherlock and they’re all wearing on me a bit.

Bonus: Sherlock and John have a conversation about it, and John manages to expand Sherlock’s data on interpersonal relationships. Or, John finds out that Sherlock respects (or has come to respect) Sally in his own way.

Bonus: John hits on Sally in a moment of weakness and Sally just laughs in his face and makes him aware that he’s been Sherlock’s from the beginning, and that’s when they become friends.

Re: John and Sally's friendship pre-TRF (and maybe post-TRF)

those are great bonuses for a refreshing prompt. I eagerly await a fill.

Sherlock comforts John

In which John is injured, hurt, etc, to the point a bath would be good, salve for whatever injuries are incurred, etc.

Though Sherlock may not offer any words of comfort (because he's really not good at that sort of thing) his actions probably speak louder that he really does care.

If you make this any sort of AU where Sherlock is John's "caretaker" of sorts, that's fine, too.

I was not influenced by Tealight at all...

Give me caring!Sherlock please, and lots of it.

Re: Sherlock comforts John


Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 3a)

In the morning, Sherlock opened his eyes to find himself alone in John’s bed. He was still on his side, arms outstretched, and buried under the duvet. The compression pattern in the bedding indicated that John had stayed pressed against him through the remainder of the night. It would also suggest that John had woken up in that position, which meant he was now fully aware of their proclivity to cuddle together while asleep in the same bed.

Despite that, Sherlock felt unbelievably good. Better than he had in a long time. He rolled onto his back, sorting out his impressive catalogue of observations. A truly staggering amount, and almost entirely about John.

Downstairs, he found John standing silently in the kitchen. He leaned against the counter in his pyjamas, mug of tea in hand, wearing an odd faraway expression. It was his typical look of mild distress. Sherlock was very familiar with it.

When John finally noticed Sherlock’s presence, his eyes flicked up then quickly back down. He raised his tea and took a long sip. Based on his body language, John was evidently experiencing internal conflict over what had happened the previous night.

“Good morning,” Sherlock greeted. He, for one, felt immensely refreshed. There was a second mug of tea steaming on the table, and he gladly picked it up. He glanced over the several cultures he’d left to grow overnight.

“Er… morning,” John responded curtly. It appeared he wasn’t going to be very talkative this morning.

Sherlock sat on the chair and pulled one of his samples under the microscope. He set down the mug and fiddled with the dials, drawing the bacteria into focus. John remained quiet, but through his (rather excellent) peripheral vision Sherlock detected John watching him. He didn’t move, barely even blinked, for several minutes. Sherlock could almost literally hear the grinding of rusty gears turning in John’s mind.

A strange urge to get up and touch John struck him, but he suppressed it with a flash of annoyance. His flawed physical self would do anything to reclaim the feelings from the night before. Ghostly recollections passed through Sherlock’s mind, fingers tingling with the lost warmth of John. Sherlock remembered how pliant and yielding he felt, how easily John reached out to connect. And there he now stood, not five feet away, nonchalantly sipping at his tea. How was it possible that one person could be so maddening?

“Could you not do that?” Sherlock asked abruptly, sitting up straighter and looking directly at him.

“Do what?” John replied, lifting his mug to his face again. At least this time he maintained eye contact. He seemed to be settling back into his old self.

Not be you, Sherlock almost answered without thinking. He wanted to tell John to stop being a distraction, but honestly the effect wouldn’t go away even if John left the room. Or the flat. Or the country.

John just stood there, watching, waiting, being. His eyebrows slowly drew together in an inquisitive line. “Do what, Sherlock?” he repeated.

“Stand there,” Sherlock explained smoothly, indicating the window. “You’re blocking the light.”

John rolled his eyes and set his empty mug into the sink. He brushed past as he departed from the room, and Sherlock spent the next hour pretending the brief nearness hadn’t summoned a wave of goosebumps.

That afternoon, John brought home a bottle of prescription sleeping pills and handed them to Sherlock with a deliberate glance.


From that point, finding a way back into John’s bed became an all-consuming project for Sherlock.

That very night, he enacted his first exploratory attempt. While John was out during the day he had crept upstairs and placed his phone underneath the bed. Sherlock patiently waited for an hour after John had gone to bed for the night, then made his way upstairs.

He pushed open John’s door and entered the pitch black. The wedge of light from outside provided enough light that he could see John, eyes stern and disapproving, looking up at him where he laid.

“I think my phone is here somewhere,” Sherlock announced.

Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 3b)

John sighed and sat up, then pointed to the overhead light switch. Sherlock pressed it, dousing the room in light. Wincing from the brightness, John shaded his eyes with one hand. “Where did you last see it?”

He shrugged, and they began searching the room. Rather, John searched the room. Sherlock deliberately poked around areas that did not contain the phone while pointedly avoiding staring at John in his pyjamas and snug t-shirt.

“Ah!” John said, crouching next to the bed. He pulled out the phone from under it and stood, holding the device out to Sherlock.

“Thank you,” he responded, walking over and taking it. Sherlock sat on the side of the bed, swiping through the screens and pretending to check for texts.

“Miss anything important?” John asked.

Sherlock hummed noncommittally, absorbed in his phone.

John let him sit there for a few minutes, until he finally cleared his throat. “I do need to get to sleep, Sherlock,” he reminded.

“Oh, right,” Sherlock answered distractedly.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave, then,” he clarified.

Sherlock stood, turning to face John directly. His hair was ruffled, and Sherlock inexplicably wanted to reach out and smooth it down.

John’s eyes shifted. He was feeling uncomfortable. “Well. Good night,” he said.

He hadn’t quite expected an invitation, but Sherlock had held out hope that John would at least appear indifferent to whether he stayed or not. It was disappointing, but confirmed that John would resist any further opportunities for bed sharing.


Sherlock maintained his persistence in visiting John's room late at night, hoping that he would find some critical opportunity he could leverage to his advantage. First, he came to bother John by ask for more sleeping pills. John told him he was on the maximum dosage already and that he wouldn’t provide any more, although the next day he left a new bottle on the kitchen table for Sherlock.

Then, he came to suggest that John might, in fact, have sleep apnea and probably would need someone to observe him overnight to be sure. John requested that Sherlock stop attempting to diagnose a doctor because he obviously had no experience in patient care, and besides that displayed a terrible bedside manner.

After several tries, it became apparent that infiltrating enemy territory was not going to pan out as hoped. Sherlock instead turned to possible ways of forcing John to sleep outside his fortress of a room.

At first he tried to keep John out as late as possible on false errands and useless excursions. He hoped to tire John to the point of falling asleep downstairs, but Sherlock quickly learned that John had, over the course of their time together, developed an unexpected level of stamina for staying awake. With Sherlock's depleted energy reserves, John could now quite easily match his resilience.

He briefly considered getting John drunk, but quickly calculated John's alcohol tolerance to exceed what the average pub-going male would consider casual. John would grow suspicious if Sherlock suddenly encouraged hard-drinking habits. Besides, drunkenness would make John unpredictable and potentially more difficult to manipulate. Then there was the possibility of faking illness so that John would feel obligated to care for him, but John's medical expertise and familiarity with Sherlock's health made that a long shot as well.

Knowing a viable cure to his problem was so incredibly close at hand and yet impossibly far had a negative impact on his insomnia. Sherlock's body, starved of sleep, failed him regularly now. Every time he found himself sitting next to John on the couch or leaning against him at Scotland Yard, his body automatically attempted to shut down and fall into a strange hypnotic half-coma. John grew concerned after the first few incidents and suggested Sherlock reduce his dosage of medication.

Three weeks since he’d last had a full night’s sleep, Sherlock was becoming desperate. He was now down to his most frantic plans, all of which were incredibly dangerous and unlikely to succeed more than once.

Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 3c)

A fake illness wouldn’t work, so perhaps he should purposefully infect himself with an actual disease? Nothing permanently damaging or disfiguring, but an episode of strep throat or gastroenteritis wouldn’t be amiss. Knowing John's overcautious nature, though, he'd probably try to check Sherlock into a hospital where he'd be pumped full of all sorts of mind-numbing medications.

Another potential idea would be to start using cocaine, again. Sherlock hadn’t felt the need to use it since John came, but it could serve a useful purpose if need be. When John discovered the habit, he would undoubtedly ensure Sherlock safely detoxed. The only real downside was that it would utterly destroy the trust between them. Sherlock wasn’t sure he wanted to trade that for a short-term gain.

Then there was the option to damage the flat and force them to go to a hotel again. The most feasible type of damage would be an ‘accidental’ explosion or pest infestation, which would lead the authorities to declare the building unfit to live in for a time. He could pre-arrange everything at the hotel in advance to ensure they were forced to share a bed again. The idea seemed promising, until Sherlock realized that it would lead to undue financial stress on Mrs. Hudson. She didn’t deserve that, even if it meant Sherlock didn’t sleep.

Finally, it came down to Sherlock's last idea. One that was tried and true, even though the long-term viability was questionable. He decided to turn John's own compassion against himself and slip him a heavy dose of the tranquilizers he'd procured for Sherlock's insomnia. He needed relief badly, and drugging John was guaranteed to get him results.

Sherlock carefully kept an eye on John all the next day, making sure he didn't imbibe in any alcohol or other substances that would cause a dangerous reaction if mixed with the medication.

That evening, he crushed several pills and carefully meted out a precise amount tailored to John's weight and metabolism. Sherlock bagged the dosage and carried it into the kitchen, where two empty mugs waited. He dumped the powder into one, and turned on the kettle.

Sherlock made tea only occasionally, but it was a common enough event that John didn't think twice when he brought a mug out to him. A boring actor babbled on the television in some trite drama program, but John was only half listening as he flipped through a newspaper on the coffee table. Sherlock silently left the drugged concoction next to him, then retreated to the table with his own mug to observe from behind the screen of his laptop.

John downed it over the course of twelve minutes, just shy of his average speed in the evening. He wasn't one to allow tea to turn cold.

Fifteen minutes of bated breath later, Sherlock began to notice the first signs of the sedative starting to work. John blinked an unnatural number of times, staring hard at the newspaper as his vision began blurring. He sighed after a few more minutes, then folded it away and settled back on the couch to watch the television.

He didn't move much after that. Sherlock kept an eye on him, watching for nearly an hour as John blinked periodically and a glazed look gradually overtook his expression. John's breathing rate drop markedly, and Sherlock was almost certain he was approaching sleep when his brow suddenly furrowed lightly. He lifted a weak hand in front of his face, squinting at it in confusion for several minutes.

“Sher…Sherlock…” John said drowsily, glancing up as best he could. “Did… did you… drug me?”

Damn, but he was getting quicker at figuring these things out. Sherlock stood up, casually approaching the couch. “Yes, John.”

The muscle relaxant present in the medication disallowed John from physically responding to any relevant degree, but Sherlock noticed his hand shudder briefly as it slumped back to his side. John’s eyes were very unfocused. “What…?” he asked, slow and thick.

“Just a minor tranquilizer. You’ll be fine.”

“You… bloody…" John slurred feebly, eyes sliding shut.

It was too late. John stilled, becoming an unconscious mass on the couch. Sherlock grabbed the remote and shut off the television.

Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 3d)

John looked very different than when he was genuinely asleep. There were no subtle twitches or dynamic breathing, and his face was loose and pale. For all intents and purposes, he was dead to the world.

It took some maneuvering to shift John so that he was lying horizontally along the couch. Completely unconscious, he was decidedly heavier than Sherlock would have expected. Sherlock noted immediately that he didn’t like how limp John felt, like a rag doll. He moved easily when enough force was applied, though, and soon he was positioned to Sherlock's satisfaction.

He turned John on his side, facing inward, and slid between him and the back of the couch. Sherlock was more than ready to finally sleep, but as he settled onto the cushion and drew an arm around John a profound sense of uneasiness exceeded any relief. John was warm against him, but there was something fundamentally wrong with the situation.

Nevertheless, Sherlock closed his eyes and willed himself to fall asleep. There was none of the comfort of his previous nights with John, though, and sleep eluded him. Time drifted along slowly, and try as he might the usual drowsiness refused to settle over him. All he could focus on was how slackened and inanimate John seemed. What was wrong with him? He had exactly what he wanted. What he'd waited for weeks to get back.

Sherlock opened his eyes. This was different. It was not even remotely the same. John was entirely too still, the only movement his shallow, anesthetized breathing pattern. The responsiveness wasn’t there, and for something so trivial it bothered Sherlock greatly. He missed how John reacted to him when they genuinely spent the night together, the way they naturally nestled against each other. John didn't fit him, like this. He was a prop, and nothing more.

This wasn't working. Sighing in regretful defeat, Sherlock sat up on the couch. With his departure John sagged further against the cushion, tensionless. He looked pitiful, and Sherlock felt a sudden stab of self-loathing for doing this to him.

“It may have been a poor decision to drug you,” he told John’s unconscious body.

He got up, leaving John on his side. It would be the safest position for him to recover from the medication.

Sherlock retreated to his room in whirlwind of frustration. Inside, he slammed the door and began pacing with frenetic disappointment. It should have worked. Superficially, the scenario was perfectly engineered to match all the basic criteria his body required for sleep. It was almost insulting that his careful plan was derailed by so insidious a reason as emotional disturbance. John was perfectly fine and would recover without any problem. So, why did it so blatantly disturb Sherlock to see him that way?

Perhaps it was because he was manipulating John for his own personal reasons and not simply to collect data to solve a case. But that didn't make any sense; achieving regular sleeping would allow him to work effectively, and therefore resolve more cases and capture more criminals in the long run. The equation was perfectly sound in theory, but in practice there seemed to be a critical component missing.

Truthfully, even if it had worked he couldn't logically keep drugging John on a continuous basis. There had to be another solution, but nothing stood out. Sherlock spent the rest of the night in a pensive brooding mood, occupying himself by collating his alkaline earth metal collection.

Shortly after dawn, a loud thump resounded from the sitting room. Sherlock immediately jumped up and launched out of his room.

Out by the couch, John was crumpled on the floor. He’d obviously fallen off the cushion, arms underneath him and in the process of slowly lifting himself up. His ability to move seemed to be functioning normally. Sherlock reached out to help him.

John looked dazed and quite confused once he was upright and leaning against the couch. “Ugh,” he moaned, rubbing at his eyes.

“Are you all right?” Sherlock asked him.

John blinked briefly at the floor, then looked up at Sherlock. His head bobbed as he struggled to keep it level. “I don’t know. What happened?”

Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 3e)

Retrograde amnesia. It was a common side effect of such a powerful tranquilizer. Sherlock didn't answer, waiting and watching to see how John reacted. He appeared physiologically stable and rapidly recovering his cognitive functions.

Suspicion dawned in John’s expression. A full two minutes faster than usual, in a case like this. “Did you give me something again?” he asked with narrowed eyes.

Sherlock glanced away. “Hmm?”

“I know when I’ve been given a sedative, Sherlock. A heavy one, too, seeing as I can’t remember anything from last night,” John deduced. Despite himself, Sherlock experienced a mild thrill of pride at John's astuteness.

“It was an important opportunity for research.”

“You can’t just casually drug me because you’re bored," John replied, growing angry. "It’s dangerous and irresponsible.”

“I’m quite experienced in calculating proper dosages for you, John.”

He snorted a derisive laugh. “What exactly did you do to me?”

“Nothing extraordinary," Sherlock mollified in a tedious tone. "You took the tranquilizer and passed out rather quickly. I recorded your vital signs a few times and let you sleep it off.”

“You couldn’t tell me beforehand?” John asked distrustfully.

“That would have ruined the results. Part of the goal was to see if someone as wary as you would notice if you’d been given something.”

Skepticism was written all over his face. “That doesn't sound like the most scientific of studies."

Sherlock shrugged. "It was very informative."

John glared at Sherlock for a moment before grabbing onto the end of the couch and pushing himself up. “Don't you dare give me any food or drink for a while. In fact, don't go into the kitchen at all,” he threatened. Still wobbly, he rose to a standing position and rubbed at his face again. “Christ. I’m going to bed.”

Sherlock watched John haul himself up the stairs. He was left alone in the sitting room, distantly wondering what he was supposed to do now.

Re: Fill: A Terrific Soporific (Part 3e)

Sherlock is ridiculously endearing with his carefully crafted plans to sleep with John. ♥♥♥

Hands-free orgasm, voyeurism

John somehow watches Sherlock, in nothing but a pair of jockey shorts, cum with no hands. He's laying down, just clenching muscles and thrusting his hips and clutching the bed sheets, moaning and gasping, and then a wet spot appears. Maybe John's seeing it live, maybe he's seeing it on a screen, maybe Sherlock knows he's watching, maybe he doesn't. Maybe Sherlock's asleep. The important thing is he doesn't get to hump anything other than his own pants and John watches the whole thing in wonder.

Re: Hands-free orgasm, voyeurism

Unf! Yeeees!


The real reason Sherlock doesnt eat is because Sherlock has trouble eating during high stress situation.

Mycroft is a stress eater/comfort eater unlike his bb brother

AU where Sherlock was in the military

John and Sherlock meet because Sherlock is in the army. I can picture Sherlock either being really horrible at it (which in that case means that instead of the army perhaps during boot camp of some sort when their both young?) and insane and amazing at it.


Sherlock's unit /Sherlock is in deep trouble. John and his arrive just in time to rescue him and do so quiet spectacularly .

Both were discharged at separate times. Sherlock far earlier than John.

Sherlock still becomes a consulting detective and John meets up with him the same way.

When Lestrade meets Sherlock he helps him get over his drug addiction....which he has because he can't actually delete all his memories of his time abroad and their giving him a hell of a lot of PTSD that Sherlock is learning how to deal with.

During one of these pre-John drug busts (or during the fake ones instead) someone finds Sherlock's(John's?) army his medal or something of that nature.

Despite how horrible, horrible war is the two did have a few fond memories of each other in the military.

The reason Sherlock hates Mycroft so much is because when he was younger, Mycroft was (physically/emotionally/verbally - but not sexually) abusive towards him. He was much older, and bigger, and neither of their parents took a very active role with them, so they were together a lot. He basically tortured Sherlock, in whatever way (except sexual), for whatever reason (trying to make him normal? angry that their parents liked Mycroft/Sherlock more than the other? etc).

Their parents just saw it as sibling rivalry, albeit an extreme form of it, but both Mycroft and Sherlock realise it was more than that. And after he saw how much it had affected Sherlock and the rest of his life (drugs, convincing himself he's a sociopath, no friends), Mycroft has spent the rest of his life trying to protect Sherlock, to make up for what he did.

I'd be very grateful to any writer who wanted to take any part of this and run with it. :)

This needs to be filled!! Seconded!!!

John helps Sherlock through withdrawal

What it says on the tin.

AU where they meet earlier or canon divergence where Sherlock relapses or post-Reichenbach where Sherlock comes back on drugs, anything.

Just lots of hurt and lots of comfort, please.

Re: John helps Sherlock through withdrawal

+1 please yes.

S/J Body exploration

I imagine Sherlock spending an insane amount of time cataloguing everything John and when they finally start a romantic relationship, there is a whole lot of new things to discover. Sherlock maps John's body with his eyes, his fingers and his tongue (hello oral fixation).


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