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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Reprompt: Mycroft is blind


Mycroft is legally blind. It's why he carries his umbrella with him, sticks to a familiar routine and has Anthea. There aren't many people who know.

He and Lestrade get kidnapped.

Lots of H/C, but more C.

(can be Mycroft/Lestrade or Mycroft & Lestrade, your choice)

Re: Reprompt: Mycroft is blind

I need all these blind!Mycroft prompts

Angst, rough!sex, h/c

Post Reichenbach Fall and Sherlock's return, John and Sherlock have finally given in to all of the unresolved sexual tension and gotten together, which leads to them eventually sharing a bed. Can I have fic in which they get into a full-on shouting match over who gets to sleep on the side of the bed nearest to the door (based on who is best-equipped to protect the other should someone break in and attempt to attack them) which then devolves into angsty emotional confessions on both their parts and long, drawn-out, maybe rougher-than-usual sex (preferably with John topping, pleeeeease)? Gimme feelings, anons.

Re: Angst, rough!sex, h/c

Oh, I WANT this. *whimpers*

John and Sherlock's underwear TW: fetish?

In the middle of reading a fanfic, I flubbed and said this line in response to John washing Sherlock's underwear when confronted with the fact that John does everything Sherlock wants him to and he tries to justify it by saying he was going to do his anyway, why not Sherlock's also?

"Sure John, if that makes you feel better about doing Sherlock's pants."

Being American, this makes no sense in response to underwear.

Run with that. John masturbates/has sex with to Sherlock's pants. Use pants in the American sense or British one, fill seriously or cracky, I don't care, this flub of mine was just funny.

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Re: John and Sherlock's underwear TW: fetish?

Why is this so perfect? Seconding!

More Werewolf Sex

I have never left a prompt, so am not even sure I'm doing it right. But I really want to see explicit werewolf/human Johnlock sex. I have this particular craving and have not yet found the perfect scratch to this itch. Werewolf!John has 100% consensual, successful, and HOT sex with Sherlock. 1, 2, 3, GO!

Re: More Werewolf Sex

This AMAZING fic actually got me started on this kink, and I wanted to see it turned around, with Sherlock receiving, so to speak.

Re: More Werewolf Sex (Anonymous) Expand


Tw: possible violence, mpreg,

Post TRF - AU
Inspired by Kill Bill vol. 2
While Sherlock is after Moriarty's web, Mycroft (not telling him that Sherlock's still alive) recruits John to find and kill Moran, because the two soldiers served together and he thinks John knows some people that could help him find the colonel.
The day John finds Moran he also finds out he's pregnant with Sherlock's child.
I'd like a fic inspired by the scene of Kill Bill vol.2 in which The Bride is fighting against another killer and they both decide to call the killing off when The Bride reveals she's pregnant.

In a nutshell: John is after Moran, but he finds out he's pregnant.
He reveals the truth while fighting against Moran, and they decide to stop fighting (maybe they promise each other they'll carry on after the baby is born).

I hope someone will find this prompt interesting and fill it ♥

Protective!Sherlock (Friendship, Post TRF)

Protective!Sherlock with Molly, something bad from her past comes back to haunt her. It's up to you what it is, but i'm partial to taunting and bullies, cause how else can she stand up to Sherlock's insults so well? Infatuation only goes so far IMO. H/C would be greatly appreciated as well!

TL;DR: Molly and Sherlock run into some bullies(?) from her past, Sherlock defends her honor like a BAMF.

Spanking, S/J/L

Sherlock craves spanking, disciplinary and/or erotic. John and Greg notice. They may not be geniuses, but they've spent long enough looking out for Sherlock to know what he needs. (Can be after Sherlock's return, when he's still coming to term with the consequences of his deception, or just as a way for Sherlock to let go and relinquish control.)

And because they both love Sherlock, and each other, they put their heads together, set up a bit of roleplay and give him what he wants.

(It doesn't have to be sexual, but please no Johnlock + Greg merely lending a hand. No dubon or dark!characters, either. Don't mind a bit of D/s or daddykink, or even Omegaverse spanking (!), but I'd rather Sherlock was not infantilised.)

Re: Spanking, S/J/L

Fuck yes! seconded!

Re: Spanking, S/J/L (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Spanking, S/J/L (Anonymous) Expand

porn prompt no2 :) so TW?

i must have the strangest most detailed vanilla kink craving ever right now, i can hardly recognize myself :) its quite the deviation from the usual i thought i'd just share - maybe someone would write me a fix? or point me in the right direction of one since i have no idea how to search for it? thanks in advance

goes like this: i have a picture in my mind of Sherlock with someone - could be John, Lestrade, Victor (hng), OMC or even Mycroft - though i would rather avoid that if at all possible - being fucked slowly, gently but thoroughly; they are both kneeling in the fantasy but you can have any position you want, really - the important part is what is the partner doing with his hands on Sherlock -
i love possessive touches and gestures - that's the actual prompt, let me explain
like an arm around Sherlock's shoulders holding him tightly to the other, back to chest, rocking together; a hand on his neck, touching, sliding but not squeezing - maybe only a little; another one low on his abdomen, fingers spread pressing, pressing them close, almost but not really touching Sherlock's erection. Whispering filthy little things to him while his fingers sneak into Sherlock's open mouth, exploring - Sherlock so out of his mind with pleasure that it doesn't even occur to him to suck on them until the other man tells him to - or not ....
oh fuck, ok, it ran away from me - i hope you understand what i had in mind when i said possessive touches, you don't actually have to include any of those things as long as you invent others that fit in the category - i just want focus on the ...erm... touch? i guess, yeah
sorry, i am going to post this before i lose my nerve
slinks away

Re: porn prompt no2 :) so TW?

I had a lady-boner just reading your prompt. Someone please, fill this?!

Mystrade shaving!kink

It can be Greg or Mycroft doing the shaving. Normal shaving or genital shaving as you prefer. I hope for a fill focusing on trust and the sensual pleasure. Thank you.

Sally's Right TW: Necrophilia

Sally: "You know why he's here? He's not paid or anything. He likes it. He gets off on it."

Because Sherlock does, and Sally watched him as he masturbated to a dead body.

Any more or less is up to you and why'd Sally not say anything about it except in a round about way to John?

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John/Sherlock from Hamish's POV

Hamish is John and Sherlock's son. I would like to read something describing the dynamic between John and Sherlock seen from Hamish's point of view. Give me love please!

My hip!

Thanks to some sort of case-related misadventure (getting thrown out of a window, clipped by a car, crushed under a falling piano, or whatever) Sherlock ends up with a broken hip.

I'd like to see Sherlock get incredibly stroppy about all the resulting 'old man' jokes it inspires. Not least because his pride's taken a bigger beating than his leg, but because it's really hard to make a meaningfully angry exit when it takes 5 minutes and a second pair of hands to get out of your chair first.

Oh my goodness. This sounds just adorable. I may have to fill it. :D

Oh Hell No! He is Mine!

John/Sherlock pre Series 2 ep 3

At a crime scene someone comes onto John while Sherlock is in the middle of his deductions. Sherlock stops mid sentence and proceeds to stake his claim on John right there and then, by kissing him.

If no one knows about them until then, that would be great.

I am not sure if this has been prompted yet because I'm on part X right now.

I accidentally posted this on part XXXI last night and realized my mistake today sorry.

Mycroft says: Scotland asstlyi

Two people are in a developing D/S relationship, and the Sub really dislikes humiliation.

I'd like to see a Sub safewording when their Dom says or does something humiliating, followed by much comfort.

Bonus if it's the couple's first session, or early in the relationship.

Re: Two people are in a developing D/S relationship, and the Sub really dislikes humiliation.


Omegaverse, dub-con, attempted non-con, forced orgasm

"Listen up, Sherlock. If you're not going to make your sexual health a priority, then you give me no choice but to do it for you."
AU in which Omega!Sherlock, who places greater importance on casework than allowing himself to go through a proper heat cycle, has been mismanaging his hormonal suppressants to the point where his heat strikes suddenly at a crime scene and Alpha!John has to fight off all other unbonded alphas in the immediate vicinity from tearing Sherlock's clothes off and fucking him into the asphalt. John gets him home safely, but unwillingly to risk any similar incidents in the future, presents Sherlock with an ultimatum: do what any other sensible unbonded omega would do and work through their heat cycle alone at a retreat, or submit to John's treatment. Sherlock, who detests loss of control in any form, isn't going to go down without a fight. John gives him one.

Re: Omegaverse, dub-con, attempted non-con, forced orgasm

That sounds awesome! Seconded.

Oh, death

Sherlock is back from the "dead" and John is finally back at 221b. However, John has nightmares about Sherlock's "death" and Sherlock catches John looking at him with a mixture of pain and amazement that he's alive.

Sherlock doesn't understand. Why is John still so upset? He's alive, they're living together again, it makes no logical sense that John would still be "haunted." Then, John is off to the shops. When he says goodbye to Sherlock, Sherlock merely responds with a grunt and a slight insult. A few hours later, Mycroft appears. John is dead. The tube he was taking malfunctioned and there was an accident. John was killed.

Sherlock at first refuses to believe it. But as John's belongings are found... Sherlock is devastated.

Two weeks later, an old Uni mate of John's calls Sherlock. He swears that a John Doe at the hospital he works at is John. Yes, the face is battered but he and John dated...he knows it's John.

John is alive. He finally wakes from his coma, slowly recovers and life starts again at 221b.

While Sherlock doesn't have nightmares, he finally understands why John seems so haunted sometimes. The worst of it is that Sherlock "only" lived with John's "death" a week...and while the final cause for Sherlock's death was right, John didn't deceive Sherlock.

John writes a book

...about Sherlock and how he was innocent. Mycroft does everything he can to prevent it being published, since it goes against the "I'm a fraud" ruse.

Reincaranation AU- John Watson and his unexpected adventure (again)


History repeats itself quiet often. 'John' should have known his unexpected adventure would happen again. Whether any of them (besides Gandalf I mean) know about the past however....

Pre or post Sherlock please. I would love if this concentrated more on John and the supporting characters (no saying that Mycroft and such can't be involved though).

Bonus: Thorin/John . And if after The Fall he doesn't just get back with Sherlock either (if they were together to start with that is)>

Horror!lock -The thing in the wall and other monsters

This could become really dark with underage (aged pumped up if so, please), kidnapping, and any such thing...or be something like the monster meets a friend and is less evil.

Something based off that^^ Preferable with the monster not under the bed or in the closet (well not permanently). Make it creepy , make it fun, make it anything you want ;)

Fucking on the washing machine

YES, IT'S A FUCKING CLICHÉ BUT COME ON! We've not had that yet, right?

Johnlock or Mystrade. Hell, I'll even take Greg/Molly.

Mini Fill1/2: Washingmachine/Mycroft/Greg.D/s. mild breath play, guy sex.

Couldn't stop myself filling this.

Warnings: Machine abuse.+- D/s. mild breath play. Greg being an evil man. Unbeta’d

“You’ve overloaded the washing machine.” Greg mumbled through a mouth full of eggs, watching in amusement as Mycroft practically jumped for cover as his washing machine started to shift across the floor the sound of banging coming from within the box.

“I warned you that I am not adept at this…domesticity thing Gregory” Mycroft growled decidedly unamused, already feeling rather tender about the mornings events, and the little twinkle in Greg’s eye was not helping!

“Well. Its hardly my fault that you don’t want to go to work with cum stains on your trousers is it? I offered to let you wear a pair of my best trousers” Greg answered leaning back in his seat to watch Mycroft nervously move away from the machine as it managed to move an astounding distance away from the wall in one bounce.

“Your trousers don’t fit. We have been through this before. I’m too tall.I may have no choice! Your machine seems to be devouring them whole!” Mycroft complained bitterly finding enough courage to move closer to the machine in an attempt to hold it in place.

Greg leaned back further in his chair taking in the rather welcome view of Mycroft in shirt and tie, underwear peaking from beneath his shirt tail every time he leaned forward, his waistcoat already on, his suit jacket over the kitchen chair and his socks and shoes on, looking just a little bit ridiculous, but Greg wasn’t about to tell the poor man, who was now trying to tackle the machine back into the corner. “I told you just to forget my laundry Mycroft, you should have just done your trousers and that was it.”

“A week’s worth of dirty washing needed doing Detective Inspector Lestrade. I do not necessarily believe in washing machines but I do believe in economy of time. It seemed a waste to do 1 pair of trousers alone! Which will probably be ruined anyway! So if you would please excuse my language. Fuck you! I was just trying to be of assistance!” Mycroft shot over his shoulder letting out a tiny yelp as the machine bounced again, so completely at war with the machine that he hadn’t noticed that Greg had moved away from his breakfast to press firmly against Mycroft , causing Mycroft to yelp in surprise again, this time holding onto the machine rather than trying to back away from it.

Greg smirked as Mycrofts reaction, trapping him between himself and the washing machine with nowhere to go, the machine vibrating wildly as it now had nowhere to go, Greg grinning from ear to ear as Mycroft suddenly realized that he was trapped and tried to pull away only for Greg to thrust his hips against Mycrofts arse, forcing his cock against the vibrating machine as the drum could still be heard knocking against the outer walls, sending firm jolts of arousal from Mycrofts suddenly interested cock.

“Gregory…” Mycroft panted clinging to the machine, suddenly week kneed as another jump of the machine send him back against Greg’s cock which was now rapidly hardening. The hot breath Greg was blowing against his neck and ears was not helping either as he began to grind against Mycroft’s arse giving him no relief.

“Say the word and this stops Mycroft. If it doesn’t, push down your pants and grab hold of the machine, and don’t you fucking let go until I tell you that you can, is that understood?” Greg growled in his most dangerous voice, the type reserved for felons.

Mycroft couldn’t have said no if he wanted to, not really managing to push his pants down further than his thighs, leaving a trail of precome against the poor hapless machine that was now in a set rhythm, beating and vibrating against Mycroft’s cock without remorse.

Greg produced a bottle of cooking oil, from somewhere moved back for a moment to slick himself before ramming into Mycrofts already notably well used arse, the washing machine distracting Mycroft well enough for him not to complain about how sore his posterior already was.

Victor Trevor was Sherlock's only friend before John.

When Sherlock got too into drugs, however, Victor 'broke up' with him (whatever their relationship), and Sherlock hasn't seen him since.

But now, while struggling with being away from John and trying to destroy Moriarty's web, Sherlock finds out Victor's real name: Sebastian Moran.

(tldr: Victor Trevor = Sebastian Moran. Go with it in any way you see fit, basically, everything else is just suggestions)

Triggers for disordered eating

Sherlock can't work with food in his stomach. It slows him down and makes his thinking slower, muddier than when his stomach is empty.

John rolls his eyes at any of these explanations, and has spent the last few months making sure Sherlock eats something everyday, even if he has to practically force him.

Sherlock finally stopped protesting and started eating to appease John, finding a solution that he thinks works for both of them: he eats with John, then clears his mind (and body) by making himself vomit.

Needless to say, when John finally finds out what he's been doing, he is Not Happy.

Re: Triggers for disordered eating

What's scary is that the writers can make this canon cause it really fits Sherlock's Personality. i totally second this

Greg & Mycroft, pre-Sherlock

Greg knew Mycroft before he knew Sherlock, and first let Sherlock consult as a favour for Mycroft? Favour for a friend/favour for a useful contact/pressure from senior government official - I'd just like to see how Greg and Mycroft met, and how that led to Sherlock's consulting career.


Two dangerous men in suits, I think sparks would fly!

Re: Bond/Mycroft


Multiple orgasms - voyeur!Sherlock is intrigued

John starts dating Molly Hooper and off-handedly mentions during a guys' night that she's the most responsive lover he's ever had. Sherlock overhears this and is intrigued.

Cue him letting John believe that he's out of Baker Street one night so John will take Molly to his. Sherlock returns once the actions started and observes. A lot. With action commencing in his pants.

Really I just want FantasticLover!John, Intrigued!Sherlock, and Molly coming her brains out.

Re: Multiple orgasms - voyeur!Sherlock is intrigued

omg. I...I really need this in my life. Nnngh.

so you know, seconded.


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