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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Johnlock with a side order of possessiveness, please!

John is Sherlock's. And so when *insert bad guy here* kidnaps and harms John, Sherlock is pissed. And then destroys the lives of everyone involved because nobody gets to touch John.

Cut to John being the most well protected man in London. Protected by criminals, that is. He sees a mugging going on and shouts out to stop it? The muggers actually fucking stop when they realize it's John Watson, and run off. John gets kidnapped? Once the kidnappers realize that it's John bloody Watson they have, they promptly return him to 221B with an apology note pinned to his jumper.

Basically, criminals are so goddamn terrified of what Sherlock will do to them if they hurt John, they all are saints to John.

Bonus Points if John is Not Happy.
Double Bonus Points if John takes total advantage of the situation, and has car thieves running around buying him cups of tea and arsonists picking up his dry cleaning. xD

Re: Posessive!Sherlock

Seconded so hard I might have sprained something!

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Watson Sibling Bonding Moment?

John and Harry's parents are both dead. Harry is engaged to Clara, and she asks John to give her away at her wedding. Skip to the wedding day. Harry's getting ready, making sure she looks absolutely perfect, etc. when John comes to get her for the ceremony. Basically I want John and Harry sharing a brief moment of bonding and sibling love, overcoming their differences for just this one day because holy crap Harry is getting married and John just wants his sister to be happy.

Bonus points if it includes the line, "Doesn't it feel a bit weird having your little brother give you away on your wedding day?" or something along those lines. :)

strange kinks

I was thinking John for the first because it would fit in perfectly with his adrenaline junkie needs but it be kinda cool if he had the second instead and I wasn't sure about the second but it can be anyone. Slash, het , and anything else allowed except genderbent. Sorry guys but its not my cup of tea:)
Something on one or both of these kinks.

Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia in which an individual derives sexual pleasure and arousal by the thought and/or risk of being killed. The paraphilia may on occasion overlap with other paraphilias such as autoerotic asphyxiation (i.e., sexual suffocation) where there is a risk to their life.

Erotophonophilia: a paraphilia of the sacrificial/expiatory type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to and dependent upon stage-managing and carrying out the murder of an unsuspecting sexual partner (from Greek, eros, love + phonein, to murder + -philia). The erotophonophiliac’s orgasm coincides with the expiration of the partner. The reciprocal paraphilic condition is autassassinophilia (Money, 1986, p. 261).

Their partner does not have the reciprocal paraphilia. Like if Mycroft has the latter and John the former but their not together.

The two get together or talk to their respective partners about this because they really want to try it out. Or they cheat.

The fact that their asking for an essentially open relationship causes their partner to want to try out the kink.

Sherlock has none of these and is actually a bit freaked his partner does.

surely someone else on the meme has read "Wheel of Time"

Sherlock's a rogue male channeler. John's a disillusioned vet from the Aiel War. Together, they fight crime!

Or something. I just really suddenly want WoT crossover fic. John can be a vet of another Randland war, but it needs to be pre-series. Yes, I'm looking for angst about Sherlock channeling saidin. Does John maybe think he's mad already? (Is he?) Feel free to toss in other Sherlock characters or WoT characters who would have been running around in this period, too.

Genfic, please, lovely nons.

Yes, Mycroft, crossovers are technically a "connexion", how did you know?

Re: surely someone else on the meme has read "Wheel of Time"



I'd like anything with these two really, preferably with Sherlock on top.

Re: Sherlock/Eleven

Probably should clarify, Eleven from Doctor Who

Trigger warning possible for everything/anything for this one

Sherlock is a violent psychopath. He has gained John's trust and now it's time to make his move and take him to his secret location. Up to you if Mycroft knows or not - and whose side he is on. Maybe he turns up and John thinks it's to save him but it's not?

Would love this to be EXTREMELY violent. Do anything you want with it. Up to you if John lives or not, if Sherlock is caught or not etc.

Would love descriptions of John's realisation of what Sherlock is, and of Sherlock making him very, very afraid. (Making John afraid, him being ex-army? Gonna be pretty hard work.)

Everyone says it but good god you have no idea how much I want this.

Re: Trigger warning possible for everything/anything for this one

Oh God, yes, I love psychopath!Sherlock. I want to make love with this prompt. Hnnnnnnng. YES YES YES.

This might be RTYI if you haven't read it yet (it's so perfect and covers a lot of this)

Anyway, I seriously hope someone fills this! I love psychopath!Sherlock and there's too little of it.

School Buddies - Kid!Fic

Alright, I don't know how universal this is, but when I was at school, the local private secondary school was paired up with my primary school. One Friday a month, we would get older kids between the ages of 11 and 14 coming into our classes to help us out. The younger primary school kids would have play time in the hall with them, the older primary school kids would have a practical version of the class. They're supposed to help with learning and socialising.

Each secondary school student was assigned a primary school kid for that one afternoon, there were usually enough secondary school kids for two classes of primary school kids to have a buddy each (I don't think I ever saw the same person twice), and there was a written rota so that a class wouldn't have buddies twice in a row.

Here's the prompt:

John is a secondary school buddy and gets paired with Sherlock. Neither of them are happy about it at first, but somehow they forge a friendship over the course of one afternoon.

Bonus: The teachers are so pleased, that they make special arrangements so that Sherlock gets John every Buddy Afternoon, even when their class isn't meant to have any buddies.

Sorry for the length.

Re: School Buddies - Kid!Fic

Oh wow, I love the idea!!!

I want the cliche of Johnlock starting off as friends with benefits and transforming into more after Sherlock blurts out that he loves John (in any situation that you want). But. What I am looking for is the short moment of Sherlock's thoughts (preferably angsty, yes) before the happy end. What can I say, I just love those moments in fics, when Sherlock mentally calls himself an idiot for revealing too much. I really hope someone feels up to the challenge.

And yes, RTYIs are welcomed, as long as they have that particular moment as a larger segment of the fic, instead of just mentioned in passing. Thank you.

Love this! Seconded.

Mrs. Hudson can't forgive

When Sherlock returns after the Fall he expected John to be angry. And he was right but after some punching and yelling, John seems to have forgiven him.

What he didn't expect was that Mrs. Hudson would be the one who can't forgive. That every time he tries to hug her she pulls away and can barely stand being in the same room as him. She loved him like a son and mourned him like a son only to find out it was a lie. She's not even angry as much as she's upset because she never imagined Sherlock would hurt her like this.

I want to see some Mrs. Hudson angst. I'd prefer a happy resolution but I want Sherlock to have work very hard to earn her trust back.

Re: Mrs. Hudson can't forgive

*loud clapping*

Mummy's wish [tw: character death, assisted suicide]

Mummy Holmes has lived up to a ripe old age, but eventually a diagnose or two hits the final nail into the coffin and it becomes clear to her she doesn't have much time. So she makes her arrangements (maybe with a little help from Mycroft) and then asks her two sons to come with her on a last trip to some nice location where they can have a few days of family time before saying goodbye to their mother.

TW: Reichenbach references

Make a crossover with another fandom, and use that to explain how Sherlock surived the fall.

Eg. Did Sherlock cast a cushoning charm? Mycroft made a cross-roads deal? Etc.

Re: TW: Reichenbach references

Ooh! I like the cross-roads deal idea. Sherlock seems the sort to scoff at demon contracts to get what he wants. Maybe his death was the price to ensure John isn't hurt by Moriarty. *evil grin*

Sherlock/Mycroft, firsttime

Most of the fics I found out there show Mycroft topping the hell out of Sherlock. I would love to see a story where it's the other way around.

Bonus if Mycroft is too sore to move next morning.

Mycroft says: Speculum ocyProp. Nice idea but are you sure you want to try this?

Re: Sherlock/Mycroft, firsttime

I want this so bad!

Speculum or not. :P

"Breathe" part 1/? (Anonymous) Expand
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Unintentional threesome, Sherlock/Mycroft/John, dub-con

Mycroft tries to help John's and Sherlock's relationship along by giving them hints and subtle nudges into the right direction but neither his brother nor John react the way he wants them to so he decides to make Sherlock jealous by flirting with John. To his surprise the doctor is more than willing to kiss him and then suddenly Sherlock walks in on them. Lets just say poor Mycroft never got the chance to leave.

Bonus if Sherlock and John concentrate on pleasuring Mycroft instead of each other and take turns to fuck him into the mattress.

Re: Unintentional threesome, Sherlock/Mycroft/John, dub-con

SECONDED so hard it fucking hurts!

Especially if bonus.

Johnlock teabagging

With Sherlock's freshly shaved balls.

Re: Johnlock teabagging

I like your brain, anon!

Mycroft´s Sally

So everyone thinks Donovan hates Sherlock. What if this hate and the other things like the affair with Anderson ( who is of cause clueless) are just carefully trained behavior learned from Mycroft to mislead Sherlock off Sally´s real function, which is to make sure that a) Sherlock doesn´t cause the Yard to implode ( Mycroft likes Greg after all) and b) just another one to check on Sherlock when he isn´t suspecting it.

Cue Sherlock finding out after faking his death.

Your decision if Mycroft knows of the fake suicide and therefore tells Sherlock, that since Sally´s job in the Yard is done, and she has been fired there after what all happened, she will continue her job know by helping him taking down M´s network or if he doesnt know and Sally discovers him and follows him on her own.

I want Sherlock´s reaction when he finds out that she actually kind of likes him since she thinks most of the guys at the Yard ( except Lestrade) are really as dumb as Sherlock says

Bonus: Sally and Anthea are best buddies and Sally always can find out everything on her real boss.

I like you and I like your prompt and I'd like the fic now please.

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Re: Mycroft´s Sally (Anonymous) Expand
Teen!John and teen!Sherlock are on a case, and they're sure it's just a small one. Somehow, they get split up for a few minutes, and Sherlock is attacked by the person/people they were following. The attackers hear when John starts calling for Sherlock and they run away. John finds Sherlock beaten and bruised, and helps patch him back up.


Bonus if John was already studying to get into med-school, and this is the moment he decides he also wants to be a soldier (to take care of the greater good, the same way he always wants to take care of Sherlock and protect him). <3

When held hostage, Mycroft is brutally raped. When he is rescued, he lets the medical team take care of him, but doesn't say a word about what happened. He acts his normal "Ice Man" self, but the memories haunt him. No one notices, and he suffers in silence.

Mycroft hasn't touched anyone since being held captive. He has make do with handshakes since he can see when coming, but has not let someone touch him unexpectedly. One day, Sherlock brushes him, or grabs him. Mycroft flinches so hard, with a face so open it all comes to Sherlock (of course he knew what happened, but how could he know...?). How does Sherlock (and the rest of them) react when it's revealed (if it is. Up to you?).

I am going to hell for prompting this, but I want some sibling H/C </3

Re: TW: Rape/non-con!!

And I'm going to hell for seconding - but I can't be bothered to care. :P

+ 1

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In which Mycroft is the American government...

I usually hate American!Holmes stories, but this lovely little dialogue snippet popped into my brain and won't let go, so here you are. In which Mycroft is the American government, and everybody lives in Washington, DC:

Mycroft: "Might I remind you that what you are about to do is considered a felony in several states?"
Sherlock: "I'm not in a 'state'."
Mycroft: "That isn't the point."
Sherlock: "Very well. Is it considered a felony in this district?"
Mycroft: "Not technically, but the incidental legality of the act in question does not imply that you should be doing it. Generally speaking, if someone has gone to the trouble to make something illegal in one place, you ought to think twice before doing it somewhere else."
Sherlock: "How very interesting. I will keep that in mind the next time I decide to go camel hunting, eat oranges in the bathtub, or beat my wife with a willow switch larger than the diameter of my thumb. Good day."

(Lol, Mycroft pleads "innocence")

S/J if you can wangle it, just because I love them. Bonus points for the Holmes brothers still having been born in England, and this exchange:
John: "Let me guess, the only reason Mycroft's not the President is because he's not allowed."
Sherlock: "Don't be stupid, Mycroft wouldn't let a little thing like the Constitution get in his way. He's just much more effective where he is."

Re: In which Mycroft is the American government...

oohhhh!!! This has SO.MUCH.POTENTIAL.

Reprompt: trigger warning non-con

Sherlock's first time with a woman was non-consensual (for him.) How does John react when he finds out/is told? Sherlock/John, please.

Re: Reprompt: trigger warning non-con



Sherlock/John Established Relationship

Sherlock keeps stealing the covers when they share a bed because he wants John to move closer to him when they are sleeping but of course doesn't want to ask. John gets annoyed at first until he realises what Sherlock wants and its more then happy to oblige.

Re: Reprompt

Aaaaaaaw!!!! Second!

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Re: Reprompt (Anonymous) Expand

Reprompt: Moriarty takes Sherlock as a sex slave (bdsm, non-con, etc)

Moriarty offered an exchange for John's life and Sherlock accepted.

Moriarty is slowly trying to break Sherlock's spirit - his treatment of Sherlock range from violent to tender, (He'll keep Sherlock bound in awkward positions for days, he'll give him drugs then take them away again for the withdrawals, force toys into him, rape him violently, etc) and other times, he'll act as thought they are lovers (make conversation, give him gifts, make love to him, etc). He'll bring up Sherlock's family and friends and comment on their inability to rescue him and/or say they've given up on him.

All kinks welcome.

I'd really love it if Sherlock was a virgin before all this. <3

If you want someone to rescue him much later on and focus on the aftermath that's fine as well. If you do that S/J or gen please.


Something that goes along with this quote: "Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems de-populated."

John is missing, Sherlock is trying not to panic - but he panics.

S/J discovering a new kink

I just want some drama-free Sherlock/John in which one or both of them discover and explore a new kink. Bonus points if it's *not* bdsm-related, if only because there's plenty of that in the fandom already, and I'd like something new. But hey, I'm not overly picky.

It would probably be easiest to write this as established-relationship, but if you can write it as first-time, that would be cool, too. I'd actually be interested to see how that worked.

Gotta admit, this was kind of inspired by Pennydreadful's "Soaked," which made me enjoy watersports when I thought I would never be able to. I'm looking for that kind of dynamic. A nice "let's explore this new thing together" kind of fic. Complete with was-it-good-for-you and if-at-first-you-don't-succeed-try-try-again.

Regency AU

There needs Regency AU where Infamous Rake 3 continents Watson is in desperate need of money to help pay off his gambling debts, and one of his old friends Mike Stamford, who owes him a favor, decides to bring him along as a guest to an important ball during the season held by rich widower Lady Holmes, who is trying to marry off her youngest. And guess who swoops in to try and charm Sherlock? Why the most devilishly rakish man in all of London, John Watson!

Cue taming of the shrew type antics when Watson and Sherlock are trying to get to know each other at first, bonus points of Sherlock deduces all of John's motives but still is intrigued. I need Watson in skin tight breeches with hideously complicated tied cravats, people talking about John's reputation, the two of them haring off on adventures despite the impropriety and everyone in London thinking they are an item (they danced three dances together!) and then there is a huge fallout and Sherlock doesn't seem to be getting married anymore and there is a SCANDAL.

GAMING HELLS. DISGUISES. FOPS AND FOBS. I want it allllll. (particularly if on the side Lestrade is Mycroft's valet. Or Anthea. EITHER OR).

Re: Regency AU


Re: Regency AU (Anonymous) Expand

Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John, Omegaverse with a twist.

Over population instead of under population. To many Alphas/Omegas mating and having twins. Obtaining a mating/breeding license is extremely hard get. To mate without one gets you jail time and nurturing. Can Sherlock and John hold out until the paper work goes through.

Re: Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John, Omegaverse with a twist.

yes, please! please please please hnnnnnnnnng


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