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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock/Molly or Sherlock/Irene, Voyeurism, dubcon

TW for voyeurism, possible underage, dubcon/non-con(?)...

Teenaged Sherlock spies on his adult, female neighbor, Molly or Irene. Watching her change, primp, masturbate, etc.

She catches him, and he has to make it up to her so that she doesn't tell his parents. Exact nature of punishment depends on who he was spying on, of course.

(Ridiculous bonus: Molly and Irene are flatmates, he's been spying on both of them.)

Irene's dirt on Jim- MorMor

What exactly did Irene have on that phone that was dangerous enough to Moriarty that he would back off on Sherlock, even for a while? It certainly wasn't a few explicit photos of a Princess.

Answer: A video. of him and Sebastian. In a high end hotel room. "Celebrating" a crime gone right.

Sherlock/Sally - Sherlock hasn't a clue

I've read a lot of head-canons where the reason Sally hates Sherlock is because she used to have a crush on him, but then he let her down in some form.

What if it was the other way around?

What if Sherlock had a crush on Sally, but kept expressing his feelings in completely unacceptable ways. Like maybe giving her gifts that seem offensive - for instance Sherlock knows she works long hours at the met and on difficult cases may not get to go home to change, so Sherlock, thoughtfully gives her deodorant. Or he assumes that because she's a homicide detective, she would like to talk about how much weight it would take to crush a man's ribcage, or the most effective way to suffocate someone with a plastic bag.

Sally is insulted/freak out more than anything.

When Sally doesn't return his affections Sherlock gets mean spirited towards her, making things worse. And then he works out what's going on between Anderson and Sally, leading him to be a massive jerk towards him deepening the divide.

tl;dr Sherlock has a crush on Sally. And he sucks at it.

Re: Sherlock/Sally - Sherlock hasn't a clue

I can totally see that happening! My kingdom for a fill!

Re: Sherlock has a medical emergency, lestrade helps. Vulnerable Sherlock

Somebody fill please?

5 times Sherlock cried for fake, and 1 time he did for real.

Basically, what it says above. Sherlock is good at fake crying, so good John even believes it's real sometimes. But, this time it is.

Why Donovan calls Sherlock Freak

It is because he is also her little freak in the bedroom where it is said much more affectionate though and where she doms the hell out of him if he needs it.

Cue John finding out or walking in etc. What does he do? Join in? Run? Shake his head and laugh because it should have been obvious?

Bonus: Anderson knows about them both because he is a sub as well and they met him with his wife in a BDSM club once. Sherlock deduced he loves to be called her little idiot so he teases him about it.

Sherlock's fear (phobia)

It surprised him that Sherlock had managed to hide it for so long. Now that he thought about it, there had been little events in the past, but he had never thought about it longer than a second.

The question was: What could have possibly happened when he was younger to make Sherlock this afraid?

Sherlock has a phobia (can be anything really). When he is forced to face his fears on a case, he tries to hide his emotions, but he can't do it for long. John and/or Lestrade and his team have to calm him down before he gets a panic attack. When Sherlock starts to relive memories of his childhood, John's not even sure if he wants to know what's happened.

Re: Sherlock's fear (phobia)

Yes! Love it!

mermaid John (or anyone)

Mermaids. The prompt is mermaids.

:D That is all.

Re: Sherlock Meets Greg's Autistic Nephew

Oh, that would be so nice :)
Somebody fill this!!!!

A Holmes always has a Watson.

historical au

Watson is jilted at the alter by Mary. Everyone spends the day trying to comfort him. Once they leave John celebrates the successs of his plan with his lover Sherlock.

Watson pretends to be heartbroken to hide his relationship with Holmes.

John/Sherlock - watersports

Sherlock desperately needs to piss whilst John is fucking him. After whimpering/begging/writhing around for a long time, Sherlock eventually pisses all over himself when John's inside him. They're both extremely turned on by Sherlock's loss of control.

Bonus points for Sherlock leaking and trying to stop it happening.

No non or dub con please.


Re: John/Sherlock - watersports

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please


I'd like a wing!fic in which someone's wings are damaged so badly they can no longer fly. If it's a long-ago injury, they have to live as a Wingless. (I'd like the fic to have someone finding out that the person was actually born with wings, and some sort of comfort going on, but that's not compulsory.)

If it's recent, I'd like to see them adjusting to their new Earthbound status.

So I'm really asking for a fic about scars or hurt/comfort, but in the wing!verse.


Foot fetish, with a D/s overtone.

When he's been really very, very good, John lets Sherlock frot himself off against the sole of John's bare foot.
John doesn't especially get off on it himself, but he quite likes the squishy feeling of come between his toes and the warm slick of Sherlock's mouth cleaning him off afterwards. It's not wholly his kink but he likes indulging Sherlock's desires.

Sherlock on the other hand has a foot-worship kink and a raging humiliation fetish and enjoys being ordered to lick his master's feet even more than he enjoyed wanking off with them.

Bonus for demeaning, derogatory dirty-talk.
Double-bonus if Sherlock's naked but John remains entirely dressed aside from his bare feet.

S/J: Is there such a thing as an inconvenient blow job?

Sherlock keeps going down on John whilst he's in the middle of doing something else - reading a newspaper, on the phone, cooking, on the computer, in public on a stake out, etc. But Sherlock stops if John stops what he's doing, so if John wants Sherlock to suck him till he comes he has to carry on what he's doing.

idk - just John being very torn/horny/distracted and possibly also in situations where he has to try and hide his reactions.

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Re: S/J: Is there such a thing as an inconvenient blow job?

This is a kink of mine. Dear god, please.

Sherlock and John have a massive fight- post Fall

Sherlock comes back from The Fall. John asks him if he is okay and if he has any injuries in an effort to calm himself. He fails.

And than they get into a massive fight where John triggers Sherlock's PTSD/fight-flight response (depends on filler whether Sherlock has any PTSD or just responds more aggressively on instinct) and John might also have PTSD but even if he doesn't he still has anger issues+trust issues which are making him hit Sherlock harder but Sherlock fights back just as hard....

and basically all out brawl at where ever they are at .Maybe Mrs. Hudson or the neighbors ending up calling the cops.

+5 Sherlock recorded Moriarty admitting to everything on his cell and John and co. were able to dig things up and prove Sherlock innocent despite Riley and such people trying to drag Sherlock's name through the mud and back again.

Re: Sherlock and John have a massive fight- post Fall

Seconded! I'd love for this to be filled :-)

Moriarty has his footsoldiers, his minions, his henchmen... and Seb.

Jim never calls Seb his partner. He never calls him anything, actually. Everyone else knows exactly where they are in the hierarchy, but Seb... Well, Seb's a bit special.

Re: Sherlock Meets Greg's Autistic Nephew


Re: [fill][2/2]

Thank you! Wonderful fill.

Harry isn't John's sister, Harry is his identical twin brother. But absolutely the opposite in character.

Sherlock/John get turned on by John domineering and humiliating Sherlock.

I can't get enough of any fics/pics involving shaming Sherlock - could I please request my specific flavor of this? Sherlock and John get turned on by John domineering and humiliating Sherlock both in and out of the bedroom. John comforts Sherlock in the end. Would prefer if this is consensual.

Would love it if you can include any moments/scenarios below (Warning: some lurid details ahead!):

Sherlock squeezing his eyes shut and reduced to whimpering in shame/agony/embarrassment.

John asks Sherlock if that is the best Sherlock can do when Sherlock is giving John a blowjob. John makes him nearly gag on his dick, slaps lightly at his face and Sherlock isn't given much opportunity to recover.

John spanks Sherlock at a place where there is a real possibility of getting caught or overheard (at a pub's one toilet, spanking Sherlock loudly or Sherlock crying out?).

With his mobile, John takes a vid or photos of Sherlock doing something 'shameful' and threatens to send to all of their acquaintances. (Sherlock on his knees, hands tied behind his back and he's trying to thrust down on a toy to get ready for John. 'John's prissy slut' is written on Sherlock's chest.)

John toys with Sherlock's ass. He squeezes his cheeks, tells Sherlock to jiggle his butt until John has his fill of watching then John harshly spreads Sherlock's cheeks and spits loud and rude at his hole and he tells Sherlock to finger himself and not to stop unless he tells him to (unless he can't follow simple directions.)

Sherlock is buggered while crushed painfully against the wall (He's facing the wall.) Then John tells him to bend over, hands on knees and push the come out. John gets a towel and dispassionately and thoroughly cleans Sherlock up. John then tells him to stand up and turn around. John starts to walk away and dismissively throws the towel at Sherlock making sure it hits him in the face.

John is always carefully gauging Sherlock cause he just knows that Sherlock will never use their safeword. He breaks scene and calms Sherlock back down before going any further if they go any further. (Sits Sherlock on his lap and kisses and kisses at him til Sherlock is back to his prickly self.)

Most importantly - Sherlock is truly embarrassed about the going ons but it turns him on like nothing else and it makes him come. He would blush(and get a woody) or go silent in uncharacteristic embarrassment when the embarrassing activities are alluded to in conversation. :)

Re: Sherlock/John get turned on by John domineering and humiliating Sherlock. KINK!
Gosh, yes please!

Princess Bride prompt

"Both of the pills were poisoned."

"Iocane powder doesn't actually exist, John"

Re: Princess Bride prompt


crack!prompt, bamf!John at dance competition

Stick with me here, okay, so, Scotland Yard is investigating a series of murders, all the victims are competitive ballroom dancers, and John and Sherlock are given a few weeks to prepare to go undercover at the national ballroom dancing competition taking place in London (pretend for the sake of this crack!prompt that same-sex dance partners are accepted), John will lead so that Sherlock can use his observational skills even while dancing. As it turns out, John is a TERRIFIC dancer, like, the Boss of the Bossa Nova, in fact, he used to make quite a bit in prize money through pair dance competitions before signing up to fight in Afghanistan. Cue tons of press attention, flashy outfits, and Sherlock being dismayed at how turned on he gets by how John can manhandle him despite his shoulder wound, and John secretly enjoying the opportunity to manhandle Sherlock while being the BAMFiest dancer on the floor.

Bonus: They win an award and can’t accept it because the UST becomes so overwhelming post-performance that John has to nail Sherlock up against the wall in the dressing room while the awards ceremony is taking place. Perhaps flustered Lestrade has to accept it in their stead.

TL;DR Sherlock and John go undercover at an international dance completion only to have it revealed that John is a hideously good dancer. Tango-themed sexing ensues.

Re: crack!prompt, bamf!John at dance competition

I'm ashamed by how much I want this. I will do an artfill if someone writes fic.

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Re: John & Irene swap bodies during the Hiatus - eventual Sherlock/John & Irene/Mary

I need this like air!!! Seconding! :D

reprompt: asexual!Sherlock

This had a comment that a fill was in process, but is old. Was wondering if I could spark a memory in the original potential filler (or a new one?). I'm not the OP, but this prompt speaks to me, as I was diagnosed as "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder" in the early 90s and thought of myself as a borderline Sociopath, since I didn't love/emote the way others did.
Original prompt follows:

Asexual Sherlock (eventual + or / John) - TW: possible dub-con and manipulation


2012-08-06 04:14 am (UTC)

Asexuality and Identity/Orientation Issues (not sure if that's a trigger, so notifying just in case.) Possible dub-con and sexual manipulation situations Eventual Hurt/Comfort

So if Sherlock's in his mid-thirties now it's entirely possible that he didn't know about asexuality as an option/orientation until he was in his mid-twenties.

In the 90s the internet was in libraries and university computer classrooms, not every home and cafe - not that easy to research sexuality. Or find fora where other people talked about this stuff and you could learn you weren't the only person who just wasn't interested. Or who wanted to date and not go beyond second base. Ever.

In his teens, Section 28 meant that some schools wouldn't even discuss anything other than heterosexuality in sex ed for fear of "promoting homosexual lifestyles" to children and two men snogging in public still technically offended against "public decency" laws 20 years ago (IIRC). Books available to him might deal with homosexuality and bisexuality but it's likely that the nearest they came to asexuality was the DSM-IV sexual dysfunction of "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder" (which an asexual can still be diagnosed with, btw). We've come a long way in the last 20 years or so.

Sherlock is unlikely to have any morality about "saving himself" (Christian or otherwise) so between confusion, curiousity and experiments, would it be possible to get an asexual Sherlock who has had sex - maybe once almost by accident (not really getting where fooling around was leading up to because it wasn't, for him?), once with a woman, once with a man topping, once with a man bottoming, (because he would have to test it, wouldn't he?) once for a case??? or whatever scenarios you come up with (only please no absolute non-con). Maybe Irene because he knows he feels something new for her and maybe it is a kind of attraction? Maybe people tell him he must be doing it wrong.

Maybe there are other people's reactions? Mycroft. Sebastian Wilkes. Friends? Maybe this is how/why Sherlock self-diagnosed as a sociopath because he clearly doesn't feel things the way he should.

Maybe even there's just one (manipulative?) partner in his past that was enough to show him he'd never want *this*. Maybe this is a 5 plus 1.

I don't mind where on the asexual spectrum you place Sherlock (ie aromatic, romantic, masturbates, however you see it). But can I have him dealing with trying to work out *what* he is. What he feels. What he wants and doesn't want. Whether it's possible to have a "relationship" and say no to sex. Through his past relationships.

And then there was John. Epic BFFs, bromance, agape, philos, love... herterosexual John or bi. But *understanding*. And it's all fine. Maybe they even have sex - maybe that's even how John works out that isn't what Sherlock wants and Sherlocks an idiot if he thinks John wants to have sex with someone who doesn't want to have sex with him. Working out what works for them.

It seems to be that Sherlock likes touch - if he's sure it isn't sexual.

And there's some comfort/healing for the past pain.

Sorry this is so long. Too long? Too detailed? There's a lot of maybes. But do you know what I mean? It's the journey to John and then the comfort for having had to walk that road of trials that I really want.

TL;DR Sherlock learns about and comes to understand his asexuality the hard way - by experiencing what he *doesn't* like/want. And then there was John. And it's all fine. Really. Even if Sherlock doesn't ever want sex.

Re: reprompt: asexual!Sherlock

This whole series is RTYI, especially the second fic:


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