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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlockian experiments- Raving with himself

So I read this fic once (lost it ;;) where Lestrade mentioned Sherlock raving/dancing with himself for an hour in the closet covered with glow stick liquid (or something of the sort I could be wrong its been a while). He then wrote up the results in his blog. Well anyways I found the entire thing a bit sad and mostly hilarious so I'd love to see what experiments/experiences you guys can come up with that are like this.

+5 If it doesn't involve random corpse parts and is funny but a bit sad too.

+10John joins him so he wont feel alone.

Maybe it can be like John or whoever looks through the blog once finds something like it and than realizes that between the tobacco ash research and boring statistics there are indeed little nuggets of pure gold? A 5 times someone looked through Sherlock's blog and found something hilarious and the one time someone realized something wasnt? Or Five times John failed to appreciate how hilarious it really is and the one time Sherlock realized John doesnt? I'm sorry I suck at making suggestions This is a bonus btw.

parents (tw: bad childhoods )

The Holmes brother had a very warm childhood. Lestrade and John had absent and extremely strict parents. Its funny how these things shape a person.

Feel free to come up with whatever :)

Fill Johnlock and Mystrade

Though you already found it OP, I decided to post the link here. It would have been too difficult to separate each story here I think. :D

Johnlock (


Mystrade (

Re: [fill][2/2]

Great fill. Thank you for writing it.

John and Sherlock say Fuck the world (and John's come close to doing it)

John: "Well,if that's what everyone thinks... well, fuck the world, then."
Sherlock: "I think you came pretty close, but you missed a continent."

I read a rather intense fic that hit a bit close to home. As an antidote, I am requesting something where a very high sex drive/bi John and an asexual/demisexual/lower sex drive Sherlock are so completely at ease with eachother's sexuality (established relationship) that they can laugh about it and tease eachother in a sweet and fluffy way. Please give me something domestic- a tv show, movie, internet porn discussion,or even a related case- I dunno- just something where they know eachother's differing sexual needs and drives, and are 100% fine with whatever compromises they have in place which are clearly working well for them, and can make fun of the stereotypes society holds for both of them (anything that moves vs incapable of any affection). Please, please, please have them laughing at that and how no one thinks their relationship should work, but it does. Can be platonic if you must, but I would honestly prefer where they have discovered a limited type of sexual activity/frequency that is a fair compromise where neither feels put upon.
I would really appreciate this. A quick fill would be just fine. I need a pick-me-up bad.

FILL: John and Sherlock say Fuck the world (and John's come close to doing it)

I hope it's not too late for your pick-me-up, OP! (I know what it's like, needing that kind of pick-me-up.)

Filled here:

P.S. You might find some asexual!Sherlock fic RTYI in my bookmarks too if you filter on my "favorite asexual!Character fics" tag (especially etothepii's "Your Moral Crisis is Stupid" and dreamlittleyo's Combustion series, if those aren't already familiar to you).

Moriarty, John (Jim/John?)- Mermaid prompt

Moriarty captures merman!John.

Bonus:He was originally with Sherlock .
Moriarty was going to eat him but decided not to.

Re: Moriarty, John (Jim/John?)- Mermaid prompt

Seconding everything Jim/John! *heart*

Hell, I want to have sex in there too! Seconded!

Re: [fill][2/2]

This was a perfectly Sherlockian way of approaching his kink. :"D He's going to need a truckload of patience to run John out of his stamina first, though.

Alphas can read their Omegas minds. Omegas cannot read their Alphas'.

Once a soulbonding pair meet, the Alpha will be able to read their Omega's thoughts. They don't need to be bonded or mated or anything - they can just tell what someone's thinking and they have to take it from there.

When Mycroft met Lestrade, Mycroft knew that under the gruff and sarky exterior was a desperately unhappy man. Mycroft decided to use their connection to help Greg before ever making a move.

Re: Alphas can read their Omegas minds. Omegas cannot read their Alphas'.


Vampire!Sherlock has never had sex. Human!John has never been fed on.

Human!John and Vampire!Sherlock are in a relationship. Sherlock takes care of John through and after their first feeding, and John returns the favour when they make love.

Re: Vampire!Sherlock has never had sex. Human!John has never been fed on.

Oh yes please!

Reprompt: S/J from the bad guys' perspective

At some small bar hidden in the backstreets of London, criminals gather to brag about their crimes and discuss how to do things and who/what to avoid. Lo and behold, the conversation turns to Sherlock Holmes.

"If you are ever faced with fighting Sherlock Holmes, whatever you do, don't touch John Watson!!!"
Some newer guy: "Why?"
Que horror stories of what happens to those who dare to harm Sherlock Holmes's little military boyfriend.

Basically, S/J from the bad guys' perspective, with a side of crazy over-protective and fearsome Sherlock.

Re: Reprompt: S/J from the bad guys' perspective


Or alternative link:

Reprompt: Not another abusive relationship prompt

Sherlock starts dating someone (Seb?). John knows Sherlock has found a boyfriend, and it's all fine to him as Sherlock's best friend. But what he doesn't realize is that Sherlock is being abused, in fact he falls for all of Sherlock's clever excuses for his physical injuries.

When he actually does discover it (through Mycroft, Sherlock ending up in hospital, Sherlock saying something that makes John realize that he's actually being raped or something horrible but doesn't know that's not how normal relationships work, etc.) he is devastated.

Guilty!John please? Some comfort for Sherlock? Some BAMF!John going off on the boyfriend? Something, please. I would love any fill that came this way till the end of time.

Re: Reprompt: Not another abusive relationship prompt

Sherlock/Richard Brook, Sherlock/John


Psychologically, John doesn't take well to a lack of excitement. One thing he does sometimes, when the tremor in his hand gets bad, is unsafe sex.

He's a medical man, knows exactly the risk he's taking, and all of the diseases he can catch. But when the tremor in his hand gets bad, and the whole world's gone quiet and suffocating like he's being smothered in cotton wool, and everywhere has the drab white look of a hospital room, going out and having no-condom sex with strangers helps to shake off the feeling so he can breathe properly again. So far, he's been lucky enough not to catch anything untreatable.

At some point, Sherlock finds out about this.


I've seen several fics where Sherlock is attracted to John and either a) sneakily drops hints until John realizes that sleeping with Sherlock is a capital idea or b) sneakily waits until John realizes that he, too, is attracted to his flatmate or c) sneakily organizes events that will lure John unsuspectingly into his bed to be thoroughly Sherlock-shagged. Sneakily.

What I'd like to see is the reverse, where John receives the clue-by-four first, and then is stuck with the thankless task of dropping clues for the master detective.


We all remember in the first episode how Sherlock one-upped Sally and Anderson with his 'I can tell you two have been shagging' remark.
How about some revenge?
Sally or Anderson tell Sherlock that they know he and John have been shagging because of (provide evidence here).
But of course, instead of being embarrassed, Sherlock remains his cool and BAMFy self and points out the bits they got wrong or missed.

Re: Reprompt


5 times Sherlock accidentally wet himself while alone and 1 time it was in front of everyone.


5 times Sherlock accidentally wet himself in front of John and 1 time it was in front of everyone.

Yesyesyesyesyesyes to both of these.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
The fuss of Sherlock's return has passed, but Jonh finds he can't quite come to terms and accept Sherlock is really, truely back until he dyes his hair back. BP if Sherlock's disguise hair color is red.

injury and hurt/comfort

i would love to read a really well written fic wherein sherlock is very badly injured. i'm talking serious, coughing up blood, intubated, the works. give me gory details and also a ton of hurt/comfort please!

Re: We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect. - Part 1b

Oh great first meeting for these two. *puts up tent and waits for more*

Re: We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect. - Part 1b

Glad you liked it. Nice tent.

John helps a catatonic or mute-by-trauma Sherlock with a hopeful or happy ending.

In Study in Pink Sherlock warns he sometimes goes days without talking. This is because his mind palace isn't all that stable. It crashes periodically leaving Sherlock barely able to function until he puts it back together.

It could be Sherlock's POV or John realizing what's really going on or whatever you can think off, as long as his mind palace crashes, leaving his head a heaping, chaotic mess of disorganized data-bricks.

5 times Sherlock didn't need the shock blanket and 1 time he did.

Yes! Fill please!!! XD

For Sherlock & John, this is whag passes for a romantic night out.

reprompt: panic attacks

i've been looking at caps from 'scandal...' and was thinking what it might have been like if being held at gun point on the floor triggered something in john. memories from the war and such.

Re: reprompt: panic attacks

This would be awesome! Seconded!

Re: Johnlock, watersports

All of this. ALL OF THIS.

Sooo hot.

Someone please, please fill this.

Johnlock: Love at first sight

You could be anywhere, doing anything. You make eye contact with another stranger, and suddenly, you know. You would recognize them anywhere. You've found the one. I'd love to see this happen with John and Sherlock. Can be AU or within canon or with a different first meeting, whatever you want.

Re: Johnlock: Love at first sight

That's canon, right?


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