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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Disguised Sherlock woos John

Sherlock comes home in disguise, still having to keep up the illusion he is dead. He immediately tells John the truth, and thinks John understands that it is him.

Actually John thinks this man who looks a bit like Sherlock, is a delusional stalker. The danger of encouraging his attentions turns John on, and he feels morally justified in using the fake Sherlock to indulge in the fantasy that he has Sherlock back.

John/Sherlock Flaccid dick kink

A soft dick is lovely. Velvety, malleable, easy to fit in your mouth.

Don't care if they're playing helicopter or penis origami, if they like overstimulating a sensitive spent cock, or if one is aroused but has erectile dysfunction/whisky dick and they have great sex anyway.

Looking for fun and appreciation/worship, not humiliation kink for this prompt.

Re: John/Sherlock Flaccid dick kink

Oh, that could be very interesting, indeed. Seconded!

Sherlock auto-erotic pain plain, exhibitionism

Sherlock is proud of his gorgeous erection. He thinks it looks particularly beautiful and feels intense in the best way, when he slowly and carefully pierces the skin with needles in nice patterns.

He allows John to watch.

Re: Sherlock auto-erotic pain plain, exhibitionism

fuck me, why is this prompt receiving no attention??

John is Sherlock's pet robot

Robots have become so advanced they can pass a Turing test. Everyone knows they're not people and don't have emotions, but it's easy for the lonely and gullible to be fooled. There's a subculture of pervs and losers who buy their robots clothes and presents and take them out in public and believe they are in an actual relationship.

Everyone is embarrassed and uncomfortable when Sherlock gets a pet robot and names it John, and takes it everywhere with him. But it's not like the poor socially handicapped guy can do better, and it seems to have a soothing effect on him, so they play along.

Sherlock firmly believes that the decommissioned and refurbished army medical bot is a self-aware individual with wants and needs of its own.

Re: John is Sherlock's pet robot

What an interesting prompt! A couple of questions, OP:

Is Johnlock ok? Would you mind if it goes the magical realism or fantasy/AU route, where Sherlock's love brings the John robot to life (maybe something along the lines of Sherlock giving his heart to John, which makes John human)?

Greg only orgasms when Mycroft makes him

Greg got out of the habit of masturbating, because of working long hours and stressing about his deteriorating marriage.

His new sexual relationship with Mycroft is a revelation, it fills him with giddy anticipation between dates, and the orgasms are intense.

Without telling Mycroft, Greg starts playing a game with himself, where he only gets off when Mycroft makes him. Sometimes Mycroft has to leave him hanging, dropping out of phone sex when an important call is on the other line, cutting a date short because of an emergency, and the uncertainty of when and whether he gets to come adds extra spice to it.

Re: Greg only orgasms when Mycroft makes him

Um, yes. Very much.

Irene drugs Kate

Kate is into objectification. She likes it when Irene drugs her so she becomes pliable and suggestible, and then poses her and uses her like a sex doll.

Sometimes Kate is allowed to receive, sometimes she is only used for decoration, sometimes she must watch Irene with other partners.

Re: Irene drugs Kate

please god, yes.

John/Lestrade Gloryhole party at the sex club

The guests in the party room can only see and touch the genitals of the other participants through glory holes in the walls. The guests on the outside are in individual cubicles, but can watch the party room on CC TV.

Masks are allowed and encouraged in the party room.

John likes the passive voyeurism of using the cubicles, and only sometimes sticks his cock through. Greg likes grinding, kissing, and chatting in the party room, and only sometimes feels like sucking cock/eating pussy.

They always make a special exception for each other.

John/Sherlock clothed/naked sex

Sherlock is aroused by John's soft cuddly jumpers, his soft checked flannel shirts, his soft corduroy trousers, his soft worn jeans... All John's clothes call out for Sherlock to rub himself against them, naked, while John is wearing them.

Re: John/Sherlock clothed/naked sex

WELL, IF THAT'S NOT A BONER-INDUCING PROMPT! We often see the contrary (naked John and clothed Sherlock), but this sounds delicious as well.

Mycroft/John's other personality accidental noncon

John doesn't know it, but he has been programmed with another personality for wet work. He does not remember joining the special forces, and always forgets what his other personality has done.

Mycroft is a controller for the government. He knows a lot of secrets beyond his official clearance level, because he can make out the hidden patterns in the paper work, and sometimes things slip through.

To test a hypothesis about John's background, Mycroft gives him a codeword he is not authorized to use, so that John will think he has a higher clearance level than he does, and speak freely.

It is actually a codeword which identifies a superior and calls forth John's other personality. Every time he is alone with Mycroft, John obeys him unquestioningly, then forgets all about it afterward.

Mycroft thinks he is in a relationship with John, tastefully discreet so as not to offend Sherlock. John thinks Mycroft is only Sherlock's overbearing brother and a mere acquaintance.

Re: Mycroft/John's other personality accidental noncon

I didn't know what perfection looked like. Until I saw this prompt. Seconded with the force of A THOUSAND SUNS!

Sherlock is a secret ginger

One day, Sherlock forgets to shave his pubes before sex, and his partner learns that Sherlock is a secret ginger. Happy ending, please.

Re: Sherlock is a secret ginger

you know, it's funny, but i've always wanted to see Sherlock as a Ginger. with sideburns and everything! so.... seconded all the way baby!

John moves out of 221B

John and Sherlock have a disagreement serious enough that John moves out.

John takes care of an animal, Sherlock is jealous

John watches a pet for Mike, while he and his family are on holiday. Sherlock is jealous at how John pays attention to and takes care of the animal.

Re: John takes care of an animal, Sherlock is jealous

RT my I

Look What the Cat Dragged In (3874 words) by Roth1900
Chapters: 4/4
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes

John is doing his sister Harry a favor. He is pet sitting for her while she is in rehab... again. The little cat is supposed to like John best, but jealousy rears its ugly head when the cat befriends Sherlock instead. I hope you are prepared for this, dear reader, it is an exercise in silliness. Rating applies to mild language.

Kitty Riley humiliates Sherlock in the press

When Sherlock comes back from the dead, Kitty Riley humiliates him publicly by claiming to have had sex with him, and saying he is poorly endowed and a completely inadequate lover, who coasts on his dubious good looks.

She hunts up people with a grudge against him, to confirm the story of how his penis is tiny and he is selfish and clueless in bed.

Sherlock experiments on John, John writes on Sherlock

Sherlock slips John a drug to lower his inhibitions, then observes.

John is confused and thinks he is dreaming. He pulls Sherlock's sheet off him, and starts "blogging" on Sherlock's naked body with a pen, while rambling freely about all his thoughts and feelings.

Re: Sherlock experiments on John, John writes on Sherlock

This would be SO awesome. Seconded!

Fill: Semi-Permanent 1/? (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: Semi-Permanent 3/? (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft is abducted to hurt Sherlock

A criminal who thinks he is the next Moriarty abducts Mycroft. He sends Sherlock video messages, showing him how he's hurting his brother. Mycroft tries to communicate with Sherlock in hidden messages.

Doesn't matter if emotional focus is on Mycroft or Sherlock, or divided.

Husband and Mistress (John/Sherlock, Irene/Sherlock, possible Irene/Sherlock/John or Irene/John)

Even after they are in a long term relationship, and possible even married, the thought of asking Sherlock to stop his crazy Batman-and-Catwoman-on-again-off-again relationship with Irene Adler never once occurs to him. He dose at some point though, need to get around to laying some kind of ground rules, Husband to mistress.

* One of the rules is "No having sex on the counter, I already have to disinfect it from Sherlock's experiment three times a week." And/or "If you happen to break on furniture, be sure to leave a stick note saying what you broke and how so I can gt it fixed, God knows Sherlock won't remember."
* Irene trying to talk John into a threesome
* Irene having to come along to crime scene for some reason and continuing to flirt with Sherlock, causing Lestrade and even Donovan and Anderson, to get super defensive on John behalf and John just being all eye-rolly in the background.

(Really, John just being weirdly chill that his boyfriend/husband has a long term, mind game filled, semi-deadly affair with a Dominatrix. To him it's just par of course, and not even the weirdest thing about being with Sherlock)

Re: Husband and Mistress (John/Sherlock, Irene/Sherlock, possible Irene/Sherlock/John or Irene/John)

Great prompt. I could really go for a Batman/Catwoman type relationship, and loyal John thinking it's all part of the package.

Greg/Mycroft + freckles

Can there be freckles on a penis? Greg is so curious to find out.

Yes, I have a freckles!kink, please don't judge me.

John/Sherlock watersports

Sherlock has a thing for pissing in places he's not supposed to. One day, John walks in on him pissing in the laundry basket and decides to teach him a lesson, preferably by pissing on him / in his mouth, maybe while talking about doing it in public, too, or leaving Sherlock out for others to do the same to. Non-con/dob-con is fine.

Astral Projection!Sherlock solving crimes

Sherlock has been in a coma for many of his adult years. His mind, however, still hasn't slowed down one bit - he began astral projecting long ago.

Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson (as well as the occasional psychic, medium, etc.) are the only people able to see him... until John shows up.

I'd love to see invisible!Sherlock drag John to various crime scenes and order John to say things. Reluctantly, John tells Anderson to go away and calls Lestrade an idiot, and meanwhile they all think he's hallucinating. But he solves seemingly unsolvable crimes so they *need* him even though he's strange and kind of a jerk.

Re: Astral Projection!Sherlock solving crimes

This please!

Adrenaline!Junkie!John goes into withdrawal

Sherlock has mono or some other non-life threatening, utterly unexciting injury or illness that has him layed up and not all fidgety about it.

John, however, is going through some major adrenaline withdrawal.

Disabled Sherlock, John feels guilty about his limp

Sherlock has to walk with crutches (maybe he had a childhood accident, or he was born with a bad leg,... I'll leave it up to you). When John gets to know him and they share an appartment, John starts to feel guilty, thinks he's being silly because his limp is psychosomatic.

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Alpha!Mycroft finds out that he's actually an Omega.

I have this image stuck in my head of him finding out that he's an Omega and trying to remain calm as possible tightly holding the handle of his umbrella with a slightly trembling hand and being stubborn about it that it's not possible.

Maybe John's the one that finds out about it? He tells Mycroft to warn that him feeling sick and weak recently might be a sign of an oncoming heat thinking Mycroft is already aware that he's an Omega.

John recommends him surpressants and birth control pills whatever as a doctor but Mycroft won't listen.

That the heat catches him off-guard in the middle of a meeting or something as this is the first time for him and he calls John for help.

The rest is up to you. Friendship or smut or anything. Go dark or light as you like. Fluff, non-con/dub-con, death, etc.

The John Waston Arse Appreciation Club


John is fixing a busted pipe in 221B, when Lestrade and the gang pop by for a "drugs bust". They collectively take a moment to pause and stare at the good doctor's bum and its pert perfection for a while. After this, everyone comes up with increasingly creative ways to leer at John's arse. And I mean everyone, Mycroft, Sally, Mrs. H, Anderson, Molly, etc. Pens are dropped where ever he goes, heavy boxes that need to be lifted, missing earrings under the couch...

Basically, everyone is a secret perv and in love with John's rear end. :D

Gen or Johnlock are both fine.

BP for Johnlock with Sherlock being super pissy about everyone oogling his boyfriend, and upset at John for his apparent cluelessness.

DBP for John being aware of it and suffering through it because jealous Sherlock is fantastic in bed.

things sherlock is a bit not good at

Based on the following exchange from the Young Sherlock Holmes about his violin:

Holmes: I should've mastered the damn thing by now.
Watson: How long have you been playing?
Holmes: Three days.

Give me five things that Sherlock honestly, truly sucks at, much to his dismay. NOT emotional/interaction type things, but skills or abilities he just fails abominably at (and refuses to admit this as the case). I would love for drawing to be one of these, based on this fan art: but the rest are more than up to you!!

Johnlock is love but so is bromance John&Sherlock.

Re: things sherlock is a bit not good at


John secretly works for Mummy

I've seen several fics where John is secretly a government agent working for Mycroft, or unknowingly manipulated by Mycroft into being Sherlock's... er... colleague. But how about one where it's not Mycroft John is working for - it's Mummy. So while John is able to deny that he took money from Mycroft, if Sherlock ever asked about money from his mother, John couldn't honestly say no. I'd be interested in seeing either Mummy as M from 007 or Mummy not as M, but a high-powered socialite or something.

But the money/loyalty-to-Mummy/it's-his-job/whatever wouldn’t be enough to keep him there if John didn’t honestly like Sherlock on his own merits.

tl; dr: John secretly works for Mummy.

OP: John secretly works for Mummy

OP here. I forgot, Mycroft doesn't know John works for Mummy.


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