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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Mystrade request

For mycroft sex Hasselt always been an awkward thing. When hè was younger his shy personality and body issues lead him in The arms of an abusive bf. His frist time was a painfull and degradant experience. Als he got older hè had à few one night stands and pity fucks. But eventualy hè learned to Use it to his advantage. But now hè is in à loving relationship with Greg. Hes not quite sure Howards to handle The sexual aspect. So when they have sex the frist time mycroft thinks it's best to leave after. Greg ofcourse doesnt understand

Re: Mystrade request

You typed this on a phone, didn't you anon XD

Seconded either way :) Insecure!Mycroft and Comforting!Lovely!Greg is my kryptonite :D

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Sherlock is allergic to some sort of flavoring or food (like mint, honey, nuts, IDK,)and Anderson and Donavan know it. After getting annoyed with Sherlock at a case, they give Sherlock something with the thing he is allergic to in it, without him knowing. They think it will only make him break out in hives or something funny, but it ends up making him really ill.

Re: Allergic


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Sherlock finds it easier to tell things to John in the dark when he is supposedly sleeping.

Gen A/B/O

I'd like to see non-Omegas feeling incredibly uncomfortable when forced to discuss heat, like how period discussions make a large number of people who don't get them squirm uncomfortably. A RTYI is fine too.

Re: Gen A/B/O

Seconded. I love this.

Beauty and the Beast Hobbitlock AU

Nothing ever happens to John Watson in his small hobbit village, and he'd like it to stay that way, thank you very much. But he'll admit to himself if no one else around him that he's intrigued by the rumors that the great, fearsome Smaug, the dragon who's caused so much destruction, is actually a human named Sherlock Holmes under a curse...

Sorry if it's been done before, but I'd love a Beauty and the Beast inspired, Hobbit, Sherlock mashup AU! The plot can be original or heavily inspired from any of the three canons to work with. Seriously rather than crack preferred. RTYI welcome, though I've gone through AO3 and I don't think there are any specifically like this.

Main pairing of Johnlock.

Re: Beauty and the Beast Hobbitlock AU

only something quick...

‘Oho! My true name?’ With a great rumbling snort, the dragon heaved himself upwards over the mountain of coins – which crashed and clattered with such a noise that John’s eardrums threatened to burst – so that he was resting eye-to-giant-eye with the trembling Halfling, so close that John could count every single one of his rugged Hobbit-sized scales, so close he could feel the hot breath hissing its way through Smaug’s giant teeth.

For a moment, there was silence, the only noise the quietening jangle of coins and jewellery as it shifted underneath Smaug’s bulk.

‘Go on, then, little thief,’ said Smaug. Flames flickered in his nostrils. ‘Amuse me. What is my true name?’

And John found his courage, hidden half-covered by fear, a tiny little pocket of nerve that many spoke of, bragged about, but did not have. He straightened his back, clenched and unclenched his quivering hands, and met the dragon with a steely gaze.

A soldier. For the first, and last time.

‘Sherlock,’ he said. ‘Sherlock Holmes.’

John arranges Sherlock's sex life

because Sherlock is in love with John, and really only feels sexual arousal when strongly emotionally attached to someone (demisexual). But John really is straight and won't have sex with Sherlock himself. So instead John finds men to fuck Sherlock, vets them, then brings them home and stays in the room while the sex takes place. He might caress Sherlock during, or kiss and whisper sweet nothings/filth in his ear. Alright, he's not that straight. It's not exactly what either of them want, but it does fulfill a need for both of them.

Re: John arranges Sherlock's sex life

I want it.

I've never asked for a fill before but this has been itching at my brain for days now and I'd really love to read some takes on it!

I want to see an AU where Sherlock and Jim's paths crossed in a different way, when they were both younger. Maybe he figures out Carl Powers later on in his late teens/early twenties and, annoyed that the cops didn't listen, decides to address the killer himself. I want to see what would have happened if, instead of alienating himself and/or meeting John, he had fallen into a friendship with Jim.

Sherlock is already a character steeped in moral grays! What happens when he has a friend that panders to the darker side of his character? What happens if he never gets a chance to fight on the side of the angels?

Morlock, preferred, but optional!


Hey! Nice prompt :)

Seconding, and hoping for a fill.

Anything using one (or all!) of these little beauties (quoted from

- "I'm only gonna take the staples out of your mouth 'cause I can't stand the humming."

- "When you die, I'm gonna have you stuffed and put you in my bed. Then you'll never leave me. Ever."

- "I only have eyes for you... and here they are, in this lovely presentation box. All for you."

The last two could especially apply to Sherlock if he were creepy and obsessed with John.

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Sherlock refuses to accept when he gets ill. I'd love to see him ignoring it to the stage where he's literally falling asleep on his feet and feeling so crap and out of it that he's basically non-responsive. And still trying to convince John that he's fine and is perfectly capable of going to that new crime scene thank-you-very-much.

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Sherlock/Star Trek fusion

Sherlock is Lore. John is Number One - or whatever.
I don't care, just make Sherlock = Lore and the rest of it with some semblance of Trekkie sense, please and thank you.

Zalgo and more Slender Sherlock


More Slender!Sherlock

and his loyal companion John Watson

John is 'The God' and Jim finds out or already knows TW: Religious Themes?

John is The God of everything. I guess he looked around one day and saw no one else and was very lonely. So he poofed everything into existence or something.

John enjoys living among his creations in a useful, human guise each generation. He's long since passed the childish, angry phase of young godhood and is now that cuddly sweater John we know and love. He isn't, however, going to wave his hand and solve all your problems. This is your own life to live and you must make your own decisions like good grownups (at least he hopes his children end up as good grownups).

So, during his current mortal incarnation, John became a doctor and went to war. Then during the transitional phase where he feels useless and wonders if he should end this life to begin a new one, he meets Sherlock.

Maybe Sherlock figures all this out or not, but I would like to see Jim becoming aware of what John really is. As always, (onesided) Jim/John preferred! All I ask is no religion bashing, but feel free to combine all kinds of mythologies or ideas together to make an interesting background for God!John.

Bonus: Moriarty's really the Devil? Maybe Jim's been harboring a lust/hate since his fall for John and, by extension, he is fascinated by and horribly jealous of Sherlock being at the forefront of John's attention. Gives a new twist to Jim referring to himself (or John) as Daddy, now doesn't it? And the whole Sherlock being on the side of the angels.

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Re: John is 'The God' and Jim finds out or already knows TW: Religious Themes?


Okay, this should prove an entertaining challenge:

Post Reichenbach. John cracks, imagines he's seeing and hearing Sherlock. Is hauled away. Institutionalized.

Write all this from the POV of hallucination!Sherlock.

Sherlock/John - Vastra/Jenny AU

Sherlock is a member of an ancient race of intelligent reptiles who slumber under the Earth's crust. He was awakened by the Holmes family digging out a nuclear bomb shelter, in the late 1970s. Initially he didn't take to humans, but then he made the most elementary of mistakes: he fell in love.

How can he convince John to become his wife? (Please no femJohn).

His partner's real name is the safeword.

John and Sherlock don't have a D/S relationship but do like to experiment in the bedroom. When they're playing, they call each other by titles rather than names - Doctor, Detective, Mr Holmes, Captain, and so on.

The second either one calls the other by his first name, the spell's broken, the game's over and comfort is on the cards because that means something's gone quite wrong.

I don't mind who's the Sub and who's the Dom, or which of them safewords. I also wouldn't mind if this went in the direction of Mystrade.

This could get a bit strange. Stay with me. TW: Serious injury.

Very soon after Sherlock Fell (as in, a couple of hours or so), John is hit by a bus/slips in the shower/trips, etc. Despite the silliness of the cause, John's really hurt: he's hit his head and is rushed to hospital. He's gone into a coma.

Mycroft has a brainwave. The doctors have told him John could be out of it for days or years, and since John's not able to object... Mycroft needs to turn the tide of public opinion in his brother's favour, and nothing sells better than 'Tragic Lovers'. So Mycroft plants some texts, or releases some innocent picture that looks a bit less than innocent, or pays people to insist that Sherlock and John were madly in love.

(Up to you, but he might even release the real circumstances of Sherlock's 'death'. Not as himself, of course.)

The nation falls for it. It takes less than a month for the idea to really gain grip, and soon practically everyone is shipping it HARD.

And then John wakes up.

Re: This could get a bit strange. Stay with me. TW: Serious injury.

Oh whoa. This is perfection; seconding hard.

Sherlock wants John to drug him, then fuck him. Sherlock claims it will help him "turn off" and relax a bit. John is very resistant to the idea at first, but ends up loving it.

Unf. Seconded.

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Sherlock and John "write" slash

John stumbles upon smutty fanfic written about him and Sherlock. The two mock it, then after a few drinks, decide they could write better. Prompt filler, you know where this shall surely lead, don't you?

Re: Sherlock and John "write" slash



5 years ago, John watched Sherlock jump off the roof of St. Barts.

3 years ago, Mycroft informed John that Sherlock faked his death, went underground to take down Moriarty's web. Moriarty's organization is gone, but so is Sherlock. He's disappeared and Mycroft can't find him.

1 year ago, John finally gave up looking.

Two minutes ago, John walked into to check in on the amnesiac homeless patient that just nearly overdosed on cocaine, and found his best friend.

Re: Amnesia!Sherlock

oh hell, i am probably going to regret this but

i MIGHT fill this... eventually. sorry
meaning that this prompt of awesome nested in my brain and is taking permanent residence- or so it seems - i already have started something. but, and this is a big but - i do write at a glacial pace so it might take a long while - SO! so, so so so - someone else please fill this too! i will just sort of, kind of tag along after a while - maybe, probably...75% sure :)

now to the important part - i have a question - do you, op, mind if they won't meet like that? with Sherlock overdosing? sorry about that - its practically the way it formed in my head - a scene of amnesiac Sherlock being all un-himself to Doc John(more detail at request) and he can't do that unconscious
uhm, also i am crap at rewriting these kinds of instant-headcannons/plotbunnies/fully formed ideas so if you do have a problem with that please tell me now so i can ...adjust accordingly :) thanks

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Hostage! Yes, that works.

Inspired by the line from John in the Reichenbach fall when Sherlock pretends to take John as a hostage when on the run from the police. "Hostage! Yes, that works." is actually John realising he's turned on by the idea. Sherlock deduces this, and sexy-times ensue. I want Dom!Sherlock and sub!John having completely consensual sex, involving gun play and handcuffs/bondage. When this occurs is up to you: missing scene before Kitty's when they're still handcuffed together; later in Barts when they're hiding out; or maybe Sherlock deduces it at the time but doesn't act on it until after the hiatus. I'd prefer a friends-to-lovers dynamic, but I don't mind if writing an established relationship is easier.

tl;dr John is turned on by Sherlock taking him "hostage"

Re: Hostage! Yes, that works.


Sherlock /John , or gen- serial killer AU (possible dub/noncon)

Sherlock is a Hannibal style killer or just a killer in general who is incredible deadly and clever. He falls madly in love/lust with John to the point of obsession. John -despite (or perhaps because of) his taste for danger and violence- is still an incredible moral man and thus would not associate himself with a serial killer if he knew what Sherlock was.

John eventually finds out , of course.

John suspects from the start something is off.

They start as friends. John is straight but Sherlock slowly coaxes (manipulates?) him into letting him do more than a normal friend would.

John knows that Sherlock would rather kill John than be discovered he also knows he has to make sure Sherlock /is/ discovered. Sherlock is no longer so sure if he can kill John.

darker!versions of characters? Like dark!Angelo, incredible sweet like in canon but way more gray-zone!Mrs Hudson, etc

Mycroft doesn't want anything to do with Sherlock . He knows something is up but doesn't want to actually know. Sherlock may or may not resent him for cutting himself out of his life like that.

Bloody, violent dub to noncon sex or a fight where John thinks Sherlock is going to kill him so he fights back with everything he has and nearly wins.

At some point Sherlock was (Or is) a consulting detective.

John doesn't suddenly end up not caring over the victims Sherlock's chosen and chose Sherlock over them quickly. Give me angst.

Mystrade or Lestrade/John at some point? Maybe Mary or Sarah/John and Mystrade???

Re: Sherlock /John , or gen- serial killer AU (possible dub/noncon)


Moran/Sherlock noncon

Moriarty doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

He has Moran fuck Sherlock while he watches.

Re: Moran/Sherlock noncon


J/S- aromantic John

John is aromantic (link for short def: ). He has been trying to fit into what society has been telling him was correct and he was brought up in such a way that he doesn't feel right just having a series of one night stand.

Recently , however, he has discovered what an aromantic/asexual/Gray-A etc is (during a case??) and has come to feel more comfortable in his own skin.

Sherlock is not asexual or aromantic and does want a (possible romantic) relationship with John and their both incredible confused over everything.Give me a John who likes their platonic relationship and considers himself (possible) completely straight but would enjoy cuddling with Sherlock and a few intimate touches in a (in his mind at least) platonic way and a Sherlock who is aroused by John and wants him. Or something. Really I'll take anything. It just seems like the kind of thing that would happen to John.

Re: J/S- aromantic John

Im all for any Gray A/asexual/Demi Fic! Heartily seconded!

Sub!Omega!John and Dom!Alpha!Sherlock

Inspired by:

John's been on suppressants since his and Sherlock's relationship because Sherlock doesn't trust himself to Top under the influence but John loves the complete surrender of control heats force. I'd love Sherlock to work out away to let his sub experience that lose of control with a partner without playing compromised.

John loves rimming Sherlock. Make it as porny as you can!


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