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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Mystrade, mpreg, dub-con

Lestrade loves it when Mycroft's pregnant, loves the way he waddles around, the way he needs Lestrades help with almost everything. So he makes sure to impregnate him again as soon as possible after their child is born. Mycroft doesn't want another child but he just can't say no to his Gregory.

Mini Fill 1/2Dubcon.Manipulation.Sleepy sex. Unbeta’d,possibly Alpha/Omega,minor lactationmscruffi

Mini-fill I hope you don’t mind.

Mycroft groaned softly into his pillow burrowing himself deeper into it in protest, refusing point blank to wake up. Squeezing his eyes more tightly shut as he felt the blankets gently glide over his skin revealing more of his freckled back, feeling light butterfly kisses landing over the larger marks, a hand gliding over his lower back gently kneading and massaging it.

He groaned deciding that there was no escape, peaking his head from behind the pillow to see the early morning light filtering through stain-glass window’s, a slight chill coming in from an open window bringing with it the smell of early morning dew and clean country air…so different from the London air that he so missed.

He was torn from his revelry when the hand on his lower back dipped under the blanket and down his crack, suddenly reminding him of a very important fact that sleep had made him blind to.

“Gregory. Stop this instant unless you wish to go and fetch the accoutrements to our coupling as you are well aware of the fact that I have been unable to take my birth control.” Mycroft warned hoping his voice was as unyielding as possible, unable to keep his annoyance starting to creep into his voice.

“Birth control?” Greg whispered against his skins nipping at it as if he’d forgotten about it, Mycroft however entirely aware that Greg knew he was unable to take it while he was lactating wasn’t about to be fooled by that.

“Gregory. It’s too early for this. Rupert has been asleep for less than 2 hour. Please let me rest if you aren’t going to wear a condom.” He could hear a whine working into his voice but he couldn’t stop it. Greg’s hand dragged up his skin, gripping the back of his neck in just the right way, making Mycroft feel like jelly.

Greg scruffing him was so unfair! He thought at the back of his mind, feeling himself drifting, trying to remember what his argument was, feeling so completely mastered in that one single move. “Gregory…please” he slurred, eyes drifting closed, so tired , feeling his body being lifted like that of a weak kitten so that he was sitting in Greg’s lap being held tightly, a firm dominating kiss being planted on his lips, allowing it as Greg tweaked his already sore nipples licking at them as he felt himself leak.

Mrs. Lestrade (warnings for forced feminisation, kidnapping, non-con)

Dark!Lestrade kidnaps John and makes him into the perfect, obedient, 1950's style housewife.

Bittersweet ending with Sherlock rescuing a now conditioned John preferred.

Re: Mrs. Lestrade (warnings for forced feminisation, kidnapping, non-con)


AU? established relationship: Sherlock & john, in uni

I've read the fanfic feeding Sherlock. So anyway prompt:

John and Sherlock have been together for a little while. Sherlock is still Sherlock and John is still John but John hasn't begun his medical/army training yet. John wants to be a chef, because he is a momma's boy who cooked with her when he was little or something sappy like that.. And Sherlock is his test dummy because he's there and because he's too damn skinny.

If there could be a somewhat gradual progression of john's skills and sherlock's inclination to eat that would be great. Also if one day John accidentally made something that makes sherlock have a foodgasm. Annnd if maybe once or twice John REALLY wanted to make something for Sherlock but it didn't turn out well and Sherlock comforted John in his Sherlock-y way that'd be great.

Sherlock self harm h/c recovery fic

I do think that there's far too few self harm fics in existence. When i was a teenager, it was a really destructive problem i struggled with. Serious self harm recovery/comfort fics are rarely seen, and there is an uglier, un-romanticised side of self harm that's rarely written into fic. this time I'd just really like a realistic sad, self harming sherlock , with John freaking out on him. I wouldn't like sherlock to self harm because of previous non con, past experiences of abuse, etc, but just plain simple loneliness.

Depressed lonely sherlock self harms ((after a humongous spat with John)). His nicotine patches help cover up all the ugly scars he doesn't want John to see. After all, who'd want to live with a depressed psycho who enjoys mutilating himself? Perhaps his self harming was an old habit from his adolescent years, and they helped stave off his loneliness.

Obviously, sherlock doesn't see self harm as a serious issue, it's a coping mechanism he's used to and isn't as damaging as doing cocaine. He tells John "It's for science" and tries to avoid it.

John, our good doctor figures out the reason behind sherlock's actions and gives sherlock a big hug, a big serious talk and a big slap upside the head. Self harm is serious, and loads of people care for sherlock. John convinces sherlock that mycroft, molly, lestrade, mrs hudson all care deeply for him. Also perhaps John feels a teensy bit guilty for not paying more attention to his flat mate. John aids in Sherlock's recovery,

Optional johnlock, happy with gen or friendship fic, but shipping is always preferred ;-)

If anyone'd fill this I'll love you to bits cheers x

Re: Sherlock self harm h/c recovery fic

I'll second any prompt with self-harming Sherlock!

Forced Intoxication

When drunk Sherlock is very tactile, playful and physically, shall we say, affectionate. Really the opposite of how he is on a day to day basis.

After a particularly grueling case Sherlock is unable to wind down. Cue John pouring him drinks, holding the glass to his lips and making him swallow. Repeat till Sherlock is a mess.

"Forced Intoxication" can be a stronger term than it needs to be, you can go with "encouraged intoxication" if you like. I really just want to see Sherlock really drunk and compliant. (But, by no means should you shy away from Dark!John or Dark!Sherlock if that catches your fancy).

Re: Forced Intoxication

“John. John. John.” “What.” “John.” John sighed and rolled his eyes. Had he known just how low Sherlock’s tolerance was (and really, the man had been a bloody coke fiend, how could he possibly have such a low tolerance?), he would never have suggested Sherlock have a drink in the first place. But Christ, the man had been sitting rigid in his chair for an hour. Alright, so the case had been… Not wonderful. But honestly, it wasn’t Sherlock’s fault, and John couldn’t think when he sat there and positively vibrated with anger. So he’d poured Sherlock a shot of whiskey, and insisted when Sherlock refused. The second shot had gone down much more easily, and the third… Well, John hadn’t thought much of it. He’d finished his write-up while Sherlock inspected the bottle (and helped himself to another drink or two, John suspected,) and everything seemed fine. Sherlock was relaxed. Except he wasn’t relaxed, not really, he was drunk. And that, as John quickly realized, was a bit not good
“John,” Sherlock’s voice was deep and slow, and John could feel it in his bones as he hauled Sherlock to his feet. “Come on, you’re going to bed.” “Absolutely not! I’m not tired,” Sherlock’s voice was quickly slipping into whiny territory, and John rolled his eyes again. “John, I’m bored. I’m bored, John, let’s do something.” “Like what,” John sighed, and Sherlock giggled. “I think you know,” he sing-songed, and shoved John backwards, onto the sofa. “Oy,” John yelled, and Sherlock just giggled again and climbed into his lap. “Pet my hair,” he demanded, bringing John’s hand up to his curls. “Sherlock, you’re drunk. Get off.” “I intend to,” and Christ, the things that smirk promised… John realized he had begun running his fingers through Sherlock’s curls, and he couldn’t bring himself to stop. “John, you smell good,” Sherlock leaned forward and pressed his nose into John’s neck, taking several deep breaths. John closed his eyes, doing his level best to remind himself that he was not gay and Sherlock was married to his work and yes doesn’t mean yes if it’s drunk, but none of that was really helping, because Sherlock had suddenly started licking his neck. “You taste like tea,” he crowed, bouncing a bit on John’s lap and that wasn’t helping, either. “I do not,” John muttered, trying valiantly to remove his hand from Sherlock’s curls and remove himself from… Whatever this was. His hand came away and Sherlock whined, but when John tried to lift the taller man off his lap, he clung tight to John’s neck. “John! Stop it! I’m experimenting, you’re ruining it!” “You’re licking my neck.” “I need to know what it tastes like! I need to know what all of you tastes like, I need to compare your neck to your stomach and your wrists! Data, John!”

Re: Forced Intoxication (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Forced Intoxication (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Forced Intoxication (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Forced Intoxication (Anonymous) Expand

Slow S/J Omegaverse romance

TW: for knotting, and all the dubcon implications of Omegaverse

Alpha!Sherlock and Omega!John have been paired and must mate (doesn't matter why: arranged marriage, legal requirement, whatever). Sherlock is actually interested in having an Omega; John is...John, which is to say pragmatic and therefore resigned to make the best of it. Sherlock is disillusioned. Then they fall in love without realizing it.

Bonus: Sherlock doesn't understand his responsibilities towards a submissive partner and gets a kind of "culture shock" from the way his physiology prompts him to respond to John.

Double bonus: when they realize that they do, in fact, love each other, it's utterly irrelevant to the situation at hand (i.e. not sex or a near-death experience. Something like Sherlock getting the milk for once)

John's secret power of telekinesis is revealed during The Fall

John has successfully hidden his power of telekinesis his whole life. It's finally revealed when John panics when he sees Sherlock fall and John "catches" him. What happens after that is up to the author. Gen or eventual Sherlock/John.

Trichotillomania Prompt

Trichotillomania is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which compels one to pull out their hair. It's a disorder, it's an addiction, it's self harm, it's therapeutic. I need Sherlock to be consumed with it.

He pulls when he's thinking, and on a particularly difficult case, starts getting a bald patch on his favorite pulling site, the right side of his head. His long curls cover the patch, but John knows it's there. At some point, Sherlock's hands get tied together so he'll stop (he could do it himself, John could get fed up, whatever) and sexy bondage times ensue.

More of a challenge than a request, I think.

Something based off the sentence "Sherlock Holmes does not exist."

The catch being that there is no character physically missing and there's no It's a Wonderful Life trope (a world where Sherlock was never born). Any genre, Johnlock preferred if you want to have a pairing. Make it what you will.

Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Sherlock, Mycroft is a good big brother

Sherlock has caught a terrible fever, and is all alone at Baker Street. John is attending a medical lecture and Mrs. Hudson is... I don't know, visiting family?

In his fevered, delirious state, Sherlock calls the only other person he can think of: Mycroft.

Cue Mycroft rushing over to administer some care and comfort.

I just need more brotherly moments between these two, okay? And, well, Sherlock!Whump never hurt anything. Except for Sherlock.

* It takes a little while for Mycroft to catch on that Sherlock is being serious. Maybe he gets tipped off when Sherlock starts coughing uncontrollably.

* Sherlock was starting to get sick when John and Mrs. Hudson were still around, but it was just a cold and they both assumed it would get better.

Re: Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Sherlock, Mycroft is a good big brother


Re: Fill: Big Brother 3/3 (Anonymous) Expand

Any/any- heartbreak, possible death, Needing someone

I just had this image in my head when I dreamt:
A character looking at another knowing in their heart of hearts that this maybe is probably the last time they will ever see each other again and being utterly desperate to hold on for just a second longer.

Maybe its while in an accident and the other person is dying or their going off to war or on a mission. A camera screen as they spy on them but are unable to help . Just as a person falls into a parallel universe.So many possibilities!

Friendships or/and relationships of any kind welcomed!

Its not on The Fall!

I'd love to hear about that all consuming /need/ to see someone. To hold them and be able to talk face to face and touch them etc.

They don't like going through their things. Only when it gets too much to they do this.

They end up thinking the other person is permanently gone.

They are reunited!! whats the sex and or cuddle session like?

Not quite so petty

Mycroft thinks Sherlock is so hostile/bratish towards him because of something unimportant and because it is just Sherlock being Sherlock.

Its not.

Re: Not quite so petty

seconded so very very much!

James Bond/John Watson

They meet again, and this time James is not willing to let John slip from his hand.

Bonus for (one-sided)Sherlock/John!!!

Sebastian Moran is John Watson

Sebastian is John's second personality, he was created when John accidentally killed his father to defend himself, by then he was only 7.

dark!Molly/Sebastian/Mycroft and orJohn

(Possible Spoilers)
So...erm I never thought I'd ask for anything with Molly but...

Could someone pretty please write a fic where Molly and Moriarty are an evil couple out to kill Sherlock (because they are obsessed with him). and Sebastian is either part of their weird threesome or a close friend.

After Sherlock and Moriarty's 'deaths' Molly and Sebastian get their hands on John and/or Mycroft.

Re: dark!Molly/Sebastian/Mycroft and orJohn

Seconded! Especially if it's Mycroft.

John/Sherlock sex on a train

Sherlock is a mysterious stranger John meets on a train. They end up having passionate sex in the loo.

Two Strangers on a Train 1/2

The man in the seat next to him is dark and handsome in a horsy way. His clothes scream old money as much as his face. A discrete glance at his reservation tells John they're both bound for London.

He got on at Peterborough bringing cold air and the smell of Starbucks coffee. The only person to join this late train from Newcastle. The man had flung himself with careless grace into his seat, seeming to take no notice of John. His attention had been focused on the smart phone in his hand since he sat down. Elegant fingers moving surely across the screen.

As he settled into his seat the man's body spread out until one warm leg pressed firmly against John's and an arm leant against the arm rest brushing against John's with every bump pulling John out of his desperate attempt at reading this month’s BMJ.

He thinks its accidental, after all the seats are a tight fit for him and the other man is so much taller, until the man’s fingers brush tantalisingly along the inside of his wrist. Turning light circles over John’s pulse point occasional teasing sweeps coming out brush over the pad of his thumb.

“You’re a doctor. An army doctor specialising in trauma.” The man’s voice is a drawl straight out of Eton. “How did you do at your interview? The Royal Victoria Infirmary wasn’t it?” The phone has magically disappeared and his hand moved to knead John’s thigh.

John shifts uncomfortably legs spreading as he slides down his seat. The combination of adrenaline and the man’s careful teasing bring him to unexpected hardness in his good black trousers. “What? How did you know?”

“You were reading the BMJ, so doctor. The clothes are smart but you’re uncomfortable. Suggests a job interview. Your reservation says Newcastle to London Kings Cross. That combined with gun calluses on your fingers, the stiff shoulder and the only job opening recently advertised for at Royal Victoria Infirmary being a Trauma Specialist say army doctor.” He indicated the interview pack pocking out John’s briefcase. “How did you do?” He returned his hand to John’s thigh brushing gently against his cock on the way.

John/Sherlock dom!omega/sub!alpha orgasm denial

John and Sherlock are in a loving, consensual kinky relationship. Normally John is a sadistic dom and Sherlock is a masochistic sub.

John is on the pill because he doesn't like the role reversal going into heat forces on him (it feels natural and necessary during, but he feels awful afterwards), and he has suppressed his heats medically since his early twenties.

Sherlock on the other hand loves the extreme rutting lust and loss of control of his own body and impulses he experiences when smelling an omega in heat. He's never been in a relationship before, so has never experienced more than fleeting fugues of passion when briefly smelling strangers in public.

John wants to give Sherlock that special experience, and comes up with a compromise:

He stops taking his hormone control pills, and when he feels his heat starting, he cuffs Sherlock's hands behind him. He straps a smooth, hollow dildo over Sherlock's erection, and traps his testicles in a humbler.

Sherlock is unable to free himself, to thrust hard, or go get any stimulation on his needy cock. John remains in complete control, having to manhandle Sherlock in position to fuck John, and having one mind-blowing orgasm after the other from being fucked and from seeing Sherlock's intense desperation.

Bonus: John records everything, so they can watch and enjoy it together, and Sherlock is finally allowed to come under John's strict control.

(I know this prompt is very long. Please feel free to disregard or change elements that don't appeal to you.)

Re: John/Sherlock dom!omega/sub!alpha orgasm denial


this is so very sexy and definitely needs to be filled.

seconded so hard!

It's Sherlock's first Christmas post-Fall, and he spends it with characters from another fandom.

Sherlock's on the run, he's tired and lonely and suddenly the idea of spending Christmas alone is more than he can bear. He's seriously thinking about just going back to London... But then something a bit magical happens.

He meets up with someone he used to know, who invites him to Christmas with them. Any fandom, any type of old relationship, any reunion situation.

So, yeah. I want a crossover Christmas fic. I do prefer Johnlock, but if the prompt takes you elsewhere then please don't feel restricted.

Sebastian Moran is Clint Barton.

Sebastian Moran is Clint Barton. The details are up to you, meme.


John in handcuffs pretty please.

Warning: incest, underage

Something with 14-16 year old John and his daddy Sherlock. Possible scenarious:

1) Sherlock decides that it's high time John learns about sex and/or needs to lose his virginity.
2) Omega!John goes through his first heat and alpha!Sherlock fucks him through it.
3) Sherlock is jealous of John's girlfriends and decides to remind John who he belongs to.

Make it dirty and wrong, anons.

I would love to see a fic where Sherlock and John go to America for a case, just to see the culture differences.
I would especially like it if have to work with american cops (any crossover is fine).
Bonus Sherlock and John are civil partners.

Me gusta!

Weight Issues/John's Jumper HC TW: weight issue, starving

Okay, I'm not expecting this to be filled (It's Christmas, be with your loved ones) but I needed yell out my head canon. ^-^

So I was thinking that after ASiP, while John and Sherlock are at a Chinese restaurant (I assume) and John is falling in love with Sherlock (I know) Sherlock comments on Mycroft's meddling and calls him fat.

Now, we all know that Mark Gatiss' Mycroft is NOT fat at all.

Perhaps John starts feeling super-self-conscious (because if MYCROFT is fat, then John must look practically obese.) So John starts wearing clothes that makes him look thinner: tops with horizontal stripes, jumpers that don't cling to him, black cardigans, etc.

Maybe John even starts starving himself and working out, trying to look better so that Sherlock will think him attractive. Sherlock inevitably finds out and puts a stop to John's fretting.

Happy Johnlock ending ensues.

Thank you for reading! Bless and your families. I hope you enjoy Christmas, and if you don't celebrate it: enjoy the holidays! :D

Austim Powers quote

"Mr. Watson-"
"DOCTOR Watson. I didn't spend six years in a fricken evil medical school to be called 'Mr.' Thank you."

This Thing

He’s scared of this thing in his chest. It clawed its way inside and dug out a hole to reside in. It tells him things that make him shake and want to scream.
But he doesn’t. He’s never wanted to die. He’s always had a happy life and right now he’s just afraid. That little thing whispers to him that he wants to die. He doesn’t, he really really doesn’t.

I want to see something inside a character driving them insane. Preferably John or Lestrade or something. You could get creative and go for Moriarty or something. Maybe switch the gender and make it Molly. It's up to you!


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