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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sebastian Moran is the same Sebastian from Little Britain's Sebastian and the Prime Minister sketches.

Ha, brilliant! Seconded.

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Moran/Sherlock, John/Jim, TW: dark-ish fic, dubcon, noncon?

"Fuck him, Seb," Moriarty whispers into his ear as they watch Sherlock adjust is coat on the screen, his breath scalding. "Take him to bed and fuck him so I can watch. I know how much you've been wanting to."

Bonus: John wants Jim and we get some Johnarity on the side.

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Just fuck the tantrum right out of him

The only way to deal with a stroppy, tantruming, bored or pissed-off Sherlock?
Hold him down and fuck him hard until he's too knackered to be irritated any more.

Rough sex, kisses that are more like bites, fighting for dominance and a mood so bad that doing it just once probably isn't going to be enough.

Partner of the author's choosing.

Re: Just fuck the tantrum right out of him

Madly seconded.

Mycroft isn't good at social events

Outside of his natural environment, Mycroft is very uncomfortable in social situations and really quite awkward.

Greg is at the same big social event and sees this side of Mycroft. He's intrigued and part of him finds it endearing. He tells Mycroft this during a quiet moment and seeing him blush does things to him.

Greg gets turned on by awkward!Mycroft.

Re: Mycroft isn't good at social events

Hell yes!!!

Porn/ humour

John grows an awesome moustache for movember. Sherlock is away during the growing stage but when he returns he finds it very distracting. Eventually he ends up jumping John and sexing him.
John is very pleased with the result.

Re: Porn/ humour


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Jim/child!John TW: Pedophilia

Jim is a pedophile and has his current sights set on little John Watson, the best friend of his student, Sherlock Holmes.

I blame current fanfic reading, however...

Re: Jim/child!John TW: Pedophilia

I want this prompt to be filled very, very badly. And like you, I am having no regrets.

Greg/Molly & 'Bit not good' Matchmaker!Sherlock

After one too many cracks about Molly's disastrous love life and Lestrade's failed marriage, Sherlock finally realizes he's being a heartless arse. So he takes it upon himself to play matchmaker for his two friends. Sherlock-style.

Examples of this could be: He insults them in front of each other, to the point that Grey and Molly wind up defending each other by pointing out all of the other's wonderful qualities. He uses cases to get them into the same room, and then is purposely really late meeting up with them or runs off and leaves them with no warning so that they have to spend more time alone together. Maybe he even goes so far as to lead one of them into danger on a case and ensuring that the other can be their hero and rescue them (It's just a wee bit of danger! Sherlock's got everything under control. Mostly. Oh dear...). Whether it's Lestrade saving Molly or Molly saving Lestrade or both is up to the author.

Bonus if they figure out what Sherlock's been doing and find a way to get back at him. No pairing for Sherlock is necessary, but if any then Sherlock/John.

TL;DR Sherlock plays matchmaker for Lestrade and Molly. Unfortunately his best methods for this seem to be insulting both of them and accidently endangering their lives.

Re: Greg/Molly & 'Bit not good' Matchmaker!Sherlock


TW illness (cancer?)

I really hope you won't think of this as a pity prompt. Though maybe it is. A friend of mine found out last week that his (testicle)cancer has returned. He fought and won before and we'll all do what we can to help him (like DUH)

Can I get a fill where one of the characters (take your pick) is past all the poking and the prodding and the chemos and the operation and.... And he/she is being declared cancer free? Just total and complete joy for being BAMF and beating cancer. well full remission anyway

Re: TW illness (cancer?)

seconding all the cancer-beating prompts! because of reasons... really, i always love to read something like that :)

are you, per chance, also interested in RTYIs?

Sherlock and John go out for their first killing together.
Serial Killer!Sherlock and Hedonistic!John?

Sorry for not adding warnings, no idea what this applies to.

I'd very much like it to post John's mental breakdown for realizing he actually enjoys killing. Sherlock is Sherlock.
If you can make it realistic and not only focusing on the relashionship but on the job, too, that would be fantastic. (I hate when people forget things like.. I don't know, foot prints or something because they're not paying attention to the details of the killing.)
It doesn't actually have to be all-that-violent. I mean, you can try and make it not, no idea how, my mind is too violent for that.
Look, I know it's hard to work with something like this and keep the characters -John- in character. I know! I'm so sorry! But please try? No hard feelings if you didn't make it.
Also, no angst please?

+ Happy ending! John and Sherlock accept their new relashionship (hint of Johnlock, or more, can be nice) and no one gets blamed for the killing. Everyone's happy. Except of the poor victim.

++ Sherlock plans for the killing to be of a "bad man (or woman)" as in, killer or raper or whatever.

John/Sherlock RL Quote Prompt

It had just been our 8th anniversary on Halloween this year and for a few years now I kept this quote of my husband in mind. Let's just say we're a bit like.... two Sherlocks, him a bit more on the John side, in a relationship. We do have some sort of trouble concerning romance, but, well, you'll see.

A couple of years ago, in late summer, we were lazing around naked and relaxed from a quick morning sex in bed, looking up random things on wikipedia and youtube and whatnot with my husband's laptop.

At some point I decided to say, for whatever reason: "I'll love you forever."

My husband's reaction? "No, nononono. No way. Not even sun will shine forever. The sun! It's simply not possible. What are you talking about. It's mathematically impossible."

I listened to his exasperate monologue quite fondly, smiling like an idiot because, well, he was smiling himself. For about an hour he tried to find a good alternative to "I'll love you forever." None was found, too much kissing ensued.

Do with this whatever you like, all I'm asking for is an in-character Sherlock analyzing and deciphering a simple romantic statement of John who enjoys the ramble of that brilliant mind he loves.

Re: John/Sherlock RL Quote Prompt

love this prompt

Shut up, Sherlock

Sherlock is a virgin. During his first time with John, Sherlock asks so many awkward questions and makes so many out of place comments that the mood is killed and John is barely able to finish. But poor John still feels obligated to humor Sherlock's faux pas, least Sherlock get a negative impression from his first sexual experience. Up to the author if John eventually does something to shape Sherlock's behavior.

This could be very adorable

Mycroft is turned on by Greg's BAMFness

Established relationship or not.

John and Sherlock have dashed off on a last minute, lives-are-on-the-line adventure, leaving young Hamish with Mycroft. Lets see some uncle-nephew shenanigans. Up to the author how old Hamish is, but would appreciate having it in the prepubescent range.

Bonus if they have a common interest and Mycroft exploits the fuck out of that it to make Hamish stop sassing everything that moves.

Yes please! I have an insane love for Mycroft.

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Mycroft/Lestrade - Lestrade goes on a sex streak

Underneath all the ice demeanor and cool layers, Mycroft is a very sexual and kinky man. He also loves to secretly push Lestrade around and Lestrade loves to be manhandled in the bedroom but outside not so much. Somehow Mycroft oversteps his boundaries with Lestrade (perhaps making him embarrassed in public) and becomes too pushy, so Lestrade decides to punish him.

Knowing that Mycroft could easily find ways to avoid any punishment Lestrade could think for him, he decides to do the only thing Mycroft couldn't possibly avoid and so Lestrade decides to go on a sex streak for a month.

Cue to a lot of Mycroft begging Lestrade to let Mycroft fuck him after only a couple days (since Mycroft thinks of masturbating as a waste of time and not as satisfying as real sex). And basically just desperate Mycroft full of pent-up sexual frustration trying numerous ways to make Lestrade step back on his decision and Lestrade holding his stand.

Then one month later they have the dirtiest, most desperate and most satisfying sex they ever had.

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade - Lestrade goes on a sex streak

Unf! Yes! Pretty please!

Taken from the home he knows, Sherlock isn't sure what to think of this strange, tamed, yet so very dangerous place called... London.

Re: Tarzan!Sherlock

*snicker* +1

Splicing was the act of mixing and crossing DNA from two or more different species, to produce a hybrid organism. Commonly, it was done by mixing human DNA with animal genes, so as to enhance the recipient's genetic material. However, there were other forms of splicing, which depended on the specific intended goal. With applications ranging from cosmetic surgery to physical enhancement, it was offered to the public and quickly became a popular fad.

OK I need this to happen maybe it starts in America and spreads to London?

I want John to accidentally get injected or kidnapped and experimented/tested on. Who does it and why? Maybe the secret lab place with the glowing bunnies? Crazed hunter/murderer/scientist? Jim? Someone out to make super soldiers? Mycroft involved somehow?

What animal would he get spliced with? I'm thinking Jaguar or wolf. How far does the splicing go? I'm thinking the whole growing ears and tail stage takes about a week or does he go feral till he can be cured/treated? Can be permanent or short term.

If its Jim it so needs to be Jim's idea to splice John with a beagle or something and somehow the animal he gets spliced with is a bad ass predator.

Sherlock/John preferred, with a little creepy Jim/John on the side

Bonus points if their is a cute scene where Sherlock is running his hands through Johns fur/hair and John PURRS!

Extra Bonus points if Sherlock test John's 'Reflexes' by way of a lazer pen

Blow my mind people - GO -

Re: Splicing - reprompt

Oh fuck me, I want this, I want this so bad.

We get Jim/John and I hope John is a kitty of some kind, maybe a sand cat or cougar or even a lion would be awesome (can you imagine John with a mane? Or perhaps he'd be the mane-less variety like the Tsavo Man-Eaters), and petting soft fur and purring and laser pen and...OH!


sorry, got carried away.

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Bonfire Night + PTSD

Sherlock and John enjoying the celebrations, either for fun or because they happened to be out anyway.

Bonus if it's the first time John's heard fireworks go off since coming back and he has a PTSD freakout and pushes Sherlock to the ground to avoid being hit by enemy fire that's not really there.

Re: Bonfire Night + PTSD

D; aww! Seconded.

Insecurity and Fear

After Sherlock returns, they continue on as normal, living together, solving cases. But John is still angry, and Sherlock knows it. So Sherlock begins behaving towards John as he did toward Sebastian Wilkes, trying desperately to not make John dislike him, trying to 'curb' parts of himself - being unusually quiet, secretly instructing Lestrade to ensure the Yarders only refer to John as Sherlock's colleague and not as his friend (because, he reasons, it seems that John doesn't like people to think that he would be friends with Sherlock), disguising his brilliant deductions as less-clever so John won't think he's showing off (like he did with the "I asked your secretary' in TBB; and regarding how annoyed John seemed with Sherlock's deductions about Henry Knight), etc. Trying desperately to just keep John around.
Eventually, Lestrade points this out to John: that Sherlock has asked him not to call John Sherlock's friend, that Sherlock is telling Lestrade brilliant deductions and then turning around and telling John that he arrived at the conclusion far more prosaically, that Sherlock looks terrified when John leaves a scene.

Re: Insecurity and Fear

Ooh God I second this so hard.

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Re: Insecurity and Fear (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Insecurity and Fear (Anonymous) Expand
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Of course Jim didn't kill himself. Death would be the ultimate boredom.

He wasn't expecting Sherlock to go into hiding. At least not this long. (But he's not dead, he's a genius like Jim, he can't be dead.) But it's been three months and there hasn't even been a whisper of him, and Jim's starting to get impatient.

So he decides to team-up with the one person in London he knows will be just as determined to find Sherlock as he is: John Watson.

Gen, pairings, whatever.

Ooooh, this sounds like it could be fascinating!

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Omegaverse - possible dub con - Teenage Alpha!John/Omega!Sherlock

Sherlock's approaching his first heat. It's customary for the family of an omega to arrange for a young alpha to 'deflower' the omega. The purpose is to provide relief for the omega during what would otherwise be a painful first heat and provide them with some practical experience regarding sex. There are ceremonial events leading up to it, all of which Sherlock finds tedious and archaic, and there's stress in the Holmes household over finding an Alpha because Sherlock has a well-earned reputation in their social circle for being an insufferable brat.

On the day Sherlock is due to begin going into heat, he insults the young alpha that's been chosen for him and the alpha storms out. The Holmes family turns to teenage Alpha!John to do the deed. Up to author how John is chosen, if he's simply the nearest young alpha around, or if he or the Watson family perhaps works for the Holmes family. Also up to author whether or not Sherlock and John know each other prior to having sex. It's also up to the author if this is in a modern setting, or perhaps another time period.

Families hold elaborate ceremonies leading up to a teenage omega's first heat and arrange for a young alpha to mate with them. On the day Omega!Sherlock is due to go into heat, he drives away the young alpha that's been chosen for him. With no time left to find anyone else, The Holmes family enlists teenage Alpha!John to "deflower" Sherlock.

Re: Omegaverse - possible dub con - Teenage Alpha!John/Omega!Sherlock

Yessss someone please fill this!

hurt!Lestrade or hurt!Sherlock please

One thing that never fails to make my heart ache in the most delicious way is when a character has been assaulted and doesn't recognize/accept their rescuer right away as wanting to help them. Whether this is because of delirium, disorientation, being drugged, being blindfolded, being so traumatized that they can't remember a touch not hurting, etc...

Example: John is trying to check the severity of Lestrade's injuries after being rescued, but Lestrade flinches away, cries out and (weakly) struggles until John is able to break through the haze with soft reassurances that he is safe now and no one else is going to hurt him.

Prefer Lestrade or Sherlock as the injured party.

Re: hurt!Lestrade or hurt!Sherlock please

I loooove this. Seconded!

I would especially love it with Sherlock as the injured party... :D Great prompt!

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Mycroft and Anthea

How did they meet? How did she start working for him? Can be a pairing but friendship or father/daughter relationship is perfectly fine too!

"Exciting Job Opportunity" FILL 1/?

(A/N) So uh, this is actually my first shot at fan-fiction! I've been obsessed with these two for awhile but there simply wasn't enough already written about them so I kinda decided to just jump in. I hope it's not too awful for a first try! If anything seems odd or wrong please tell me so I can change it.


The first time he sees Anthea, she's sixteen and brilliant.

To be technical, it's is not the first time they meet. But the school picture in the file he's looking at shows a girl with dark hair and eyes to match, a pointed chin and a funny half smile. The astronomical test scores beside the photograph are intriguing, the teacher's comments bright and pleased. The girl is athletic, too. So much promise. And Mrs. Salbot was going to be leaving her position in just two days. He had a fondness for the elderly woman who worked as his assistant, but retirement had always been in the cards. She'd done a bit of snooping in the educational system at local public schools, and had placed this bright young thing's papers on his mahogany desk beside morning tea.

He sighs when he gets to the personal information. It contains the usual things- place and date of birth, parents, past residences and so on.

Beside the clean manilla school-issued folder is a sleek black binder. It contains the drug history of Anthea's current guardian. Beneath the long list of arrests is a blank Child Protective Services form, his signature already printed at the bottom.


The first time she meets Mycroft Holmes, she's sixteen and it's pouring.

The dampness has already soaked into her collar, wetting and irritating the London-pale skin beneath. Her watch beeps, a bright reminder that's it's now eight AM. She sits of the porch, shivering, digging her knuckles into her pockets. She imagines the hustle of sneakers and backpacks going on inside her school at this very moment, all without her. Anthea Parker is officially truant.

Earlier this rainy morning while she watched her mother in a dead sleep on the couch, Anthea had made an executive decision; she would not be going to school today. Nor would she go the remainder of the week. Perhaps not ever again. She could no longer stand the monotony of it all- the worksheets and the bells and the lockers and the pencils and the awful, sheep-like students.

She coughs, watching the air from her lungs swirl into the air and dissipate. It's mesmerizing, therefore it's not until the shiny black car pulls up to her Mother's mailbox that she notices something is out of place. Not wrong; just different.

A man slides out of the car with an umbrella in his hand, his clean-shaven face oddly forgettable and blank. The suit fits perfectly. His cufflinks probably cost more than Mother's mortgage. He turns and smiles ever so softly, which is entirely too dangerous because nobody could have that much control over their expression. She blinks at him, and then turns to look over her shoulder; surely someone so elegant wasn't here to see-

"Miss Parker?"

Her head turns back sharply. Why would he want to talk to her/how did he know her name/where was he from,"Um-yes? That's, uh, me."

"Lovely." His eyes crinkle at the corners. "I wanted to speak with you, Miss Parker. I have an exciting job opportunity you might be interested in."

Mrs. Hudson dies

Of natural causes. Just, heartbreakingly sad angst, please.

Re: Mrs. Hudson dies


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John/Mike Stamford and their low key relationship

Their pub nights are date nights, and so are their lunch time meet-ups, and any time John has to crash on Mike's couch because Sherlock's drove him too far up the wall.

It's not a secret, they just haven't made a fuss about it.

No porn, please.

Re: John/Mike Stamford and their low key relationship

Aw, bless! Seconded.

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Sherlock goes to war

Sometype of war breaks and for whatever reason Sherlock is in a position where he has to go(whether he ACTUALLY ends up going...). He didn't plan ahead because he honestly thought Mycroft would deal with these types of things.

I'm thinking Jim sabotaged something in Mycroft's network and it took awhile for big brother to realize.

Sherlock doesn't want to disappoint John after seeing how crushed he is that he can't serve his country in its time of need.

Sherlock and Sally serve together at some point.

Re: Sherlock goes to war

yup this could be good, very good - and i will always second a soldier! Sherlock prompt because there is not enough of them - and also because it is close to my kink of switching their roles around :)
+ i will always love the potential for Sherlock and Sally overcoming their differences to save each other's asses and/or even ending up as kind of buddies/friends/having a moment of mutual understanding in the end... ah well, wishful thinking :)


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