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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Angst, angst, pain and more angst

John does not forgive Sherlock when he returns from the dead. He understands why Sherlock jumped but, if he could risk himself enough to be published in the papers as "Sigerson" and go jaunting off all manner of places that had nothing to do with "dismantling Moriarty's web" than he could most certainly have had Mycroft send a message about his being alive (and really, how little must he think of John that he would imagine John would ever reveal he was alive?)

I don't want John to be made the bad person. No "poor, poor, Sherlock! John is so mean!" I want an understandably, deeply hurt and angry John. I want Sherlock to be confused and upset by John's not forgiving him. I want Lestrade, Molly and even Mrs. Hudson to be happy that Sherlock is alive but to support John and basically tell Sherlock "well, what did you expect?"

Sherlock truly misses John. Not as a replacement skull, not as someone to praise him. He really does miss John. He finally realizes how much he hurt John.

John, months after Sherlock returns, happens on Sherlock while out one day. He sees Sherlock engrossed in texting...and sees that a car is about to hit Sherlock. John pushes Sherlock out of the way, and John is hit instead. John dies(slowly and painfully) as a frantic Sherlock apologizes for everything, declares his feelings, shows his sentiment without a care, tries to comfort John, etc. John dies becor the abulance arrives. his final words are for you, dear writer, but they cannot be: "I forgive you" or "It's okay" or anything like that.

Minifill: No, Sherlock

Sherlock could count on one hand all the times John had spoken to him since he came back.

The first time, there had been a lot of shouting, some tea and a bit of explaining, but half an hour after Sherlock had first knocked on John's door, he was once again outside in the rain.

The next time he knocked, John had simply said "No" and closed the door.

The third time he didn't even open the door before saying "No, Sherlock".

They told him he had to give John space, but wasn't the problem that he had given John too much space for too long? He tried texting, but John didn't answer.

He sat outside John's flat waiting for him to come home from work. "I have a case," Sherlock said. John must have been in a good mood, because he actually answered. "Good for you."
"It might be dangerous."
"Be careful, then."
"Come with me."
"No." And the door closed behind John.

Sherlock was still not desperate enough to break into John's flat. And besides, he didn't think John would appreciate it.

He kept texting him, though. He was texting John when the car hit -- or, rather, when John hit Sherlock and the car hit John.

The words came faster than hit brain could follow, because his brain had apparently decided to shut down. It was as if he had an out-of-body experience, watching himself from afar trying to stop the bleeding, listening to himself telling John over and over again that he's sorry, telling John how much he has missed him, telling John that it's okay, it will be okay, that he will be fine and everything will be fine.

And all the time, John just watches him. Until it's nearly over, until he can hear the sirens. That's when he can see John's eyes slipping, and that's not fine, that's not okay. "You're not dying, John," he says, no, cries. "You are going to survive this, and you are going to be mad at me for leaving and pretending to be dead and not telling you and being a moron and texting while walking and not watching where I go, but it's going to be fine and you are going to survive!"

"No, Sherlock," John finally says and closes his eyes.


Sherlock bottles up all his feelings for John until one day all his angsty unrequited feelings just explode out of him and he cant help but tell John everything and its messy and awkward and John just stands there watching Sherlock come apart.

John meets Mr. Holmes, Johnlock? TW: Depression, Suicidal thoughts?

John finally meets Mr. Holmes and the man is nothing like he imagined him to be. Mr. Holmes is much like himself, intelligent, but nothing like his sons or ex-wife. He is warm and empathetic and is the kind of man who appreciates life and the weight it has on some decisions. The perfect father type.

But Mr. Holmes is sad and lonely, horribly depressed and convinced that he, and John, mean absolutely nothing to the rest of the Holmes. He couldn't bare the coldness of his wife, the silent treatment from Mycorft, or being treated as an inferior by Sherlock. The people that mean the most to him hate him, so he made sure to leave and stay way from them. He was never needed in their lives.

He's aware that John exists, and feels that he should meet this man and determine his relationship to his son. Being a 'normal' person who realizes the world doesn't revolve around him, Mr. Holmes makes sure to meet John at the clinic and to talk to him once he is done with work or on break. He will not enter Sherlock's home because knows he's not welcomed.

He likes John, and John makes him think of his younger self fallowing after his ex. He likes John enough to tell him the bitter, hurtful truth: "My advice to you is to not get involved further with my son. Feelings mean nothing to him. To either of them. We are only an annoyance."

It would be nice to see a real, but slow, friendship bloom between John and Mr. Holmes as well as show how Sherlock and Mycroft really feel about their father who they haven't had contact from in years (though that doesn't mean they haven't secretly been keeping up).

I want something depressing and bittersweet guys. Mr. Holmes hasn't been in a good place for awhile and I'm sure interacting with John would be a good place to start.

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Fill: John meets Mr. Holmes, Johnlock[Depression, Suicidal thoughts]

"Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D"

Interpretive dance. Of anything. Please. I will pay you in love.

I second this motion! I would fill this if I had a video camera and could dance without hurting myself, but cameras are expensive and so are hospital bills.

But someone coordinated with a camera--please do this!!! :)

Fill: Mind Palace (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Mind Palace (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft doesn't like sex

In fact he finds it utterly revolting, but he never refuses his husband (any character of your choice!) when he asks for it. He even pretends he is enjoying it to please his partner, and he does it very convincingly.

Why is he putting himself through this? The thing is - everything Sherlock says about him is true: he causes wars, toys with people's lives, lies, manipulates and destroys... All in the line of duty, of course, but he is constantly wrecked with guilt so he endures sex as a form of penance. (Also, he might genuinely care for his husband.)

BONUS: The husband never finds out and believes Mycroft is the best lover in the world, but somebody else does. If it's Anthea - triple the bonus! :)

Reprompt: warning: sex phobia

The reason Sherlock has never had sex before is because he's scared of it. The whole concept of being naked and vulnerable in front of someone, letting that person touch and lick and squeeze, losing control, moaning and helpless... It's the only thing he's really afraid of.

His first time, then, is very slow and quiet. Sherlock trembles, he can't help it. And whimpers. He wants to do it, he really does, but he's so scared that all he can do is cling to John. He holds him and shushes him and tells him "it's all right, I've got you". And if the don't end up going all the way, that's fine.

Re: Reprompt: warning: sex phobia

There are no words to describe how much I need this. Seconded!!

Reprompt: In Which John is Jealous of Himself

Mrs. Hudson, like the rest of the world, assume that John and Sherlock have been together since they moved in to 221B so, when they actually *do* get together, she notices the change in Sherlock and automatically assumes that he's seeing someone new. (Possibly in addition to John.)

When she informs John of this fact, he believes her 100% because he found it difficult to believe that he and Sherlock ever got together in the first place.

Tl;dr: Mrs. Hudson tells John about Sherlock's new boyfriend and John ends up being jealous and angsty because he doesn't realize that Mrs. Hudson is actually talking about John.

Re: Reprompt: In Which John is Jealous of Himself

Oh I need thissss. Seconded like whoa.

Reprompt: Triggers: possible noncon and mental rehab center

It's been three years since every CCTV camera in London blinked out, and two hours later Sherlock Holmes was found in a tangle of bushes in Hyde Park, mute and refusing to let anyone touch him. Either unable or unwilling to communicate after the incident he is sent to Bakerstreet Mental Rehabilitation center, where he's been treated by Doctor Watson ever since.

I will give you my first born and a mountain of fresh brownies if at some point Sherlock "tells" John he wants a new doctor, and when John is sad and hurt he elaborates that it's because it's frowned upon for a doctor and patient to be in love with one another.

Re: Reprompt: Triggers: possible noncon and mental rehab center

Oh I so want that new doctor bit please please please use that


Hamish!verse, in which Sherlock reflects on being bested by his own child, either on a case or in a game. Teenage!Hamish, please! Bonus for John saying something along the line of "You had it coming."

Reprompt: Glory Hole

Both Sherlock and John visit the same local glory hole on a weekly basis.

Neither of them know that they're both visiting the same place.

- John goes because he loves to suck cock. Especially the beautifully long, thick, pale cock who regularly visits.

- Sherlock goes because he loves having his cock sucked by strangers, especially the man with the gorgeously talented mouth.

This carries on for weeks, until one afternoon when Sherlock is in the shower, John hears him making the exact same sound his favourite client makes when he comes.

John doesn't mention what he's figured out, and waits until Sherlock has gone out that evening before visiting the glory hole again. Sure enough his favourite cock is back and when John makes him come, he makes an identical sound to Sherlock.

How does John react to the realisation that his favourite client is, and has always been, Sherlock?


TLDR; John regularly sucks Sherlock off at a local glory hole without knowing it's him, until one day he works it out.

Re: Reprompt: Glory Hole

Me gusta.

Reprompt: Intimacy

Sherlock and John are together, happy with the sex and their banter, but there's still one barrier Sherlock can't get over - intimacy.

He doesn't understand cuddles on the sofa (distracting when he's trying to shout at Jeremy Kyle), he doesn't get why they should share a bed (it interferes with his sleep patterns!!) etc but then he sees someone he thought was emotionally logical too- his own brother Mycroft- behaving in an intimate way with someone and he's flummoxed.

Sherlock has always thought of Mycroft as more of/than himself- more intelligent, more outrageous, more controlled, more logical -why can he do it if Sherlock can't?

Then someone hurts John and he understands- he wants to tear the bad guy into little pieces, but mostly he just wants to hug John and never let him go. So he does.

(Also, if there is police!action!fighting! when John gets hurt can it please be realistic, ergo, no one "reaches for their gun" because they are UK POLICE OFFICERS AND THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED THEM! *grumbles*)


John and Sherlock are in a established relationship for many years. But recently the spark between them has dimmed and John's heart starts to stray towards his new handsome male patient and he starts having an affair with him. And Sherlock is so engrossed in his latest interesting cases orchestrated by Moriarty that he fails to notice it.

Now I would like some good soul to please write this scenario with the following 3 endings:
a) happy (John and SH unite in the end)
b) sad (John leaves SH)
c) SH secretly kills the new lover and John is hell bent on finding the proof that it was Sherlock who murdered him. And in the end he wishes he could un-find what he found. Kinda bittersweet.

John and Sherlock are in an established disciplinary relationship because, God knows, Sherlock needs a little discipline.

It doesn't need to be D/s or even sexual if that's what the author would prefer. Perhaps Sherlock is sent to the corner or grounded for a while if he misbehaves or perhaps John has to spank him for being disobedient and belligerent.

Basically, just a fic about Sherlock willing to submit to John to be disciplined for some of his more serious misbehaviours and John more than willing to help him out and discipline him.

+20: Make it really fluffy, somehow?!

I love this! I hope someone will write it!!!

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That's disgusting...

John and Sherlock are in a weird stage in their relationship where almost anything the other does turns them on. Cue making out at crime scenes over deductions, rutting against each other when John has insulted Mycroft, and having a good shag in the Bart's lab because John handed Sherlock his phone a certain way. I'd like to see how others react(i.e. Donovan and Lestrade watching them in disgust at the crime scene)


...because if you really think about it being so highly sexually aroused near a murder victim and a morgue would probably creep QUITE a few people out.

Re: That's disgusting... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: That's disgusting... (Anonymous) Expand

TW: Non-con, asphyxiation

The Golem/Sherlock non-con, anyone? Sherlock would be totally helpless. The Golem wouldn't kill him, in the end, but he would be very seriously injured.

Maybe as an alternative to events in The Great Game, or maybe they meet again later.

No one intervenes, no one is there to help or to watch him suffer, he just has to go through it alone and then someone finds him in the aftermath.

God, I'm depressing.

Re: TW: Non-con, asphyxiation

God, I'm depressing.

I'm going with brilliant, myself.

Mycroft in an abusive bdsm realtionship and gets rescued.

Mycroft has been in a consenting bdsm relationship for a long time. And thought that his partner was the perfect dom. Until she/he starts demanding too much and finally completely ignores Mycroft's safe word. Worse there appears to be no escape, and finally Mycroft just lives with it, taking solace in his work.

Someone (preferably Lestrade, Anthea would also Rock.) Notices whats going on and comes to Mycrofts rescue . With Major Dom Trust Issues for afters and Hurt comfort thrown in please?

Bonus: Sherlock is totally oblivious to it until John points it out.

The only logical conclusion is that Grandma got run over by a reindeer

My son made me watch the absurd worst holiday cartoon ever. It was Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. You know the song? Draw it out to a half hour animated cartoon with no reedeeming qualities whatsoever. Please help me erase this insipid "plot". Give me a Sherlocked solution to what happened to Grandma- that drunk old lady who was on the way to the drugstore because she forgot her medication and found face down in the snow.

Re: The only logical conclusion is that Grandma got run over by a reindeer

It just occurred to me that this could also be a Baskervillesque version also where " me and grandpa" are convinced that it is Santa but there really is no such thing and it was someone else...

Newly enlisted cadet John meets and falls in love with student Sherlock. Only problem is Sherlock is not quite legal, that is he is quite a bit younger than John initialy assumes (but no younger than 15 please).


S/J in Omegaverse. Whichever you prefer to be the omega goes into heat. Only problem is they're a bit stuck. Maybe in a cage (a la John in The hounds...), in the trunck of a car, ...
Basicly I just want to read about desperate pining for eachother and frantic shagging when they finaly get to eachother

Mycroft the Sex Maniac

Mycroft is drugged during a dinner with Greg and has his sex drive maxed out, wanting sex with anything that moves. So Greg takes him to 221b for Sherlock's help. There, Sherlock deduces that Mycroft must avoid all sexual contact until he sweats the drug out. Hilarity ensues.

Extra props if:
Sherlock videotapes
Johnlock is involved (with Asex!Sherlock and straight!John, but it can be otherwise)
Mycroft tries to make out with Sherlock
A possible sequel in which Mycroft drugs Sherlock.

Star Trek (fusion) quote prompt

"John 'Three Continents' Watson?" The man snorts. "More like three galaxies."

John tenses at the accusation, staring at the stranger before him. The man is tall and thin, his skin so eerily pale it appears almost green in the unforgiving light. Black, fathomless eyes observe him with cool detachment, while equally dark hair curls over the tips of his ears, managing to obscure - though not completely hide - the tell-tale blur typical of holographic disguises. John raises an eyebrow. Huh. It's been quite a while since he's had the pleasure of meeting one of those types.

"I'd ask if you're reading my mind," he says, not bothering to hide his smirk. "But I'm pretty sure your kind are touch-telepaths. Isn't that right?"

Re: Star Trek (fusion) quote prompt


Yes. A thousand times, yes.

TGG fifth pip - John's kidnapping

I've seen many fics where John was caught by surprise and easily taken down to be taken to Moriarty and be strapped to a bomb. I think I've even seen a couple where he fought back unsuccessfully. But John is a BAMF. I'd like to see a fill where multiple bad guys try to take John down but he kicks butt, and would have made it out safe - except one of the goons (or maybe Moran himself) pulls out a phone with a live video feed on Mrs. Hudson. If John doesn't cooperate, they'll take her as hostage instead. Can the old woman's heart take the stress of being kidnapped and strapped to a bomb? So of course John surrenders. Maybe they rough him up a bit for the damage he did to them.

Re: TGG fifth pip - John's kidnapping

Always second BAMF!John!


Sherlock is "bored" and takes John's gun for indoor target practice. John hears the "target practice" and enters the sitting room...only to be shot by Sherlock. The wound is serious.

Sherlock is destroyed by the fact that John may not survive and it is all his fault. No one tells Sherlock that "it was only an accident" or that "John will be okay."

John does survive, but he has a very long and painful recovery abead of him.

Though he returns to 221b,(relationship can be Sherlock/John or friendship) he(and Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and even Mycroft) never forgives Sherlock for shooting him. Neither does Sherlock because he knew the danger...and he didn't care.

John's being shot oddly enough strengthens his relationship with Sherlock (and even Mycroft).

Please do not make the "lack" of forgiveness a bad thing or something that makes readers sympathetic towards Sherlock.

No crack

Re: Shot

I need this filled like I need oxygen!

[Mycroft says courage nardeath so I'm pretty sure he wants this as well.]

Walk in

Sherlock is Face Fucking John and either Ms.Hudson or Mycroft walks in on it.

Re: Walk in


Xover with A Series of Unfortunate Events

I don't know how you would go about doing this xover, but I'd be open to anything.


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