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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Star Trek Into Darkness Xover

So apparently the character played by Mr. Cumberbatch is named John Harrison.


So as far as I'm concerned, Sherlock went Moriarty minion hunting, ended up in an alternate future universe and took John's name out of sentiment or something. Idek.

Fic please.

Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Xover

Seconded ( and John Harrison sounds like a Beatles Fan alias- just sayin')


(I am not British so please excuse any errors concerning medical practice. I did research a bit but could not find answers to everything)

John is treating a particularly panicked patient who, after receiving an injection, jabs john with the used needle.

All proper after treatment is taken, but the rapid HIV test is inconclusive. John is given the proper coctail of meds to be taken until a full round of HIV tests are completed.

Sherlock's reaction, H/C for John, Angst, fear, anger.

Re: Precautions

HIV tests aren't that rapid. You have a prelim test, then three months later, another one. Then another one three months after that.

All while the pathology staff tell you you shouldn't have been fucking around.

Yeah, I'm not bitter and angry about that.

A man begins to stalk John claiming to be his brother. John tries his best to ignore the man and is mostly sucessful.

John is kidnapped by the man and badly beaten. Sherlock finds John within hours as the kidnapping was so amateurish. When John is in Hospital, Mycroft comes to tell John that the man wasn't just a crazed fan, he's John's elder brother. John's mum gave the child up for adoption when she became pregnant as a teen.

John, being John, tries to help and asks Mycroft to intervene and make sure his brother isn't charged.

John's efforts are repayed by the man visiting John at 221b and stabbing him, leaving him for Sherlock to find.

What happens to John's brother is for the author to decide.

Whether John lives through the stabbing is also for the author to decide.

Sounds interesting :) seconded!


John is killed. Brutally.

Sherlock's reaction.

Slash or non-slash. Any pairing except for Jim/John.
No crack
No 'it was a dream' or 'John isn't truly dead.'
No RTYIs please

a hole in the heart (1/?) [warning for gore]

I'm really sorry this ended up a lot more fucked up than what I'd originally planned and it's probably not what you wanted at all (and it's also really shit haha) but it's 4 in the morning and I started writing this prompt the second I saw it four hours ago and now that I'm done the only thing on my mind is to post it and sleep oh gosh

anyway have my sincere apologies and just in case you missed it in the title, WARNINGS for gore and character death and the fact that this is not a happy fic not at all not one bit (and also for the gratuitous song lyrics at the beginning there)

(apologising one last time for good luck, for both the content and the fact that this hasn't been beta read at all, haha. I've looked it over to the best of my abilities, but even those are probably a little dubious, considering the time

little angel, go away, come again some other day | the devil has my ear today, i'll never hear a word you say | promised i would find a little solace and some peace of mind | whatever just as long as i don't feel so--


Sherlock still has the blood on his hands.

It has been nine hours, thirty six minutes, and twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen... seconds, and Sherlock still has the blood on his hands.

Whose blood?

Well, he isn't quite sure anymore.


When Sherlock left 221B at 11:17 in the morning, John was not there.

He still isn't there when Sherlock returns at 9:24 at night, but this time it's in an entirely different way.

That is, John's body is there, but that's it. Not his smile nor his chuckle when Sherlock does something particularly brilliant and especially not that furtive little grin John sneaks him sometimes when they're alone.

None of that is there because John is dead, dead, dead.

And Sherlock is absolutely sure of this because that is John's body, alright, but it's not where it's supposed to be. For one, it's not even all in one piece . It's in seven.

And all seven of those pieces are draped artfully over Sherlock's chair.

The torso has been speared through the middle with Sherlock's harpoon, fixing it to the chair. The arms have received a similar treatment, in that they have been pinned to the chair with kitchen knives, then arranged to sit nicely on the armrests. The legs are bent awkwardly, but manage to stay up without any further support.

John's severed head has been balanced rather precariously on what remains of his neck so that that, too, sits without further support. It's nothing compared to what sits balanced on the harpoon and leaning against John's chest.

It's his heart.

It's John's heart?

It's his heart, which had always been too exposed for John's own good. Sherlock had always said so, and now he had proof that he was right, and it tasted disgusting.

God, John looks like he's sitting.

But he's dead, dead, dead.

John has been dismembered and put back together by a persons unknown, with all the skill and finesse that would make a five year old proud but makes Sherlock feel sick in the stomach.

He can't remember ever tearing his gaze away from what's left of John, but apparently he does at one point, because he registers that slathered on the wall - no doubt in John's blood - is a greeting.


It is not Sherlock's birthday.


He doesn't admit it to anyone, but Sherlock cries. They're bitter, angry tears, because there's a lot that Sherlock should have done and didn't do and probably wouldn't have done even if he'd known that John would die today.

For instance, Sherlock should have taken John aside and kissed him so hard they both saw stars.

For instance, Sherlock should have taken John aside and shared secrets and bared his bones and shown John that maybe he was a man worth loving after all.

For instance, Sherlock should have taken John aside and clung on and refused to let go for anything in the world.

For instance, Sherlock should have taken John aside and allowed him to live.

But, of course, none of that had happened, and now John is dead, and now Sherlock does nothing for three minutes and eighteen seconds but cry bitter, angry tears that are all that's left of days that could have been.


a hole in the heart (2/5) (Anonymous) Expand
a hole in the heart (3/5) (Anonymous) Expand
a hole in the heart (4/5) (Anonymous) Expand
a hole in the heart (5/5) (Anonymous) Expand


Have you seen those pictures?

Those pictures need a fic!!!

Mycroft sais "and dularma" XD

OT3 John/Greg/Mycroft

Happy kinky threesome with John, Greg and Mycroft.

This should exist, right?

Re: OT3 John/Greg/Mycroft

Oh gosh, it should.

Re: OT3 John/Greg/Mycroft (Anonymous) Expand

Star Trek AU X-Over

(Okay so, I have no idea where this came from but...)

The Fall was for real. Sherlock died when he jumped, and his reputation was never restored. A few years later, John, who was constanly hounded by the media, commited suicide, leaving a scathing note for the media and the public about truth being written by the most convincing liars.

Fast forward a few hundred years. Some less than ethical Federation scientists studying the human brain decide to clone and study 'one of the most ammoral and twisted criminals of the 21st century'. Clone!Sherlock is somewhat unstable, partly from mistreatment by the scientists, and partly due to the fact that he has some of his old memories and knows he was framed for his crimes.

Then he digs up records of John's death and snaps. He decides to get revenge on the human race, and the Enterprise crew are the only ones who can stop him.

(Bonus if at some point Clone!Sherlock gets his own John, either another clone that the scientists created to help control him and never got around to using, or a lookalike descendent. Double bonus if the project that created Clonelock turns out to be run by Clone/Descendant/Cryo-frozen!Moriarty)

tl;dr- New Trek villian is crazy Sherlock clone.

Re: Star Trek AU X-Over

This needs to happen yesterday.

Re: Star Trek AU X-Over (Anonymous) Expand

Kidlock or grown-up Sherlock, Mummy Mycroft

Young Sherlock (I think around four or five) calls Mycroft Mummy.

Make it fluffy, make it angsty. Go dark when you want. You can even make grown-up Sherlock want to keep his 'Mummy' all for himself. I leave it to you.

Sherlock deletes relationship w Lestrade

I just read my first what is the term? Sherstrade? and adored it. Got to thinking about when Sherlock doesn't know Lestrade's first name. Was thinking of a scenario where Lestrade helps a young Sherlock get clean, they are in a doomed relationship ( newly recovering young addicts are probably not knowing what they want or can emotionally handle), and a clean, older Sherlock has deleted their whole non-professional relationship. Give me Lestrade trying to help and wanting desperately to keep the young, brilliant impulsive Sherlock and having to let him go so he wouldn't self destruct.

Re: Sherlock deletes relationship w Lestrade

Yay, another S/L shipper! Or Sherstrader, if you like. Seconded!

unconventional dynamics (omegaverse or D/s AU)

Character A is a sub and so is B. Or their both omegas...or ones a beta and ones an omega...

I just want an unconventional relationship that focuses more on the sub or omega/ beta side of the universe :)

+5 Their dynamic does not run their life.

Sherlock in predicament bondage

I'm a real-life sub and recently I was given this punishment: I was made to stand with my hands tied straight above my head whilst my neck was slightly bent to loop a crotch rope through it. The idea was that standing completely straight would relieve the pressure on my hands while digging into my neck and crotch painfully while bending a little would painfully stretch my arms. I had to stand there and alternate between the two positions until I was a mess of pain and very sorry.

So that led me to the idea of Sherlock in predicament bondage. Any pairing/scenario is fine as long as Sherlock in this state is involved. RTYIs also welcome!

Re: Sherlock in predicament bondage


PS: Hope you don't mind me saying so, but that seems like a painful punishment. Hope you're better now, OP.

Omegaverse - Slavery

John is an Omega. His sister tell him to pick out a nice Alpha for himself because she knows he has been lonely and wants a family (my headcanon is that Harry is a lawyer and can afford to buy her baby brother an Alpha).

He picks Alpha!Sherlock (who John just wants to take home to Baker Street and take of...he doesn't know if it's his omega instincts or his doctoring ones). Once they start living together, Sherlock keeps thinking that if he acts up John will send him back/or release him. Eventually he comes to find John is actually not that bad and it won't be so bad going on adventures with the omega and having babies or whatever .

Bonus for Mycroft and Sherlock seeing each other again and being their usual selves around each other (maybe fighting over whose Omega is better?).

another bonus for John realeasing Sherlock and Sherlock being upset because he's fallen in love with John.

This is the prompt I was using on Omegle and it might help you get inspiration for a fic.
[Little beginning to help inspire]The marketplace was loud and chaotic. Most people weren’t
looking where they were going and upset his balance by bumping in him. Once or twice he also thought of just going home but Harry would just belittle him if he came home so earlier without even looking at some of the Alphas in big steel cages. Harry had told him to pick out one he liked, her treat.

Another person bumped into him and he dropped his cane. Sighing, he picked it up from the wet ground. He was regretting telling his sister that he was lonely and ready to start a family when he looked up to find an Alpha staring at him.

He always felt awkward looking at Alphas like they were pieces of meat but this Alpha didn’t seem to have any trouble staring right back at John. John limped over to the Alpha’s cage, a bit curious. The Alpha was rather pleasant looking, curly dark hair and light eyes. A bit on the skinny side but John could tell he was mostly muscle. If John didn‘t know better, he would say that the man looked almost wild.

“Hello,” John found himself saying, tilting his head to the side to get a better look at the man.

Re: Omegaverse - Slavery


Re: Omegaverse - Slavery (Anonymous) Expand

John, I....

Because I adore near declarations of love in "damn, you! You almost died!" Scenarios:

John is seriously injured protecting Sherlock(Sherlock is not injured in any way). While waiting for rescue, lying in hospital, recovering at home, whatever have you, Sherlock reveals his feeling for John.

Getting naked - for a case!

Non pre-established S/J. There is a young thief/murderer/kidnapper/what-have-you that attends an art university. Sherlock and John must infiltrate in a way they can observe but not be detected. So, they make arrangements with one of the professors to attend a life drawing class. John poses as a student, and Sherlock poses as the (nude) model.

John's never seen Sherlock naked before, and although he's supposed to be paying attention to the students to help find the criminal, his eyes keep wandering to Sherlock's body.

Bonus if after the case, Sherlock asks to see John's drawings.
Extra bonus if Sherlock comments on how gracious John has been with drawing some of his, um. Assets.
Super extra bonus if it results in Sherlock/John sex.

Re: Getting naked - for a case!

Seconded! And if someone want to draw too...

mystrade – christmas presents

"Mycroft, stop SPYING on me. It makes it impossible to buy you anything!"

Re: mystrade – christmas presents

Awww! Seconded.

Mind Games and Character Death: Sherlock, John, Mary.

After Returning, Sherlock attends John and Mary's wedding. He knows John loves him and thinks that John is just makes threats because of Sherlock's Betrayal. John and Mary get married and Sherlock gets properly angry. And poisons Mary's champagne at the wedding reception, of course.

'Come and get me. I'm at home. x' Sherlock texts John, attention seeking and deeply hurt by John for marrying Mary. Enraged, John storms into 221B. Sherlock is tightly bound to a chair (he asked one of the homeless network) and grinning maliciously at John. Sherlock is out of fucks to give.

There is John's gun in his lap. John checks it is loaded, and turns it on Sherlock, falling into Sherlock's lap. This way, John will be charged with Sherlock's murder, and will have no wife, no friends. Payback.

PT: But, John, being Sherlock's best friend, has seen this and trains the gun on himself.

And Sherlock is forced to watch John shoot himself.


Re: Mind Games and Character Death: Sherlock, John, Mary.

D: :D
your mind is a scary place in the best of ways if you don't mind me saying - this is... wow, just the prompt made me feel kind of twitchy - well done you!
also? you deserve a fill just for this "Sherlock is out of fucks to give." if for nothing else
*slow clapping*

Victor Trevor is a good guy

I would give up any limb asked of me for a fic where Victor Trevor is a good guy and Sherlock's genuine friend.

Maybe they went their separate ways after Uni and Victor travelled away from London, but finds himself visiting it after years away and wonders how his good friend Sherlock Holmes is doing. So, of course, gets in contact and finds that he's doing pretty good for himself, actually!

And Sherlock, despite whether he shows it or not, is genuinely pleased that Victor's come to visit, and he shows John off to Victor and vice versa and okay maybe John is suspicious at first but then gets to know Victor a bit better and finds that wow he's not so bad after all! And maybe Sherlock drags the two of them along to a crime scene and to everyone at the yard's surprise, the three of them make a really good team.

And no one is jealous of anyone else nope they're all just friends that get along and when Victor leaves to continue his travels he promises to visit if he ever finds himself in London again (and maybe eventually they end up scheduling some sort of annual visit).

(Bonus points for no pre-established S/J, only then Victor comes along and realises that these two brickheads are toeing around each other something mad and brings it on himself to play matchmaker)

Past Victor/Sherlock is totally fine, just please do not make

TL;DR absolutely anything at all with happy fun Victor Trevor shenanigans. You don't actually have to go along with anything said here - if anything, they are small bonus points that would make me rather happy.

sobs tenderly I just want all my boys to be happy

Re: Victor Trevor is a good guy

I will always second "happy fun Victor Trevor shenanigans"

Voyeurism in ASiP: John/Irene, John/Irene/Sherlock

Remember John and Irene meeting in the building that was under construction with Sherlock listening near by in ASiP? They're both pretty tired of the UST they have with Sherlock and decide to resolve it by enticing Sherlock into sex by having sex with each other. Cue Irene seducing John in that building knowing that Sherlock is watching.

Later, either Sherlock reveals himself or Irene invites Sherlock and they have hot threesome sex.

Re: Voyeurism in ASiP: John/Irene, John/Irene/Sherlock

I need this in my life. SECONDED.

Sherlock/Molly - hair down there

Sherlock/Molly. Don't care so much how or when, but Sherlock very impulsively makes a move for sex. Molly throws caution to the wind and says yes...and then realizes that it's winter and she hasn't shaved her legs for a while...or her underarms...and who knows the last time anything was waxed. It definitely makes her a little self-conscious.

Sherlock, on the other hand, cannot find any fucks to give. It's just hair. Maybe he's even sort of intrigued because it's something different, given that nearly all the women on John's laptop were completely bare below the neck.

(Yes, my brain came up with this after reading Loo's article about The Trojan Women. Thank god for anon.)

Re: Sherlock/Molly - hair down there

God, I love body hair. Especially on women. Seconded!

Cancer au

Au where Sherlock and John meet as cancer patients. They become friends until one day instead of Sherlock showing up Mycroft does to talk to John
Whether Sherlock has died or is in remission is up to author.

Bonus: If Sherlock died he leaves his things to John and Sherlock admits his love for john

Bonus: if Sherlock lives, he and John retire together and live as long as they have together

omega!John (and alpha!Sherlock) Babysit -- omegaverse

John volunteers to babysit someone's baby for the afternoon. He is actually quite good at keeping the baby quiet and happy (maybe the baby just wants to be held and John has him/her on his hip the entire afternoon).

Sherlock keeps making comments about how John's omega nature is showing and other omega stereotype comments. As the afternoon progresses, Sherlock realizes that John wants kids.

Bonus if it's all of a ploy put on by John to get Sherlock to have the 'we should have kids' talk with him.

Re: omega!John (and alpha!Sherlock) Babysit -- omegaverse

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, seconded.

Sherlock returns and everyone pined for three years and wants him bad. Real bad .

When Sherlock returns after disposing of Moriarty and Co, he heads back to London. Each person he visits in order to tell them he is still alive (or, upon returning to meet someone who already knew that he was alive - like Molly- that he has finished his mission and has returned permenantly to London) says they have loved him all along and never got a chance to confess their love to him before he died/was gone for three years and each proceeds to have quick and rather aggressive jump-your-bones-i-need-you-this-instant-sex with him. John, Molly, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, Sally, Anderson, Angelo, (Bonus points for using Angelo as he stops for a meal as he hasnt eaten in days; I see him luring him to a "private table" in the kitchen), Sebastian , Anthea, (not necessarily in that order, and author is free to add and delete people)so by the time he finally gets to the last person he has been shagged all night and is pretty much talking off his pants as he's coming through the door. He's like "Hello. I'm alive. I expect you'll be wanting to fuck me now, yes? Alright then, give me a moment," Then he stumbles to Baker Street barely able to walk after having been thoroughly fucked ( and possibly slapped and punched by everyone as well if you want before said sex?) he collapses on the couch. Author's choice if John is the only one not interested in sex with him or is not home and finds him asleep on the couch, or whatever else you wish.

Fill - Many Happy Returns (1a/3)

"Hmmm," Mycroft reflects, inspecting his brother from cap to toe. "A word to the wise?"

"What now." Sherlock, who has bagsied Mycroft's umbrella to flag his cab all the better. Strange, how few of them there seem to be around, compared to his pre-posthumous days. "If you're going to be your tedious self about punches and slaps, don't. My coat pockets are packed with aloe vera of every species and form."

"No, no." A cautious moue. "Actually, it's not your cheekbones I fear for just now. Ah well. Just remember - a three years' absence may well result in, ah. How shall I phrase this. Proverbial growth of the heart... and more."

"Oh, stop your pontificating nonsense." At long last, a cab has stopped, and a rather perky young man is lowering the window to gape at Sherlock all the better.

"Well, fuck-a-doodle-doo! Mr Holmes, is that you? Oh, my sainted pants. No, no, sit in the front, sir. Oh, look at you, all tanned up and stringy, mmmmm. Missed your little jaunts across town, they did. Oh, no, no, no, you’re sitting in front today, you are. Fare's on me, let's go party!"

"There we go," Mycroft murmurs with the resignation of the truly wise, and doesn't lift a finger, not even when the cabbie bundles a protesting Sherlock into the passenger's seat with a flow of more and more colourful expletives, laying a coy hand on Sherlock's trousered knee.

His last audible words, "what do you mean, I could take you on the spot, you'll bloody well take me to New Scotland Yard" barely reach Mycroft’s ear. The latter shakes his head and types a text.

Do me a favour and run a check-in on S before midday. I have some misgivings about his lunch pause.

Mr Angelo is a kind, neighbourly soul, sir.

And a bona fide Southerner. Misgivings, Anthea. Will you?

Most diligently, sir.

...Tu quoque, dear girl?

Three years, sir. Three years.


Sherlock manages to exit the cab with his virtue intact, though the same cannot be said of his shirt buttons. There's a rose-red pucker on the side of his neck which the cabbie insists with a wink is a "tip of his tongue" and a good luck charm. Sherlock is certain the technical term is hickey, but does not try to engage his enthusiastic Charon in a semantic debate.

He has barely made it through the revolving glass doors and inside the lift when a woman officer rushes along into the cubicle, a file under her arm. The lift takes off, and the next thing he knows is the flat of her hand across his face and a mighty lurch backward as they're brought to a stop.

"You!" Donovan says, and thwarts his next move toward the lift pannel by catching his two hands and pinning him to the back mirror. "Sherlock freakin' Holmes. Come back for more, have you?"

Quote prompt.

"It's not what I feel for you. It's what I don't feel for anyone but you."

Do with it what you will.

So the amazing Solrosan wrote a fill(here: for my mom's prompt (nomophobic Anthea) It is an amazing story! I can't stop reading it after all this time. What I really want for Christmas is another fic in this lovely verse. Something along the lines of how Anthea manages to keep Mycroft's christmas gift a secret(cause he can't help it, he just has to know and he is worse than Sherlock on a pot of coffee) and maybe John asks her for advice on what he should buy for his Sherlock(a practical beekeeping manual of course) and how can he keep Sherlock from tearing the place apart to find his gift and "deduce" what's in it. God my mom would probably love you forever if you write her some Mycroft/Anthea christmas cheer. Lord knows there's not enough of that in this fandom.

John Watson is the prize (cracky/fluffy)

There is a charity and a dinner with John Watson is the main prize. Sherlock finds the whole thing pretty disturbing because John is HIS. Mycroft finally knows what he's going to do with all his money.

Bonus for:
- John strutting on stage like a peacock (in a swim suit)
- Sherlock exceptionnally dipping into his funds to prevent anyone from having John
- Mycroft plotting to counter Sherlock.

Can end in Johnlock or Johncroft, as you like.

Re: John Watson is the prize (cracky/fluffy)

Seconding! Though there is never enough Johncroft, both endings have the potential for such hilarity that it doesn't matter which it ends up being.


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