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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Mycroft is a compulsive liar. It's mostly due to his job, but slowly throughout life he finds himself lying continuously, where it gets to a point that he enjoys it. The thrill of lying is so enticing that when he gets together with Lestrade (or whomever) he keeps lying to them to see just how far he can go. Eventually, they confront him about it. They argue and shout. Mycroft keeps lying; he can't help it. I'd like a happy ending, or even something ambiguous, if you just can't get it down.

I just really want to see this.

Re: Compulsive Lying

I really love this prompt. It feels practically canon.

Happy Birthday, John (Sherlock/Molly, John/Molly)

Sherlock and Molly are in a D/S relationship. John finds this out when Sherlock offers Molly's services to him for his birthday, calmly explaining that Molly won't be allowed to come until John is completely sated. John is rather stunned, not only from the offer but because he didn't realize that this was the reason Sherlock and Molly had been spending more time together recently.

(J/S content welcome as well as pairings in heading.:)

Re: Happy Birthday, John (Sherlock/Molly, John/Molly)

Oh, hello, prompt I didn't know I needed 'til now.

Rise of the Consulting Detective

[Rise of the Guardians crossover]Sherlock is Pitch and John is the Sandman. J/S.

John hears sherlock's voice for the first time

John was born deaf, but Sherlock still warms up to him. For some miraculous reason, John gets surgery or a cochlear implant or something and he can hear again. The first thing he hears is Sherlock's voice. Cue tears of happiness and surprise. Relationship upgrade may or may not occur.

Give me tooth-rotting fluff!!!

RTYI are welcome too

Re: John hears sherlock's voice for the first time


Jim/Mycroft, daddykink

Jim refers to himself as "daddy", but it's really a father figure he needs in his life. In Mycroft's presence, he never calls himself that- he reserves the term for Mycroft.

Over-the-knee spankings would be amazing but infantilism not so much.

Re: Jim/Mycroft, daddykink

How did I not know that I needed this?


What Dreams May Come

After Sherlock "dies" John commits suicide. Sherlock Mycroft refuses to tell Sherlock but Sherlock still learns of Johns death. He finds a video entry "last note" where John explains that Sherlock's death was his fault and the harder he tries to clear Sherlock's name, the worse things get. So not only did he contribute to Sherlock's death he cannot even help his friend in death.

Sherlock, obviously, is furious. He's also consumed with guilt and the pain of John's loss. When he finally finds Moran, he kills him. He plans to kill himself but a car accident(real accident) kills him instead.

So now, Sherlock is in heaven... Or some place of the afterlife. Fully expecting to meet John, he is furious to discover that John is condemened to a hellish limbo of his own guilt.

Sherlock embarks on a journey to release John's soul.

When he finally discovers John, John refuses to leave as he is convinced he has failed Sherlock(and everyone else in his life). It takes everything for Sherlock to release John, it's made harder by the many revalations of John's painful past.

Ending is to the Author: Sherlock cannot free John from his pain and guilt. He refuses to leave but his guide drags him from John and Sherlock never sees John again. He is destroyed and constructs his heaven to reflect his fondest memories of John...he is never truly happy. Condemened in his own way of guilt of how truly he has failed the best and most important man he knew.

Or: Sherlock does free John and they live together in their own unique realm of heaven. Both refuse to reveal how happy they will be to finally see Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade and, yes, even Mycroft.

Re: What Dreams May Come

I just might write this as soon as I get the time.
For now, seconded.

Re: What Dreams May Come (Anonymous) Expand

glory hole slut!lock

Sherlock is locked in a box with glory holes on every side, he starts deducing the people behind the walls and one of them ends up being John.

Consent and how it all ends up to filler.

'scuse me while I go burn in special hell...

Re: glory hole slut!lock

where did you even get this idea and please link me


I hate pranks. I mean, I really really hate pranks. I feel, to paraphrase Melissa McEwan, that most "pranks" are just straight-up bullying disguised with a veneer of "There's something wrong with you if you don't think being humiliated is funny." If I could find the person who invented "screamer" videos I would kill him twice.

With that out of the way, the prompt:

Someone "pranks" John.

The prank turns out to be, for him, a serious PTSD trigger.

Bonus if what's intended only to hilariously "make him jump out of his skin" actually results in days of hypervigilance and "thousand yard stare", persistent sleep disruption, and a recurrence of his nightmares.

Double bonus if John can't admit (even to himself) that he's been triggered.

Re: Fuck pranks


With Sherlock trying to deal with the aftermath but feeling helpless therefore takes out frustrations on prankster(s).

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Re: Fuck pranks (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fuck pranks (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fuck pranks (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fuck pranks (Anonymous) Expand

On the pros of killing ones future

A character (or more than one but if its just one they'll be more alone and thus more angst) learns their future somehow. They know that if they just let it play its course they will end up doing something brilliant and being someone amazing .

Examples: John will end up meeting a spectacular detective but being the cause of the mans death, Molly will lead a group of rebels after the government falls for x reason and be remembered in the history books, Lestrade will meet the love of his life and end up having thousands killed when the persons enemies use him as a bargaining chip....or another scenario not nearly as tragic or anticlimactic.

What do they do? Do they prepare for it (maybe with the help of whoever told them) or they prepare to lose that future because they want to stop it. A third option?

Mycroft can also deduce or discern what another person is feeling.

Rage, loneliness, happiness, etc. He cannot only discern what they are feeling, but WHY(sometimes).
He never asked for this ability, and it's part of the reason he works so hard at hiding his own emotions.It's also the reason he may be on medication- he tries to suppress this ability, usually unsuccessfully. It is part of what helps make him a good manipulator, but he hates using it. Sherlock doesn't even have it, and doesn't know Mycroft has it, until one day after a particularly heated argument with the brothers.
Sherlock has a moment where he struggles with actually hating his brother, and Mycroft discerns it.

What happens next is up to the filler.

Molly, Moriarty. Warnings: Murder.

Moriarty murders Molly and lays her out to rest in an elaborate scene much like this:


The whys and the hows and whether or not the met ever find her body are entirely up to you.

(I'm using this still as an example of the setting only, this is not a Romeo & Juliet prompt.)

Re: Molly, Moriarty. Warnings: Murder.

OP here, I think the word 'scene' might not be what I'm looking for. I think set-up might be better.

So 'lays her out to rest in an elaborate set-up much like this'.

Also the picture is rather large isn't it? I didn't realise it was quite so large, I hope it doesn't cause any problems. I should have caught these things before I hit post comment, really.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Swan Lake/Omegaverse

So, I have no idea where this came from, but I need it like air.

Swan Lake universe, Sherlock and John are both princes destined to be together, yadda yadda, you guys know the drill. Sherlock's an omega, John's his alpha. They finally bond and bamn, bad guy (Jim) takes Sherlock and the whole swan thing happens, except Jim is trying to break Sherlock and John's bond and have Sherlock for his own. BAMF!John is essential.

Bonus points for slipping Mycroft and Lestrade in there and for awesome angsty feels.

John's Fall.

John is taken and brutally gang-raped. His captors release him in an ally hours later where he is found by a passerby.
Sherlock is intent on finding who has attacked John. Mycroft is even enlisted. Lestrade's team is determined to help.

Some of those who raped John are finally Lestrades tem. They are convicted and sentenced.

A few weeks later, a video is released online. A video of John's rape. It becomes viral. To anyone that truly watches, they would see that John's silence is forced upon him.

The media destroys John's name. They report that John was a willing participent. Tabloids, exclusives. It's as it was years ago with Sherlock...but worse if that is possible. His rapists are released.

John seems strangely resigned about the entire thing. He doen't try to help Sheock clear his name, doesn't do anything. Sherlock is enraged and confused.

Sherlock receives an email In it, is a video. John held at gunpoint and a feed of 221b. It's revealed that John allowed himself to be taken, is allowing everything to happen because a sadistic fan of Moriarty's had his OWN snipers on Sherlock. Sherlock is safe now and will be... the email and video are destroyed the moment Sherlock finishes watching them.

Now Sherlock lives with the knowledge of what John did to protect him. Faking his death, returning and having his name cleared is nothing compared to what John did. Sherlock is devestated. He also, for the first time in his life, doesn't
know what to do: Reveal that he knows how John sacrificed himself or keep the secret as John has.

I'm such a bad person.

Re: John's Fall. (Anonymous) Expand

sub!Sherlock / reluctant Dom!John

A few weeks into their sexual relationship, Sherlock admits that while what they have is quite pleasurable, there is something missing for him. He needs to submit to John.

John has no experience in BDSM but he is willing to give it a try. He does his research online and tries to give Sherlock what he wants but is having a hard time doing so. Especially hurting Sherlock or punishing him go against everything John feels.

They both get more and more frustrated, Sherlock because he can't go under like this, John because he wants to give Sherlock what he needs but apparently isn't able to.

Bonus: Sherlock takes the part of the Dom for one scene with John as sub. John, while not wanting to sub permanently, sees the appeal in it for Sherlock.

Little girl falls for Sherlock, cuteness ensues TW: Bonus Pedophilia

A cute little girl meets Sherlock and thinks he's the greatest guy ever (maybe even a superhero!) and she's going to marry him. While Sherlock finds her annoying, John can't help but find the child's puppy love for his roommate adorable.

How does Sherlock meet the little girl? Maybe he saved her during a case or something? I want amazing cotton fluff guys. Sherlock being Sherlock isn't going to show that he likes her, but of course she grows on him.

Bonus: Perhaps Sherlock slowly awakens as a pedophile. How does he deal with that? Does he give in, show amazing restraint? Simply fantasize about his new, unwanted interest?

You can give me a cute fic or add in the bonus for a more serious fic. I will take whatever.

Re: Little girl falls for Sherlock, cuteness ensues TW: Bonus Pedophilia

I never thought I would want to read anythings that wasn't Johnlock...
I REALLY want this. This is the most intriguing prompt I've read in a while and I personally would love to see Sherlock deal with becoming a pedophile.

This prompt is fantastic, seconded with the force of A THOUSAND suns!

Johnlock hurt/comfort please

OK, so my dad is dying. He's on his last few days and it's been really hard because we never had the best relationship and I feel like I haven't resolved all my issues with him.

So, my dear anons, what I am really in the mood for is a Johnlock story where one of their dads die and the other person has to comfort them. Lots of feels and cuddles. You don't read a lot about Sherlock's dad, so maybe he dies and Sherlock has to come to terms with what his dad meant to him even though their relationship was strained for (reasons).

So yeah. S/J, cuddles, comfort, feels, some romance. Thank you internet!

warning for child neglect or trauma

Ps- for whichever dad dies, I would prefer the reason for the bad relationship NOT be any sort of sexual abuse. I can handle some mild physical abuse, but more so emotional stuff. Like not being around, or wanting to make him proud.

And a nicely resolved ending would be appreciated. Where the person can find closure or at least the support of knowing John or Sherlock will be there for him and he is loved and valued.

(God, I sound like I had a really screwed up childhood...)

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Fill: Proud of You (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand

Homeless Network

Sherlock's homeless network tries to get him and John to finally stop being dense and get together.

Bonus points if the boys finally kiss when they think they're alone in the slums of London somewhere and mobs of homeless people pop out of nowhere and cheer.

Re: Homeless Network


Sherlock hogtied, that is all.

D/s AU with Dom!John and sub!Sherlock. As a punishment/scene, Sherlock is hogtied with a vibrator inside him at the lowest setting, a cock-ring to prevent him from coming and a blindfold. He knows he simply must take it and that John would do nothing to release him until he begs/apologizes.

Lestrade walks in with a new case while he is in the middle of his punishment and sees him tied up. Unperturbed, he starts giving the case details and Sherlock struggles to deduce and make sense of it through his hazed state of mind.

+5: Sherlock finally breaks and begs John to let him out so he can go to the crime scene.
+10: John tells him that he's still on his punishment and if he must go, he will go with his vibrator and cock-ring still inside.
+40: Anderson/Donovan asks why he's lacking his normal scathing comments today and he replies with: "I can't. I'm on a punishment."
+100: Sherlock completely gives up and begs John to forgive him so that he can concentrate.

Re: Sherlock hogtied, that is all.

Hnnngg..yes please to all of this.

Three men and a Sherlock

Something causes Sherlock to be de!aged to a baby/toddler.

I want to see John, Mycroft and Lestrade forced into a situation where they have to care for him together until he recovers - without any outside help from Mrs. Hudson or Molly etc.

Mainly just want to see how each man takes on the role of fatherhood to little Sherlock. Maybe John is an overprotective mother hen, wheras Mycroft is strict but secretly doting and Lestrade is the 'cool, playful but clueless' one.

TL;DR, give me cuteness and lots of it, please.

Re: Three men and a Sherlock

Loved the original film, and would love to read a Sherlock version.

Sherlock can't stop smiling

The second Sherlock finally defeats Moran, his face breaks out in a grin. And going home, getting thrown out by John (who can't forgive him), berated by Lestrade, given the silent treatment by Mrs. Hudson, none of it can stop or tamp down the pure, unadulterated joy he feels at having saved the lives of his friends. And he just can't stop smiling.

Up to the author where they want to take it from there (is he made to feel guilty? Is he eventually let back into the fold? Do people start finding it creepy (hah!)? I just want a Sherlock who doesn't care about tempering his own genuine happiness, even in the face of what he had to leave behind.

(Sidenote, still think Sherlock was a total bastard for most of Season 2, so it's not like I think he shouldn't have to face it all eventually. Doesn't necessarily have to happen here though.)

There were two things Sherlock got wrong- Harry was neither John's brother nor an alcoholic.
The marks on the phone? They were John's.

Grow Old Along With Me

The one constant, which has kept retirement and old age bareable, for Sherlock has been that he would die first.

Of all the things to be wrong about.

A massive heart attack... Sherlock's fault because he angered some bees and his screams (of frustration damnit! Not pain, or fear, or the need for John to rescue him again) brought John running. And collapsing.

John has been integral in who he has become; a shadow of the man from that first meeting so long ago.

John has always been the caregiver, the comforter, the buoy, the light.

Now John needs him. His heart. "The most human...human being."

John is dying, and bugger if the man is as stubborn as ever. If John watson could make Sherlock 'a good man' than Sherlock Holmes can help John accept that it's okay to show fear, and pain, and accept the care that Sherlock wants to give.

John is dying...and it's not a trick.

Hypnotherapy AU

Someone please write this, it's been rattling around in my head for a while now:

John can’t afford to live in London on an Army pension after he is invalided home from Afghanistan, so he signs up for a channel 4 programme promising to hypnotise him into losing his psychosomatic limp on TV (Think Derren Brown esque). He enters because he figures he could do without the limp and the “prize” is the (paid) lease on a flat in central London for 5 years. John figures he can use that time without rent worries to pick himself up, especially if he no longer has a limp.

Sherlock does not have friends, he has acquaintances, but one of these acquaintances is a TV hypnotherapist called Victor Trevor who Sherlock initially dismissed as boring, but who (it turns out) isn’t. Trevor owes Sherlock, so Sherlock gets a front row seat during one of Trevor’s experiments as long as he acts a part (it’s for an experiment, so Sherlock agrees).

In a Derren Brown style twist, the experiment isn’t actually to cure John’s limp (although that would be a nice enough side effect). It is in fact to see if he can convince a single man that he was living with a husband in an address in central London (221B), with the aim of examining how much of our “known” identities rely on what we know about our environment. Sherlock plays the husband.

Unfortunately, whilst Sherlock is play acting (pretending to have been with John for 5 years – it’s obvious why Trevor needs Sherlock and his observational genius for the role) he actually falls in love with John. Understandably when John is “woken up” from that scenario he is upset ETC.

Make a happy ending out of THAT.

The flat John was due to win was of course 221B

Re: Hypnotherapy AU

Yes! Seconding so hard it hurts!

John/Sherlock- hints of Sherlock/Bond and John/Bond, Skyfall crossover (spoiler warning)

Yeah that's right
A skyfall crossover
One where either Mycroft choreographs the boys into helping MI6, both teams realize they're working on the same case, or MI6 hires them because they both have credible, stable backgrounds.
Whatever. The two crews start working on the same case.
There is bickering and haggling. Bond keeps pressuring Sherlock into indulging in a few of his old bad habits. Maybe starts hitting on him and John.
John is displeased.


John is shot on his way to the surgery in an apparent mugging. He only has, at most, a few days to live. Sherlock has been planning on returning as he had already eliminated everyone.

Sherlock returns and says goodbye to John. Now, his plans include discovering who killed John, torturing them to death, and then... He doesn't truly know.

John has always had several secrets from his past that he's kept from Sherlock. One of them is that the "computer" Sherlock constantly uses is merely a prop. If Sherlock was a real hacker he would find all of John's real files.

Someone from Mycrofts team, after several weeks, breaks into John's real computer files. What they find is a series of coded e-mails with a hired killer. John can't live anymore but he also knows what a suicide would do to Sherlock in the press. So, he hired the professional killer to finally end his life.

Re: Death

What?!? Noooooo! D:
But also: yeeeeeeees! Second!!!


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