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"we get all sorts around here."

John accidentally overhears Molly having a heart to heart with Sherlock in which she confesses her crush to him. Feeling incredibly awkward for overhearing John makes to leave his hiding place when Molly continues telling Sherlock he needn't worry about her though because she knows that he is utterly in love with John.

Sherlock/OC possible Sherlock/John

There are tons of fics about John going off and leaving Sherlock to get married or nearly doing so, I want one where Sherlock has gotten together with someone else and is preparing to marry them, only John can't let Sherlock go without a fight. John does not necessarily have to get with Sherlock, only be devastated he is leaving.

Bonus Sherlock is preparing to marry Victor his ex from uni

Mike has a 20-somthing year old dauther.
A HOT daughter,who is attracted to John.
She is used to Sherlock (after all,he´s friends with her dad) and is not intimidated by him,so she keeps dropping by to 221B
How does John react?
What does Sherlock do/say to get rid of her?

Tinker Tailor Soldier... Mycroft

Mycroft was an MI6 field agent during the cold war

Mycroft was posted undercover in Russia in his late teens/early twenties during the height of the Cold War.

Bonus: He met and fell in love with a Russian agent who was later killed for trying to defect (yes blatantly stolen from Tinkee Tailor). He hated field work (leg work) that moment on.

Inspired by a line from the bondlock fic "Love in Codes" that hinted at it.

Mystrade spanking

So I've read a few fics in which Greg spanked Mycroft, usually to help him relax.

I'm curious about a take where Mycroft gives Greg a classic, otk spanking. Erotic? DD? Daddy kink? Dark!Mycroft? Guilty!post-Reichenbach!Lestrade? Your call. Go as fluffy or angsty as you like.

Re: Mystrade spanking

If you're accepting RTYIs, I've written a Dom!Mycroft fic in which he spanks Lestrade, but there's also Holmescest, so be warned ;)

Sound of Silence

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John is weirder and/or smarter than Sherlock

John becomes possessed, or turned slowly into a machine, or or or bioinfested, or something that slowly changes him into something uncanny. He becomes a sort of higher being, surpassing Sherlock in deductive abilities, or perhaps simply strange and otherworldly. Not a violent transformation, but not necessarily benevolent.

How does everyone feel about that? I'm thinking displaced and alienated, worried, sad, but maybe you have different ideas.

Re: John is weirder and/or smarter than Sherlock

Ooooh, awesome idea. Seconding!

Mystrade undercover work

Lestrade is a policeman who goes undercover at a bdsm club as a dom to try and solve a crime and get evidence against a major crime syndicate.

He doesn't realize how deep he's in it until he meets a young hard-headed sub by the name of Mycroft, who reveals himself to be a secret agent working on exactly the same job for the government.

Re: Mystrade undercover work

Um, yes.

D/s, threesome

John decides to wear a butt plug for Sherlock and Sarah. While at work he gets uncomfortably aroused and begs Sarah to help relieve the pressure, and she agrees, but they get a bit carried away and John comes. When they get home, Sherlock notices immediately and "punishes" them both for misbehaving. So, um, hot D/s sex with Sherlock dominating John and Sarah?

Oh....Oh wow.

This needs to happen!

John of the Dead, no angst, no darkfic, just pure comedy and zombies.

Oh my god, I think you read my mind, considering that I accidentally began writing something almost precisely along these lines last night. And then, as tragedy happens, I accidentally deleted it as well and was somewhat torn over whether to try and rewrite it or not, but this has made the decision for me.

Which means yes you will get your John of the Dead. Because hilarity + Sherlock + zombies is something of a one-hit-KO for me.

(I really really love it, that is).

Sherlock is bipolar (TW mental issues, obviously)

BBC Sherlock is pretty mercurial on screen, but what we don't see are the much more serious bouts of depression and mania he has between the episodes.

Does he refuse treatment? Does he try to keep it secret? What does John do?

Johnlock or platonic fine.

Re: Sherlock is bipolar (TW mental issues, obviously)

It's always been my headcanon that Sherlock is bipolar so yes please!

Pre-ASIP, Sherlock/Sally

Sally and Sherlock had really rough, hot, frantic sex once. It was the best sex Sally ever had. Bonus if it was at The Yard after everyone else had gone home.

Re: Pre-ASIP, Sherlock/Sally

Oh god seconded. Seconded so hard.

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Sherlock wasn't married to his work. He considered himself married to his skull.

Someone (Jim, Irene) steals the skull and Sherlock is very upset because his skull is cheating on him.

This will either make great crack or show how much of a crack Sherlock is.


How does this negatively affect his life and what sort of risky situations does he get himself into?

Re: John is a sex addict.

Seconded so hard!

accidental pun is accidental

Inspired by prompt above - John is de-aged to a randy teenager

I've read a few prompts and at least a fic or two where John was de-aged to a little kid and Sherlock became his guardian.

But I'd love to read a humorous take on John being de-aged to a teenager (let's say, fifteen or sixteen year old) with only hazy memories of his past. Everyone agrees that he should stay on at 221B while Mycroft's lab rats try to sort out the problem, and that Sherlock will keep an eye on him.

So now Sherlock has to deal with a rebellious teenager who plays the clarinet at all hours of the day and night, has sex on his mind and keeps bringing girls home, won't make tea, won't do the shopping, thinks crime scenes are boring and threatens to flee and join the Army. (Or any other version so long as it drives Sherlock crazy, much as he loves John.)

Bonus for Sherlock feeling a newfound respect for Lestrade, who has a rebellious teen at home (or five) and manages John much better than Sherlock does at first.

Re: Inspired by prompt above - John is de-aged to a randy teenager

Love! Seconded

Omegaverse Romantic Comedy Type AU

(Don't judge me. This one channel keeps playing Notting Hill and the more I think about it the more I want a Romantic Comedy Omegaverse fic.)

Omega!John runs a tea/bakery shop(or any kind of shop really).

One day, Alpha!Sherlock comes in (for a case, because he's being followed and needs to hide out for a bit). The shop is mostly empty and John brings something up and they awkwardly flirt with each other. Sherlock comes back to the shop a few times. John and him talk/awkward flirt a few more times and Sherlock is finally hit with a clue stick (John likes him!) and asks him out on a date.

1) Sherlock is late for the date and he realizes that he is late and runs for it. He runs all the way in the rain to the place where he is suppose to meet John and he's out of breathe, and tries to explain why he's late. John thinks Sherlock is rather endearing.
2)They end up having sex in the shop.

TL;DR - Omegaverse Romantic Comedy with Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John. Any plot really, I suggested one above.

Re: Omegaverse Romantic Comedy Type AU

Seconded! Especially the bonuses!

Omegaverse - Medieval Peasant AU

John Watson is the Omega in the village that everyone wants. Everyone is certain that he’ll produce smart, strong, and beautiful children and many of the Alpha (and some Betas) spend years trying to court him.

John, however, only has eyes for Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is a rather strange Alpha who lives on the edge of town. He spends his time finding things that his fellow villagers and John helps him out. Everyone is cautious of him because. rumor also has it that Sherlock is a related to royalty .

(You can take this anywhere you want….John and Sherlock eventually get their hands tied/mate with each other? King Mycroft comes to visit Sherlock and drag him back only to find him bonded and expecting a baby with John?)

Re: Omegaverse - Medieval Peasant AU

I really want this. seconded!

an old story about enterng the secret service is you're somehwere like cambridge and a connected professor recruits you.obviously we meed a fic from the pov of a professor who, having recruited mycroft years earlier, is excited to see sherlock with the new students. and slowly realises he's totally unsuitable

A Complete PWP

Servant Sherlock Pervert. Holmes fucking his master John Slut. Watson in an almost public space.
(warnings: dirty talk, orgasm denial, vibrator...etc)


My crush does not have an attractive face. My attraction has never made it a beautiful face, either. I would love to read a romantic fic where love doesn't make unattractive features seem beautiful.

Sherlock is scared of dogs.

When Sherlock gets into a particularly dark mood, or can't stop his thoughts long enough to focus on something, he hurts himself. Whether indirectly or through cutting or burning himself, whatever.

He sees it as a scientific solution - it releases the chemicals to make him happier/calm him down, without the time and sweat of exercise or sex etc - and doesn't understand why John can't see it the same way.

I really want this! I've been looking for a self injury fic like this in this fandom for a while. To me it seems really in character that Sherlock would view the method as scientifically sound, because it DOES release the chemicals that make people feel better.

So seconded, please please please!

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Sherlock only sees sex as a way to get something from someone, something they wouldn't otherwise give (information, drugs, etc). John is shocked that he could view it so harshly and attempts to change it, but Sherlock is not sure he can be convinced.

Good old fashioned H/C, seconded!

John/Sherlock - John's from a wealhty family

Be prepared for long post (sorry!)-
Everyone always assumes that John and Sherlock are from different social classes. I would like to request a fic where John is actually from the upper class/high society/old money family like Sherlock is. John, though, never saw the point or understood the importance placed on his family's social standing but he still played the part when he was younger. His family essentially disowned him when he announced that he was going to be a doctor and was enlisting in the army. He was fine with this as he was never that close with his family. So John has been living a normal middle class life since his late teens to early twenties.
This past comes to light when Sherlock and he are forced to attend a Holmes family ball/galla. Sherlock won't admit it out loud but he is worried about what mummy will think about John 'being from the middle class' but John suprises everyone by seamlessly slipping into high society.
+5 if at first the other Holmes assume Sherlock taught John how to act
+10 if the first time John surprises the family is when he's wearing his usual cuddly jumper and worn jeans
+20 if John shows his upper class upbringing by dancing some old school arisotcrat dance (with Sherlock if possible)
Sorry for the long post! But would love to see as much of this as possible in a fic.

Re: John/Sherlock - John's from a wealhty family

yessss! Seconded :D

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Peek-A-Boo (I see you)

For a case, Sherlock researches children's nursery rhymes and games.

When he asks John about "Peek-A-Boo" he notices that John reacts very oddly. He seems almost frightened.

John's father was a rather sadistic towards John. Peek-A-Boo was one of his favourite "games" to play with John. It takes some time of deduction and careful questioning becore John reluctantly reveals this fact.

John's father is discovered dead from an apparent "suicide" after Sherlock learns of what he did to John.

Re: Peek-A-Boo (I see you)

This is such an interesting idea, anon--already I'm writing down a few sentences to start me out with so I can fill it lol. Before I delve too far into it, though, since you didn't mention explicitly, is there any subject you don't want me to touch upon/bring up or is it pretty much an anything goes? :)

lestrade/mycroft - wicked lies

Mycroft expects that lying to Lestrade about Sherlock's "suicide" would be easy. Neutral tones, wavering faintly into grief to ensure the facade. Lying is what Mycroft does for living. Besides, he has long since expected that Sherlock would fake his death, for some reason or another.

But seeing the hurt in Lestrade's face and then the dogged pursuit for the truth about "Richard Brook" makes it harder than Mycroft ever imagined.


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