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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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John/Sherlock based on this song:

"Hey there oblivious, here is your happiness, if you would only turn around."

[Yeah, I just need fluffity fluff fluff].

Goodness just the prompt is enough to give me feels. I really hope this gets filled!

Someone plays with Mycroft's hair. Mycroft is disgruntled.

For shits and giggles

The case of Sherlock put on a puppet show!

The kids are not alright

Characters I would like to see used: John, Mycroft, Sherlock, Lestrade :)

Any pairing that contains at least one of the above characters (J/S, M/L are my favorite pairings but I also like rare pairs and switching things up). Anyways. The prompt basically is the children of the characters are nothing like the parents.

For instance, Mycroft son is a small bundle of socially awkward nerves who couldn't command a room if he was given a megaphone and Captain's hat. Sherlock's daughter favors uncle Mycroft. ETC.

OC, characters from the show as the kids, or crossovers are fine.

Re: The kids are not alright

-jumps up and down- mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine !
I want to write this prompt. I shall write this prompt and hell, I will finish it!

But yeah, to anyone else that wants to write it, it's not actually mine. (don't tell anybody)

op (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft/Lestrade UST as observed by John

John's POV, as he, Mycroft, and Lestrade all must work together to make it safe for Sherlock to return. John is forced to endure the first time face-to-face meeting and awkward gradual romance between Sherlock's brother and the Detective Inspector.

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade UST as observed by John


That sounds hilarious!

Sherlock/John or gen - cloned offspring

Slight sci-fi flavored AU:

Years before the events of A Study in Pink, junkie Sherlock donated tissue samples (possibly including seminal fluids) to a particular science program intent on studying cloning in humans. He needed the money for his next hit and, after briefly investigating the men behind the program, decided the likelihood of their successfully cloning anything while his sample was still viable was low, and that he didn't really care very much if they did succeed.

John also contributed to the study, for whatever reason you choose, whenever you choose. (Perhaps while in medical school, to make ends meet, or just before shipping off to Afghanistan, as one last remainder of himself?) This all involved signing a nondisclosure agreement, waiving rights to any potential clone tissues (which seemed laughable at the time), and was all legally sanctioned (thus the AU).

Then, whenever you'd like to set this, there's a sensational news story: human cloning is possible, to an extent — DNA must be combined in some form if the clone is meant to be more than some tissue or a small organ, which is great news for couples who have trouble conceiving (if they have a ton of money, of course). That includes same-sex couples, too. And they have several children, X years old, who are fully cloned humans from recombined DNA! Who, shortly after being revealed as clones, are also revealed to, in some cases, be seeking out their genetic donors.

John gets a call shortly thereafter that one of the cloned children was created in part with his sample, and would he like to meet the child? He doesn't know, at first, that the child was also created with some of Sherlock's sample. Well, a lot of Sherlock's sample. At least 40% Sherlock. Whether Sherlock is around or interested in meeting the child, well...

Preferably no established relationship if there is one, and all other details (including whether it's a 50/50 donor split, or 70% Sherlock/30% John, or 42% Sherlock/25% John/8% Molly/25% various other people, etc) are up to any potential filler.

TL;DR — Sherlock and John both donated genetic samples to a cloning program, and John eventually learns that a human child has been cloned from their combined DNA.

Sherlock and Corgi!John

The adventures of Sherlock and tubby!Corgi!John, the dynamic detective duo.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

<img src="> </lj-spoiler>

Re: Sherlock and Corgi!John

How cute!



Mycroft used to like "leg work"...well not LIKE it but was fine with it because of how much he traveled and moved around, finding trouble to get into and making 'friends' from all over who were powerful and wealthy.

Then something happened to him that made him want to stay closer to home and work for the government from behind a desk.

...I have just been watching The Worst Journey in the World and Mark Gatiss is in it which makes me want to see Mycroft traveling.

When Moriarty dreams, he dreams about being god. When Sherlock dreams, he dreams about being a superhero.

When John dreams, he dreams about the nightmarish war in his mind fought between the hero and the god.

All hearts are broken

Mycroft has a heart attack.

(prefer no character death)

Miss You (Mycroft/Lestrade - established relationship)

Greg is on the night shift, he's usually just getting in as Mycroft is leaving for work. They're surprised how much they miss each other.

Maybe some frantic frottage in the hall, or maybe some fluffy sleepy cuddling?

Re: Miss You (Mycroft/Lestrade - established relationship)

My soul for this fill! Pleeeeeease, someone write this!

Omegas are insatiable during Heat. The first day is pretty relaxed and easy; it gets them ready for the second and third (or however long you make it), when they're begging to be fucked over and over and over...

Sherlock is an alpha and John is currently his omega (I suppose you could switch, but the idea is smug!Sherlock being cut off guard appeals). He's excited for Heat, incredibly, and keeps grinning and preparing with gusto. John's amused, because he knows what Heat is like and keeps trying to tell Sherlock, who won't listen.

Cue Heat, and Sherlock being sore and dead tired by the end of it (How does John do it?), and John totally refreshed. I think there a fic somewhat like this out there, so I'd love a ryti...or whatever they're called aha, if you have it.

(If you really want, go any other pairing. Seeing Greg making Mycroft exhausted or vice versa would make OP very happy. Or John and Mycroft hnng <3 Anything, really. Just porn pls)

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Re: Insatiable Omegas

Seconding the fuck out of this! And also, Johncroft hnng, as you so rightly put it!


John: *pokes Sherlock's nipple* Is this your power button?
Sherlock: *exasperated sigh*
John: Lets see, press and hold to restart....
Sherlock: .....
John: ......
Sherlock: *hums windows start up tune*
John: *giggle fit*

Re: Fluff!

Basically, little things Sherlock does to make John giggle.
That is all!

Re: Fluff! (Anonymous) Expand

John/Sherlock height difference

Anything porny featuring their height difference. Is it an advantage or a problem? Whatever floats your boat.

is it too soon for xmas?

Sherlock tries to have a romantic Christmas with John however things don't workout quite as planned. Sherlock gets upset but John cheers him up.


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