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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock -triggering /noncon...ness

So nearly everyone has those weak spots. Those places in them that if poked and prodded too much makes a person crumble a bit. ..some people -possible due to traumatic experiences- have it more than others.

One of the officers who is just sick of Sherlock's rambling (or a stalker and obsessed over him) keeps cornering him and either makes sexual remarks or does something extremely triggering that makes Sherlock's brain go offline for a few seconds before he snaps back and leaves. Eventually, it gets to the point that someone notices.

Re: Sherlock -triggering /noncon...ness

I want this, seconded.

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Sleepy pregnancy sex

With John being the one pregnant please.

Any pairing. omegaverse or just plain mpreg is fine.

Re: Sleepy pregnancy sex

Seconded a LOT.

Also: I would like to point out to all and sundry that you just read the words "just plain mpreg" and you didn't even notice how weird that is. God, I love this meme.

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Sherlock once faked his death to save his friends. It nearly destroyed John. John married, was happy and expecting a child. Then, Mary died and their child too. Sherlock returned. Healthy and exhilarated and full of stories to tell John by the fire with a good cup of tea at 221b.

John cannot forgive. Yes, yes, he understands why Sherlock did it "a good man" and all that. But Sherlock came back expecting John to fall into his life like a piece to his puzzle. To be at his side loyal and true.

Visiting 221b isn't enough. His skull no longer listens. Sherlock tries everything to bring John back. But the reports of illness and injury are met with either an eyeroll or a stretch of silence. Texts about cases being unsolveable without a blogger are returned with often a reminder that he lived and solved before...and once or twice with nod behind the police tape.

Sherlock tries so hard to get his blogger back...That he forgets his blogger is a man that has faced death more than once, lost and lost again and has nothing left that he can trust.

That is until the night John is stabbed protecting Sherlock after leaving a Christmas Do at scotland yard for Lestrades team.

John isn't expected to live. If he does, his injuries are severe enough to end his career and make life that much more difficult.

Sherlock never had time for sentiment. Even as he stood at the edge of that roof. But now, someone needs him. John Watson needs him.

Sherlock will be there.

Re: Selfless

I will sell my soul to the person that fills this.


Greg & Mycroft watch porn together.

Re: Mystrade

Oh God yes!

Mycroft says satisfaction.

whump for everybody! (tw: mentions of noncon)

I need angst.

Sherlock comes out to John. At first John is okay with it but after a while Sherlock sees that John , though he is trying, is actually a bit...homophobic. Enough for Sherlock to notice and wonder how uncomfortable John really is.

John has a legitimately good reason to feel uncomfortable though like the last friend that came out to him as gay tried to rape him or his sister used to in order to "get over" being a lesbian (which didn't work) or something else entirely. Basically John is trying to be a good friend, knows logically that whoever hurt him didn't do it because of his/her sexuality but because she/ he was a douche bag but he just keeps remembering it (probably because he never dealt with it when it actually occurred).

Re: whump for everybody! (tw: mentions of noncon)


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Sherlock can die or pick someone else to take his place

Can I just have something where Sherlock knows he can save himself or someone else and he knows if he saves himself the other person will die.


Sherlock did not delete the teddy bear rhyme for one reason: he is unbearably ticklish, and one does not willfully ignore one's own weaknesses, lest they be used against them.

John tickles him playfully, just once, and Sherlock wants an excuse for more touching decides it is a weakness he cannot afford. The only solution is to ask his blogger to keep at it with long sessions or sneak attacks until his body becomes immune from prolonged exposure.

John is like, "LOL OK" because it turns him on he is a Good and Helpful Man.

Triggered in part by the recent "Freakout at a funeral" prompt, a few pages back:

I feel like wallowing in pain and suffering.

John is dead.  Killed by Writer's Option Bad Guys.  There was an explosion, or a terrible fire.  The body was horribly mutilated.

John is dead.  And if one of the WOBG was never located afterward, if he was about John's height and build ... well, Sherlock doesn't allow himself to dwell on that.

He can't.  John is dead, he repeats endlessly to himself. John wasn't a sociopath, to leave a friend dangling, tormented by grief.  The body was found.  John hasn't been seen in months.  Because John is dead.

Sherlock is numb, paralyzed with grief.  He still takes cases, if Lestrade flings one at him, but none of the freelance work John had had him doing -- and what he does do is purely rote, mechanical.  He doesn't even insult Anderson any more.  He's not even playing the violin. If he's not using, yet, it's hanging on the flicker of an eyelash.

But -- at least after the first shock -- he's aware enough to recognize his own state, and to know how easily a grieving person could deceive himself.  So he's determined not to allow that.  He will not allow himself to cling to false hope.  He faces the reality.

John is dead.


A homeless man, with no name he can remember, wanders the streets of London. He's not a part of Sherlock's Network.  He's fair-haired, compactly built, sometimes walks with a trace of a limp.  His face is burn-scarred, not really disfigured, but badly enough that he doesn't like to show it to people.  The scars on his face are new;  those on his shoulder are old.  He doesn't know how he came by any of them.

He remembers very little before a few months ago.  He's pretty certain he served in the military -- he thinks he might have been an officer, might also have medical training.  He also remembers that he brought home with him some psychiatric diagnosis, which is why he never appeals to any veterans' organization for help although he knows he could -- he's terrified of being called "crazy" and institutionalized.  He makes his way by begging and skipping (dumpster diving).  

And sometimes, for reasons he can't understand, he's drawn to sleep in the alley behind 221 Baker Street.

(Please, anything but having him instantly regain his memory the moment he sees Sherlock.)

Re: John's dead

Oh my heart. *shattering sounds*

I need this. Even if it hurts.

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Something a little lighter

"My cock doesn't need a nickname."

"Well, it has one now."

Re: Something a little lighter

Little soldier! :-)

Plastic Surgery

Sherlock walks in for a plastic surgery consult. John, the plastic surgeon, tells him he is perfect already.

Fluff and/or sexytimes ensue.

Played him like a fiddle

John never realised how accurate this was, until he had sex with Sherlock.

(I know Sherlock plays the violin but surely the concept is the same)

Re: Played him like a fiddle

*whispers* the violin is the fiddle

seconding all the same ;)


Sherlock does something completely awful. Really awful. He tries paying John back with sex but catches him at a bad time when he is drunk and offers himself willing ...John is a bit more than just normal furious and takes his anger out on Sherlock through sex.

In the morning he realizes he really hurt Sherlock , made him bleed, and is distraught over it because that is just not okay.

He goes into shock because he feels like a rapist and asks Sherlock to leave and than realizes what he just said but by than Sherlock has run off somewhere and John never really meant /leave the flat/ but Sherlock did anyway.

Re: TW- J/S

Oh! God, yes, please!

Sherlock isn't asexual. John is, however. Sherlock is confused as hell, firstly because he genuinely cannot comprehend what asexuality actually is, and secondly because he can't understand why John goes to so many elaborate lengths to disguise it.

now i really want to know why would John do this to himself :) this is a damn good prompt!

Warning! Triggers McTriggory!

Sherlock is a zoophile. He gets busted visiting a brothel that caters to those with unusual tastes.

Bonus points for a serious take on the subject, and a lack of jokes about sheep.

Re: Warning! Triggers McTriggory!

I love you, Anon.


First post-Reichenbach Christmas

Molly and Lestrade, who have got together, are remembering the Christmas where they met, and how things have changed since.

John lives alone at his own place and is still reluctant to see or speak to Sherlock, though it's clear to Lestrade, when they meet at the pub, that he would like to move on and forgive but no longer knows how to.

Sherlock has gone back to 221B and avoids both John and Lestrade, working for clients instead. From the little she sees him at the Morgue, Molly knows he's miserable deep inside.

Even for Molly and Lestrade, recent memories are tinged with tension and pain. At the same time, they hate to see their friends locked each in their pining solitude.

Lestrade thinks, goddamnit, this can't go on, and plots with Mrs Hudson to throw a big, warm, reconciliation Christmas party. With gifts and hugs and enough drinks to help John thaw his cold shell and make the first step.

Gen or S/J if you like, either way is fine. I'm just pining for Dickensian Christmas cheer and good will. Make me cry, make me laugh, don't make me wait, dear meme?

John/Sherlock; Unrequited

Despite his best efforts John has fallen in love with Sherlock.

Sherlock's only love is his work.

Re: John/Sherlock; Unrequited

Might give this a go! Will probably only be short if I do though - life is hectic right now!!


You will go to sleep, you will wake up. It will be as if those hours never existed.

(It's a movie quote, make what you will of it.)

Christmas surprise

Sally is on the way home for Christmas as she finds a hurt man in the streets. Realizing that the man is Sherlock, whom she has thought to be dead for two years now, she takes him home, even though Sherlock tells her to let him lie there.

Sherlock is in a bad way and doesn't want to go to a hospital because of Moriartys men. He rambles on about John so she decides to get him.

But how do you talk to someone who hates you for killing someone when you cant tell him right out that his friend is actually alive? And how do you outwit the people watching?

Re: Christmas surprise

Holy fail!
Yes,I want this.
Sally doesn´t get enough love.

Fake dating with a twist

It seems I have become addicted to fake-dating stories.
I want the usual "let´s date to make the others jealous and want us", but have the people who are fake-dating actually fall in love during the ruse.And since the all thing is faked, to be afraid to admit their feelings.

Happy ending if possible,but I´ll take a sad ending too.

All pairings except Mormor,Sherlovan and Anderlock.

OP correcting her grammar fail

"the whole thing", sorry...

Sherlock is kidnapped and hurt. The media go wild. TW: Kidnap, potential torture, etc.

Baddies of the Filler's Choosing kidnap John and Sherlock, and either intentionally (i.e., torture) or otherwise Sherlock gets hurt. The newspapers find out about it, of course, and they positively demonise the Baddies while reinforcing Sherlock's image as The Hero London Needs.

Bonus: Sherlock needs to go to hospital, and needs a round-the-clock police watch to keep the media away. Policemen who Sherlock knows volunteer even if this isn't their usual line of work.

Double Bonus: Sherlock got hurt trying to protect John, and the papers use this heavily in their telling of the tale.

Mycroft buys time.

Warning for noncon.

Cool calm and collected Mycroft needs to buy time for his brother or the government?MI6? which ever by letting the evil bad guy do what ever he wants to him. When the Bad Guy suggestes teaching Mycroft the value of a hard cock, Mycroft calls his bluff and goads him into it, knowing that time is of the essence.

Mycroft says: tomtits chummum.

Re: Mycroft buys time.


Re: Mycroft buys time. (Anonymous) Expand

awkward confessions of love

I'm sure this has been done to death, soooo...rec me if it has?

Someone tells Sherlock that John is in love with him. Probably Mycroft, in his snarky way.

Sherlock writes it off, oh please, he has more sense than that and tells John about the encounter, complete with eyerolling.

Except John is [of course] in love with Sherlock and things get awkward and John feels humiliated, and Sherlock sticks his foot in his mouth several times before it all smooths itself out.

Re: awkward confessions of love


Apparently awkward is one of my kinks.

Mycroft says Joachim etdoll, he must have seen the trailer this morning and has Star Trek bad guys on the brain.

CBT, orgasm control

"If you so much as think about trying to masturbate without my consent I will bind your balls tight and spank your cock so hard a barbed chastity belt would seem like a pleasant reprieve. Have I made myself clear?"

Any pairing you like, as long as it's consenting kink. Deliberate teasing and flimsy excuses to punish that unsanctioned erection are highly encouraged.

Re: CBT, orgasm control




Re: CBT, orgasm control (Anonymous) Expand

Because it needs to be done

ANDERLOCK PROMPT ;) Inspired by one above.

Sherlock and Anderson are sent to the same area to investigate a case. John is gone, so Sherlock has no choice but to pretend Anderson is his boyfriend. Once they begin acting instead of bickering, Sherlock turtle-slowly realizes Anderson isn't bad. They fall in love! Or, porn is good, too.

(I love Anderson from "For Science" by Castiron. I recommend reading it)

Sherlock/Person of interest croosover

If you watch both shows,then you KNOW it makes sense.
Mycroft "freelancing for the CIA" and love for CCTV?
Thats scream friendships with Finch,IMO
So,run with it.
Mycroft/Finch frienship and John Reese/John Watson badassery prefered, but I will take whatever you give me, noonies!

Re: Sherlock/Person of interest croosover

Well I love PoI and Johncroft but I never thought about them as a crossover.... I like it! Totally hoping for someone to write this!


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