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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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The worst is not knowing

John goes missing, and despite the fact that he looks and looks, Sherlock cannot find him. Sherlock will not find him, nor will he find any evidence that he is dead or alive. Ever. I just want to see how he would react to being stuck in the limbo of not knowing forever. Logically he knows that John is probably dead, but hope can be a stubborn bastard.
RTYIs are okay, but I've already read Limbo by scorpiontales

Reprompt: H/C with a difference

Sherlock is raped, violently. John wants to be there for him, to provide at least a little comfort... except Sherlock won't let him.

He (Sherlock) acts in his usual manner to everyone, surprising some of the yard who know what happened to him. It is only John who is treats differently. He can't quite look him in the eye any more. He won't let him touch him, won't let him stand too close. Whenever John tries to talk about the rape, Sherlock changes the subject or just clams up completely.

The reason? He's ashamed. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him, but John is different. And what must he think of him now, after seeing him so bare and vulnerable? Sherlock believes he's weak, and hates himself for 'letting it happen'. He doesn't want John's pity, and he thinks he doesn't deserve his concern.

Re: Reprompt: H/C with a difference

Yes yes yes yes yes so much yes it's not even funny.

Perfect prompt is perfect.


Sherlock and John just got married. Sherlock is overly excited and showing the ring to everyone - distressed relatives of murder victims, random passersby, Anderson...

I need this fic in my life.

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"Sherlock? This document you've saved on my laptop-"

"Oh that. I was going to save it onto a memory stick but there weren't any in reach. Could you email it to me as an attachment? It's quite important"

"Right... well... I'm just wondering, you understand, but why have you titled it 'Top Secret Plan to Seduce John Watson'"

Bonus points for it being Sherlock's idea of flirting.

Re: Reprompt

yes! seconded


Is there an AU or pre-canon out there where doctor John meets Sherlock who is a rentboy addicted to drugs? If there isn't, can someone please remedy that?

Re: Reprompt rentboy Sherlock

I just read this AU story yesterday called Filthy/Gorgeous where Sherlock is a drug-addicted prostitute. It appears it started as a one shot awhile ago and then the author decided to continue it just a couple days ago, so it's not complete yet.

If there's more somewhere, I'd be happy to be pointed in the right direction. I could read that type of AU all day long.


Sherlock looks through John's stuff and finds a newly bought ring hidden among them. He's heartbroken at first because he's convinced that John has found someone and will eventually leaves. Turns out the ring is meant for him.

Re: Reprompt

Want this so much and am slightly tempted to fill this. If I didn't already have several fics orthe go and tons of other comitments I would.

demon-blood junkie!Sherlock (Supernatural fusion/crossover)

a pre-series Sherlock becomes addicted to demon blood instead of cocaine. He enjoys the power that it gives him, the feeling of the fire in his veins. (My headcanon has the Holmes brothers being raised as hunters, but it's ultimately up to you.) He uses the abilities the blood gives him for whatever purposes serve him the best, and isn't totally walking amongst the demons but is pretty damn close.

Someone finds out about this and attempts to get him to detox, because the demons aren't happy and the apocalypse is coming, and sooner or later he's going to have to pick a side... (Opportunities for dark!Sherlock arise here, but I'm fine with anything really.)

Supernatural characters aren't required as I see it functioning fine as a fusion fic but if you'd like to add in some characters, that's fine by me. (Also, preferably no hard kinks or Mystrade. Because that's just how I feel.)

tl;dr: Sherlock is addicted to demon blood. The apocalypse ensues and he has to pick a side.

Reichenbach AU & medicated Sherlock

I'm quite fond of the AUs where John's the one who "dies" instead of Sherlock, and comes back a long time later, but I like to take the angst up a notch.

Sherlock blames himself for John's death, for failing to protect him against Moriarty and getting to the rooftop in time, and slowly becomes mentally unhinged. He can't use cocaine as he once did to ease the pain, and he's unable to concentrate for cases without attempting to call John and become overwhelmed by grief and anger.

So, without many more options, Mycroft forces him onto daily medication, probably mood stabilizers. Sherlock refuses them at first, naturally, but folds when they take the edge off his manic episodes.

Fast forward to when John comes back, and he returns to a Sherlock that isn't himself in the slightest.

Re: Reichenbach AU & medicated Sherlock


John decides to complete a mythical quest to bring Sherlock back to life.

A fantasy/mythical AU, sort of.

John is obviously devastated after the events of Reichenbach - so much so that he decides to do something about it. Knowing that by either completing some epic task/going through some mythical trials/whatever the author chooses, he can be granted one request, John sets out on an incredible adventure, all in order to get one more chance to somehow bring Sherlock back to life. Obviously, there's a slight problem with this whole scenario - Sherlock isn't actually dead.

Up to the author how they want to play it - could be cracky, drama, humor, angst, h/c whatever. I just have this vision of some Greek god bursting out laughing when John makes his request, because after everything, *everything* he just went through, it would have been nice if Sherlock had somehow conveyed it wasn't actually necessary. Feel free to change any details of the prompt you feel are necessary if it sparks your muse!

The Odyssey of John H. Watson 1/2

A week after the...Event-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, John made two cups of tea. It wasn't until after he walked out of the kitchen that he realized he only needed one.

A couple of shattered cups, violently thrown pillows, a stubbed toe from kicking the coffee table and a concerned shout from Mrs. Hudson later, John Hamish Watson decided enough was enough.

He decided to skip the airport, after a moment's thought. Getting out of England without interference from Mycroft would be bad enough (stupid British Government), not to mention trying to sneak an illegal firearm past security would be quite a futile effort. He hops on a small cruise ship instead, heading for the Mediterranean, and told everybody he just needed some time away from Baker Street and the gloom of London. It wasn't a complete lie.

A week later, John stepped off the boat in Greece and narrowly avoided being knocked off the pier by running children, though he did stub his toe again on a post when he tripped. It wouldn't do to have snuck a gun this far just to have it ruined by chucking it in the ocean.

On his way to Athens, he broke a pickpocket's fingers as they reached toward his pocket. The doctor in him felt bad, sort of, but the rest of him rejoiced in dealing with the excitement of the streets again, almost like...Before.

It was well into the early morning hours when he finally ended up where he wanted to be. His fault for trusting Apple maps, he supposed. He should have known it was wrong when it told him to walk into the middle of a large body of water.

He stopped in the middle of the ruins of a small temple, took out his gun, and began shooting at the remains of delicate carvings in the walls with the same reckless abandon Sher...He had when he stole John's gun out of boredom. And he cursed. A lot. Being in the military taught you all sorts of satisfying expressions.

When he ran out of bullets and obscenities, John sat down and waited.

...and then he woke up. In hell. Well...sort of.

"Uhh...nice doggy." He craned his neck to stare at the three-headed dog-thing-monster-holycrapteeth.

The left head growled and made John's finger twitch toward the gun that no longer had bullets. But the middle head belched up a pile of bones covered in what looked like sticky...stuff, and all three crashed back down to the ground and began to snore.

John tiptoed past the rumbling beast and the faintly smoking carcass, only to trip over a boat tied at the edge of a river. Ow, honestly, why does everything wodden hate his toe?

"Whaddya want?"

John jumped. Oh, a person on the boat. Wait, are those horns?

"Uh, I need to go that way." John pointed across the river. He didn't have a clue, really, but that dog-thing had really bad breath and it was starting to drift over this way.

"And what do I get if I take ya, eh?"

John pulled out his gun, and tried to give a good glare, the kind he gave to Sh...him sometimes when he did something a bit not good. No bullets left, but this guy didn't know that.

"...well alright then. Hop in."

Watson: 1, Creepy demon boatsman: 0.

On the other side, John stepped out into thick fog and promptly stubbed his toe on a chair.

And while he was hopping up and down in pain and cursing all things made of wood, he heard someone clear their throat.

And oh, it wasn't just a chair. It was a throne.

"Aren't you supposed to be blue, with the fire and the hair?"

And Hades, for it had to be Hades, who was decidedly not blue in the least, jumped up from his throne. "Curse that Disney, I will create a new room of torture just for them!"

"Well, nice to meet you anyway, even if you aren't blue. I can uh, go destroy a few of those DVDs if you'd like?"

Hades pondered this. "Hmm, yes, that would make me feel better. And what do you want, then?"

"I'm looking for somebody, I wonder if he's around here somewhere? Sherlock Holmes? Y'know, with the cheekbones and the coat and stuff. Can I go get him?"

Strange partnerships

John meets Jim years before he is supposed to , before Jim becomes totally unhinged. They are in a situation where they have to interact (despite John being a bit creeped out by him and Jim finding him dull) and discover they actually like it. So, John helps to fix Jim a bit without even realizing it at first.

Meanwhile, on the other side of London Mycroft is trying to find a way to subtle dispose of Sherlock's new "friend" who is , in fact, fucking his brother up something good.

I just figured that if Sherlock was that affected by John in the series than if he met Seb....well.

+1000 If eventually Sherlock and John do met and because they both have been exposed to such fucked people they get along swell together.

Re: Strange partnerships

Interesting idea! Seconded.

Arranged marriage AU

Mycroft has to get married. Its an arranged marriage but he doesn't want to. He knows if he refuses his family will just pitch a fit and go bother Sherlock. So, he has to either:
a. Get married.
b. Get someone else.

+5 He convinces John or Lestrade to do it...or Sally.
+10 He tries talking Anthea into it . Doesn't work.

Re: Arranged marriage AU

Yes please!

Mycroft would make such a lovely bride. :P

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Sherlock/Mycroft hatesex

(This could be classified as dub-con I suppose, but they are both at it so… I just don't know.)

Holmescest, but Mycroft and Sherlock are not actually in a relationship. In fact, they are not even attracted to each other, but their brotherly squabbles sometimes reach a violent conclusion when either of them tries to subdue the other one through sex and the winner gets to top. No incestuous love, no affection, no brotherly bonding. Just angry hatesex, please.

BONUS: I guess normally Mycroft would have some advantage over Sherlock as he is likely more experienced (and skilled), but I'd prefer to read about one of those rare occasions when Sherlock gains the upper hand. Although, if you go for a longer fic you could have it both ways. ;)

Sexy Santa

John in a Santa outfit either punishing Sherlock for being a naughty boy or giving him an extra special Xmas present.

Re: Sexy Santa

Can...can't we have both? c:

Re: Sexy Santa (Anonymous) Expand

People assume John is getting abused by Sherlock‏

A string of dubious situations (bruises John won't give an explanation for, stiffness, flinching from Sherlock's touch) makes several people come to the conclusion Sherlock is abusing John in some way.

Re: People assume John is getting abused by Sherlock‏

Straight up my misinterpretation kink alley!


I can't listen to this song and not think of Sherlock and John.

If someone were to make an MV fill for this (do they still call them that? I'm a bit behind with the times) I would cry tears of joy. That being said I'd love it if you write a fic that's loosely inspired by the themes of the song too, or you know, if you go out of your way to create anything for this prompt at all.


I have no fill to offer, but thank you for putting this beautiful song onto my radar, and it totally reminds me of the two of them as well.


A few days ago I accidentaly "mentioned" the wrong name when I was having sex with le BF. In my defense I was trying to name all 50 states in my head to stop myself know. I only made it to Georgia and that's exactly what I cried out . After a lot of explaining we can now laugh about it and next time I'm sticking to the periodic table.

But I somehow think Sherlock wouldn't find it quite as amusing as my BF.
In short: John cries out the wrong name during sex. Fic on how Sherlock reacts please. Or vice versa.

Re: woops

John: Mycroft...!

Sherlock: *glares*

John: Oops...

Anyway... Seconded.

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John gets kidnapped.

I do love John POV but anyone else's POV is more than fine.

John gets kidnapped. Its been a while (preferable nothing like 10 years and more like over a year or 9 months) and everyone- except maybe Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson - have given up hope. John eventually realizes no one is going to save him and saves himself. He escapes and finds his way back to Baker Street. Alone (I love my angst).

He is missing something that is not noticeable at first like his toes.

Mrs. Hudson is the first to find him and the first person he calls is Harry.

For max. angst Sherlock and co. do find the place that he was being kept but he is no longer there (because he escaped) and Sherlock has a breakdown.

Mycroft's men don't recognize him at first and report back to him that a 'strange man' has entered baker street.

Re: John gets kidnapped.

Loving this- especially the missing toes, or some such thing not instantly noticeable. I'm a little squicky about showing the mutilation ( but I know it aint my prompt!)

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Can I interest you in Hanukkah? Just a little bit?

Ok this is the time of year when I look around my small Bible Belt town and realize I am the only one in a 100 mile radius who even knows what Hanukkah is, as I start digging out my grandmother's menorah out of a box and beginning my annual quest to find any candles for it without driving hours to Dallas. So- could I get some Hanukkah in a Fic? Crack Humor preferred ( ala the great Stephen Colbert "I'll keep Jesus, you keep your potato pancakes") but really I will take anything (short of a killing spree of Jews. That would be not good for my mood). I don't even care if it is only a brief mention of someone lighting candles, or playing dreidel as a kid- I just feel a tad invisible.

Re: Can I interest you in Hanukkah? Just a little bit?

Of course you can! Will be up later tonight, because I have an essay that must be written first. I hope you'll like it.

You're not invisible. Only under-appreciated.

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John/Sherlock precum!kink?

If Sherlock avoids sex, it's because he leaks copiously when he is aroused and he finds it terribly embarassing. John is madly turned on to see Sherlock so wet for him.
Precum kink, is there such a thing?

Re: John/Sherlock precum!kink?

Um. There is now. Yes please

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John/Sherlock; kinky sex (TW for pleasure/pain play)

Right, hi.

This is a kink meme, so I'm going to go without shame.

A cat's penis is barbed with little spikes. Can I get Johnlock with either one of them having the adaptation? Where I mean, the adaptation is to scale and all that.


If anyone's going to google this, do it in a private browser.


If I wasn't clear enough, I want one of them, with the adaptation (and I really don't care how it happened) fucking the breath out of the other. Seriously. I'm begging for some raunchy, loud, hot, dirty sex. Obviously some pleasure/pain play because those spikes do not look comfy but they still make me whimper when I think about it.

Forced orgasm, multiple orgasms, whatever. Just preferably no non con.


Anon out.

Re: John/Sherlock; kinky sex (TW for pleasure/pain play)

This. Second. Yes. Muchly.

I'll be in my bunk.

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Iskryne fusion: TW dub-con, multi, attempted rape

I love A Companion to Wolves by Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette. I love Sherlock so...

I want John, Sherlock and Lestrade to be the equivalent of Isolfr, Skaldwulf and Vethulr. Give me 3some psychic wolf-bonding and dub-con. I want wolf dominance battles and maybe Jim can show up as a self-absorbed prick who wants John as another conquest.

You don't have to retell the whole story but I think John would make a good young wolfbrother to a wolf queen and Sherlock being reluctantly recruited as well...Lestrade would make a good veteran. I want the dub-con to stay in and John can be as sexually confused as he is in the series XD

However you do it though, I want this to be a true 3some unlike the novel...I want John to accept that he can love Sherlock and Lestrade.

I really prefer something multi-chaptered. XD

ps. I hope this has not been prompted before...but if it has been, point me in the right direction please XD

Sherlock/Aladdin fusion

Okay, so I have a serious Disney craving. I’d desperately love to see Jasmine!Sherlock and Aladdin!John.

I’d love to see Sherlock all rebellious against the throne and having to find someone to rule it with when that’s the last thing he wants and then John down on his luck and trying to make his way. And then things happen and they fall in love. :3

It doesn’t have to be that, though. It could totally be cranky Genie!Sherlock guiding Aladdin!John to his love Princess Mary all the while falling in love with him himself, that would be awesome! I’m really not picky about who gets stuck where, I really just want to stuff the Sherlock characters into this world and see how it would play out with them.

The only requirement I have is that there’s a happy Johnlock ending, pretty please! Thanks! :D


Okay, so we all know Sherlock loves his experiments and everything FOR SCIENCE! But what about John? The guy is a doctor and pretty dang smart (not as smart in some aspects as Sherlock, yeah I know, but whatever, don’t crush my dreams, man)—I suspect he’s a secret science bro as well.

I’d absolutely love to see some Sherlock and John science!shenanigans. Blowing things up, accidentally creating a virus/zombie apocalypse, having fun time with corrosive substances, you know, the usual.

Maybe John starts by being sorta intrigued by an experiment Sherlock’s performing in the kitchen and then things spiral from there, or maybe Sherlock has a radar for these things and wheedles John into helping. Does John put his foot down and make sure they practice safety measures? Do they not so accidentally create the ultimate stink bomb and mail it to Mycroft? I WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS!

Both Johnlock and totally epic science bromance are awesome, so that’s up to whoever is lovely enough to fill this. :DD

BP for Molly becoming an honorary science bro as well. (<Science sis?)


So, after months of dancing around the matter, John and Sherlock finally got together; the thing is, they want to keep it secret. So, in public places, they start avoiding physical contact, looking too long to each other, standing too close, etc.

(And here comes the)Buuuuuuuuuuut...

Since the pre-step of their relationship took so long, people had already got accustomed to their more than friendly ways. So when they start acting distant to each other, people start to wonder and worry about it (thinking they had a big row of something).

Give me awkward situations, attempts at heart-to-heart conversations, unneeded relationship advise, and etc.

End is up to anon.

(Impossible Captcha is impossible)

I love this concept. Seconded

John adds vitamins and other things to the food...

The reason Sherlock shirts are so tight is that John has been feeding him up...but without him knowing.

Sherlock hasn't been eating for the day? He gets extra strength vitamins in his tea. He has gone days without properly? John loads his food with sugars and gives him an extra helping without telling the detective. He is distracted? John replaces cigarettes with sweets and apple slices.

Basically, John keeps spiking Sherlock's drinks and food with vitamins and energy boosters because as a doctor he cringes internally whenever he sees Sherlock just starving himself for a case. Hey he might even have a little cabinet just for vitamins and such that go the best with certain drinks /food(there are some vitamins that taste awful so I'm sure he'd avoid those).

+5 Sherlock has honestly never paid attention so he doesn't figure it out.
+10 Someone sees all these things or John adding a little bit of powder to Sherlock's drink...

Re: John adds vitamins and other things to the food...



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