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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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The boat that rocked AU Mystrade

The boat that rocked AU.Mystrade

Mycroft runs a pirate radio station. DJ's Sher-Rock and Doctor John are featured along with several characters preferably.

Minister Moriarty hates Pirate radio and spends his life trying to bring it down.

He sends Gregory Lestrade on board to spy. Mycroft deduces it and takes advantage by seducing Lestrade when he finds him lurking around the engine roof, being rather rough and commanding.

Greg doesn't want to leave. Mycroft lets him stay.

Bonus: Sherlock and John have a fight and have a game of Chicken walking up the mast. Mycroft and Lestrade are at the bottom yelling up at them that they are idiots.

Bonus: Moriarty's and Mycroft have a history.This is the driving force for Moriarty's dislike of pirate radio.

Re: The boat that rocked AU Mystrade


Omegaverse - The way to keep an Omega happy is to keep them pregnant

It's occurred to me that in every omegaverse story I've read the couple is debating about whether to have kids or doesn't want kids, or they decide to have one or two kids but that's it, but it's always mentioned Omegas are meant to have a lot of babies.

Can we get a fic where Alpha!Sherlock keeps getting Omega!John pregnant, whether it be because they want a ton or kids or if it's by accident or Sherlock loves to mess with John's birth control, (or even John keeps getting pregnant even though Sherlock doesn't want anymore kids) etc? (Dark!Sherlock is welcome too).

TL;DR - Omega!John keeps getting pregnant over and over again. Whether he's happy about it is up to the author.

Re: Omegaverse - The way to keep an Omega happy is to keep them pregnant

Oooooo, I want this! seconded!

NON-OP REPROMPT: Dialogue Prompt - WARNING: Child Abuse

Re-prompting because the lovely WIP responding to the original prompt looks like it's been abandoned (if I'm wrong, please send me a link, I'd love to read the end of it :))

The original prompt and WIP is here:

"Do you have any idea what it's like sitting up in bed waiting for the crashing and the banging and the screaming because your dad went and got himself shit-faced again and now he's come back home to take it out on you and your mum and your brothers?! Do you know what it's like to genuinely fear that your little brother, the one you're supposed to protect with your life, isn't going to make it through the night because of something that bastard did?! Do you know what it's like when you're only consolation for all of that, the only thing that you can tell your brothers, your bloody kid brothers, is that 'someday we'll be bigger than him'?! Go on Mycroft tell me - do you know how any of that feels?!"

"...Gregory, I know how all of that feels."

Re: NON-OP REPROMPT: Dialogue Prompt - WARNING: Child Abuse

Give me.It´s sad but I want it.

John finds out Sherlock's married/in a committed relationship.

John gets in a cab one day when Sherlock demands him to, and waits patiently as Sherlock directs them to the aeroport. He assumes there's a crime scene, and that Sherlock's inability to sit still on the ride there is excitement at a murder, and that his silence is thinking.
They get there and there's no police tape or Lestrade, just Sherlock craning his neck at an arrivials gate, and practically tacking his husband/partner, Victor Trevor, when he appears, back from a long stint undercover as one of Mycroft's spies.
PLEASE. Loving!Sherlock and a Victor who's the only one who's ever really been on Sherlock's level.

Re: John finds out Sherlock's married/in a committed relationship.

oh yes, please!

kid!lock non-kink

Whenever toddler!Sherlock gets fussy, he finds wherever John is sitting, climbs onto John's lap and hides himself inside of whatever jumper John's wearing at the time.

Re: kid!lock non-kink

That's adorable! Seconded :3


We've seen plenty of slave!John, and a lot of slave!Lestrade, and even some slave!Sherlock (and I would love to see more!), but there has been precious little slave!Mycroft. Granted, I can see why, but I still want to see more of this.

So I was thinking Mycroft makes some deal or other trading his freedom for Sherlock's, possibly without the latter knowing. He spends years getting tossed around various bastard masters (perhaps his former government offical associates) and being treated to all of the worst aspects of slave life in a slaveAU. He endures it stoically and to the best of his ability because as long as he keeps them happy his brother is safe. Over time his value decreases and he gets passed around less and less influential people and the people who originally put him in this position get tired of keeping track of him.
Eventually someone decides to dump this broken, past his prime slave on a new DI as a "gift," thinking a man who had just been promoted and had never been able to afford a slave before would be thrilled. DI Lestrade, not being a bastard, tries to nurse Mycroft back to health and give him a sense of self-worth again. Mycroft, well aware of what his situation means, despairs over what could happen to Sherlock now that he's failed, doesn't know what Lestrade wants from/with him, etc. Love ensues.

TLDR: Slave!Mycroft given to Lestrade and all the confusion, angst, hurt/comfort, and eventual healing that come with it

Re: Sort of mini-fill/prequel

I hope you don't mind too terribly that I changed up your prompt. It's hard to imagine Mycroft quite like that, for me, but I tried a more defiant, boxed-away approach.


Lestrade regarded the slave in front of him, wearing nothing that he was accustomed to seeing on these types of people. Usually it was tough leather or shiny, glittering jewelry. Some of them went all out, and it was a bit frightening. Some were very subtle, with perfect beauty and grace.

This man was in a completely different group. He stared at Lestrade unblinkingly, hands folded innocently in his lap, adorned with... a vest and suit trousers. He looked like a man about to go into a meeting. A very casual meeting, yes, but one none the same. It wasn't an unpleasant image, it was just strange.

He'd never met a slave to look so contemptuous at its new master. At this point, Lestrade had control over his life. If he wanted, he could break him, whether it be by whips or chains. He'd never had a slave before; it might be... interesting. He was honestly a bit apprehensive.

"Come here, then. No need to be afraid." He always liked that line; he'd heard it used a few times. To him, it showed which side they were on; annoyed by the comment or assured. It was easy, from there.

However, this man didn't blink or move. He stared at Gregory, hands unmoving, as if he wasn't just given a direct order from his new master. Endless time seemed to pass, and then without breaking the easy grace he seemed to have, "Mycroft" stood up slowly, in an almost lazy fashion, and made his way over. It took him only seconds to settle himself by Lestrade's feet, meeting his eyes defiantly.

There was something there, though. Something in that challenge, unflinching. When Lestrade raised his hand, the slave gave an imperceptible twitch. He settled his hand on the slave's head, tipping it up so he could get a good look at him. The Mycroft fellow swallowed, hands tightening in his lap. There seemed to be some fear there.

"Have you had any other... eh, masters?"

Again, that silence the other held so well. In any other master, it might be seen as defiance, or a reluctance to obey. Greg wasn't so sure. He tipped his body forward, waiting.

Finally: "... yes." That was it. No elaboration. Just this strange, prolonged hesitation. Greg leaned back and exhaled. This one was going to be fun, wasn't he?

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Re: Continuation (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Continuation (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Continuation (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Continuation (Anonymous) Expand

dubcon? crack? unrequited?


Something based off this


So I just finished reading this :
Its a study on antisocial personality disorder/psychopaths. I want to find more sources to confirm it though :( .

Would like to see something, anything on it.

+5 (can involve anyone this is just a bonus) It involves John or Mycroft.

Soulbond AU

Every time I see a Soulbond AU featuring Mystrade it tends to go the same way. They meet, its love at first sight and they live happiliy ever after.
If there is an element of growing to love one another it's always Johnlock.
I'd like to see the opposite. Where Mycroft and Lestrade meet and find out they're soulmates, and immediately go 'oh crap I'm trapped with this posh bastard/ uncivilized slob' or something along those lines.

+10- If soulbonds are extremely rare and everybody expects the new pair to be on cloud nine in some kind of paradise honeymoon setting. but instead they would much rather get to work and conpletely avoid the other.
+100- If the bond comes with a measure of telepathy and/or empathy.

Re: Soulbond AU

Holy crap, YES. I'm not normally one for soulbonds, because they seem like such an easy way out, but I adore this take on them.

trick question

"Do you masturbate with your dominate hand?"

"Trick question: I have a sasquatch arm."

Johnlock please.

AU where Sherlock is a researcher at SCP

I will second this prompt from now until forever.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Daily Growing TW: Child Marriage

In an Medieval!AU/universe where child marriage is allowed John and Sherlock are married when Sherlock is twelve. John thinks Sherlock far too young and begs for him to be sent back to school until he's older but they grow to love each other until John is conscripted.

The inspiration was Altan's Daily Growing ( particularly going 'into the hayfield, To have some sport and play'

In the song 'At the age of sixteen, his grave it was green' but I wouldn't object to skipping that.

Getting Wet (Mycroft/Lestrade)

Mycroft/Lestrade, desperate frottage against a wall in the pouring rain.

Re: Getting Wet (Mycroft/Lestrade)

UNF. Yes please!

Op arriving late!

I loved this! It s just what I was hoping for!

Sherlock 1/2 (crack, so much crack)

Sherlock, John, and Mycroft are in a remote area of China for whatever reason, and they see some really nice hot springs ...

Mycroft falls into Spring of Drowned Panda
John falls into Spring of Drowned Girl
(Sherlock manages to stay out of the pools)

I think Sherlock would exploit the hell out of this, esp John <-> Joan, it would be amazing for case shenanigans. And London's weather might ACTUALLY rain as much as Nerima did.

(plz no otter or hedgehog shenanigans, I would rather the crack be applied to cases.)

Lestrade POV on evolving relationship between Sherlock and John - with Lestrade as Sherlock's ex

Errr, that's kind of a rubbish title/ subject line sorry.

What I'm looking for is a Sherlock and Greg who had a relationship prior to ASiP. I've read some absolutely amazing stories about how that might have gone. But I want to see what happens when John comes on the scene - maybe as much as Lestrade wanted Sherlock it just couldn't work - because Sherlock wasn't really interested in the sex side, or whatever other reason you want. And Lestrade is still a little wistful, but resigned to the fact that it's not Sherlock's area and just never going to happen. He just doesn't think it's possible for *anyone* to get that close to the man, but flatters himself he came the closest anyone would.

And then John comes on the scene.

Lestrade watching the evolution of Sherlock and John's relationship. Is he jealous? Is he happy for Sherlock?

Bonus points for any porn that can be shoehorned in there, but not totally necessary!

Possible Trigger-Child Neglect

I haven't seen this prompted, not to say it wasn't because there are a lot of prompts but I would like a story where John didn't have a good childhood. Not in a physically or sexually abuse way but a neglected way and John, had he been given a chance to be, would have been a extremely affectionate child. However, now he lives with Sherlock he finds himself wanted the contact that he didn't have as a child. How he and Sherlock (if he finds out) deals with it is up to the filler-anon. Please make it gen or Johnlock.

Re: Possible Trigger-Child Neglect

I really like this. Seconded.

When Sherlock comes back after the Fall...

What if when Sherlock returns he honestly can not get his life back together or can not get it to fit him no matter how hard he tries? Things like (don't actually have to be included): Lestrade can no longer take him on cases, nearly all private cases are dull or made up to get his autograph, the media won't stop hounding him, John can't bring himself to forgive him and is getting married, etc.

So what happens when Sherlock who is possible already exhausted encounters that? Where does he take his life from there?

Those who can't forgive him aren't seen as douches and their pain is also valid.

Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft were the only ones who really knew where he was half the time.

John cleared his name.

Sherlock (or John) is a belly dancer and it turns the other on, unbearably ;D

I'd love someone forever if they also made it historical and the one who is the belly dancer is a gypsy entertainer... <3 Please!

John's darker side

John talks to Sherlock (and/or Lestrade) about the first time he ever killed someone. And how easy it was.

And how much he enjoyed it.

Because let's face it, John is a little bit messed up and that's what makes him awesome.

No Dark!John exactly. The same lovable, kind-hearted John we know but just exploring those darker sides to him.

John, possible character death

So I was reading this while watching Sherlock:
Today, at a funeral reception, everyone had something kind to say about the deceased. As they spoke through their tears, many of them admitted that they wish they had told John how wonderful he was before he died.

That is both terrible sad and lovely. Its kind of hard for someone to actually realize how wonderful they are (even if they are a confidence, BAMF person) when no one ever truly tells them. So, can I have someone realizing this about John after a near death experience or something?

+5 If its a near death experience from something "mundane" like nearly getting run over after leaving the flat or something unexpected like a jewelry store robbery.

Mycroft tries getting Sherlock back (tw: turns a bit dark in bonuses)

Myrcoft's brother has decided to run off with his flatmate and friend John to who knows where and hasn't been seen for who knows how long. Mycroft can not allow this to continue- its upsetting Mummy. But where Sherlock has gone Mycroft can not follow... at least not on his own. Which is why he makes a bargain to DI Lestrade who is well enough connected (perhaps even more so then Mycroft thinks) to John's world that he can take him to where they have gone off. For a price.

Clearing it up a bit:
-Change it up if needed: Sherlock follows Jim back to his world because he is curious. John finds a way to follow Sherlock because he knows the git is ill equipped to use or fight off magic. Harry is the one who leaves and Clara and John need Molly's help. Just change the names around...anything! :)

- They can be somewhere in India but hidden with magic or in another dimension where 'creatures' exist. Whatever your heart desires!

The price is that Mycroft has to marry Lestrade (Or whoever). It be kinda cool to see grey/dark!Lestrade with non-dark!Mycroft in this situation. It'd also be pretty cool to see Sherlock and John's reactions when they see the lengths Mycroft would go to find his baby brother.

-At least one scene where Mycroft finds it hard to keep his cool which is where dubcon could come in.

Re: Mycroft tries getting Sherlock back (tw: turns a bit dark in bonuses)

Seconded! I love all kinds of monster, alien, and magic au's. :)


It will last for approximately 48 hours. In the meantime, fill as much as you like, but don't post any new prompts.


Spin off of prompt above - Belly Dancer

Turns out Mycroft took belly dancing to stay fit—and because he had a crush on one of the female dancers—and got pretty damn good. He never told Greg, embarrassed from his college days. The thing is, he still practices because honestly, it's fun, and he feels good afterwards.. I'd like to see Greg find out (or someone else. John...?)

I know it's ooc, but I need this like burning.

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