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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock is Moriarty...

...but he doesn't realize it. Either Moriarty is so bored and crazy he created a split personality,or vice versa.

Recs are appreciated also.

Re: Sherlock is Moriarty...

Here's a RTYI, although knowing beforehand does spoil the twist in the middle:

Liking oneself

Could I have something where someone gets a complete makeover and everyone is impressed and flatters the person and maybe their love interest or other people start coming around more often too because of the new look...
and than the person changes back to their old look because ya they enjoyed the new look and like dressing up for an occasion or to impress but they /like/ their own style and their own clothes much better.

Bonus: Molly, John, Harry, or Lestrade. Or maybe Mrs. Hudson tells the boys a story . idk XD

Re: Liking oneself

Definitely seconded. I think this could be especially great character-building for Molly, and I would love to see that done, but I think any of the other characters could also turn out well.

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Sherlock in disguise

Sherlock disguises himself to test his friends loyalty.

Getting off on spanking (maybe Johnlock ageplay?)

John's putting Sherlock over his lap and spanking him. Sherlock accidentally orgasms in his pants from the rocking motion and rubbing against John's lap.

It's surprising for both of them, Sherlock is apologetic, and John is WAY okay with it.

(700 million bonus points if this takes place in a consensual ageplay scenario, but any fill is awesome. RTYI awesome too if there is unexpected!orgasm. Consenting adults Johnlock only please.)

Mycroft/Moriarty. Now.On this Screen.Infront of me! please?

Mycroft/Moriarty sex with Mycroft on bottom.

If its dark,contains non(or dub) con and is a mind f@ck even better.

If it involves Moriarty and Moran stalking Mycroft and him knowing its coming but being Mycroft about it. Then you deserve a Nobel prize for literature.

Actually. Any Mycroft/Moriarty will do. ANY!

Re: Mycroft/Moriarty. Now.On this Screen.Infront of me! please?

Oh, God! I'd sell my soul for some Jim/Mycroft, especially with Mycroft bottoming... And if there's mindfuckery and stalking involved I'd probably faint in sheer joy.

But, yeah, anything will do. Any little thing. Please, please, pleeease!!

I've never prompted for art based on one of my own pieces before, and am not sure it's the done thing, but here goes:

At one point in one of my fics, John mentions that Sherlock by preference tends his bees and collects the honey without a shirt. And is never stung.

Someone please? Happy shirtless Sherlock with bees scattered all over him? It doesn't even have to match the description of Sherlock in the story (spoiler: gray-haired and one-armed) although that would be nice.

Re: Bees

I just read you're fic and I am definitely secondeding.

Re: Bees (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock's safeword is 'Mycroft'.

Mycroft finds out that when Sherlock subs for John, their safeword is his name - 'Mycroft'.

He's weirdly touched by this: that his brother would associate him so strongly with safety and the ending of pain. He never lets either John or Sherlock know that he knows, but it makes him feel that in some way, he's done his 'older brother' job right.

That's quite lucky, really. Because otherwise John or Sherlock would have to explain that the thought of Mycroft is the biggest passion-killer either can imagine.

Re: Johnlock's safeword is 'Mycroft'.

You made me all fuzzy and then boom crack. XD
This. I want it!
It'd be hell interesing seeing how people would work with it, too. (or maybe that's just me)

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Safe Names, 1/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe Names, 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Safe Names, 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand

Vampire fic ala vampire the masquerade style!!!

Ok, I always loved all vampire lore (Except for the sparkly type but that's neither here or there) and loved the mythology behind the Masquerade clans.

I've seen many (great) fills where Sherlock is the vampire. What I want to see is how things would go if John was a Salubri, third eye and all!
How did he turn who is his maker how old is he? It's up to you!
Run with it you lovely annos you! RUN WITH IT! ^.^

Johnlock romance is much adored but optional.
Extra hugs and first born babies if by the end of the fic John turns Sherlock or feeds him his blood!

"Private Life of SH" rewrite... with Lestrade instead of Watson (mild spoiler)

So I was watching that hilarious scene when the whole Russian Ballet corps believes that Watson is Holmes's gay partner because Holmes used the excuse to flee the ballerina's advances.

I would love a BBC version with the same scene, but with Lestrade rather than John. You can keep the ballet setting or adapt it to something different. I just want to see a flustered Greg realizing that everyone thinks Sherlock is the new missus. (And it can end in gen or S/L, either way is fine!)

Bad Baby Sherlock (TW: ageplay, infintalism, diapers)

Dark!John makes Sherlock suck a dummy in public.

Bonus points if things develop further than that; John spanks him in public, makes him wear child-reigns to stop him running off - and one day he refuses to let Sherlock go to the toilet so he wets himself and John forces him into a diaper.

Re: Bad Baby Sherlock (TW: ageplay, infintalism, diapers)

Is it consensual?

AYRT (Anonymous) Expand


The real reason Sherlock hardly ever sleeps or eats and avoids physical contact? He suffers from emetophobia (the fear of vomiting and/or vomit). For someone as fanatical about self-control as Sherlock, the complete lack of bodily control associated with vomiting could be terrifying. Perhaps it stemmed from violent withdrawal symptoms, perhaps from a bad childhood experience - the background is up to you.

Can be shippy (prefer John/Sherlock) or gen, I'd just really like to see Sherlock struggling with this debilitating phobia.

Optional: Sherlock gets sick (even just a cold) and has a panic attack over whether he's going to be ill
John gets the stomach flu/food poisoning and Sherlock has to cope with it.

More info on emetophobia:

Re: Emetophobia

As someone who often has trouble with sleeping/eating becouse of emetophobia - I hope someone fills this

Re: Emetophobia (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Emetophobia (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Emetophobia (Anonymous) Expand

Fake dating

John is pinning for Mycroft.Lestrade is pinning for Sherlock. Both Holmes are oblivious,so John and Greg pretend to date to get their attention.

RTYI´s welcomed.

Re: Fake dating

Seconded! I love fake-dating prompts and fills.

John as one of the Lads?

So, you guys obviously know 'Speedy's', the sandwich shop below 221b.
I went there a while back with my fangirl friends (you should go; it's super-nice) and the whole place was full of builders. Like, hardcore, Bear Grylls, look-at-me-and-ill-fucking-eat-you sort of guys.

I was thinking how great it would be for Post-rbf John to wander in for a bite to eat, and then get chatting with a guy there. They could really bond. Then, the builder has to go to work, and John has to leave to... mourn or something.

Over the weeks, they really get to know each other, and subconsciously time their breaks/ shopping trips so they can meet each other.

Slash, gen, whatever. Just want a happier John.

(Bonus- Sherlock comes back after three years and this Builder decks him. Then John kisses Sherlock ofc.)

Re: John as one of the Lads?

I would also like to see this.

Battlestar Galactica head!Sherlock AU

Gregory Lestrade might have, uh, given some state secrets to Sherlock Holmes. He just didn't think it was a problem- Sherlock was so brilliant (and so beautiful) and was constantly saving Greg's neck when he didn't know how to respond to a case.

So when everything goes horribly wrong, Greg can't believe he's at fault. That he's betrayed everyone by trusting Sherlock Holmes.

But he saw Sherlock's dead body on the slab. So why can't he stop seeing him everywhere, even in locked rooms that Sherlock has no right to answer. Everything is going terribly wrong, and Sherlock is in his head. The really weird thing is that no one else can see him.

(Feel free to replace Lestrade with John if that is more to your taste! This idea might also be fun for Moran to have a head!Jim after Jim's passing.)

John gets pregnant....again.

John gets pregnant and has a baby with Sherlock. Some months after giving birth, he still has most of his pregnancy weight and Sherlock can't help but being turned on by it.

Then John finds out he finds out he's pregnant again and the baby they have already isn't even a year old. Sherlock already made it clear that one child at the moment was enough before John got pregnant the first time and John panics (maybe he starts wondering what he'll do if Sherlock says he doesn't want another child or if Sherlock leaves him and it just makes him sick).

I'd like an ending where Sherlock finds out and happy about another baby even with the challenges it presents..

Omegaverse or just mpreg is fine.

Re: John gets pregnant....again.

Awwwww, John! D: seconded!

Y'all are a bunch of assholes

I want a minifill in which Sherlock, John, and at least one other character are all being total assholes to each other. Each of them is acting like a total jerk and deserves no sympathy whatsoever. Crack is welcome.

Jim/Mycroft, Mycroft/Sherlock (warnings: underage, incest)

20-something Mycroft is being very thoroughly and enthusiastically topped by a 14/15 y.o. Jim when 10/11 y.o. Sherlock walks in on them and decides he wants a go. Mycroft is initially somewhat put off by the idea (Sherlock is a bit younger than he likes), but Jim talks him into it for his own benefit. Give me Mycroft lovingly deflowering a squirming, squealing Sherlock while Jim lends a mouth and a hand here and there.

Booking reservations for the special hell as we speak.

Re: Jim/Mycroft, Mycroft/Sherlock (warnings: underage, incest)

Definitely joining you in hell but seconded.

"Sensitivity Training"

Just because I'm a perverted individual and proud of it, I request the following prompt:

Sherlock decides to experiment.

... on John.

About sexual stimuli and responses.


See, I heard that if you "train" for it with enough practice, men can reach orgasm and ejaculation without touching the penis. In other words, just from penetration and prostate stimulation.

Bonus points if the "training" continues until John cums just from nipple stimulation.

Wow. I keep trying to maintain a straight face while posting this prompt, but I can't control the stupid grin that splits my face. Please join in my evil smile at the prescribed sexual peril that will soon befall John by talented fillers.


Re: "Sensitivity Training"

All the yes for this!

Science as a metaphor for relationships (or life)

"Radioactive decay occurs because some elements are more stable than others, and if nature gives the unstable elements a path to become more stable, they will take it."

Sherlock likes chemistry, right? Right.

Any POV; would prefer Johnlock, Sherlock & John friendship, or Gen, but obviously any creative fill in this fandom is going to be interesting, so... anything goes. :)

Re: Science as a metaphor for relationships (or life)

Not trying to hijack, but that quote sounds like it could be Sherlock's marriage proposal.


I just want Sherlock and John meeting and interacting with Sherlock and Joan.

Maybe CBS!Lock is a cousin? Younger brother Sherringford takes Sherlock's name and place after the fall? A teenaged Mycroft's indiscretion? Daddy Holmes had a mistress?

Anything, please! I just want to see the four of them together.

Re: BBC and CBS


"Anthea" is Mycroft's wife

Do what you will with this.
Are they in love?
Is it a secret?
Does he even know her real name?

Hmm, interesting...

Jones and Watson (Mark 2 - My Life in Film)

I saw this prompt:

Which was Martha Jones/John Watson.

But when I saw Jones/Watson, I immediately went to Jones from My Life in Film.

So that's what I want - John Watson wooing Jones, and of course, Art will be sticking his nose in and getting in the way.

TW: physical/sexual abuse of a child, incest

Harry is 5 years older than John and takes after their father in looks. Their mom dies giving birth to John, who looks like their mom. Ever since he was VERY young John's father beat and raped him-beat him because he blamed John for "killing" his wife and raped him because he looked like her. Harry is completely oblivious to the abuse.
To keep Harry from finding out John still goes home for the holidays (whether or not the abuse continues is up to the author).

Sherlock finds out.

If it's S/J I would like for John to show just how much he trusts Sherlock by letting him top john-with Sherlock understanding the full implications of this. I would like it if John finds he really likes bottoming for Sherlock.

Re: TW: physical/sexual abuse of a child, incest

OP: I forgot, John lets the abuse continue partly because he doesn't want to destroy Harry's view of their father and partly because he believes his father when he tells John it's his fault for killing his mom.

Johnlock or gen After Sherlock died John found himself another battlefield.

Sherlock didn’t want John to help him during the hiatus because it was too dangerous. He must have forgotten how much John needed the danger. Now he’s back, thinking John will be angry but eventually he’ll forgive Sherlock. After all, did everything to keep him safe, right? Except there’s no John in Baker Street, because the moment John started feeling the phantom pains in his leg after Sherlock died, he decided to find himself another battlefield.

What the battlefield is up to anon. Maybe he went back to Afghanistan as a private contractor, or he enlisted again, or he’s been doing dangerous missions for Mycroft.

I don’t want John running back to Sherlock the moment he finds out he’s alive, I want Sherlock to be the one who has to wait until John decides to come back home.

Re: Johnlock or gen After Sherlock died John found himself another battlefield.

Love this idea!@

sub!fem!Sherlock porn - nuff said? (TW: yop, could be anything )

i don't think i have ever read anything with her being a sub in a D/s relationship or world... so any pairing, any kink except water-sports or scat... hm what else? non/dub con and dark!characters are all fine

also RTMIs are fine

Bonus/Personal preference - she has two doms to take care of her :) any combination of characters, except perhaps Molly but again, this is just a bonus

just popped my porn prompting cherry, heh, don't feel any different :D


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