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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Cross-dressing Sherlock - Gen

John finds out that Sherlock's an "executive transvestite" - He's just sometimes more comfortable in women's clothing.

(Although as Eddie Izzard would say, they're not women's clothing, they're his clothing. He is not a woman.)

Johnlock - Sherlock randomly shares his BDSM fantasies with John

Because I have a thing for Dom!John...
After their first run in with Irene Adler, Sherlock can't shake his recurring fantasies involving riding crops. So, being the socially inept man that he is, he bluntly shares this with John over lunch. At first, John is mortified, but the idea starts to grow on him. Cue dom!John and sub!Sherlock porns.

Bonus if things evolve WAY beyond the use of riding crops because I'm a sick, twisted fuck.

Re: Johnlock - Sherlock randomly shares his BDSM fantasies with John

God yes, never enough dom!John/sub!Sherlock

Lestrade/John Awkward hypothermic cuddling

Lestrade and John working together on a case outside of London. Either one of them ends up falling in a lake or both of them end up caught outside in terrible, freezing weather.

Cue them needing to find refuge and John staving off severe hypothermia by forcing Lestrade into sharing bodyheat.

Bonus if it's awkward.

Re: Lestrade/John Awkward hypothermic cuddling


Forced nappy use/incontinence warning: non con?

Sherlock and John are kidnapped. When they regain consciousness they are back at Baker Street.

Sherlock thinks he is fine until he discovers that he has been rendered temparily incontinent by the kidnappers through the use of Botox on both the bladder and anal sphincters. He'll be like this for at least six months, maybe more as they seem to have used something stronger than Botox that has him rendered truly incontinent for the next while. He decides to use nappies.

John thinks he has got out of this well until he realises he's been brainwashed/programed to be turned on by all aspects of this. In fact he can't get off without it he finds through some experimentation. He's horrorfied by it at first by then finds himself falling deeper and embracing it. John tries to keep his new found fetish from Sherlock as he helps him with changing, emotional support through this change etc.

Through the support, help with changing etc. Sherlock and John start something sexual together. Here is where dark John may enter as he is manipulating a love/touch starved Sherlock to stay dependant on the nappies as through all of this they have grown so close physically and emotionally and Sherlock doesn't want to lose that.

So after the time that he begins to regain some control he just keeps using the nappies and finds that if he was going to gain control back he won't now. In the end Sherlock is satisfied with where he is as he has his John.

Happy with any changes made on this and that goodness for anon! Thank you.

Lestrade angst, "Don't commit suicide"

During the storm that rocks NSY after the Fall, someone - a Yarder, the Press, John, Mycroft, whoever you like - quotes Greg's infamous line back at him. Cue major Lestrade angst, though I wouldn't mind if someone understood and comforted him.

RTYIs very welcome as I've never seen the line used as yet in post-Reichenbach fics. It struck me when I read The Casebook: the only Lestrade-related page features the Daily Mail's vitriolic review of Lestrade's press conf, starting with a two-inch "DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE!" headline.

Re: Lestrade angst, "Don't commit suicide"

I really like this connection.

I was wondering if you would mind my blending it with a second fill for this:

Mycroft makes music (BDSM, image prompt)

Sherlock is not the only musician in the Holmes family; his brother Mycroft also plays an instrument. This one:

[Warning for needle play!]

…To be more specific: I'd like to hear about the first session with a new lover, preferably from the lover's POV. I'm not particular about the pairings but I imagine Sherlock, Moriarty, Moran or Harry (the equerry) would be the best choices for this scenario. However, that's entirely up to you.
Alternatively, you could switch their places – making Mycroft the instrument and his lover the musician. I'd be just as happy with that (perhaps even more so in case of Jim/Mycroft)…

PS: NO non-con, please!

Re: Mycroft makes music (BDSM, image prompt)

That is so gorgeous!

Secret Agent!John/bad guy!Sherlock. AU or crossover.

I think this could be written as a crossover with Bond if you wanted to write John as 007 or just as an AU.

After Afghanistan John becomes a secret agent or 007 - Sherlock is working with or for Moriarty and is one of the bad guys John is sent to take care of.

John has been told to infiltrate the organisation/get closer to Sherlock/get information (I'll leave the details up to you) and they end up having sex. Lots of angsty sex ensues and plenty of John worrying that he likes this guy far too much. Also possible jealous!John when it's revealed that Sherlock is also sleeping with Moriarty.

In the end it could turn out that Sherlock was also working for the good guys to take down Moriarty (possibly Mycroft?) or he really is a bad guy.

tldr: John is a secret agent working to take down Moriarty. Sherlock works with/for Moriarty. They fuck.

This should probably have warnings, but I have no idea what.

Lactation kink. John is a lactating Omega. Sherlock gets off on the taste of his milk and the pleasure his sucking brings John.

Short pwp is fine.

Re: This should probably have warnings, but I have no idea what.

There was a prompt like this a little ways back with lactating Omega!John that might be RTYI. Someone said they were going to fill it.

Also, I hope this one gets filled too.

Breaking Mycroft Holmes.

Warning: Dark-Lestrade. Abused but definitely not broken Mycroft.

Lestrade looked over the nexus of scars marking Mycroft's back, his gaze traveling from his perfectly postured shoulders down his long well formed back, only to stop short when they had reached the top of his expensive tailored trousers, gazing at one particularly beautiful inch of raised skin sinking beneath its fabric hiding what he was certain was further scaring.

Clearly he wasn't the first person to try and break Mycroft Holmes. Perhaps it was foolish to try where others had failed? but the challenge in Mycroft's gaze was more than he could handle. He knew he would regret the man these actions would make him, he would worry about that later.

Bonus: Mycroft gets off on pain. Lestrade is the first one to realize that.
Bonus: This somehow(BIG probably impossible somehow) leads to some kind of happy ending for both men.

Re: Breaking Mycroft Holmes.

Mmh. I think I'd like to read more of this prompt.

SECONDED so very much!

Bathroom Breaks?

Non-kinky prompt:

It's hard for Mycroft to stay regular because of all the long nights, long meeting and all the travelling he does.

How does he deal with it?

Re: Bathroom Breaks?

What do you mean with 'stay regular'? Is it supposed to be some kind of ocd thing?

Re: Bathroom Breaks? (Anonymous) Expand

Dialogue Prompt

"My baby brother has been assaulted and I fear I may be responsible for it."

Re: Dialogue Prompt

+ 1

John/Sherlock/John pwp

Through the magic of science, Sherlock ends up in a three way with two Johns.

Re: John/Sherlock/John pwp

Um, yes. +10000000.

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Lovers in the Back Seat

Lyric inspiration from Scissor Sister's song:
There's lovers in the backseat
Jealous glances now I'm looking for another song
On the radio
I'll take you to a side street
In the shadows you can touch one another now
And I'll just watch the show

Sherlock and John pay cabbies to park on side streets so they can fool around/have sex in the backseat (for whatever reason. Perhaps Mrs Hudson thinks they're too loud, or maybe they just get off on it.)

Bonus points if this story is written from the cabbie's perspective.

My life had stood a loaded gun

My Life had stood — a Loaded Gun —
In Corners — till a Day
The Owner passed — identified —
And carried Me away —

And now We roam in Sovereign Woods —
And now We hunt the Doe —
And every time I speak for Him —
The Mountains straight reply —

And do I smile, such cordial light
Upon the Valley glow —
It is as a Vesuvian face
Had let its pleasure through —

And when at Night — Our good Day done —
I guard My Master's Head —
'Tis better than the Eider-Duck's
Deep Pillow — to have shared —

To foe of His — I'm deadly foe —
None stir the second time —
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye —
Or an emphatic Thumb —

Though I than He — may longer live
He longer must — than I —
For I have but the power to kill,
Without — the power to die —

(Emily Dickinson)

Moran/John (non-con)

Sebastian Moran was John Watson's sexually abusive commanding officer. He couldn't stop the abuse because Moran knew enough high-ranking people that nothing could be done about it. John also didn't protest being Moran's fuck toy because it kept the rest of the men and women safe. At some point Moran comes back into John's life. Whether or not John's in a relationship with one of our favorite boys is up to you (though some how I still prefer him to be a bottom...)

Re: Moran/John (non-con)

Yup, seconded.

There's nothing wrong with me...

Re: Moran/John (non-con) (Anonymous) Expand

"I'm afraid." "So am I."

We've seen so much of hatesex and ragesex. That's not a complaint -- hatesex is good, hatesex is fine. It's all fine. But I want something else:

I want fearsex. I want a first time, preferably Johnlock, where they're trapped somewhere, maybe one (or possibly both) injured, not sure they'll live to the next day ... and nothing to do but comfort each other.

Cold and/or dark would be good.

Re: "I'm afraid." "So am I."

Oh, UNF. God in heaven I want to fill this. No promises, none at all, because RL and current WIPs have me basically whipped, but. . . this is amazing. Someone else fill this, dammit, and I'll write a second fill the minute I get a chance.


So I keep hearing Mycroft had a punk phase while growing up. I love fandom headcanons for the characters background and I want more. Give a fill (any type) on how a( the) character(s)were growing up. When did Mycroft start rebelling and did it enrage his parents or did they just giggle behind their hands? Did Sherlock have a a punk phase too or to the surprise of everyone just did drugs and crime on the sly but kept looking his posh self everywhere else? What about Molly? She seems like a quiet girl but I know quiet a few shy ones who like to party after a few shots.

Any way you choose to do this is fine (as in characters could just be saying stories to eachother for instance)

Lestrade was one crime away from not being a cop. Meanwhile John was a perfectly reasonable young man...well he would have been if it weren't for the insane adrenaline junkie streak he had.

Re: backgrounds

I love punk!Mycroft. Seconded!

John's relationships

John is a horrible boyfriend. He isn't abusive or mean. In fact, he listens to anything his girlfriend is saying, is a gentleman inside and outside of the bedroom, and is charming and confident enough that he can easily get a girlfriend when he wants.

But he can never keep an interest in a woman long enough to get a long term relationship. Basically take bbc canon on his relationships and... write something about it. Why does he go out with women that don't seem to interest him? Is John actually scared of commitment? etc etc.

Re: John's relationships

+1 There can never be enough John whump.

sherlock/John- dating, twist

So in a few fanfics I've read it seemed like John was always the one who was worried Sherlock would get bored of him. That is reasonable but I'd like a twist please. :)

Sherlock sees how easily distracted John gets from a relationship, that despite how John can get a date quite easily he has a much harder time of keeping it, and sees that its because John often loses interest in a partner very quickly.

Something happens to make this worry Sherlock. Especially, when it seems to be happening to him.

Don't do that, do you have any idea how filthy your hands are? Because I do.

Aw, fuck me.

Sorry everyone, didn't mean to post hear. Just ignore this.

Re: Filthy. (Anonymous) Expand

Mystrade, sloppy seconds

Lestrade loves to fuck Mycroft right after he had been taken by someone else. So they sometimes go to a dingy hotel where Lestrade chains Mycroft to the bed, selling him to everyone interested. Afterwards he plugs him up and takes him home where he enjoys to fuck him with the come of all the other men still inside him.

Completely consensual please. Bonus for dirty-talk when Lestrade finally takes Mycroft.

Re: Mystrade, sloppy seconds

Holy ***! I should not find this so damn hot. Which I totally do.

Yes please!!!

Mystrade, courting, omegaverse

In a world where sex doesn't happen before the marriage dating a posh man like Mycroft is something absolutely new for Lestrade but they are head over heels for each other. Knowing that he has to ask Mycroft's parents for the hand of their son Lestrade tries to present himself in the best light. He holds the doors open for Mycroft to pass through, carrying his briefcase, lifting something heavy for him, pulling out a chair for him in the restaurant and so on. Mycroft feels slightly embarrassed at first but secretly he likes it to be treated like something precious.

Bonus for Lestrade carrying Mycroft over the threshold after their marriage and gentle, loving first-time sex.

Re: Mystrade, courting, omegaverse

seconded, thirded, fourthed...

Hark! A Vagrant

There is Watson, Stupid Watson and Gay Watson. Put them in the BBC universe.

Fill - The Three Watsons 1

I couldn't resist....

The first John hears about it is a loud thunk and Sherlock appears at the top of the stairs, expression worryingly innocent.

“John. You’re home early.”

“Yes, the clinic had to close. Highly contagious virus….” John continues up the stairs, and Sherlock, quick as lightning, moves to block his way.

“We’re out of milk.” Sherlock says quickly. “Don’t you think you should go and get some more?”

“I’ll do it later.”

“You’ll be wanting tea soon.” Sherlock says. “You always drink tea when you get home from work and you don’t like it black….”

“Sherlock,” John says through gritted teeth. “What have you done to our flat?”

“Nothing. But I really could do with some beans….”

John shoves Sherlock aside, and runs up the remaining steps to the flat.

“I really don’t think you want to go in there, John.” Sherlock calls after him.

John decides to ignore him. If whatever Sherlock had done to the flat were likely to do him serious injury, Sherlock would have led with that information. Probably.

At first glance the flat looks perfectly normal. At second glance there is a man sitting in his arm chair, wearing his stripey black and white jumper, and holding what looks like a pot of jam. John has a moment to feel a wave of indignation over the stolen jumper when the man looks up, and John freezes.

“Hello there.” The man says cheerfully. “Do you know, I think I’ve discovered a clue.”

“Erm,” says John. “Would you excuse me a moment. SHERLOCK!”

John finds Sherlock sneaking back down the stairs, presumably hoping to make a retreat out of the back door.

“Why is there a man in there with my face?”

“Ah. I did tell you not to go up there.”

“For Christ’s sake, Sherlock. Why did you – how did you – he looks exactly like me, spitting image. What the hell – what the hell ?”

Sherlock shifts a little, looking uncomfortable. “Experiment?” he offers.

John looks at him incredulously. “What is it?” he asks. “A mask? A very realistic one at that, or what, face transplant? No, that wouldn’t work, I still have my face.”

“Excuse me,” a voice says from the top of the stairs. “Isn’t anyone going to take a look at this clue I just found?”

“No, John.” Sherlock says through gritted teeth. “I’ve told you three times already. That is not a clue. We aren’t even on a case at the moment!”

The man, who looks even more unnervingly like John at close range, frowns. “Are you sure?”

“Quite sure.”

“He’s called John too?” John rounds on Sherlock.

Sherlock bites his lip.

“If you don’t explain everything quite soon.” John says conversationally. “There is a very high chance of me braining you with that pot of jam.”

“He’s a clone,” Sherlock says reluctantly. “Though not an entirely successful one.” He gives the John at the top of the stairs a dirty look. The other John smiles at him widely and begins sucking on the corner of the pot of jam.

“He’s a what? Is that even possible?”

“Obviously,” Sherlock says.

“Why. Why would you do that?”

Muchausen's by proxy (TW for child abuse)

When Sherlock was young he was sick a lot. His mother took him around a lot of doctors but no one could quite put their finger on what was wrong with him, and he kept getting sicker and sicker. It wasn't until Mycroft started seriously investigating the matter that he realised that there was really only one explanation for Sherlock's symptoms - he was being poisoned. Their own mother was deliberately making Sherlock ill. No one believes him at first (Mrs Holmes is such a devoted mother!) but he eventually manages to find proof, and Mrs Holmes is arrested/taken away for psychiatric treatment.

Sherlock never forgives his brother. As far as he is concerned he and Mummy had a special relationship and Mycroft ruined it.

(Story could be told through the lens of an older Sherlock finally coming to realise that what his mother did was wrong - maybe he and John investigate a Munchausen's case? I'd prefer no easy reconciliation between the brothers though).

Re: Muchausen's by proxy (TW for child abuse)


This is amazing prompt.

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Sentinel AU

Sentinel!AU where Guides weren't treated well. John is a broke-bonded Sentinel who's lost his Guide, and swore to never have another Guide to replace them. Instead, he sticks to relationships with mundanes and other Sentinels. Then he meets Sherlock.

Sherlock is a Guide hiding as a mundane. He does such a good job that the only person person who knows his true status is the relative/family friend/teacher who initially discovered his abilities and helped him hide it. Not even Mycroft has any idea.

Bonuses: Sherlock and John are a couple for a few months before John finds out Sherlock's secret. Improvements in Guides' rights make Sherlock consider coming out of hiding.


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