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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Psychic!John gets found out by Moriarty (reprompt)

So we've had a few psychic!John fics, but they all tend to end Happily Ever After at the pool during TGG.


During his kidnapping by Moriarty in TGG, John outs himself as a psychic at the pool. It’s a little thing that doesn’t seem to matter at the moment and goes unnoticed by Jim for the remainder of TGG.

Despite having better things to do (see the second season), there’s just something about John Watson that Jim just can’t put his finger on; something that’s screaming at him to pay attention, something he overlooked for the bigger picture.

He suddenly realizes that John knows things he shouldn’t. Jim arranges for his own meeting with John and eventually John is forced to admit to Jim that he is clairvoyant. Jim calls bull, and decides to give John a little incentive to tell the truth.

Terrified and panicking, John’s mind lashes out to the first thing it can find, something that no one knows yet except for Moriarty himself. Perhaps someone stole important information from Jim and he intends to enact a secret plan a few days from now to discover who did it and get the information back. However, with John rattling off the necessary information, Jim doesn’t have to go through the trouble of getting his hands dirty.

John suddenly isn’t a boring, little man any more. His ability is amazing, it’s interesting, and it’s dangerous in the wrong hands and vital in the right ones. John cannot be sent back to Sherlock in any fashion. Think of all the damage two Holmes and a psychic can do. Jim has no interest in killing John, he is now an asset to Jim’s business and personal safety. John is special and top secret.

Can Sherlock save John? How do you outsmart a criminal mastermind and a psychic?

Eventual Jim/John, noncon and dubcon preferred. It’s up to you if John’s told Sherlock or not about his ability.

my original prompt:

please let me know if I haven't waited long enough to repost before deleting. I think I'm doing it right but I'm not sure.

Edited at 2012-11-03 12:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Psychic!John gets found out by Moriarty (reprompt)

Eeeeeeeeeeee! :D Seconding!

Mycroft is a teacher's pet

Warnings: abuse of authority, age difference, corruption of an innocent

While at university awkward virgin!Mycroft is an exceptional student. He excels in every academic pursuit but fails miserably on all levels of social interaction until one of university's most renowned and well-loved elderly lecturers takes him under his wing. He encourages Mycroft to use the skills he already has to advance his career and social standing; he teaches him how to act, how to dress, how to eat, how to charm and manipulate or how to disguise his weaknesses… But he is not doing this without an ulterior motive.

The thing is, whenever they are alone the professor shows his affection for Mycroft in some entirely inappropriate manner. At first it's only a touch, a manly hug or a casual inquiry about his sexual interests but after a while the touches grow bolder, more intimate - and Mycroft allows this because he hero-worships his mentor without reservations. Soon enough he is letting the professor kiss him on the mouth, caress him, hold his hand; when asked he will sit on a man's lap, take his clothes off, kneel at his feet or pose for a photograph, even pleasure himself in front of him. Eventually, they engage in all kind of sexual activities short of penetrative sex (due to professor's advanced age) but instead of trying that as well Mycroft's mentor asks him to have sex with other students and then to tell him all about it. Mycroft goes along with that too, losing his inhibitions one by one as he lets the professor pick his lovers and instruct him how to seduce them, giving in to the man's ever-increasing demands…

OPTIONAL: Mycroft's mentor could be an older member of Moriarty family (Jim's father, grandfather, uncle…?), though he should not be malicious or cruel – merely a selfish old pervert. :P

Re: Mycroft is a teacher's pet

PS: Okay, I know this is a long prompt (yeah, I got a bit carried away), but the story itself doesn't have to be long, honestly. Most of this stuff can be cut out or pushed in the background, so a one-shot or a short fill would do just fine. My main interest is in uni!Mycroft, having a mad affair with a dirty old man - other than that you can take this in any direction you want.


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Reprompt: Mycroft Bleeds (warning for blood, other warnings may apply)


Mycroft suffers from hematidrosis, a condition where a person sweats blood under extreme stress.

Additional note: "this condition makes the skin extremely sensitive, so torture would be doubly awful and touch - depending on the variety can bruise."

Reprompt: Kinky by text (Mycroft/Lestrade, public desperation)


Mycroft and Lestrade texting each other on a long train journey. Mycroft mentions he has to piss, Lestrade decides to have a bit of fun.

Desperation play, on a train - via text message.

Re: Reprompt: Kinky by text (Mycroft/Lestrade, public desperation)

Oh, nice. I really hope this gets filled.

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Johnlock Sick/Hurt!John

You know what they say, doctors make the worst patients.

Humor and fluff please =D

Re: Johnlock Sick/Hurt!John

I'd really love some more fluff.

Sherlock doesn’t find out John’s help bring down Moriarty’s web until after his return

Between Sherlock wanting to do everything by himself and Mycroft who’d want nothing better than to lock up his little brother in a safe house, the Holmes brothers come to an agreement: Sherlock will work with a team of six carefully chosen agents; four working side by side with Sherlock, and two snipers.

With their help, Sherlock finishes relatively quickly and with barely a scratch.

It’s not until he’s back home, explaining what he’s done to a quiet John, that he finds out John was one of those snipers. To be more exact, the one that save his life the one time Sherlock decided to go into danger without backup.

Re: Sherlock doesn’t find out John’s help bring down Moriarty’s web until after his return

Ooh, seconded! I love John being a quiet BAMF.

TW: NONCON John forced to rape Sherlock

They're captured and their captors will kill or gang rape Sherlock unless John rapes him. he has to be violent. Event and aftermath please.

They can be the other way around if you want but I prefer it this way.

One condition - please don't have them be in a prior relationship. Thanks!

Re: TW: NONCON John forced to rape Sherlock

Oh God yes. Seconded, with promises of first born.

Can I have something short (perhaps cracky) where exasperated John tries to explain something to Sherlock?

I like this.


Save the Pandas

johnlock, omegaverse, tw dubcon

Betas are in the majority and Alphas and Omegas are dying out. Previously Alphas and Omegas were seen as wrong and unnatural, so it became normal for them to take hormone suppressants and be seen as Betas. Now almost no one picks on them for not being Betas, it's just easier if they take the suppressants. But Betas aren't very fertile or virile, so with the breeding pool becoming smaller and smaller, the population will decline very suddenly if something isn't done.

The government sets up a breeding program (like the ones in zoos for endangered animals) that is supposedly completely voluntary. John, an omega, decides to do his duty for his country, even though he had never thought about having kids before because everyone thinks of themselves as Betas. He can't serve his country as a soldier any more so he will help any way he can. Sherlock doesn't want to be in the program, but seeing as Mycroft is running it and doesn't want to take the time to produce an heir himself, somehow gets Sherlock into the program even though he doesn't want to be there.

tl;dr, The government has a breeding program for alphas and omegas like the ones in zoos for endangered animals.

Re: Save the Pandas

OP here, I just realized that I should make it clear that I don't particularly want consent to be very dubious, it's just that it's often an inherent part of omegaverse. Plus Mycroft's interference in putting Sherlock in this position.

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Reprompt: Mycroft plays shy to get Lestrade


A very experienced Mycroft plays the shy, nervous virgin to seduce an inexperienced!Lestrade. He lets Lestrade take control but subtly nudges him in the right direction.

Re: Reprompt: Mycroft plays shy to get Lestrade


Different kind of Holmescest

When Mycroft says 'I'll be mother' no-one knows that he means it literally.

I don't care if Mummy Holmes left them or died, I just want Father Holmes to treat Mycroft as a substitute for his wife.

Re: Different kind of Holmescest

Seconded with a burning!

Mystrade prompt

Mycroft is touch-starved. Lestrade will eventually fix that.

Re: Mystrade prompt

Oh yes, oh yes! Please! *bats lashes*

I have this one "line" in my head. Don't know how it got there but it seems it's not planning on leaving. It's the following:

"Make no mistake, my brother loves his son and he will fight for him to the death".

I'm hoping some one can do something with it. Mzybe than my silly brain can relax


Because of a rarity of fertile Omegas, Alphas are loathsome to part with any in their family pack, this includes their offspring.

As a result other Alphas must prove their worthiness first

Me gusta

Because Sherlock/Fem!John is my weak spot.

alwaysagirl!John can hold her own, and she doesn't need a man to protect her. She was in the army. She's strong enough on her own.

But maybe sometimes she likes being protected. Maybe she likes it when Sherlock takes care of her. Maybe sometimes it's nice when Sherlock punches anyone who makes a rude comment towards her.

Joan is having a rough day with the Yarders, and Sherlock sees this.

Fluff and Smut and all kinds of adorableness would earn whoever fills this a million cool points.

Re: Because Sherlock/Fem!John is my weak spot.

We seem to be ridin' in the same boat, kateflys, because Sherlock/Fem!John are so totally my weak spot, too. NEGL.

I have infinite want for this... Straight up. XD

Reading through, I've found that the stories where girl!John has a baby have a reasonable proportion of them where it's a planned act, whereas girl!Sherlock seems to inevitably get pregnant by accident.

What I would love to see is a story where girl!Sherlock decides she wants a baby (maybe after she comes back from the fall she wants to pass on her genius? Mycroft says something to talk her into it? She thinks John will be more likely to stay if they have a family, idk.) and proceeds to go about trying to make this happen.

Extra cookies if Sherlock and John aren't in an established relationship when she propositions him.

(Sherlock/John preferred, but if the author wants to have Sherlock try a few of the other men in the series because John initially said no, I wouldn't say no to a jealousy fest!)

John/Sherlock or Sherlock/John - Quote prompt [Warnings for probable sex in the fill?]

"I'll fuck you so hard you'll forget the atomic composition of hydrogen."

"That would be incredibly ambitious of you."

Run with it, lovely anons!
Note: I'm not sure, but the first line may have come from somewhere on Tumblr. If this is an issue, one of the mods can delete this prompt.

Re: John/Sherlock or Sherlock/John - Quote prompt [Warnings for probable sex in the fill?]

Yes!!!! Second!!

ACD/BBC crossover with a dash of slash

Sherlock wakes up one morning to find that someone has stolen his mobile phone. And his dressing gown. All his own clothes too. And the room stinks of pipe tobacco. Things get worse when he ventures out in his sheet to demand an explanation, only to find a John with a posher accent and a great deal of excess facial hair, and a Mrs Hudson who calls him "Mr Holmes". And a Baker Street full of horse-drawn carriages.

Meanwhile, Holmes awakes to a noisy, run-down 221B full of the most fascinating electric contraptions and unnervingly casual Dr Watson and Mrs Hudson who both call him Sherlock. He soon gets to work exploring the wonders of the disappointingly familiar 21st century (still plenty of murders and burglaries to solve, and though this Lestrade has strangely tanned skin and unnaturally white teeth, the Met is still as incompetent), though he is momentarily distracted when he sees two men kissing in a soap opera and is subsequently informed that buggery is legal.

Both Sherlocks initially play along with their friends' assumption that they are the "right" Sherlock Holmes, including working on the other's current case, but eventually have to tell Watson the truth and enlist his help to get back. The 19th century Watson takes this as a license to tell Sherlock all the things he has been keeping carefully repressed in his Victorian chest, while the 21st century John starts to wonder whether his Sherlock is as interested in "buggery" as Holmes (the 19th century Watson soon gets the answer to that question).

Basically, fun with the different historical periods and writing styles + some crossover Watson/Sherlock and John/Holmes. :)

Re: ACD/BBC crossover with a dash of slash

I totally second this. It sounds fascinating.

Sherlock/John as greasers AU?

okay i saw this post on tumblr

and this needs to be done

maybe in a crybaby style? idk I'll love you forever if you do this. John can be a preppy boy with a cheerleader girlfriend and white picket fence future and Sherlock a bad boy, maybe they get acquainted by accident, or John finds Sherlock drunk in the gutter or something I DONT KNOW, totally up to the author. Sherlock shows John the fun/wild side of life etc.

I will literally love you forever if you do this :))))

Re: Sherlock/John as greasers AU?

Yes, this should DEFINITELY be made. Please and thank you.



Re: Please?

omg yes yes yes

I want every rom-com fusion in history.

Sherlock Butt Plug

After research or a case, Sherlock finds that using a butt plug grounds/centers/soothes him and he just really likes the feeling of being filled and sometimes quite stretched. He finds pleasure in it.

He finds that he's using them more and more until he has one basically in 24/7 of ever increasing size. He feels the small ones are fairly useless for him now and takes great care in making sure they are lubed and things are well maintained so he can have them in so often.

So, sitting on the couch thinking about a case? Plugged. Experiment taking too long in the kitchen? That's ok, he can pass the time rocking back onto the base of the toy reminding himself it's there and for his benefit/pleasure. Out for dinner at Angelo's and a little bored? That's ok, he can squeeze around the silicon and mentally draw himself back to the wonderful feelings that just feel SO DAMN GOOD.

Can John then find out about it (no preestsblished relationship) maybe one year in? As a doctor he is concerned about the sphincter? This turns into John realising as he 'checks' Sherlock how much the man loves anal play and the two start something where they often take time to try all sorts of different toys on Sherlock who is just like 'well this benefits me and I like John'. John loves it too and gets off on it. They start regularly fucking and a relationship.

Happy with wherever you take it :)

Bonus: whether true or not John tells Sherlock that all the wear has stretched him so that from now on he'll have to wear some sort of toy at all times. This turns them both on to no end, maybe some extended talk about what he's done to his body and how he NEEDS them now and NEEDS John's help.

Extra bonus: John takes over buying the toys, some Sherlock pretends to protest at the size but he secretly is into it (dub con warning?). John helps him swap plugs in the morning from the night time to day. It is a shared ritual. Perhaps he also helps him with a daily enema too?

Re: Sherlock Butt Plug


Seconded. Especially at Sherlock (pretending?) to protest at the size. Struggling with size is one of my all time kinks.

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(Deleted comment)

Dysfunctional Relationship

(inspired by Maroon 5's song "One More Night")

Established relationship. Sherlock and John fight every day.

After fights, John usually leaves in a huff, blows off steam at a pub or goes gambling, comes back home and has sex with Sherlock. This happens every day. John constantly tells himself "just one more night, then I'm done." But he never follows through. He wants to leave, but can't for some reason.

Up to author whether they sort themselves out or if they finally break it off. Happy ending or no happy ending--all is fine with me.

Re: Dysfunctional Relationship

This is really short. I might do something longer, but here's this for now, anyway.

It was the eighth time this month, and the month wasn’t even halfway over. John knew, he knew he should just… Well, just what, really? Just leave? Just walk out on… Whatever it was that Sherlock had become? Because they’d passed flatmates a long time ago, and friends a while after that, and Christ, was there even a word for what they were now? Lovers, God no, and boyfriends was just as bad. Friends with benefits didn’t fit, as there was more… Permanence in what they had. Maybe there was no term for them, best friends who had sex and fought and yelled and screamed and stormed out and came back and had more sex. And every time, after John had left, when he’d decided he had fucking had it, that this was it, that it was over, like clockwork, that SMS would come through. Two words and a set of initials, that was all it took to break his resolve. One more night, he would sigh. He can have one more night. “Come home. SH.”

Study In Pink Epilogue. hurt!Sherlock/comfort!John

Remember how Sherlock gets hit by a car not once but twice chasing down the taxi? After the events of the episode, they are back at 221B and John discovers Sherlock's bruises. John immediately goes into Doctor mode, Sherlock is confused because no one has ever cared about his injuries/taken care of them before. Gen or slash or pre-slash, it's all fine.

Bonus if Sherlock flinches away from John at first because he honestly doesn't understand being cared for.

Re: Study In Pink Epilogue. hurt!Sherlock/comfort!John

I second all h/c !

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John, Joan and the Sherlocks

Somehow, either Sherlock and Joan are in BBC London, or John and Sherlock are in CBS New York.

Moriarty is taunting them, so they must team up to solve the case.

Re: John, Joan and the Sherlocks

I really want John to flirt with Joan and BBC!Sherlock to get jealous,while CBS!Sherlock doesn´t give a f*ck

He *is* his heart

At the same moment Sherlock got shot by a criminal, in the other side of London a man called John Watson dies.
It could have been the end if Mycroft hasn't decided to save his brother at all cost and thanks to his minor position in the British government he is powerful enough to find a heart compatible with Sherlock.
The operation is a success, Sherlock's body accepts the new heart extraordinarily well.

Still... since then he has grown fond of tea and cuddly jumpers, dreams about Afghanistan, has a psychosomatic pain in the leg and a stiff shoulder and worse, he is nice with people!
One day while on a case about supposed 'serial suicides', someone praises him and no one is here.
It is there that Sherlock realizes that his heart is talking.

Partly inspired from studies about the supposdely existence of memory cells.

Re: He *is* his heart

I really love this prompt.

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