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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock/John or gen - cloned offspring

Slight sci-fi flavored AU:

Years before the events of A Study in Pink, junkie Sherlock donated tissue samples (possibly including seminal fluids) to a particular science program intent on studying cloning in humans. He needed the money for his next hit and, after briefly investigating the men behind the program, decided the likelihood of their successfully cloning anything while his sample was still viable was low, and that he didn't really care very much if they did succeed.

John also contributed to the study, for whatever reason you choose, whenever you choose. (Perhaps while in medical school, to make ends meet, or just before shipping off to Afghanistan, as one last remainder of himself?) This all involved signing a nondisclosure agreement, waiving rights to any potential clone tissues (which seemed laughable at the time), and was all legally sanctioned (thus the AU).

Then, whenever you'd like to set this, there's a sensational news story: human cloning is possible, to an extent — DNA must be combined in some form if the clone is meant to be more than some tissue or a small organ, which is great news for couples who have trouble conceiving (if they have a ton of money, of course). That includes same-sex couples, too. And they have several children, X years old, who are fully cloned humans from recombined DNA! Who, shortly after being revealed as clones, are also revealed to, in some cases, be seeking out their genetic donors.

John gets a call shortly thereafter that one of the cloned children was created in part with his sample, and would he like to meet the child? He doesn't know, at first, that the child was also created with some of Sherlock's sample. Well, a lot of Sherlock's sample. At least 40% Sherlock. Whether Sherlock is around or interested in meeting the child, well...

Preferably no established relationship if there is one, and all other details (including whether it's a 50/50 donor split, or 70% Sherlock/30% John, or 42% Sherlock/25% John/8% Molly/25% various other people, etc) are up to any potential filler.

TL;DR — Sherlock and John both donated genetic samples to a cloning program, and John eventually learns that a human child has been cloned from their combined DNA.

Sherlock and Corgi!John

The adventures of Sherlock and tubby!Corgi!John, the dynamic detective duo.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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Re: Sherlock and Corgi!John

How cute!



Mycroft used to like "leg work"...well not LIKE it but was fine with it because of how much he traveled and moved around, finding trouble to get into and making 'friends' from all over who were powerful and wealthy.

Then something happened to him that made him want to stay closer to home and work for the government from behind a desk.

...I have just been watching The Worst Journey in the World and Mark Gatiss is in it which makes me want to see Mycroft traveling.

When Moriarty dreams, he dreams about being god. When Sherlock dreams, he dreams about being a superhero.

When John dreams, he dreams about the nightmarish war in his mind fought between the hero and the god.

All hearts are broken

Mycroft has a heart attack.

(prefer no character death)

Miss You (Mycroft/Lestrade - established relationship)

Greg is on the night shift, he's usually just getting in as Mycroft is leaving for work. They're surprised how much they miss each other.

Maybe some frantic frottage in the hall, or maybe some fluffy sleepy cuddling?

Re: Miss You (Mycroft/Lestrade - established relationship)

My soul for this fill! Pleeeeeease, someone write this!

Omegas are insatiable during Heat. The first day is pretty relaxed and easy; it gets them ready for the second and third (or however long you make it), when they're begging to be fucked over and over and over...

Sherlock is an alpha and John is currently his omega (I suppose you could switch, but the idea is smug!Sherlock being cut off guard appeals). He's excited for Heat, incredibly, and keeps grinning and preparing with gusto. John's amused, because he knows what Heat is like and keeps trying to tell Sherlock, who won't listen.

Cue Heat, and Sherlock being sore and dead tired by the end of it (How does John do it?), and John totally refreshed. I think there a fic somewhat like this out there, so I'd love a ryti...or whatever they're called aha, if you have it.

(If you really want, go any other pairing. Seeing Greg making Mycroft exhausted or vice versa would make OP very happy. Or John and Mycroft hnng <3 Anything, really. Just porn pls)

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Re: Insatiable Omegas

Seconding the fuck out of this! And also, Johncroft hnng, as you so rightly put it!


John: *pokes Sherlock's nipple* Is this your power button?
Sherlock: *exasperated sigh*
John: Lets see, press and hold to restart....
Sherlock: .....
John: ......
Sherlock: *hums windows start up tune*
John: *giggle fit*

Re: Fluff!

Basically, little things Sherlock does to make John giggle.
That is all!

Re: Fluff! (Anonymous) Expand

John/Sherlock height difference

Anything porny featuring their height difference. Is it an advantage or a problem? Whatever floats your boat.

is it too soon for xmas?

Sherlock tries to have a romantic Christmas with John however things don't workout quite as planned. Sherlock gets upset but John cheers him up.

Guys, imagine...

It's that scene in RBF where Sherlock hold a gun to his head and declares John his hostage before they run away from the Met (world).

Except Sherlock accidentally pulls the trigger.

Re: Guys, imagine...

Nope. No.

Re: Guys, imagine... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Guys, imagine... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Guys, imagine... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Guys, imagine... (Anonymous) Expand


Kay, have you checked out the Bondlock is go site?

No joke, we all NEED more Bond/ John fanfics.

How about some hardore, badass, MOFO... fluff? Just these two epic gun-wielding men just chilling out together in a good ol' English pub?

I have an insane urge to see The Professor from Futurama be a super-old version of Sherlock or John.
Why, brain? Why?

Scumbag Brain

Lol, why not?

Height Exchange

Basically, all I want is John and Sherlock switching Heights. It can be AU where they've always been that way, one of Moriarty's schemes, I don care. I just want tall!John, short!Sherlock. Is Mycroft more protective? Is Sherlock less mean? More? Run with it, anons!
(By the way, this is a re-prompt that I never saw a fill for, thousands of parts ago. If someone can point me to a fill, I'll be happy there too)

I Re: Height Exchange

I was just thinking this lying in bed last night. Are you me, nonnie?

Re: I Re: Height Exchange (Anonymous) Expand

Christmas after the Fall

So Sherlock is back in time for Christmas and it's super awkward because Mrs Hudson really wants John and Sherlock with her during Christmas Eve. Sherlock is uncomfortale but willing, but John is still furious. Bonus points if Mrs Hudson is determined to have the bestest Christmas party ever and makes Sherlock wear the ugly jumper she made for him.

Mycroft/John Jumper sex.

Mycroft/John. Wooly Jumper sex involving Mycroft being on bottom feeling strangely comforted by the wooly jumper.

Bonus: its mentioned that you can just see Johns cute bottom sticking out from under the jumper.

Re: Mycroft/John Jumper sex.

Yes!!! A thousand times YES. :D


D/s, enema kink

John gives Sherlock an enema, a REALLY big one. Once Sherlock's as full as possible, he plugs him up with a nice big remote-controled vibrating buttplug. Then John enjoys himself doing things like cuddling and rubbing Sherlock's belly, making him crawl around the room, and of course playing with the vibe's controls. When Sherlock finally gives the signal that he can't take anymore, John quickly replaces the plug with his cock and fucks him hard. (Consensual prefered)

Bonuses for description of aftercare and this being the first time they've tried this particular game.

Re: D/s, enema kink

I want this so much!
And a fill for the prompt I'd love too please.

Omegaverse from the beta's point of view

Anything based on the below:

“You think it’s simple when you start out. That the size of your knot and the flavour of your hormones are less important than love. Then before you know it you’re 6 years down the line and your bedroom smells of alpha” The crowded London pub at happy hour doesn’t seem the right place to be saying this and she isn’t the right person to be telling nor is he the right person to be telling her but they’re there. He needs to say it and she needs to hear it. So he takes a gulp of his beer and continues, “but you love her so you don’t do anything until you walk in and she’s still mid rut with her alpha.

“And she’s happy, really happy, like you haven’t seen her in years with him but pride gets in the way and you don’t say anything until you’re… you have a…” he trails of absently finishing his beer as he tries to find the right word. “A something, a messy fucked up something with your colleague.” He finishes the sentence bitterly.

“Sitting in an abortion clinic waiting for her to have your baby sucked out you say something.” he tries to surreptitiously wipe his eyes. “Trying for 6 years and it happens with her. What she wanted least from me.” His voice breaks and the sound of people laughing rushes over his head. “Then our boss is scouting her out and god knows he’s better for her than me.

“It never works, Molly.” he stands unsteadily. “Want another?” he asks tilting the empty glass at her.

Blinking she turns to face him, “Uh, yeah sure.” Looking at his face she can see herself reflected. “We’re not like them are we?”

Ok I've been reading some ACD again recently and I just feel so bad for kindly old fat lazy Mycroft. I wanna see ACD Mycroft kicking the butt (in a literal or metaphorical way) of BBC Mycroft.

Supernatural crossover - They are both hunters

So i have discovered the awesomeness of crossovers and read a few(a lot?) of supernatural ones - love 'em to pieces but...
well, most of them have John or Sherlock being or becoming a hunter and either telling the other or trying to keep it from the other for some time until the final revelation and all that... its nice and i like ti but being the sucker for improbable scenarios and ridiculous coincidences that i am i would love to see one where -

- one of them is a hunter born into a family of hunters - growing up with the knowledge
-the other finds out during the 3 year period of Sherlock's supposed death and accommodates the supernatural into their life without the others help or guidance and again, tries to keep it from the other assuming the other would never buy it in a million years but alas somehow it all comes out, of course :D

- methinks it could work both ways so ascribe roles as you see fit :)
i am primarily interested in the moment of -holly fuck you too? but will be grateful for anything with the premise - make it angsty make it funny (no crack though, please) make it long make it short - anything goes really

RTYIs welcome as long as they match the conditions Thanks :)

-long prompt is long, sorry

TL;DR - they are both hunters and trying too keep it from each other until its impossible

criminal!sherlock and priest!john

I would like for criminal mastermind Sherlock to have been friends with John, a priest, since they were children. John knows little to nothing about Sherlock's criminal world and often thinks he is protecting Sherlock when it is the other way around. Sherlock lets John be the good and knows that his own soul is already tarnished so much that heaven will not take him, but John believes in him and that's all he needs.

Bonus if John somehow gets caught up in one of Sherlock's fights (like he gets kidnapped because some other criminal has been watching and knows they're close) and Sherlock comes to the rescue, all distraught that he brought his evil on John.

Extra bonus if Moriarty is the other criminal mastermind that Sherlock is caught in a fight with.

Please you amazing people, I need this! I will totally take fic recs (or rtyi I think is what you call them? Lol, I have no idea what that stands for though...), I just really really want this in my life...

Beauty and the Geek/Reality TV AU

Mycroft, Sherlock and Jim are the Geeks.

Lestrade, John and Sebastian are the Beauties.


Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita) Fusion J/S

I want young, homeless John meeting Mycroft, who unbeknownst to John is the guardian Deity of London, offering his home to John. What John doesn't know is that he is now a living god charged with the duties that Mycroft has shirked for two decades. To complicate matters Sherlock is charged with the protection of the young living god and forced to live as his familiar. John is a reckless and compassionate deity trying to fulfill his duties at all costs, even endangering himself to do so.



Mycroft: Mikage

ECT. I'm sure that there are several BBC characters that could be substituted for supporting K.K. characters.

Reprompt. Sherlock Deduces that Mycroft has been beaten recently

Mycrofts been spanked/caned/whipped recently (con or noncon either way), showing up at Sherlocks for an emergency (that much of an emergency he has no choice) and Sherlock deducing it and pulling down his trousers to prove he's right.

Ficlet: How Could I Not - 1/1 - Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft/Sherlock Platonic Banter

"I never thought you as the type." Sherlock looked up at Mycroft and winced; however, it was not so much in sympathy, as in utter surprise.

"The type to what, Sherlock?" Mycroft asked, irritation evident. He was shifting on his feet and would not sit - with good reason.

"Then again, you do have that whole old Englishman thing going for you..." Sherlock quipped, before raising an eyebrow. "Wait, it was consensual, yes, Mycroft?"

"What are you going on about, Sherlock?"

"You've been caned recently," Sherlock said, looking down at his fingernails, as if they were more interesting than Mycroft's red face. There was a hint of a gleam, however, in his crystal clear eyes. "At least a dozen times, judging by the movement of your body. Standard diameter cane, hardwood of some kind. Springy. Left as lasting mark. Done approximately a day, possibly two days ago."

"How can you deduce that?" Mycroft choked, indignantly.

"How can I not?" Sherlock returned.


Sherlock sighed heavily and stood up, before pulling his brother's trousers down in one swoop, pants and all. Mycroft's bare behind was covered by at least a dozen deep red horizontal lines. "So consensual yes, Mycroft?" he asked.

Mycroft gritted his teeth. "Yes, Sherlock."

"Do give Greg my love."

Mycroft replaced his trousers. "You bloody remember his name now..." he grunted.

"He now interests me."

John didn't think that punch through...

So we've seen the scenario: Sherlock comes back from the dead and John punches him in the face. As a result Sherlock ends up with a fairly profuse nosebleed and John... well, you'll remember that the last time John saw Sherlock with blood all over his face wasn't a good one.

Full-blown panic attack or not, I want that hurt lathered on thick and achy before the comfort arrives.

Re: John didn't think that punch through...

This please.


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