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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Pit Sherlock against the baddie from your other favourite fandom.


(I know this is long, but please hear me out!)

Okay, so basically I'd like to see a situation where Moriarty kills John, and some time after that Sherlock starts hearing the deadman talking to him. At first Sherlock thinks he is simply going mad (angst! aannnggsstt (bonus points if he howls with grief or something and staggers around the flat with no purpose, give me angst)), but ghost!John reassures him this is real, and that Sherlock's affection for John allows him to stay in this world for some limited time, and that Sherlock can bring John back if he kills Moriarty before time runs out.

Which he finally does? A happy ending, anyone? I know this is weird and random but MAKE IT WORK, PLEASE ;O;

Can be established J/S or developing relationship (bonus bonus points if it is the latter and there is a phrase "All it took us to acknowledge our affection is my death, why am I not surprised?")

More bonus points if Sherlock manages to convince Lestrade John is really there, and they go off to find Moriarty together, because it is kind of personal for DI, too (kickass!bros ftw, non?)


In short, Moriarty kills John, ghost!John comes to Sherlock and tells him he must kill Moriarty to bring John back.

(Mycroft, I know you are probably upset over this prompt, but I seriously don't think those are letters)

J/S (or just john and sherlock) - war AU

AU pre-series (or where John's inquires weren't so bad so he didn't leave the army). He meets Sherlock when a war is about to break out. Sherlock is sent to crack codes or some other job that requires a lot of complex brain work more so then political know how (such as Mycroft's) or the level of 'leg work' John's would require.

John is sent to fight/be a medic. He is an incredible valuable one and often finds himself in high stake situations.

BONUS:They both survive and meet each other after the war. Its a complete coincidence that they meet because they lost touch and were in the process of trying to seek each other out.

BONUS: How does their work relationship as a consulting detective and his 'colleague' change?

Re: J/S (or just john and sherlock) - war AU

I am just here to troll a bit and say that Mycroft probably has a bit more than political knowledge seeing as how in canon and the show he has out deduced Sherlock.

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"Welcome to Deadwood. It can be combative."

Please someone.  1870s fusion, NOT ACD's Holmes and Watson but our Sherlock and John:

What would bring them to America?  Specifically to Deadwood, Dakota Territory?

Yes, I'm prompting for a Sherlock/Deadwood crossover.  Casefic would be best but feel free to slash the hell out of it.


Al Swearengen, who despite his Americanized accent was born in (IIRC) Liverpool, still refers to Sherlock and John as "those Limey cocksuckers".

Their reaction to being called "cocksuckers" may vary in proportion with the story's slash content.

If it's set in S3 of Deadwood:  Cy Tolliver wants to recruit Doc Watson as a replacement for for the consumptive Doc Cochrane.  Cochrane recognizes this and warns John off, informing him in specific medically accurate detail of what practicing in Deadwood will involve (being the Gem's and the Bella Union's resident chancre mechanic and abortionist).

Kinship between John and Sol Starr.

Kinship between John and Doc Cochrane, who are both troubled by the feeling that as medical men they should have something more to work with than calomel, laudanum, and the amputation saw.

Sherlock and John immediately recognize (Sherlock perhaps half a breath sooner) that Jewel is of normal intelligence.  Or as Sherlock puts it, "Mr Swearengen's crippled servitress isn't the half-wit that both he and she present her to the world as being". (This brings the total number of people in the camp who recognize this to six including Jewel herself.)

Sherlock's Chinese is as good as Al's.  John's is better.  (Bear in mind that Al's Chinese is no better than Wu's English.) Sherlock enjoys pointing out, "Mr Swearengen, perhaps you should know that Dr Watson has a working knowledge of at least three of the multiplicity of distinct languages to which you refer by the collective label of 'Chink'."

Re: "Welcome to Deadwood. It can be combative."

Do we share a brain?! This is a fantastic prompt! Deadwood was cancelled way too soon.

Now would this be an "oops, we fell into a time worm-hole and look! we're in the Wild Frontier" sort of thing, or would they be from that time but just happen to resemble the BBC boys?


Sherlock is really loud when he masturbates, so he doesn't unless he knows for certain that John isn't home. Except one day John comes home early.

Re: Loud

Seconded holy mother of yes.

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John the journalist

John's original major/job was a journalist. He didn't become an army doctor until a particularly amazing internship / career opportunity took him overseas.

Re: John the journalist

Sounds like a plan to me!!


near character death

Sherlock not listening to something Mycroft says almost gets Mycroft killed.

Re: near character death


John/Sherlock, coming out

I just want something where Sherlock realizes that he's gay (and in love with John, though that can come later) and has a seriously difficult time dealing with it. He hates feeling so weak about it, that he's not above it all enough to tell everyone he meets and feel confident, but he just feels very... human about it. He thought he was asexual or just had a low sex drive or was very good at controlling his reactions to women, but when he realizes otherwise, it floors him.

I want him going through exploring his own sexuality (ideally on his own, to start; masturbation and fantasies, and maybe even porn), coming out to John, Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, maybe even Irene and Lestrade, and eventually deciding he'd very much like to try the whole "relationship" thing out, except he really wants to try it with John, and John doesn't appear to be interested. (In reality, of course, John just learned to stamp down those feelings a while ago.)

Angst and comfort and vulnerable!Sherlock (as vulnerable as he can be, that is; I imagine his "vulnerable" is still pretty stoic). Lots of porn is a plus.

Re: John/Sherlock, coming out

Oh, that would be brilliant. Tracking in the hopes someone fills this!

John/Sherlock*- bluring dimensions

AU where the Sherlock and John from there are in two completely different universes but the line between the two is so thin that they can sometimes cross over in a ...very strange way.

This is what I was thinking: Its like having a flatmate that is invisible because sometimes a random object appears like say a teapot and John thinks 'I've never seen this here before did the previous owner leave it?' And then in Sherlock's universe the tea pot moves and of course being Sherlock he KNOWS it moved. Sometimes stains appear on walls or someone finds a skull staring back at them and it scares the crap out of them. As the line continues to blur maybe one of them sees the others reflection. Maybe they see a man walking into a room and not coming out. Or someone sees bullet holes on the wall... and then almost gets shot.

No, these are not scenarios that need to be in it. Its just that I wanted to make sure that I was understandable. I would have hated if I made my prompt confusing. :)

It doesn't have to be at Baker street. It can be pre-series with Sherlock in montague st and John in his own army issued room.

+5 At least one scene where one of them caresses an object or place the other person has touched.

+10 They can see each other(through a mirror?), feel each other, and/or just hear each others voices...they use this to get off.

+15 They find others like them.

+20 They end up meeting.

*I really would love if this was filled so if J/S is not your thing I'd be okay with another, non genderbent pair.


omg I AM sorry. I forgot to add the two bonuses that made me think of this to begin with. They start by communicating by leaving little post its on the walls or cabinets in hopes that the other person will read them and know their there. I thought Sherlock would do this to inform the 'burglar' that he is watching for him while John thinks its a ghost. And then somehow John saves Sherlock at some point even though he later complains that Sherlock should get his own tea John is actually very attached to him at that point. :/ Sorry

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Sherlock/Joan (relationship or gen)

"I can't do this right now Harry! There's a fucking crime scene in my pants!"

Harry is trying to get Joan to do something. Joan is on her period and tells Harry no because there is "a crime scene in her pants."
Sherlock only hear's "crime scene" and gets curious, cue awkwared interaction because they are not in a relationship and Sherlock has no right to be trying to look in her pants. Ever.

Ends in fluffy friendship or some kissing (although kissing and tentative relationship would be mega awesome)

Re: Sherlock/Joan (relationship or gen)

LOL Reminds me of a horrible vacation where I was stuck in a broken carnival ride with "a crime scene in my pants".

Watson. John Watson.



Bonus: John is still a doctor first. Much to the annoyance of pretty much everybody.

Re: Watson. John Watson.

Oh my dear, do I ever have good news for you.

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AU, probably with a strong fantastical element:

John has given so much, he can only be asked to give more.

John has shown himself ready to die for his country.  He's shed his own blood and others'.  He has in a very real sense dedicated his existence to another.  This is not Suicidal!John -- he loves being alive, enjoys every moment and every aspect.

This makes him the perfect sacrifice to the High Gods.

And all the more perfect for being a willing sacrifice.  It's not a sacrifice to relinquish something you don't care about.  John's very love for his own life makes it the greatest gift of all for him -- the chosen one -- to stride unhesitating to the high altar, drop to his knees there in the sunlight, and bare his throat for the blade (or whatever method you have in mind).

Sherlock may have another opinion.

But if this is what John wants to do?

Fill: The Rest Of My Days (all for you)

So, I appear to have focused on the sacrifice and almost none of the world building, though some is there. I love this prompt, it is exactly the kind of thing I have been writing and then hiding under my bed for the past six years. It is so very beautiful as a concept.

I may write the rest of this one day, of the arguments they had before hand. But I like it as it is, a small accepting thing with a background for your minds to play with.

So major character death, and blood, and a kind of poetry in the silence of them. Those are the warnings.

It is an honour, and he will, no matter how much Sherlock kneels before him with his dark head buried in John's lap and begs him not to go, and then stands before him and demands.

He will.

This is the best his life has ever been, and the best it will be, he knows this. Why would he not want to go out on a high, in a blaze of glory so bright that it will outshine, for those minutes of bleeding life loss, the sun?

Sherlock? Sherlock's name is in the pool of options for next year. They always catch the other up.

He loves his life here, in the centre of London with a fantasic madman and everything that he comes with. It makes him thankful that he signed up for the army, thankful that he chose medicine and healing, thankful even, that a bullet struck him. John is a firm believer in 'que sera, sera', as the spaniards say.

Sherlock is holding on to the back of his jacket. Carefully, each motion deliberate, John unfurls his fingers from the cloth and guides his hands to the shoulders of John's coat. He sees Sherlock swallow and then slowly remove it and then kneel down for shoes and socks. The rest of his clothes follow. He came into this world naked and he will leave it the same way. It is a very quiet, very intense. Sherlock is treating him like an icon of one of the Gods, something to be worshiped. Then again, he always has.

The air is warm and sunlight bright on the skin of his back when Sherlock takes his face in careful hands and applies his lips to the centre of his forehead, lingers. He draws back slowly and then matches his brow to the same spot.

"My eternal man," Sherlock says, his own enderment. "I shall see you in a year."

"A year," John replies and they both quirk a smile, the same twitch of humour.

The walk is long for the stretch of dissapearing time and no other reason. Never has he been more aware of the blood in his veins, of the electric of his brain, of the vitality in his body. Sherlock is a ghost one foot behind him.

He lets his knees find the stone before the supplication ground. He raising his arms, unhesitating. "I give you my past days," he says and the priest glids the obsidian glass along his right arm, "and their life blood. I give you my future days, and their life blood too." The same process on the left, and red spreads smoothly over his arms like a second skin and then the stone once he cannot hold them up any more.

His heart, oh Gods his heart, thundering and spitting, fighting against the lowering pressure, he can feel himself burning and shining and he cannot stay upright any longer and falls back... against careful hands that bring him to rest against Sherlock's chest. He lets his head loll back into Sherlock's neck and a scented darkness.

Is there a more heavenly reason, or way to die? For Sherlock's next year, for everyone's next year, for life and love and joy and wonder, and in the arms of his brilliant man.

It feels like a gift, and like a first breath in reverse.

He is everywhere.

Sherlock, ?: eating disorder

This plot bunny begins pre-series:

For one of his cases Sherlock joins a pro ana/mia forum (probably to observe someone). It's a very strict forum where you've to take part in weight loss competitions, upload photos of your 'progress', submit your daily weight and stuff like that (it's clearly a "pro" forum, not a "with" forum!).

Since Sherlock doesn't want to blow his cover and doesn't think it's a big deal, he decides to lose some pounds while working on the case. It's all up to you how you portray his eating disorder and its development.

But at some point addiction kicks in and he can't stop anymore. He even keeps his account after the case has been solved and he's still an active member of the community when he meets John at the beginning of the series.

One day Sherlock comes home and when he switches his laptop or mobile phone on, he sees that someone deleted his account.

It's your choice who did it and if Sherlock ever finds out. Anyway, he's smart enough to get the message...


Sherlock had some kind of eating disorder before he joined the forum. Maybe as a teen but he got it 'under control' (at least enough to not get seriously ill but stay thin). So he doesn't consider the forum as a trigger for himself.

Re: Sherlock, ?: eating disorder

Okay yeah. I'll fill this.


"I would choose you, you know. If you asked me to. If you let me."

Yeeeees! Johnstrade doesn't get enough love.

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Sherlock/Dimmock (TW: mpreg)

Sherlock/Dimmock mpreg.

Angst, fluff, omegaverse or not - whatever the style/genre the author chooses. Sherlock or Dimmock carries it - I do not care. I just would like to see some Dimmlock mpreg if you please.

everyday i'm tumblring

Sherlock gets a tumblr. maybe he gets tried of hearing about john's blog and goes 'FINE JOHN I'LL START MY OWN BLOG ABOUT OUR CASES LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT' and ends up tumblr famous idk I just need sherlock with a tumblr


Re: everyday i'm tumblring

"I'll start my own Tumblr! With honey, and nude pictures of you! In fact, forget the Tumblr!"

*cough.* Seconded.

John Hamish watson! Untie me this instant!

Five things that didn't make Sherlock come... (Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock/m/f/whatever)

...and the one thing that did (of course).

When Irene comes across Sherlock during the "hiatus", she decides to seduce him. Despite not being very interested, he plays along, both because he's bored and miffed at John for getting married in his absence, but also because he's never explored his sexuality at all and is vaguely curious to know if anything really turns him on. He knows he can get an erection but he never manages to keep his hyperactive mind on sex for long enough to actually reach an orgasm.

So cue Irene using her formidable knowledge of what men can like and the full arsenal of modern tools at her disposal (from porn to toys to actual third-party participants of all sexes), leaving no kink or situation unexplored in her quest to get to the bottom of what makes Sherlock Holmes ... come.

Up to the author what that is. :)

Younger Lestrade brings little Sherlock to work with him (with his boyfriend Mycroft's permission) because it is bring your kid to work day. Hijinks ensue.

Johnlock rape fantasy with a twist

John and Sherlock are in a loving romantic relationship. John has a rape fantasy that Sherlock enjoys indulging once in a while. One day they are in the middle of one of their sessions on the couch, Lestrade arrives to give Sherlock details about a case. He stops outside the door and hears them having sex and is about to leave in embarrassment when he hears John very realistically protesting and begging Sherlock to stop. Thinking Sherlock is actually raping John, he busts in to save the day, finding them in a very graphic position.

HOWEVER.... Sherlock thinks John set this up to add more realism to their play, and John thinks Sherlock set it up. So they both continue staying in character. Sherlock incapacitates Lestrade and cuffs him to a chair, making him watch while he "rapes" John very graphically and convincingly.

afterwards, Sherlock makes a comment to John that bringing in Lestrade was a great idea, but John is like ".... I didn't invite him, I thought you did.." Or something like that. They realize what all that must have looked like to Lestrade and hastily explain that it was just a game.

I would like it if Lestrade was shamefully turned on while he thought it was actually rape. My undying love to whoever fills this!

Re: Johnlock rape fantasy with a twist

Hell, yes! This is both hot and hilarious!

Student/Teacher, Johnarity, TW: Dubcon, Darkish John, Greyish Jim

I'd like an AU where Jim's a teacher in his mid thirties to forties teaching high school or college students.

Enters the much younger John Watson, who persistently pursues him.

Jim isn't interested at all, but John's smitten (and maybe a bit driven by the thrill of the taboo and Jim's darker personality) and isn't stopping. Then, finally, John gets exactly what he wants - topping Jim.

How it all happens (and what comes after) is up to you. I'd like it if the relationship became consensual eventually.

Bonus x1: Teacher!Sherlock is between 35 to 45.

Bonus x2: Teacher!Sherlock likes John, but John only sees Sherlock as a friend. Jim likes Sherlock, but Sherlock doesn't like him back save for the various games they play (take that as you will)

Alternative: If you can't see John being the pursuing body, then flip it around: middle age Teacher!John is being seduced by a much younger Student!Jim. Bonuses still stand.

Because I've been indulging in my Student/Teacher and Oyaji (older man) kinks.

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Holiday Dining with John and Dimmock

John/Dimmock dining at a restaurant during the holidays (neither one is willing to cook) without any interruptions.


An experiment in the kitchen explodes, blinding John and scarring his face. John's anger and frar over being blinded and scarred manifests itself as him insisting that he move out as he is now useless to Sherlock.

Sherlock is guilt ridden as he had purposely made the experiment explode. He knew it would blid John and might even earn him some small scratches...but it needed to be done. That 1% chance of permanent injury didn't matter as it was such a small chance.

Sherlock, for the first time in his life, must be the one to be emotionally avalible and caring for someone. Something he doesn't hesitate to do-but finds difficult-when it comes to John.

When John discovers that Sherlock had purposefully experimented on him, the situation becomes worse

Happy ending or not: Up to author.

Please no role switch
NO self-harming, injured , eating disorder or drug using Sherlock as those are triggers.

Self-harming or eating disordered Sherlock.

H/c Johnlock if possible.

Angst angst angst.

No recommendations please, just because I'm sure I've already reda them.

More soon?

Sherlock hated Berlin. But he had hated Hong Kong, he had hated Sydney, he had hated Rio and he had hated Chicago. He was coming to the conclusion that he just hated anywhere that wasn't London.
He had been standing outside the house of Luis Bachmeier, Moriarty's European contact for over an hour. It had begun to snow. It never snowed heavily in Berlin but even this light snowfall was enough to break through Sherlock's coat and freeze his bones. Flakes got tangled in his dark locks and scattered along his shoulders and his nose. It would be dark soon. Sherlock still didn't move.
There was a beeping in his pocket. It was so quiet on the street that Sherlock almost wondered whether the sound had given him away. He was being paranoid of course, but paranoia had kept him alive so far.
He pulled the mobile out of his pocket. On the screen flashed a brief text message.
"John started work again today. Has lost weight. Didn't talk to anyone but patients the whole day. -MH"
Sherlock flicked away a snowflake that had fallen dangerously close to his eye. His thumbs worked quickly over the keypad.
"More Soon?- SH"


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