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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Lestrade goes into early labour.

Omega!Lestrade is pregnant with Alpha!Mycroft's baby. Because they're a modern couple, Mycroft doesn't insist on him staying at home for the whole pregnancy... Though he does get a bit more possessive, texting him at work, picking him up at the end of his shift and the like.

When Lestrade goes into labour on the job, Alpha!Sherlock and Omega!John take care of everything. Sherlock stands guard, exuding threatening scents while frantically trying to contact Mycroft, and John takes care of Lestrade. I'd quite like John to have to deliver the baby, but it's not totally necessary.

I'd like it to be only a few weeks early, or at least for there to be a happy ending.

Re: Lestrade goes into early labour.

You had me at Sherlock exuding threatening scents...

John, Sherlock and a cumsicle

Might be porny.

For whatever reason, John is circumcised.Sherlock finds out and is fascinated. Sex ensues.

Jim/Mycroft (warnings: prostitution, non-con, underage)

Mycroft and Sherlock are orphans and utterly destitute since their parents died. Mycroft, who was barely old enough to gain custody of Sherlock, supports them both by working secretly as an escort (while attending some high-class college on scholarship) and even though he is not exactly gorgeous he has quite a few regular clients because he is charming, inventive and a very, very capable lover.

One day his new client turns out to be a 13-15 year old kid and, naturally, Mycroft refuses him service as he is even younger than Sherlock. The boy (young Jim Moriarty) stubbornly insists on hiring him, saying he wants to lose his virginity with a skilled professional, and offers Mycroft a huge sum of money but is still declined and thrown out…

…So he comes back a few days later with a loaded gun, leaving Mycroft no choice but to do anything he asks for. (Feel free to swap a gun for any other instrument of coercion: a knife, explosives, incriminating pictures, threats to Sherlock's life… Whatever works for you.)

tl;dr: Creepy kid!Moriarty forces rent-boy!Mycroft to deflower him by threatening him with a gun.

PS: If you want to write a long-fic you could have Jim coming back over and over, but that's entirely up to you. I'd be quite happy with a oneshot. Also, Jim's POV preferred if possible, but not required.

Re: Jim/Mycroft (warnings: prostitution, non-con, underage)

This is bizarrely relevant to my interests. Yes please!

AU Victorian/Centaur (and a little BDSM-universe Johnlock, Mystrade)

There are no such thing as horses or cars in this world, but there are Centaurs. Who are treated by humans not only as transport/beasts of burden, but also as slaves since they are sentient and can talk. Mycroft, while being a 'miner' official of the government, is also the Lord of the Holmes Manor and has one of the best stables of Centaurs in the whole of England. An accomplished rider and with many 'steeds' at his disposal, his favorite is the calm dapple-grey centaur Lestrade (that he had personally broken and trained).

His younger brother Sherlock is another story altogether, he hates riding and prefers to call on the taxi-carriages for his main mode of transportation, letting the various drivers and their firmly controlled and bridled centaurs take him where he needed to go. But now that he's started this ridiculous 'hobby' of solving crimes and random mysteries in London, Mycroft insists that Sherlock get a Centaur.
So it is that Sherlock becomes the reluctant owner of a small, but sturdy sandy-colored veteran war-Centaur recently lamed and shipped back from Afghanistan, named John.

Re: AU Victorian/Centaur (and a little BDSM-universe Johnlock, Mystrade)

Totally seconding!

Sherlock has no shame.

So we all know from Scandal in Belgravia that Sherlock has no problem whatsoever with wandering around in the nude. I want a fic about this. Maybe a five times Sherlock wandered around naked unabashedly, and one time he was embarrassed by his nudity fic?

Re: Sherlock has no shame.

Oh, this would be lovely. It occurred to me too that Sherlock must be in the habit of wandering around completely naked. :)

Sherlock and Seb Wilkes were Kings of Narnia.

Sherlock and Seb Wilkes knew each other before. They spent hundreds of years together, growing old as Kings of Narnia. But when they returned, Seb decided it hadn't happened and Sherlock was left wondering how his friend could be so dull.

Perhaps 'everyone hating him at Uni' was because he was in charge of lawkeeping/punishments?

TW: Omegaverse, bondage

An Alpha/Omega couple are classed as 'Enlightened' if they behave as equals rather than the Alpha being the dominant breadwinner and the Omega being the demure housebeing.

When such a couple goes through heat, things get a bit trickier. The Omega is torn between his instinct (that he throw himself at his Alpha's feet and beg) and what he knows he wants (simply to make love). The Alpha is overcome with the desire to take care of his Omega - and at the same time to claim him.

Eventually, the Alpha suggests bondage. Perhaps if the Alpha were tied down, some sense of equality might be acheived. The Omega is game to give it a try.

Up to you how this goes. Does the Alpha feel he's unable to take care of the Omega? Does the Omega panic in a haze of hormones? Does the Alpha break the cuffs in a frenzy? Does it go off perfectly?

I prefer Johnlock or L/S, but any non-incest pairing would be marvellous.

Re: TW: Omegaverse, bondage


Inspired by the rant meme...

Sherlock farts in bed.

Sherlock/Lestrade or Sherlock/John

Sherlock/Elementary crossover

Mycroft Holmes is E!Sherlock's dad, who named him after his own brother just to piss him off.

Re: Sherlock/Elementary crossover


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Mycroft and Sherlock catch themselves a new father

A thief sneaks into Holmes manor, only to get caught in a trap and knocked out. He opens his eyes to both kid!Mycroft and kid!Sherlock standing over him.

Kid!Sherlock is pleased that his trap's done its job.

The three of them are the only ones in the whole estate. Mummy and Daddy Holmes are gone, the servants all dismissed, and so it's up to the Holmes brothers to look after everything. Which they've managed just fine, thank you, except for one little thing...

The neighbours are getting suspicious. It's been ages since they've seen either of the Holmes parents, let alone another adult soul around the estate...

Explanations done, kid!Mycroft and kid!Sherlock proceed to blackmail the thief into being their father. (With kid!Sherlock's aforementioned trap helping to speed things along.)

And kid!Sherlock being... Sherlock, the newly-formed family gets caught up in one mystery after the other.

The above plot outline (with a few changes & additions) is taken from Miyuki Miyabe's Stepfather Step, which I recently finished reading. I'd love to it transposed to the Sherlock universe! You're welcome to fill in the details, and the thief can be anyone really, although I'd prefer an OC (I can't imagine John or Lestrade as thieves...)

Re: Mycroft and Sherlock catch themselves a new father

I'd read it.

+ 1

Mollly and Moriarty, Warnings: Kidnapping, the rest is up to filler

Prompt: Persephone, Falling by Rita Dove

One narcissus among the ordinary beautiful
flowers, one unlike all the others! She pulled,
stooped to pull harder—
when, sprung out of the earth
on his glittering terrible
carriage, he claimed his due.
It is finished. No one heard her.
No one! She had strayed from the herd.

(Remember: go straight to school.
This is important, stop fooling around!
Don't answer to strangers. Stick
with your playmates. Keep your eyes down.)
This is how easily the pit
opens. This is how one foot sinks into the ground

How angry would John have to be, to smash Sherlock's violin against the wall?

(Do what you like with it, although I have a mental image of Sherlock so high he's played his fingers bloody.)

Gah! Pretty angry or at least not know just how much that thing costs!

Mystrade. Age difference

Young!early-20's Lestrade seduces reluctant Mycroft.

Mycroft is lonely and tired, he's 46 already and Sherlock has been a even bigger pain in the ass, with his new flatmate John who in turns out just as crazy as Sherlock if not more...

Letrade is an uniform who also happens to be around a few crime scenes where Sherlock solves cases in a matter of minutes. One day he notices the gorgeous middle aged man with an umbrella hovering around the crime scene and he decides to seduce him.

Mycroft is very reluctant and dismissive at first because it's not a sensible thing to do. But the boy is charming and has a knack for disarming people with his open smile...

They end up in bed eventually and Lestrade tops him.

Bonus points if Lestrade is somehow more experienced than Mycroft and Mycroft is the one who's more self-conscious and nervous in bed.

I have this specific scene in my head where Lestrade asks Mycroft in the middle of it how many men have seen him like that or done whatever he is doing to Mycroft convinced Mycroft is way more experienced than him given their age so Mycroft feels a bit ashamed that he's virtually a virgin at his age actually(no virginity bashing though)

Re: Mystrade. Age difference

Yes please!

D/s, Dom screws up

So I've read loads of D/s fics where the sub is punished by the Dom for something they did wrong and I absolutely love those fics! But it got me to wondering: what happens when the Dom screws up? Because let's face it, they're human and I want to see what the consequence would be.

So I would love a fic where Dom!John screws up for some reason upto the author (could be injuring himself mortally on a case, taking a scene too far or being unfair to sub!sherlock in a punishment.). How do they deal with it and what could be the consequences/punishment?

Teenage Frustration

Sexually frustrated 16yr old Mycroft desperately wanking in bed thinking about one of the boys in his class.

Re: Teenage Frustration


Can I see a crossover between our favourite detective shows! ;D

Not sure if it's been done already; if so, could I have an RTYI?

Fic, cosplay, song or vid fills are good too!

rentboy!Lestrade, Mycroft finds out.

So I just read this fic (, and while I love the concept, I'm not such a fan of Dark!Mycroft. So what I would really love to see is a similar concept--Lestrade was a rentboy in his youth, Mycroft finds out--but although Lestrade fully expects Mycroft to take advantage of the situation, he doesn't.

Mycroft doesn't need to be a saint; he can be trying to get information out of Lestrade, or just using it to hang over his head, but I'd like to see him with a moral code that stops somewhere short of manipulating the man into sex.

Either Mystrade of gen is equally acceptable.

Re: rentboy!Lestrade, Mycroft finds out.


(I do love dark!Mycroft, but this sounds like an interesting concept)

The Sherlock Cast Watch Elementary

Due to Sherlock's fame and the success of John's book (written during the hiatus) detailing his adventures, an american TV company wants to buy the rights and make a TV programme about it. John, not being terribly business savvy, agrees, thinking it will be a small scale documentary or similar. Instead to their horror Sherlock and John are sent the DVDs of Elementary, a fictionalised account of Sherlock Holmes' life in NY. What do they think of it? Is John annoyed to be represented by a woman? What does BBC Sherlock think of Elementary Sherlock's methods? Is he horrified/inspired by the tattoos? Does Lestrade feel jealous about being replaced by Gregson?

I'm thinking there would be a lot of snark about the show especially from Sherlock, please no straight up bashing of Elementary.

Re: The Sherlock Cast Watch Elementary


Husbands Jim and John

Can I have a story about Jim and John married to each other way before they meet Sherlock?

Jim is still a criminal mastermind and he keeps it a secret from John. However evil he is, he never harm, abuse or neglect John and he does care for John's well-being. They love each other until Sherlock comes up to John, telling him the truth about his husband.

No evil!John please.

RTMIs are welcome :)

Re: Husbands Jim and John



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Don't know if this has been prompted before, but I'd like to see a fill of Sherlock giving the eulogy at John's funeral, break my heart with a fic a song or art.

Even if it's John dying of old age.
Bonus: Instead of speaking, Sherlock composes a piece
Double bonus if you can keep Sherlock in character and he doesn't break down until he is very much alone. Or maybe he doesn't at all.

Re: Eulogy (teeny fill)

"I'm not going to be dull and tell you that John Watson was the most amazing man that ever lived, or be even more dull and tell you a highly fictionalised version of his life story between trembling lips. The second time I met John Watson, he shot a man before inviting me out to dinner. He had enough dull girlfriends to start a medium-sized dating website. His fashion sense was appalling. The meal he could cook with the most proficiency was beans on toast.
To say that John Watson was the most brilliant man who ever lived would be a statement so obvious that it is not worth saying. He was a complete idiot. And he was my best friend."

Quote prompt:

I'll love you forever
You will?
Yes that's the problem

use this how you wish but either make it really sweet or extremely angsty. No middle ground

Hey, I'm the anon who requested this and I really like what you came up with! :) it made me laugh and smile a lot, so no need to worry!
Thank you!!

Everyone (all the 'good guys', that is) knows Sherlock is a vampire. Largely people are fine with it - it's not like he asked to be changed, and he's more civilised than other vampires you hear about. In fact, it's just become another of his little quirks.

Until Moriarty finds out. And then suddenly every villain in London knows Sherlock's weakness(es), and doesn't hesitate to use them.

I'd like an h/c fic where Vampire!Sherlock gets supernaturally whumped, and his allies help him out.

Lestrade/Gregson (Elementary crossover)

They met while Gregson was with the Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism unit.

Could take place then, or later on - maybe Lestrade has to liaison with the NY police department, or maybe he just goes on vacation there or whatever.

Re: Lestrade/Gregson (Elementary crossover)

YES! Seconding!


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