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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Mystrade - Awkward winglock sex

I'd really like to see some cute awkward sexytimes that include attempting to work out the logistics of the thing with the added complication of Greg's massive wings, which keep getting in the way and having feathers yanked out, etc.

Re: Mystrade - Awkward winglock sex

Yes, please!

Mycroft says "cake-woman". I don't even know...

kid!John... All grown up

I love fics involving kid!John, especially those that incorporate Sherlock in some sort of parental role (either as a baby sitter, or where Sherlock is actually John's father, due to teenaged-experiements-resulting-in-unintended-consequences or something of the like).

BUT! As adorable as kid!John is, I always wondered what happens later on down the road, after the army, after John gets shot...

In short, I want recently-injured-John waking up to and being helped through his recovery with the help of parental-figure-Sherlock.

(Angst would be awesome; slash or gen, whatever shakes your boat)

Re: kid!John... All grown up

I love kid!John & parental!Sherlock too, just because it's so cute and out of the norm! Definitely seconding this!

Sherlock ships John and Mary

Sherlock doesn't want John to marry.
But if he does get married, he'd better marry Mary Mortsan.
She's smart (well for an idiot), she's sarcastic, she gives Sherlock as good as she gets from him and she's not bad looking, even by Sherlock's rather shoddy standards on the subject.
Not to mention that she has access to some highly confidential information, due to her job. Which she's willing to share.
In fact, Mary may be the only woman Sherlock could tolerate John marrying. If John went back to dating another boring school teacher, Sherlock doesn't think he could stand it.
So when it looks like John is about to screw this relationship up - like all the rest - Sherlock decides to take matters into his own hands.
Mary Mortsan could not be the fish that got away.

Re: Sherlock ships John and Mary

Seconded! I haven't read anything along these lines before.

John/Mary, Sherlock/Mary TW: Cheating? Mixed Feelings

Sherlock comes back after his hiatus and finds that John has either married or is engaged to Mary Mortsan.

Despite initial grievances and Sherlock being Sherlock and trying to sabotage John's relationships to monopolize John's time, Sherlock finds Mary to be likable and interesting. Slowly, ever so slowly, she grows on him and Sherlock consents to her being one of his many friend he doesn't have and marrying John.

However, he and Mary can't help but to be pulled together into a relationship. They don't want to hurt John, but they want each other.

Established John/Mary, eventual Sherlock/Mary. I don't want this instantly solved by threesome nor do I want Mary, John, or Sherlock portrayed as monsters who set out to ruin the relationship (though I'm sure that is the opinion of many a character). Can be a bittersweet ending, but no character death. I essentially want the topic of cheating to be covered intelligently.


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Sherlock becomes a dragon (maybe because of an unfortunate experience?). Not a dragon-size dragon but a human-size dragon.

Up to the author if Sherlock is depressed about is new appearance or if he is smug as hell because John is fascinated. Or maybe one after the other?

I imagine Sherlock would love to try his new "features": spewing fire, flying...

Anyway, I just would like a fic with Sherlock-as-a-dragon/John.

If you are up to porn, I take it too.

Considering I've been reading Dragon!Sherlock/Hobbit!John recently...


Sulking Sherlock (reprompt part XXX)

Sherlock is sulking and jealous because John has a boyfriend. Sherlock managed to tolerate insignificant girlfriends until now, but a boyfriend is simply not ok. Why should John pick another man when he could have Sherlock? Cue misunderstanding, epic sulking and then resolution with sexytiems and fluff galore.

John Watson Does Not Have A Magically Healing C*ck

Sherlock is asexual and he and John both know this. Sherlock thinks a sexual relationship with John might be different since they are very much in love. He does a ton of research on physical aspects of sex, realizes some asexuals have sexual relationships with their sexual partners and are OK with this. He is determined to make that work for him to please John (and not lose him). He tells John about this and John is convinced it will not work and he refuses to do it (Orientations don't switch, it would hurt Sherlock and John refuses to be put in any non con/ dub con situation).Sherlock is armed to the teeth with logic as to why they must try. Up to you how Sherlock does this- logic, manipulation, lust attack on John- but they get into bed and it turns out to be a disaster, even though Sherlock tries to hide this John is never fooled. John and Sherlock are both furious, and they eventually go back to being friends in love without the sex. And its fine.

Sherlock inspecting his menstrual fluid

(I don't know what is wrong with me, though I'm quite sure I'll burn in hell for that)

Alright, so, I'd really like to see sorta-hermaphrodite!Sherlock (simply a Sherlock that can mpreg, you know) collecting his menstrual fluid and examining it under a microscope. Reason? He wants to find his ovum (doing it the hard way, isn't it Sherlockian?). Reason for that? Up to you, anon!

Aaand John finding out about it and facepalming (fondly, I guess). J/S established/slash/preslash/whatever

PS Really guys, I don't know if anyone fills it, but I oh so hope :D
PPS "ccerja blood". Mycroft approves!

(OP is unable not to forget something)

Ah, and it would be just wonderful is someone manages not to crack this o_0

Johnlock staring Fem!Sherlock with John

Fem!Sherlock is a virgin because of reasons. When she and John start a relationship, Sherlock wants to dive right into sex, but John is reluctant because he's anxious about hurting Sherlock, whose hymen is still very much intact. The solution? John makes the effort to find time (a night? a week maybe? up to the author) for him to just finger Sherlock so the hymen will wear down enough for full fledge sexy times.

tl;dr John fingers virgin!fem!Sherlock consistently over a period of time to slowly stretch her hymen so it won't hurt when John takes her virginity.

Re: Johnlock staring Fem!Sherlock with John


John 'Tintin' Hamish Watson pr-prompt

Re prompting this for a friend cause its still an awesome idea. Saw a picture with John's head photoshopped onto Tintin's body. So my new head cannon is that he went on international adventures as a kid.

The real reason he's called Three Continents Watson is that when the troops arrived... people ALREADY knew John

Maybe while working with Sherlock John run's into Capt. Haddock or someone else who knew him as Tintin?

Bonus points if Sherlock never knew and was a total fan of Tintin's news articles.

Extra Bonus points/love for Mycroft knowing John was Tintin and need's his help, something Tintin related ^.^

I can't wait to see where Anon takes this idea I would love a fic, hell even a one shot. Please I neeeeeeeeeeeed this! It won't leave me alone

Re: John 'Tintin' Hamish Watson pr-prompt

Omg. Yes. This is the most adorable thing ever!

John is cheating on Sherlock. Sherlock knows but doesn't say anything.


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Sherlock and Mycroft are unaware the other is gay until they happen to meet each other in a gay club. Awkwardness ensues.

Bonus:they are both their with their boyfriends Johnlock and Mystrade.

Extra Bonus: Lestrade and John are friends (though unaware their boyfriends are related) and introduce the Holmes brothers to each other.

No incest or foursomes

Re: Humour


Re: Humour (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Humour (Anonymous) Expand
I want a romance story featuring Sherlock and John. More exactly, a parody of one of those trashy romance paperbacks with Fabio and some busty chick on the front cover. I want all the tropes associated with those paperbacks: awkward (but not unbearable) prose, weird dialogue that can't possibly be considered realistic, John as a free spirited Victorian heroine who positively refuses to be married to someone she doesn't love, Sherlock as the cold, brooding and very rich man who needs saving and doesn't want anything to do with romance; anguished declarations of love that lead to passionate kissing and the awkward, laughable sex. Maybe throw an arranged marriage to Moriarty somewhere.

Make me laugh, please.

Bonus: Pirates!
Bonus numero dos: Lestrade/Molly or Lestrade/Mycroft as a beta couple.

tl;dr: Johnlock as a parody of trashy paperback romance stories.

Okay, so I just saw 'Maurice'. And now I'm wondering, holy fuck where are all my young!Lestrade rentboy fics?

So, my prompt:

Greg Lestrade was on the streets when he was younger. He did what he had to to survive and some of it wasn't very pleasant, but that was all a long time ago. He's over it. Really.

At least until something (a case? Moriarty?) makes it come to light again.

Would very much like to see a very stiff-upper-lip Lestrade who doesn't break down in public and definitely doesn't want to discuss it. Bonus points for some older person in Sherlock's homeless network recognizing him.

I just saw that too and omg yes!!! I very much second this!

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Fallen Angel Sherlock

Would like a fic where Sherlock is a fallen angel.His brother Mycroft follows him down to earth to protect him until he is ready to come back to heaven. Problem is Demon Moriarty is trying to bring Sherlock to his side.Mycroft has to do everything in his power to protect his little brother.

At the Falls Moriarty is trying to get Sherlock to go to hell by giving him a choice between killing people he loves, saving himself. Or jumping and returning to heaven

Bonus's: Wingfic!!!!
Bonus: Johnlock and/or Mystrade!!!
Extra Bonus if your going for dark or aiming toward Mycroft more, (but not nessasary!) Moriarty/Mycroft.

J/S - bad sex

Sherlock is as much of a dick during sex as when doing anything else. John can usually tolerate but because its much more intimate he is actually hurt/offended by Sherlock even though he tries not to show it and guide Sherlock in the right direction. However, he is now more uncomfortable at having sex with Sherlock , doesn't seek him out like before, and tries to postpone intimacy.

Bonuses:Sherlock sometimes texts while in the middle of sex or uses it to clear his mind. It sorta makes John feel like furniture.

Sherlock will leave John hanging in the middle of sex if Lestrade texts in about a case.

At least one scene where after he comes Sherlock then brings John off but acts like its a chore.

Re: J/S - bad sex

I did not know I wanted this, until now!

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AU Young Prostitute!Lestrade Possible TW: Underage prostitution, non/dubcon, violence

I would love an AU where Sherlock and John help homeless, young prostitute Lestrade. Maybe he is part of Sherlock's homeless network?

Basically I just want a beaten and bloody young Lestrade being taken care of by Sherlock and John. Preferably everything else in canon is the same (Sherlock and John same age as on the show, etc). No de-age please. Non-con or Dub-con are fine.

No Plot Necessary, just lots and lots of tender loving care.

Re: AU Young Prostitute!Lestrade Possible TW: Underage prostitution, non/dubcon, violence

+1 BB!Lestrade is my kryptonite.

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fem!Sherlock, Mycroft: first period

Young female Sherlock and Mycroft are alone at home (let's say their parents are on holiday/a business trip/whatever). Unexpectedly, Sherlock gets her first period and is all kinds of shocked. Mycroft notices and since they have no 'lady stuff' at home, he has to go and buy something. Of course he thinks it's rather embarrassing but does it anyway for his sister, although all they've done since their parents left was fight.

Feel free to give Sherlock major PMS, cramps, a sick look or whatever you want to come up with, as long as it's clear she's failing at being rational about the whole situation and needs her big brother/is secretly thankful he's around.

Re: fem!Sherlock, Mycroft: first period

Aw. Seconded.

JudeLaw!Watson seducing the pants off BBC!Sherlock

Somehow JudeLaw!Watson ends up in today London and finds Holmes, albeit a modern version of him, and such an appetizing one at that. Sherlock is quite fascinated by this charming Victorian version of Watson.

John is seething with jealousy and repressed arousal because damn this guy with his moustache is a nice piece of ass.

Can end up in a threesome if you like.

Re: JudeLaw!Watson seducing the pants off BBC!Sherlock

All the yes for Watson/Holmes/Watson threesome.

Mormor D/s AU where Sebastian Moran is the head of organization

and Jim Moriarty is the 2nd in charge.

sub!Jim gives the ideas but dom!Sebastian is the one to call the shots. sub!Jim begrudges this because he could pretty much run everything without Sebastian, if it weren't for his submissive title and dom!criminals having extreme difficulty (and prejudice) in leaving anything in the hands of a sub.

sub!Jim is all about business but dom!Sebastian loves fucking him between meetings, not only to let other doms know he owns Jim but also because of how much it pisses Jim off (even though Jim secretly enjoys it).

Bonus for a quickie in the restroom where Sebastian facefucks Jim and Jim gets off from this. If sex, Jim tops from the bottom.

Extra bonus if during meetings Jim can be insufferable. He either discreetly teases Sebastian until he gets horny during (which leads to the fucking after and before another meeting) or he pisses the clients off, leaving Sebastian to deal with the damage.

Re: Mormor D/s AU where Sebastian Moran is the head of organization

me gusta

Sherlock is repressed. John provides comfort. TW for possible past abusive relationships?

John and Sherlock are in a relationahip, and it's all fine and dandy. Except that Sherlock is repressed as hell when it comes to sex. As much as he enjoys the act itself, he feels horribly embarrassed if he accidentally makes noise. He doesn't like doing it with the lights on because his partner will see his face; he's terrified John will judge him for how wanton he is.

After all, his previous partners did. It's up to the filler whether these partners were being intentionally cruel, or were misguided in their dirty talk, or whatever else.

When John finds out, of course, he does everything he can to persuade Sherlock that pleasure isn't something to be ashamed of.

Re: Sherlock is repressed. John provides comfort. TW for possible past abusive relationships?

Oh, want please! Want very much indeed.

Bondbites. They're my new kink and seem horribly scarce.

Omega!Sherlock and Alpha!John have been in a relationship for some time. People assume they haven't bonded because Sherlock isn't displaying a bondbite on his neck.

- Sherlock and John can't bond because then it would be impossible for Sherlock to go completely undercover, as he'd always be identifiable by his bondbite. Cue angst/not angst because who says you can't be unconventional but happy?
- Sherlock and John bonded ages ago, but the bite is on a different part of his body. Someone finds/sees it somehow (Medical examination? Walks in when he's half-dressed?) and is taken aback by Sherlock's apparent reluctance to display his bond.


I'd like some Sherlock/Loki, please. I'd prefer a relationship-snippet to porn, but I'll take whatever you give me.

Fill: "Sentiment"

Ok, so I stumbled upon this and thought: 'someone must write this!'. And then I wrote this. It just took over my brain and...well, I hope you enjoy.

Moriarty belongs to the Evil League of Evil.

I request a Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog crossover, if you don't mind.

Moriarty belongs to the Evil League of Evil, and is one of the most respected members. Choose where to go with this. Perhaps Sherlock has to tackle the League post-Fall? Or Moriarty introduces Bad Horse to his mare? Or... Anything, really.

Re: Moriarty belongs to the Evil League of Evil.

Oh yes! This is Slay-at-Home-Mom ( I applied to the Evil League of Evil) and I want this very badly.

Sherlock in America

Sherlock, either post-Reichenbach or during his Uni days, goes to America. He has a friend (!) with whom he trades banter that sometimes slides toward the xenophobic. It's just part of what they do, and it's definitely not malicious.

Years later, the friend visits Sherlock in London. They pick up this banter exactly where they left off, and it's still all fine. Until someone gets the wrong end of the stick and leaps in to defend one or the other of them.

Bonus: It's one of the Yarders.

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