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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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S/J John in a kilt

John and Sherlock sexytimes, with John in a kilt because of reasons.

My soul to anyone who fills this.

Re: S/J John in a kilt

Just spent three days at a computer conference where one of the American participants was someone who wears a Utilikilt (see full time just "because I can". So seconded. :)

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Mystrade performance anxiety

Greg and Mycroft have finally stopped dancing around each other. However Greg is afraid he'll never be good enough for Mycroft. Or you can make it the contrary if you prefer: insecure!Mycroft and reassuring!Greg. Basically I want some angst and then fluff at the end, because I am sappy like that.


feminisation requests

I have two separate requests that have to do with the feminisation kink I just realized I had and I'd love it if someone could fill either (or both. both is good) of them:

1. John is unwittingly forcing Sherlock into a feminine role when they have sex. Both John and Sherlock don't realized what's happening until they realize it. Obviously Sherlock realizes it first but John doesn't realize until he comes home and Sherlock is in the full get-up. Dress, heels, make-up and the like.

2. Moriarty and Sherlock have a secret. . . thing happening (It's all "do this-this-and-this for me or I'll tell John" kinda stuff). Jim thinks he is humiliating Sherlock by forcing him to be "the woman" and Sherlock has to pretend he hates it but he's /completely/ into the feminisation aspect.

Thanks so much!

Re: feminisation requests

Just FYI, I am writing a fill for the first, so don't despair, but it may take some time as I am writing it jointly with another author and they have a lot on. Just bookmark this and come back another time :)

Sorta like eloping only not.

Sherlock and John are put into an arranged marriage. They work hard to call it off and to escape away from it all together only to come back and get married anyways once everyone agrees that its fine if they don't marry.

Bonus: They both almost get killed somehow during it all.

Re: Sorta like eloping only not.

This is brilliant! Seconded!

Sherlock works as an investigative journalist.

Bonus if he has a professional feud with his colleague Kitty Riley and a famous actor Richard Brook is involved.


Johnny and Mary

A bit random, but was listening to Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary" ( and pictured the following scenario:

Post-hiatus, Sherlock is living alone in Baker Street, observing John's marriage falling apart from a distance. John is disatisfied with the routine of being a GP and a family man, but tries to accept it because he loves Mary and he knows she's terrified he'll get hurt or killed if he runs off with Sherlock again. Meanwhile, Mary is trying to pretend that everything is all right, even though John's repressed unhappiness is poisoning their relationship. On the sidelines, Sherlock is lonely and consummed with jealousy, but tries to help them stay together because he knows Mary is a good woman who loves John and he thinks it will make John happy.

So basically, angst all around. Final conclusion up to author. :)

Re: Johnny and Mary

YaY angst; angst everywhere and i want more :) in other words - its perfect OP, love it :)

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J/S - a bit of overstimulation

John gets Sherlock off and then right after (as he is still sensitive) makes love/fucks him (penetration).

Preferable con but I do love a good dark fic or ambiguous dubcon C:

Re: J/S - a bit of overstimulation

oh fuck, right in the kink
there is never enough of overstimulated Sherlock
phew *fans self*

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Mycroft's car breaks down in the middle of no where. His driver is distracted and trying to contact people to help. There isn't any security because its not a dangerous thing he is doing/place.

Mycroft is kinda creeped out even if nothing happens in the end.

bonus: something does happen.

Sherlock comes back from the Hiatus with a tattoo.

Everyone has a different theory about what Sherlock's new post-Hiatus tattoo means. It's up to you what it is, and what the theories are.

Bonus if Moran or Moriarty's theory is spot-on, though.

Re: Sherlock comes back from the Hiatus with a tattoo.

seconding this, lots !! hng please

D/s AU, the Yard has a Discipline Room and things go wrong

Okay, this is inspired one episode in Xanthe's Stargate fic, "Coming Home". The fic is much more detailed and plotty than my prompt, but I'm using one of their premises.

D/s universe where the Met has a strict discipline protocole where anyone working for the Yard, if charged with misconduct, must endure public corporal punishment in the Discipline Room of the Met.

Pre-John Sherlock is working for Lestrade and counted among the Met agents as such. As we know, he's not the most patient or sociable of men, and has antagonized a number of policemen who gang against him and "trip" him into committing more and more important faux pas, earning him regular trips to the Discipline Room where they take pleasure in watching him being humiliated. They take pics, threaten to expose him (sexual blackmail optional, etc).

Sherlock knows very well what's going on, but can't retaliate and is too proud to complain (and not too sure how his word would fare against theirs). The situation is escalating and his resistance is wearing thin.

Lestrade realizes the situation and takes measures. What he does is up to author. You can turn this into L/S, with Lestrade understanding that Sherlock needs to be disciplined, but in a private, loving, consensual way. Or you can stick to paternal!Lestrade going BAMF on his colleagues' asses and giving Sherlock much needed comfort.

Long prompt is long, apologizing.

Re: D/s AU, the Yard has a Discipline Room and things go wrong

I would adore this as paternal!lestrade!

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Warning: Dun-con/Non-Con

I read a fic once (And wish to HEAVEN that I could find it again) where John was taking care of a sick Sherlock and when they were in bed, Sherlock began to suck John off while he was asleep (Sherlock was asleep, not John)

So, I guess what I'm asking for is more completely unaware sex. Sherlock is asleep and starts to wank, or better yet, starts doing things to John. John is completely awake and is loving it.

(Bonus points if you can use the word 'suckle'!

Re: Warning: Dun-con/Non-Con

Wasn't it "Suck" by Atlin Merrick?

Anyway seconding because unf.

Student/Teacher AU, Sherlock/Molly

I don't care why or how, I just want Student!Sherlock to seduce his shy, mousy, cute Teacher!Molly.

How to begin

"We'll start with the riding crop."

Take that as you will my wonderful friends.

FILL: A how to guide (1/2)

‘We'll start with the riding crop,’ she says, and he arches his back up, forehead pressing down into the thick, soft carpet, naked body splayed before her. “Yes?”

He lifts his head back up, damp leather tugging at the corners of his mouth as he does so, nodding his head a little. He cannot speak. Has not spoken for two days. It’s not the longest he’s ever gone without speaking, but it’s certainly one of the hardest things he’s had to do.

So many times he had wanted to say something, engineer a situation to go his way, so many times he had wanted to respond verbally to her commands, but he has agreed to do as she commands, and that means silence, in this case. Until Monday, until this blessed weekend is over.

‘Crawl to me,’ she says, and he pads through the carpet, soft fronds washing at his hands, his cock swelling a little as he watches her fondle the tip of the crop, anticipating the way it will feel against his skin.

‘Still,’ she says, and he freezes in position, tiny bubbles appearing around the edge of his gag as she walks around his body, his breathing becomes thicker, less steady, nervous.

He waits for what feels like an age until she finally deigns to hit him, to smack against his virgin skin – well, in a sense – with the thin tip, to make him jerk forward, groaning into the gag. He stays still, though, as much as he can, cock betraying him at each touch, lurching forward almost greedily, dribbling onto the carpet.

She draws a pattern on his skin of thin red lines that drive deep into the flesh, that will last for a little while, that will ache and spark for days to come, remind him of her. That’s the idea, after all. When she is not physically there, there must be something to bring him back to this moment, to this time, to remind him of what he wanted, what he wants, what he is.

Hazy and hard and holding onto the edge of his control, he thinks he would do almost anything for her, for someone who can make him feel like this. She is so beautiful; long, lustrous hair hanging around her waist, slim fingers clasping the crop ever so tightly.

She removes his gag and rubs cool, peppermint-scented cream into his skin afterwards – the skin isn’t broken, just reddened, but she is a true believer in aftercare, even while situations are ongoing. Just as the clock strikes ten, she curls up next to him on the bed, arranging herself on top of the sheets, before pulling him down onto her, forcing his lips against her nipples, making him kiss and lick and suck at them until she groans and jerks up against him. He seems to like it – she can feel his erection against her hip – and so she keeps him there for a while, pushes his face between them, pressing her breasts against the edges of his head, slides her fingers roughly against her clit as he shows her the appreciation she knows she deserves. She loves the way his tongue feels against her, loves the concentration he gives to the task at hand. It's very him. Even when submitting, his personality shines through.

When he is done, when her nipples are rock-hard and he is squirming with need against her skin, she tuts at him, telling him not to be so impatient, before grasping his head with her hands, pushing him down, shoving him between her legs, making sure he knows the hierarchy of control here. You do what I say, Sherlock, do you understand, she whispers, running her hands through soft, tumbling hair, watching as he laves eagerly at her clit, making her pant and twist more than she thought he would be capable of managing.

‘Who commands you?’ she asks, once he has brought her to completion and the two of them lie there, temporarily sated. He gazes up at her, lips sticky with her wetness. ‘You can talk. For now.’

‘You, Mistress,’ he says, the words coming out scratchy and hoarse, having not used his voice for so long. ‘Only you.’

‘And what would you do for me, slave?’ she asks, watching his face change at the continued questioning.

‘Anything, Mistress,’ he murmurs, knowing the correct answer. Knowing the true answer. ‘Whatever you asked for.’

So there are a lot of fics featuring virgin Sherlock, but how about one where John is a virgin and Sherlock is actually very experienced. Maybe John is so insecure about never having had sex that he actually gave himself the nickname Three Continents to try and hide this fact or something.

Johnlock, please. And not teenlock. I'd like them to be at least as old as they are in ASiP.


John is horny. Sherlock wants his attention. Compromise? (Dub/noncon is a maybe)

John is a horny man who likes to have sex. However, being with Sherlock so much and a doctor often leaves little time to find dates and seduce woman into bed. During an epic dry spell for him he is irritable and constantly getting aroused and morning erections which is embarrassing! He is not a teenager after all! Sherlock is snide and says something that makes John snap. He tells Sherlock that if he wants John's undivided attention he will have to start giving out sex.

Eventually, Sherlock agrees.

If dark fic then Sherlock doesn't want it but agrees because he genuinely believes John is going to leave if he doesn't. Alternatively, if its comedy con then Sherlock mentions how they got together and people /think/ it sounds creepy/nonconish even if he is not.

John makes sure to punish Sherlock by overstimulating him.

John doesn't want to do one night stands any more which makes it very much harder because he can charm the pants off any female he wants but he can hardly make it to the first date without being interrupted.

Re: John is horny. Sherlock wants his attention. Compromise? (Dub/noncon is a maybe)

God, seconded. Slightly!dark John and codependent!Sherlock are megakinks of mine.

Sherlock helps someone

Sherlock gives himself up to save someone somehow. He sees that the kidnappers/criminals are paying attention to the other person more and is desperate (though he doesn't show it!) to attract their attention. He might say he is a sociopath but that doesn't make it true.
Just one thing.... its not John or if it is he is unconscious or not th eonly one he is trying to save.

TW kidnappings/criminals


RTYI (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock eats far more than he realises.

When Sherlock zones out, he doesn't notice what's going on around him. There's a vague awareness that he's talking and that there might be someone else in the room, but otherwise he's oblivious.

So John, Mrs Hudson and Lestrade have got into the habit of handing him bits of food when he's like this. He eats it automatically, clearly still elsewhere, and so he survives.

Re: Sherlock eats far more than he realises.


John and Sherlock - tw underage (dub/noncon possible)

Sherlock fall in love/lust with underage!John. He is horrified with himself.

Re: John and Sherlock - tw underage (dub/noncon possible)

I am digging this prompt.

A Softer World prompt


Sherlock/John, fluff, Gift of the Magi (the O. Henry story)inspired holiday fic (can be any holiday). Or Molly/Lestrade, or Mystrade.

Re: Holiday fluff


ACD!Holmes and Watson but damn I rec the fuck out of this.
There's small insinuations, but almost unnoticeable. Still.

Re: Holiday fluff (Anonymous) Expand
The Avengers meet Sherlock and John, and ship it.

Give me any of the characters from The Avengers, assuming the Baker Street Boys are together, please.

I mean,seconding

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John Watson

Family and or friends take John in for a while for whatever reason (Fight with Sherlock? Post-Sherlock? After the war? After Mary dies?). Alternatively, he is sharing a flat with others who know little to nothing about him or is hanging out with really old friends that he hasn't seen in forever who may not even know he went to the army. The point is he is with people that don't know him well if at all. What do they see when they look at him? How is Watson in their eyes? Does he surprise them ? Scare them? Anything at all?

Re: John Watson

I love this! The idea of John scaring people. Especially Harry who thought she knew him so well.

TW: Abuse?

For a case, Sherlock must visit a doctor, while posing as a victim of serious domestic abuse. Because he is trying to fool a doctor, the abuse must look genuine, with fading bruises underneath newer ones.
He asks John to beat him, for several days. John is horrified, and reluctant, and really, really doesn't want to, but Sherlock convinces him of the necessity. So for several days, every day John beats Sherlock, hating it.

Re: TW: Abuse?

Just GREAT! Someone, please!

Re: TW: Abuse? (Anonymous) Expand

D/s verse - Mystrade - Everyday life snippet

I'd love a domestic scene within this verse that isn't sexual. Maybe something like how they interact at home after a normal day of work, or a lazy Sunday doing not much of anything, or even their interactions when other people like John or Sherlock or even Mummy are present.

Preferably with Lestrade as the Dom and Mycroft as the sub but it's all good as long as it is Mystrade :)

Re: D/s verse - Mystrade - Everyday life snippet

Oh, this is adorable. I suddenly got an image of a kneeling Mycroft being fed by Lestrade. Would love to read this!

Lestrade's kids love Sherlock

Lestrade is off one day and has his kids over, when Sherlock barges in, for some reason or another. He deduces everything about them, their mother, and their mother's new boyfriend from them expecting them to react as most children do.
Except, they think that he is the Greatest Thing Ever.

Re: Lestrade's kids love Sherlock

Omfg. This. THIS.
Seconded badly. OH THE CUTENESS!


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