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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Reprompt from part XXI (not op)

Spoilers for House ahead

After Wilson passes away from cancer, House leaves America to start a new life in London.

He eventually meets John (possibly at the clinic where John works), who is still mourning Sherlock's 'death.' While they may get off to a rocky start, they start to warm up to one another. They can't help but notice that they remind each other of their deceased loved ones, and because of these similarities they end up being good friends.

Then Sherlock ends up returning.

Original prompt:

PS:Sorry if it is too early to reprompt this,I´m new to the kink meme.

Re: Reprompt from part XXI (not op)

Seconded like a BOSS.

Moriarty forces Sherlock to rape child!John (TW: Rape, Child Abuse, Non Con)

Moriarty (or another Bad guy) forces adult!Sherlock to rape child!John (I will prefer if they were not related to each other).

Sherlock tries to masquerade the whole act as a game (for example tickling as a way to initiate physical contact) in order to spare John if not the physical hurt at least some of the emotional hurt.

Up to the author how far he succeeded in his intent.

Re: Moriarty forces Sherlock to rape child!John (TW: Rape, Child Abuse, Non Con)

I am so evil but I so want it!

Asexual!Alpha!Sherlock in the Omegaverse

Alpha!Sherlock and Omega!John are bonded, but not mated due to Sherlock's asexuality. They handle John's heats with toys and lots of cuddling.

Up to filler if their scents are mingled just as much as if they were mated and nobody knows they aren't, or if they're open about the state of affairs, or if they use false scent... Take this where you like.

Re: Asexual!Alpha!Sherlock in the Omegaverse

Huh... this is definitely a new one!

Omegaverse crossover?

Take your two favourite fandoms. Make one or both sets of characters Omegaverse, and then cross them over. Any pairing(s), though I prefer no incest.

Merlin, Cabin Pressure and Sherlock collide.

Douglas Richardson, John Watson and Merlin swap places. In any direction you like, with any pairings or complications you choose.

Mycroft's downfall

Mycroft knows that his position in the grey areas of government leaves him vulnerable to being used as a scapegoat by elected politicians. How does it happen in the end, and what are Mycroft's plans for it happening?

A Dom makes his Sub confess their fantasies

In an established (newly established?) D/S relationship, the Dom teases the Sub until they're begging for orgasm, and then makes them tell him their deepest fantasies. They comply, blushing and stuttering.

I'd prefer a gentle, loving scene rather than anything too harsh, but if the latter's what floats your boat then go with it. I also prefer slash, but if this grabs you for a het pairing then please don't hesitate.

omegaverse dialogue prompt

Sherlock,so help me God if you leave now I'm leaving that door wide open so any alpha that comes along can have me!

nothing dark please. Just shacking sherlock up a bit so he gets his priorities straight (

Re: omegaverse dialogue prompt


Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree

Basicly what happens in the song. Sherlock lets John know he's still alive (by mail, via Mycroft, voicemail,...just not directly) and asks him to put up a small sign that he will be welcome. Telling him that if there's no such thing he'll just stay out of Johns life forever.
Ofcourse there is an abundance of whatever author chooses as indicated signal

Re: Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree

Aw :*( second!

Arthritis hurt/comfort

Sherlock develops arthritis and doesn't let John know because it's the first real sign he's had that he's getting older. Eventually though, John notices he's avoiding playing his violin, having trouble typing and so forth.

A casefic in which a Remembrance Day poppy is a clue.

Sherlock and John are called to a crime scene, and the victim isn't wearing a poppy. This is an important element of Sherlock's deductive process.

I'm just really interested in where this could go.

OP here

Sorry, I meant to state that it was on or near Remembrance Day.

The list

While tidying up the wreckage that is their flat John comes across a rather detailed list of everything Sherlock wants to do with John (Note they are mostly sexual).

When Sherlock returns from hiding from the cleaning, John proceeds to cross off as much of the list as possible.

Re: The list

Unf, yes!

Re: The list (Anonymous) Expand
For a brief time in the week just before his heat, Omega!John gets broody and prone to weeping. He just wants to be cuddled. For a couple of hours, he's as soft as a cushion made of day-old puppies.

If this happens when they're on a case, he goes home, cries in the bath and feels as low as he has since he came home. On the rare occasion Sherlock's available, it's absolute bliss.

Mrs Hudson is kidnapped. EVERYONE tries to get her back.

Some rather dim villain kidnaps Mrs Hudson to try and stop Sherlock from investigating them. EVERYONE tries to get her back.

Sherlock and John, of course, but also Mycroft, Not!Anthea, Lestrade and the Yarders, Molly, the boys in the cafe, Mike Stamford, Irene, Henry Knight, Harry... If you can get Moriarty on the Hudson Rescue Team, that would be brilliant.

Because at some point, all of them have had a Low Moment when Mrs Hudson was there to be Mother. And if anything could stop Sherlock and Anderson fighting, you'd better believe it's helping the sweetest BAMFOAP in London.

Re: Mrs Hudson is kidnapped. EVERYONE tries to get her back.

Haha, take that evil villain! Nobody hurts Mrs Hudson and gets away with it!
Seconded :P

Johnlock get married, and it's a disaster.

On Sherlock and John's wedding day, everything goes wrong. Not comedy wrong, but seriously, life-endangeringly wrong.

Fluff maybe some hurt/comfort

John is a Holiday Virgin, that is he has never had a New Year’s or Valentine Kiss.He has never spent time with someone on Valentine’s Day,never had a Valentine.Never had a kiss under the mistletoe and never been taken out during Christmas.

At least he hasn't before Sherlock comes along and makes all these holidays wonderful for him.

Mycroft knows how to give Sherlock nightmares.

I'd like to see a twisted Mycroft using Derren Brown-style methods to give Sherlock nightmares. It's up to you as to the details, but I'd appreciate someone else realising and getting protective/comforting/plotting revenge.

Re: Mycroft knows how to give Sherlock nightmares.

you had me at 'twisted Mycroft' :)

John/Mycroft, TGG

Reprompt from part XXVI because I'd so love to see this:

So, I rewatched The Great Game today and something struck me. Mycroft was so insistent that Sherlock take on the Weston case, even if it wasn't that difficult a one (apart from the national security implications). And I don't buy the Korean election excuse for not doing it himself because if you follow ACD's characterisation, Mycroft could've probably solved Weston's murder from his armchair without any "legwork". Also, for all this top security business, he's quite willing to hand the case over to John.

Now my prompt is this: A slightly insecure Mycroft (because I totally love insecure!Mycroft) who's fallen quite hard for our good doctor is trying to spend more time with John without arousing Sherlock's suspicions. The case seems to be the perfect opportunity for that because surely Mycroft knew Sherlock would refuse it and that he could then give it to John. Cue lots and lots of texts to John, asking him to come over and give progress reports. I'm sure they more than the one time we saw in the ep. ;)

Bonus points if John notices what is going on and totally approves. Even more bonus points and some of the peanut butter brownies I just baked if there's some h/c and cuddling after the pool scene.

Original prompt is here:

Unf, meme needs more John/Mycroft.

We needs it.

And even if we don't, I do needs it.


Re: John/Mycroft, TGG (Anonymous) Expand
Re: John/Mycroft, TGG (Anonymous) Expand
Re: John/Mycroft, TGG (Anonymous) Expand

Warning incest Omegaverse noncon maybe dubcon

Sherlock presents as an omega in his earlyteens.
Omegas have few rights and because of their rarity it is perfectly normal for them to be claimed by the head Alpha of the clan.

During his first few heats (and maybe out of them too) daddy Holmes does just this and takes care of him. In a very short amount of time Sherlock becomes a favourite of daddy's.

Once Sherlock has been trained up, daddy Holmes gives him to Mycroft to breed or at the very least lets Mycroft use him too ;)

Bonus, daddy Holmes or Mycroft fucking Sherlock at the same time
Extra bonus, Sherlock gets pregnant and neither is sure who the father is.

Re: Warning incest Omegaverse noncon maybe dubcon

I'm going to hell for wanting this, aren't I?
Oh what the hell. Ha!


this is really hot

Errant Comment Fill

Jim looked up from the enchiladas Sebastian had prepared for him.

Jim chewed uncomfortably. "What did you put in this?" he asked.

Sebastian happily ate his dinner. "A few drops of the chilli oil Heston gave us after that hit. Also, lots of that Cajun spice you made up. What's wrong? You don't like it?"

Jim swallowed a few more bites of the Mexican treat.

"Chilli oil, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. From Heston. Remember? He gave us cooking lessons as payment," Sebastian's interest was still on the TV, engrossed in Futurama.

Jim pushed his plate away. "This is really hot," he said, finally catching Sebastian's attention.

Sebastian's head swiveled around, before abandoning his plate and sitting next to Jim on the couch.

"Sorry, babe," he said, apologetically. "You know I like my food hot. Should've thought of that," he said.

"Yes. You should have," Jim replied, glaring at Sebastian.

"Won't do it again," Sebastian said, looking down.

"Now, now dear," Jim said, smirking. "You know I like *some* things hot..."

He pulled Sebastian's mouth down to his.

Re: Errant Comment Fill (Anonymous) Expand

Allergic reaction

Sherlock has a deathly allergy to something (food, drink or perfume) and usually keeps an epi-pen in his pocket. The one time he doesn't have it on him, or he does and it's empty, he's with Lestrade and he suffers a very severe allergic reaction.

No recs please.

Re: Allergic reaction

seconded :)

Mycroft/Lestrade - Diabetes

Newly diagnosed Mycroft thinks he can control his diabetes by sheer force of will. He's always working long hours, his meetings always over run and they're already too long to begin with, he has to eat the same dishes as his guests for sake of politeness and there's never a routine for meals. He never has a minute unaccounted for where he can take his insulin. He just doesn't have time for it at all.

And he just ends up dangerously sick, with Lestrade in the dark about it all.

Bonus for worried!Lestrade also being a bit pissed at Mycroft for his stupid and dangerous actions.


It's become a habit that Sherlock spends his transformation nights laying with John and scenting/licking him.

Re: Werewolf!Sherlock

Seconded, please!

John has great control

*Vampire!John is so good at hiding and blending in that even Sherlockother vampires have a near impossible time being able to tell him apart from a human. He also has incredible control over himself (through drugs or otherwise) so again most mistake him for human.

* Doesn't need to be vampire. Heck he can be a lovecraftian like tentacle monster.

+5 Someone unexpected figures out what John is because he feels "off" to them.

Re: John has great control

Is this Sherlock/John or can it be gen?
I might have some ideas for this~

After sherlock cures John's limp, John decides to get back into shape. He works out around the flat (weights, floor exercises, coming home from a jog, etc). Sherlock observes as John's body becomes more and more toned, and John eventually notices Sherlock's interest in him and becomes the biggest tease in the universe... that is, until Sherlock can't keep his hands off him.

Re: fit!John

*rowr* Oh yes, please!

Re: fit!John (Anonymous) Expand
Re: fit!John (Anonymous) Expand

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