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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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I almost told you that I love you- Papa Roach

Okay, you know this song? I love it. And I'm obsessed. I need some non-con with Moriarty topping the hell out of Sherlock that is SOMEHOW based on the general idea of that song, but especially this-

I hate to say it but it has to be said
You look so fragile as I fuck with your head
I know it shouldn't but it's getting me off
If sex is the drug, then what is the cost?

I almost told you that I loved you
Thank god I didn't 'cause it would've been a lie.
I say the damnedest things, where you're on top of me.

Sherlock Holmes is a high class escort

(Think Secret Diary of a Call girl)

John Watson is home from military service in Afghanistan and hires an escort to pleasure him for the night. That's when Sherlock arrives and starts to work his magic.

Re: Sherlock Holmes is a high class escort

Fuck. Why do I want this so badly.
Seconded, thirded, and fourthed.

Complete with rose petals.

Sherlock has autistic tendencies

Growing up, Sherlock had Autistic-like fits, in which he would panic and scream whenever anyone would get near him. He would pull at his hair and scratch his arms and rock back and forth for hours. The only person who knew how to help him was Mycroft, who would nurse him out of the fits and calm him down.

Years later, during a case, something sets him off while at the flat, and John is there. John has no idea what to do as Sherlock screams and rocks back and forth on the floor.

Inevitably, he calls Mycroft.

Re: Sherlock has autistic tendencies

Great! I want it! Seconded.

Asexual!Sherlock/John - Cottage in the country

John is tired, he's fed up, he's always on the brink of exhaustion and illness. He needs a break.

So Sherlock arranges a holiday for the both of them in the country, somewhere with a bee farm so that he won't be bored whilst John rest's up.

But John thinks they're going for a case, because god forbid Sherlock actually admit he's worried and wants to do something nice.

Preferably not pre-established.

Re: Asexual!Sherlock/John - Cottage in the country

oh, wow, that is super sweet. seconding with all my heart.

Love triangle during past lives

Prompting because the concept of reincarnation has always fascinated me.

In a past life, John was a woman who was a very prominent member of a royal family of your choosing. Jim was her well-off yet abusive and obsessive fiance and Sherlock was the wealthy social outcast she loved. Someone, and it can be any one of the three, starts having flashbacks.

Re: Love triangle during past lives

Oh! I like this!
If I have the time I might write a fill for this

Getting help (TW:eating disorder, maybe self harm, depression)

After years(since a teenager/uni student?) of suffering from an eating disorder/severely disordered eating that he's kept a very tenuous grasp on/his idea of control over,Sherlock lands himself with (a) serious complication(s) from his eating disorder(heart attack? Kidney trouble? Seizures? Immune system problems?) and ends up in the hospital(maybe it happens during a case?). After a long (argumentative) talk with John, he agrees to get help but because of his bad memories of rehab/hatred of hospitals, Sherlock only agrees to outpatient treatment and continues as much of The Work that he's able/allowed to. It's not smooth sailing but much to everyone's surprise, he takes it seriously/listens to John/doctor's orders to the best that he's capable("I'll have the Ensure AFTER we find and photocopy that case file,John." , "I need to reschedule my appointment, I have a stake out that most likely will run long.", etc.)

want to see:
*johnlock (either outright or at least goggles)
*The Yard's/maybe Mycroft's reactions to the situation
*possibly Sherlock showing up to the yard with a disconnected NG tube(maybe?)/having to bow out for medication/therapy,etc.
* Sherlock being himself to a therapist that John picks out/drags him to see (maybe he burns through a few therapists/counselors?)
*maybe no easily tied up ending but he does what he's always done-fights and because of this he makes progress 

Re: Getting help (TW:eating disorder, maybe self harm, depression)


Heroes don't exist

I don't believe in heroes.

I just believe in one.

Fill: The Repetition Of Affirmations

Hi! So I'm a terrible person and kind of used this fantastic prompt to write a sequel to a previous prompt fill of mine however you can still probably read it as a stand alone...
If you do want to read it, you can find it on [a03] or [lj].
Once again I apologise for blatently hi-jacking your prompt. It was just too wonderful for me to ignore.

Finding Love (Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft/Harry)

After an intense few years, Mycroft & Greg’s relationship finally implodes. Harry is there to pick up the pieces. They fall for each other, hard. A few years later, Greg is best man at their wedding.

Mycroft/Lestrade, leading to Mycroft/Harry.

Re: Finding Love (Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft/Harry)

Reprompt, right?

Mmm, yeah. Still want this.

Mycroft/Greg power play in the bedroom

What it says on the tin.

No non-con though. Dub-con is ok.

Re: Mycroft/Greg power play in the bedroom


OP (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock enjoys nights the most

A long time ago Sherlock had this all the time, this kind of quiet.
He didn't consider it special at the time, it was even a bit of an ache, to be honest.
That kind of quiet, where he could really think, he didn't even say the things aloud- his mouth and voice never fast enough to keep up with his mind.
And then he discovered he's brilliant, and no- not everyone are brilliant or smart at all, so he started slowly talking aloud- and it all faded.
The quiet, the one he used to have and he could really think in, it faded for the promise of attention.. an audience, perhaps.
And he forgot about it, not completely- the lack of something isn't something you can quite delete, is it? But none of that matters, because now he doesn't need it.
He doesn't need an audience, he has one. A one man audience. A friend. And it's more than enough. But he doesn't have his silence now, no, he can never restore that. He knows what it's like when people give you that look, even if it's masked, he knows what it's like to be acknowledged. He won't ever stop, but he does want his quiet back.

So Sherlock has his nights, they're quite alright actually. It's not silence, not with the cars and electronics and people and everything in-between, but he never really had silence. And he has his quiet back, just for seven, eight, hours a day.

How can John expect him to sleep through half of that?

(Right, that was unnecessarily long. I hope you got what I'm trying to get through here, what I'm hoping for is an in-character small fill where John asks Sherlock to sleep properly, because he really looks trashed, and Sherlock trying to explain comepletely logically, based on what I said here, why he absolutely needs to stay up at nights. Thank you!)

Re: Sherlock enjoys nights the most

I love fics like this, and they are few and far between. Seconded.

Sherlock and John are in bed together for the first time after Sherlock returns.

They compare scars.

Extra points for some extra Sherlock angst, with scars from him being tortured or something.

I think this could be one of those "5 times Sherlock and John compared scars and stayed up all night +1 time when they actually fell asleep"

re:scars (Anonymous) Expand

Gen: Sherlock & Molly friendship (TW: rape, depression, ?)

Molly got raped but nobody knows. It's up to you who her rapist is and when/why it happened but please don't let it be Moriarty or any other main character, okay? What I'd like to read is something like 3 (or more) situations where Sherlock thinks that he can look right through Molly - but he's in fact blind for this one thing that happened to her. Molly is very careful and hides her pain well, even though she's deeply depressed and might develop a latent eating disorder and/or self harmes/... Don't overdo it but mention that she's trying to deal with her feelings in her own way. I don't mind how this way looks as long as you keep it realistic. In the end Sherlock finds out. However this happens is, again, up to you. In any case I'd prefer to read that at first Sherlock is all self-centred and angry because Molly could hide it so long from him. Then, at second thought, he realises she needs help and well..helps (in a rather odd and Sherlock-like way).

Re: Gen: Sherlock & Molly friendship (TW: rape, depression, ?)

I'm not usually a huge fan of Sherlock and Molly together in fanfic, even just as friends, but this sounds really interesting. +1

Sherlock/John Omegaverse - Sherlock's an Alpha-for-hire. He falls for Client!Omega!John.

Reprompt from part XXVIII (not OP)

I don't think I've seen this exact type of thing in the omegaverse yet, so I'm not sure how some aspects of it might work, but here goes:

Sherlock works as an alpha-for-hire (either before he becomes a consulting detective or for extra income). He services a few omegas each month (only OCs please). They are omegas who are on birth control because they don't want to breed, but they still want the relief/pleasure of having an alpha fuck them senseless through a heat. (Not sure how this might work in relation to bonding. In some fics I've read bonding only occurs outside of a heat). Sherlock has always managed to maintain a professional, detached demeanor towards his clients outside of their heats.

Cue John becoming one of his clients. (Another thing I'm not sure of is how Broke!John would afford to pay for it, as it seems like it would be a fairly expensive service. Perhaps it's a "gift" Harry buys for him after he's invalided home? Maybe both Sherlock and John are de-aged and it's something John splurges on before joining the army? However you think it can work out.) I just want Sherlock and John unexpectedly intrigued by and attracted to each other, and some angst for Sherlock over no longer wanting to be an alpha-for-hire because he'd rather woo John and bond with him. Happily-bonded Sherlock/John ending please.

TL;DR Sherlock works as an alpha-for-hire. He's hired by omegas who want an alpha to "service" them during their heats. He falls for Client!John and wants to become a bonded couple with him.

Re: Sherlock/John Omegaverse - Sherlock's an Alpha-for-hire. He falls for Client!Omega!John.

Yes please!

Mycroft says "consumed"!

Mycroft + female ejaculation

Mycroft loves making ladies squirt.



Anthea’s job gets very strange sometimes. But no matter how weird it gets, the man she answers to manages to be weirder still.

He gives her the water-gun himself, long fingers trailing over the cheap plastic as he places it in her hands.

“Aim for her face,” he tells her, leaning in toward her, eyes intense and voice almost a caress.

It’s alright. She gets paid enough for this.

She moves to look down at the animal snuffling along the path, breathes deep, and pumps the gun. Perhaps she hears a slight exhalation from behind her. She doesn’t look back.

Anthea adjusts her stance, aims, and squirts a stream of water right at the poor creature’s nose.

The response is immediate: a jump toward her, a quick bark – it sounds happy enough – and a series of snaps at the stream.

“Continue,” Mr. Holmes commands from behind her as the stream winds down and falls short. Something in his tone makes her want to shiver. She thinks she knows what it is, but she doesn’t want to dwell on it. She gets paid enough to refrain from questioning these things.

She pumps again, shoots again, repeats until the reservoir is empty, until all the gun can produce is a thin dribble. She turns back to Mr. Holmes, holds it out to him, and tries not to think of anything, anything at all, when she notices the spot of colour in his cheeks.

She doesn’t need to understand everything she’s asked to do, and it’s probably best that she doesn’t. She’s doing good things for queen and country. She is well paid. If shooting a dog in the face with a water gun is what her government asks of her, then by god, she will shoot a dog in the face with a water gun. No reservations. No haunting regrets or strange discomfort. None at all.

She’s made a habit of being exceptionally aware of her surroundings, so she’s half surprised by the wet tongue on her ankle and half surprised by how she hadn’t anticipated it. Her surprise as a whole is expressed as a loud, sudden shriek.

She closes her mouth immediately, hoping no-one else has heard her undignified ejaculation of shock.

It’s just her, the dog, and a strangely satisfied looking Mr. Holmes.

She tries to ignore the brush of his fingers as he takes the gun out of her hands.

She probably gets paid enough for this.

Re: Dribbly (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Dribbly (Anonymous) Expand

"I'm not hungry.". "Nor am I."

"Mary, do you think John would like a sandwich?" "Wonderful idea, Sherlock. Let's make John a sandwich."

(Edit: Or make it John and Irene discussing Sherlock. All I want is to see somebody as the filling in a sandwich.)

Edited at 2012-11-13 01:21 am (UTC)

Breakfast, anyone?(1/2)

Never written a threesome. It's particularly difficult since I find that nothing I write is really that attractive to me after I write it. Hope it is enjoyable!!

It was late morning.
Alright, more like late afternoon. None of them worked that day and they were taking the opportunity to enjoy doing nothing.
The large bed was much to comfortable and the sun that filtered through the light curtains made the room warmer and utterly pleasant.
He had his arm wrapped around Sherlock's middle, while he assumed Mary was snuggled up to Sherlock's chest.
He had just been lightly roused by their whispers and giggles.
He grinned into Sherlock's shoulder as he listened to them, just enjoying them, before he began trailing feather light kisses across the alabaster skin before him.
Sherlock turned his head to acknowledge him with a lopsided grin.

"John is up, Mary..."

John could hear her sigh and felt her search for his hand and lace their fingers together.

"I suppose that means it's time to get up... Breakfast and all that," she concluded, making no move to get up.

Sherlock chuckled, and John had lived with him long enough to realize this was devious laughter.

"Mary... do you think John would fancy a sandwich?"

There was a a pause, then equally quiet, evil laughter from Mary.

"Wonderful idea, Sherlock. Let's make John... a sandwich."

"You two realize I'm right here and you can ask me what I want for breakfast?"

John was now caught up in the movement on the bed; Sherlock rolled over and tossed the blankets while Mary crawled over them both. She pushed and prodded John until he was on his knees in the middle of the bed, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.
She was perfect. Shorter than John by a few inches, her long red hair hung over her shoulders as she leaned into him.

"Oh, John. That wouldn't be any fun. Besides, we weren't actually talking about food."

He had a moment to look confused before she pulled him down by his shoulders on top of her. He narrowly avoided squishing her by throwing his arms out on either side of her. She didn't give him any time to adjust before she was arching into him, letting his already impressive morning erection slide between her already wet folds.

He let out a groan, pleasantly surprised. But even through the lust, he managed a look over his shoulder, wondering where they had lost Sherlock.

He didn't see him before he felt him; two fingers probing, searching. John let his head fall into Mary's shoulder and he felt Sherlock drape his body over him as his fingers continued to tease, to threaten him with dry penetration. John wondered for a moment if he would be able to refuse them anything.

Lestrade/Molly - Five times plus one

Something sweet with maybe a touch of sad. Five times someone mistakes Molly for Lestrade's daughter, plus one where they don't.

Mycroft/Lestrade presents

Lestrade sends ridiculous and over the top present's to Mycroft's office. Some are themed, some are puzzles, some are thoughtful and some are just plain silly.

And it's protocol that all deliveries go through thorough checks before Mycroft gets them, so all of his staff get to see them too.

Bonus for one of the presents to be a novelty tie or silly socks and boxers.

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade presents

Aww, that's so cute.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

A day/week/time period in the life of Jim from IT: dealing with stupid user questions, company outings, absurd team-building exercises, and other such horrors of the corporate ecosystem.

Something light and cracky would be fun, and background!Johnlock (where they're having fun while IT!Moriarty is stuck in an office mixer or something) would be a lovely bonus.

Sorry if this has been prompted before!

Re: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

I want this! Seconded and thirded! (mostly because I like reading Jim-takes-time-off-from-being-a-creepyass-criminal-mastermind crackfics)

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Sherlock and John's child is trained by Moriarty as an assassin

So Sherlock and John have a son/daughter (through surrogacy or preferably adoption), and when the kid's about one or two, they get kidnapped. Obviously, Sherlock and John are completely devastated, do everything in their power to find their kid. However, they can find no leads, and eventually are forced to give up and move on as best they can.

Except, the truth is that their child has actually been kidnapped by Moriarty. In his effort to raise a perfect assassin, he does everything possible to make sure this kid grows up absolutely ruthless. And not just any assassin - his/her ultimate mission to to eventually kill John and Sherlock.

Finally, years later, they're ready. He/she goes to 221b - and despite now being grown, Sherlock, and then John, recognize their child immediately. All of which is rather confusing for the kid, who doesn't remember those first couple of years or so - all they know is that John and Sherlock are the ultimate evil, who must be gotten rid of to make Daddy happy.

Bonus if:
-He/she is actually well-meaning and a decent person, unlike Moriarty.
-Despite some questionable parenting techniques, Moriarty has actually developed actual fondness for him/her.

Sherlock is the man Consulting Detective John Watson hired

You know the stories where Jim wasn't really Moriarty, he was simply a (very well paid) actor named Richard Brook hired to play the role?

Lets do a new spin where John hired Sherlock to be his face man.

While of a decent intelligence and perhaps some odd habits, Sherlock use to be a small time violinist before he got heavy into drugs. Years later and all cleaned up, he needs a job and a place to stay.

John has a bit of money from the consulting he does for the police (and occasionally his sister), but wants to be more active without showing his face. The last thing he needs is to draw attention to himself if he wants to keep the people close to him safe. However, the cost of living in London is through the roof and he needs a roommate.

This gives an amazing new spin on the pool scene or the hospital roof. Imagine an average, everyday Sherlock having to think on his feet in order to not give John away as the real detective.

Moriarty has no clue, but will be the most likely to figure it out if you want him to.

Gen or eventual onesided Johnarity preferred, but some Morlock and Johnlock is okay.

Edited at 2012-11-13 06:55 pm (UTC)

One More Miracle

All recognisable words come from The Reichenbach Fall. Belongs to Conan Doyle and BBC.


Sherlock stared at the photo; John and his bride, looking so happy.

Logically he knew it was his fault, he never told John he was alive, never approached when John visited his grave. Even though he’d felt a pain in his chest as those visit became fewer and further apart, until John only came on the day Sherlock had died.

It had been six years ago.

Six years since John had begged him to not be dead. One more thing. One more miracle…for me. Don’t be dead.

Sherlock wasn’t. But John didn’t know, couldn’t know, not now. It was too late to make amends, to rip John’s happiness from underneath him.

Throwing the photograph down, Sherlock looks away in disgust, hating himself for his cowardice, hating Mycroft for sending it to him, hating John for moving on, for giving up.

Closing his eyes Sherlock tries to enter his mind palace, find a place where he can ignore the way John’s eyes are dark with melancholy, the way his smile doesn’t fill his face, the way he-

Letting out a rough moan Sherlock flung himself onto the sofa, curling up and turning his back to the world. Closing his eyes against the burning tears that he refused to let fall, Sherlock took measured breaths, in and out, missing the acrid burn of nicotine yet having no desire to smoke since John.

Just stop it. Stop this.

John’s voice reverberates inside his head and Sherlock can’t cope he gets up and leaves, slamming the door behind him.

The cemetery is empty as Sherlock stands before his own grave. There are no flowers, nothing. For some reason he feels better because of this, they are forgetting about him, as he intended. Molly, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade…John.

He’s so lost in his thoughts that he doesn’t hear the crunch of the leaves or the sharp intake of breath, Sherlock turns though, when that achingly familiar voice filled with hurt and disbelief whispers “Sherlock.”

With a nod, Sherlock doesn’t know what to say. His throat is tight, the fresh air is hurting his lungs, for the first time in six years he needs to smoke. The only thing he can think, the only thing he can say is, “John.”

Re: One More Miracle (Anonymous) Expand

ALPHA TV Series (john Watson)

John Watson is an ALPHA
(his power is up to you) he has hidden his ability his whole life, but now he lives with Sherlock Holmes, and is under constant surveillance. I want reactions people!

Re: ALPHA TV Series (john Watson)

Seconding. This prompt is perfection.

Please, someone write this!

Star Trek

Holmes = Vulcan

Watson = Ship doctor

But the blowjobs are for the case, John!

Sherlock never thought much about sex as his drive is pretty low, but he is not scared of sexual contact. He just has no experience with it. He has a case where his best avenue for gaining info on someone is through a person who uses male prostitutes and prefers oral sex ( this could be the murderer, or an informant) Sherlock is very upset because he never thought his sexual inexperience would negatively affect his ability to solve a case. If he had only anticipated something like this would have came up he would have had a lot more sex throughout his life and his lack of knowledge bothers him far more than the prospect of sex with a stranger for information. He reads up on it, but needs John to let him practice with him so he can pass himself off as reasonably experienced. John, as a doctor, is a bit concerned about Sherlock's safety and emotional state for subjecting himself to this sort of thing for a case. Kinks include sex talk that isn't particularly dirty and oral sex.

Moriarty/Moran Moran mpreg leaves Moriarty

Was watching the video for One more night by Maroon 5 and thought that it would be perfect for the couple.
I was wondering if anyone could wright it so Moran has just had Moriarty's kid (before The Fall) and whilst Moriarty cares about the child and Moran his obsession with Sherlock makes Moran feel scared for teh child and himself due to Jim's increasin black moods etc. So whilst the events of the on the rooftop are happening Moran packs up and leaves. Cue Jim now being dead and coming home to an empty flat. like in the music video.
however I do want a happy ending so does he follow and find Moran and twistedly apologise to him or not? or does Moran run to John and use the fact he has a child as a reason that John being a nice guy doesnt kill him etc and helps him get on with his life.

I either want that fill or :

Moran left when he was still pregnant fearing for both his and teh childs safty and years later Jim finds him again with the child a few years old. cue Moran trying to explain whilst Jim gets more and more angry thinking Sebastian has found someone else and the child calling Jim "papa" because Moran never let the kid forget the legend that was his daddy.


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