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Friending Meme
Giggles at the Palace
By popular demand, here is the Friending Meme! Tell us more about yourself, meet new people, and make some friends. Just copy the content of the box below, fill out as much as you want, and post it as a new comment. Then, browse other people's answers and bask in the awesomeness of the people here.

One rule: Be friendly!

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Well, I'm Kha0s_Absolute, but I use Secret-H more often.
I read. A lot. I write a little. I'm a pretty good drawer, but not so good with the technological side.

I got into Sherlock, half because of the Movies, and half because I tend to read stories about books/shows/movies/games, that I've never actually read/watched/played.

A prompt hmm...
John & Sherlock, Mycroft/John Omega!verse---Mycroft is one of the most powerful the most powerful Alphas in Europe, Sherlock is a beta that no one wants, and John is an omega that kept it hidden solely to join the army.
Sherlock gets hurt, so Mycroft and John indulge in some comfort sex. Unfortunately, John ends up knocked up and enlist Sherlock’s help to keep it a secret, because if Mycroft is so over protective about his hateful little brother, there is no way John would be leaving whatever isolated mansion/facility Mycroft would spirit him off to if he found out John was baring his children.
Not necessarily a dark!verse, but omegas, no matter what sex, are the only ones who can have kids, which makes society very over protected of them. I guess their a little misogynistic-ish.

I have awesome ideas, but no skillful outlet.

I'm more of a John fan than a Sherlock fan, but I like a lot of fandoms, from different medias.

Along with the generic pairings, I also have some that I don't know why I like them.

That's all I got.

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I like that you didn't mindlessly conform to the suggestive layout of the questionnaire (like I did). And of course, Mycroft/John and omega!verse is always a good idea. I really shouldn't like the omega!verse stuff, but I do.


Name/nickname: Mandy.
Age: 33.
Location: East Texas.
How you got into Sherlock: I'd meant to watch it for ages, but seeing all my friends squeeing over how perfect it was sort of lit a fire in me and I finished all the episode within the last week/week & a half. And now I'm hooked beyond belief.
Other adaptations you enjoy: I've never actually seen and/or read any other adaptations. I'm not even sure I want to. How do you improve on perfection?
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): Sherlock, John, Sherlock/John. Yeah, I could just watch those two all day.
A prompt you'd like to see filled: I love good text fic and I've read some lovely ones in this fandom. I'd love to see them come to terms with their feelings for each other via texts over a certain number of days apart and then come back together and you know. Get together. ;)
Favourite episode and why: I can't pick a favorite. No possible way. There are moments in all of them -- yes, even that horrid one that I adore.
Things you enjoy in fics: I like seeing Sherlock blown away by John for a change. Sort of in awe of John and his feelings for John.
Other fandoms: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Lois & Clark, Legend Of The Seeker, Stargate, Veronica Mars, Game Of Thrones, The Borgias, The Secret Circle, Hart Of Dixie, Star Wars, Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, True Blood, Terminator TSCC, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Switched At Birth, really this list could go on forever. I'm a bit of a fandom!whore.
Non-fandom interests: Wait. There's stuff other than fandom? Who knew!
Five random facts about you: Texan. Drummer. Published Author. Bookworm. Single.
Something you'd like to do this year: Well, I'd like to see new Sherlock episodes, but that doesn't seem to be on the agenda . . . ;)
Anything else: That's pretty much it. My journal is friends-locked (except for fic and recs), but I usually add everyone back. I'm sorta spammy and very commenty and love getting to know new people to squee with.

Hey! East Texas! I have a lot of family from there.

Name/nickname: Elyse
Age: 20
Location: Ontario, Canada

How you got into Sherlock: Heard about it from a friend of a friend and decided to download series 1 a few weeks after it aired.
Other adaptations you enjoy: Granada and Russian Holmes are my other favourites but I hold a special spot in my heart for the Great Mouse Detective <3
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): John, Sherlock, Molly, Mycroft, actually I should just say ALL THE CHARACTERS. Sherlock/John, Mystrade, Irene/Molly, John/Mary, Moriarty/Moran, Sherlock/John/Mycroft, Sherlock/John/Lestrade (sup OT3's)
A prompt you'd like to see filled: most crossover fics, I'd especially love to see a Kingdom Hearts one (just because I've been listening to the soundtracks all week)
Favourite episode and why: A study in Pink because I love watching adaptions on how John and Sherlock actually met
Things you enjoy in fics: I'm a HUGE lover of crossovers and AU's. I'm also fond of character studies and of dysfunctional character backgrounds. Oh and I got a weakest for reading WIP's apparently

Other fandoms: Homestuck, Community, Doctor Who, How to train your dragon, bakemonogatari, Avatar the last airbender, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Tiger&Bunny, Madoka magica, QI, Game of Thrones (tv version only), the Borgias, Adventure time, Downton Abbey, IT Crowd
Non-fandom interests: reading, drinking a ridiculous amount of tea in a day, going for walks in the middle of the night, being a crazy cat lady, idk most of my life revolves around fandom life <3
Five random facts about you: I'm ginger. I have 3 cats. Asexual. Shows my emotional by keyboard smashing. Sleeps with teddy bears because her cats kick her in the face.
Something you'd like to do this year: Get a job again
Anything else:



/floats on by

(Deleted comment)
Name/nickname: augustbird / jenny
Age: 22
Location: Pennsylvania
How you got into Sherlock: i kept seeing it all over my friendslist, but it wasn't until an irl friend demanded for me to watch it it that i finally got around to it last summer. and the rest is benedict cumberbatch's chins history.
Other adaptations you enjoy: i actually only recently got around to reading the acd books, just finish the sign of four yesterday! and i love both rdj and jude law so fan of the movies too. *__* but fandom wise, sherlock bbc all the way.
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): i kind of love molly a lot. i think mycroft is a fantastic character. huge fan of john. sherlock is a dick but i love him anyway. i'm sure i'm missing people! and as for pairings, i stick mostly with john/sherlock.
A prompt you'd like to see filled: i should really browse the kinkmeme more because i can't but i could see this escalating into a really hilarious fic. :D also there was this prompt about peter guillam disguising himself as sherlock to flush out moriarty and how the fall was the conclusion of this particular assignment but peter/sherlock not expecting to fall in love with john and DOES ANYBODY HAVE A LINK TO THIS BEAUTIFUL PROMPT THAT I HAVE LOST?
Favourite episode and why: REICHENBACH. because it made me cry and i don't cry at anything lol.
Things you enjoy in fics: good writing. believable characterization. bonus if it's plotty and action packed. :D
Other fandoms: hbo war fandoms (band of brothers, the pacific, generation kill), the eagle, inception, durarara, & white collar are fandoms i've written for. i've lurked in countless others though--my interests range from parks & rec to breaking bad to pokemon.
Non-fandom interests: i'd really like to learn how to cook better aaaa, but i absolutely suck at it. i also like walking around in beautiful weather and settling on a bench in a park with a book. oh and science. so much science.
Five random facts about you: 1. i am a pretend graduate student working in an immunology/epigenetics lab and my lj consists of a lot of whining about that, 2. i have elbows that hyperextend and sometimes when i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror while stretching, i get weirded out by the hyperextension, 3. the more i learn, the more i realize i don't know anything, 4. i have performed cpr on a real person, 5. miike snow's new album is currently the love of my life.
Something you'd like to do this year: graduate. please.
Anything else: can i shamlessly plug my fic recommendation tumblr?

and baby goats fix everything :D

Wow, how many Bio people do we have on here? Enzymology here! I have met several other Macro bio/ Biochem grad students on here. Goats are awesome, though mine are currently being assholes cause it's spring.

Name: Spurandsaddle (deindae in other places)

Age: 21

Location: Massachusetts, not Boston the other side (yes there is things in Mass besides Boston)

How you got into Sherlock: I read the books when I was 7-9. Last summer I had surgery and was stuck in bed all summer. It was on Netflix.

Other Adaptions: I really Enjoyed the RDJ movies. I felt like it updated Sherlock Holmes in making us feel a bit like the victorians would have felt about it. Gave it that little bit of racy edge that they original stories had that became quaint.

Other Fandoms: LoTR; DCUniverse; Classical History (I will write that Iliad cross over one day!); Avatar:Last Airbender; Star Trek (all of them); X-men; Star Wars; Dr.Who; Torchwood; Firefly; Harry Potter; Way to many other random ones to count.

I tend to write short stories, and only really post them to memes. Usually anon.

(Deleted comment)
Name/nickname: Fern
Age: 21
Location: Seattle originally, Missoula for school.
How you got into Sherlock: I was already a Whovian, and a fan of both Moffatt and Gatiss's writing. Then my fandom buddies started going on about this new "Sherlock" thing, and I started making grabby hands.
Other adaptations you enjoy: I have to admit, I haven't really explored the other adaptations much, though I plan to eventually. I'm working on the stories right now and enjoying them; I thought the Guy Ritchie films were cracky popcorn fun; and I was pretty obsessed with the first few seasons of House, which I think should totally count.
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): ALL OF THEM. I mean, I love Sherlock/John as much as the next kid, but my approach to fandom generally involves loving all the characters and shipping everyone with everyone else. If you write it well, I will totally read it.
A prompt you'd like to see filled: I'd like to see more fics that explore Donovan in an interesting way. She gets demonized a lot, and while I totally get why Sherlock finds her irritating, she's pretty obviously competent and doing her job.
Favourite episode and why: Probably Reichenbach. It's so exquisitely crafted. Plus, Molly gets to be awesome, and I'm a sucker for that.
Things you enjoy in fics: It depends on the type of fic, really. I love a clever plot, for instance, but I'm not going to hold the lack of one against something that's obviously meant to be a vignette. That said: good dialogue, thoughtful characterization, no character-bashing. If there's sex, I appreciate it when things don't always go perfectly and characters have to negotiate what works and what doesn't. Not that I'm against a good PWP by any means, though. :D
Other fandoms: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Homestuck, The Mighty Boosh, Harry Potter, Whedonverse, probably some I'm forgetting.
Non-fandom interests: Social justice, music of all sorts, reading, writing, being outdoors, swearing like a sailor, being a giant queer, crafting, learning all kinds of shit.
Five random facts about you: 1) I play quidditch. 2) I also play the violin. 3) As a result, whenever I go to quidditch practice I have to stop myself from calling it "quidditch rehearsal." 4) I can't decide if I want to marry Rachel Maddow or be her. 5) I'm taking a human sexuality class right now. It's kind of the best thing ever.
Something you'd like to do this year: Finish writing a story.
Anything else: I has a tumblr!

Ahhh, so jealous of your quidditch playing! That is awesome. Also, I took human sexuality a few semesters ago. It is definitely the best thing ever.

Name/nickname: Meredydd
Age: 34
Location: Southeast Texas
How you got into Sherlock: Fan of ACD canon then I got sucked into series one while laid up post partum and here I am...
Other adaptations you enjoy: Prety much all of them but I have yet to see the Russian version lol.
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): Sherlock/John, Molly/Lestrade, Molly/Mycroft, Molly/Lestrade/Mycroft
A prompt you'd like to see filled: LOL any of mine, several D/s ones and most molly-centric ones.
Favourite episode and why:ASiP for the initial meeting, as above mentioned, and also TRF mainly for Freeman's opening scene.
Things you enjoy in fics: strong plot and consistent characterization... Also love love love character backstory (when done well) and *ahem* good smut.
Other fandoms: SyFy's "Alice," "Primeval," Being Human, Doctor Who
Non-fandom interests: Belly dancing, reading, museum hopping esp with my kiddo, writing (someone actually published me IRL...weird, lol)
Five random facts about you: Belly dancer, writer IRL, can touch my tongue to my nose,I have a master's degree, and I'm a bisexual polyamorous pagan geek
Something you'd like to do this year: Finish my RL and Fandom WIPS... Learn more ASL for my son.
Anything else: Um. Hi. Oh and my Sherlock fic is on my writing LJ, InelegantScrawl

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We seem to have a few things in common beyond Sherlock. Want to try friends?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hi, where in AZ? I'm in Safford.

(Deleted comment)
Name/nickname: Steph
Age: I'll be 26 in about 2 1/2 weeks :D
Location: London, UK
How you got into Sherlock: Obsessed with Sherlock Holmes since I was about 9/10, joined the Sherlock Holmes Society as soon as I moved to London when I was 18. Was very excited/scared when they announced 'Sherlock' and am very glad that it turned out to be awesome :D
Other adaptations you enjoy: Big fan of the Russian!Holmes series - I think Vasily Livanov is tied with Clive Merrison as my favourite Holmes. I really enjoyed 'The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes' when I first saw it when I was about 12 and I have soft spot for Nigel Bruce's Watson (I maintain that the best on screen version of 'The Musgrave Ritual' was done by Bruce/Rathbone).
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): Without a question, Mycroft :) I don't have a favourite pairing, Anthea/Molly makes me happy.
A prompt you'd like to see filled: Oh. Er... I prompted that Moriarty was an actor and that it was all a test of Mycroft's loyalty. Sherlock worked it out but couldn't tell Mycroft. Following Sherlock's 'death', all is revealed and his loyalty is 100% without question. Sherlock returns and they work together to bring down Mycroft's 'masters'.
Favourite episode and why: oooh...tie between 'A Study in Pink' and 'Scandal in Belgravia' - I like the way they made the update work and I really liked Irene Adler (no I do not think she was working for Moriarty, remember, he's a consulting criminal...she consulted him). I also like the interplay between everyone in those stories, particularly between Mycroft & Sherlock.
Things you enjoy in fics: I quite like 'normality', you know, every day stuff...and humour. A character trying their best to have a cup of coffee whilst everything around them is trying to stop them having that five minute sit down...that sort of thing :))
Other fandoms: Not particularly active in but I've written some 'Grey's Anatomy' fanfic (my guilty pleasure :P) and I'm a huge fan of 'The Thick of It'.
Non-fandom interests: Theatre, photography, guinea pigs, films, gaming
Five random facts about you: I've had tea at the House of Lords, been to tea & a show at the Magic Circle, worked with Michael Crawford, I used to live off Baker once walked from the Lyceum Theatre to Upper Norwood with my friend following the route in SIGN using 19th century maps.
Something you'd like to do this year: finally pull it together and submit something to the Sherlock Holmes Society Journal. Oh, and lose weight but to be honest, I'm with Mycroft on this - I detest legwork :P
Anything else: I talk about my job a bit on my journal, which I understand is quite boring but I promise it's not all boring...honest :)

Hi! I remember your prompt, I think it could turn into a really interesting story. I hope it gets a fill. :)

I loved Irene, too, and "Scandal" is also one of my favourite episodes. :D

I once walked from the Lyceum Theatre to Upper Norwood with my friend following the route in SIGN using 19th century maps.

That is totally awesome.

We seem to have a few interest and friends in common, so - wanna be friends?

Name/nickname: Rose
Age: 22
Location: Essex
How you got into Sherlock: A lot of my friends kept telling me to watch it after they saw the first episode. I watched the Blind Banker and was sort of; "Meh...this isn't for me." Then last December I decided to give it another go because I was on a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fix after watching the Guy Ritchie movie and Great Mouse Detective. Ten minutes into the first episode and I was in love.
Other adaptations you enjoy: Granada, Guy Ritchie, ACD!Canon, Great Mouse Detective and I am a little curious about Elementary, I have to admit.
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): Sherlock/John are my platonic OTP. I also like Lestrade/Molly and Jim/Seb.
A prompt you'd like to see filled: There was a prompt I remember seeing a while back that was about the whole "It's all a dream" trope except both Sherlock and John were hallucinating but they sort of made up this world together. And it turns out John is being tortured in Afghanistan and Sherlock is still a junkie but when they 'wake up' they find each other even though they haven't really met (or so everyone thinks).
Favourite episode and why: A Study In Pink. Because so many other Holmes/Watson adaptations I've seen usually have their relationship pre-established like Granada, Guy Ritchie, Basil Rothebone etc. While I love those versions of the characters as well, this Sherlock and John are the most precious to me because we get to see them meet and how they made each other happy when they were both so alone before.
Things you enjoy in fics: Hurt/comfort is my kink with an equal emphasis on both. In that order. I'm a bit of a sadist, I like to see a character brought to breaking point and then I love seeing them be put back together. I can never just leave them broken, I'm not that evil. :P I also love humour. I don't have many sexual kinks but when I do it depends on the pairing.
Other fandoms: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Misfits, Mass Effect, Ouran High School Host Club, Being Human, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, Black Books (some of these aren't fandoms, just other shows I like).
Non-fandom interests: Gaming, I have an 360 and a Wii. Jobseeking and my volunteer work takes up the rest of my time at the moment.
Five random facts about you: 5"5. An Essex girl who doesn't wear fake tan. Agnostic (sort of spiritualist). I can instantly know a quote from any episode of the Simpsons pre-1999. My first same-sex crush was one of the women who used to host Nickelodeon back when it was that sort of channel (I was 11).
Something you'd like to do this year: Get a decent job. Move out, preferably to London near my friends.
Anything else: Not much. I'm a bit of a loner but I do like to get to know people if they're willing to put up with me. Outside of fic, I'm more into vidding and if anyone wants to check out my channel on YouTube it's RoseNoir90. Shameless self-plugging is shameless.

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I know how it is to look for a job! Was doing that till 3 weeks ago, and was overly depressed about everything ><
Hang in there, yeah?

What kind of volunteering do you do?
I am a volunteer for the British Red Cross in London, well, actually, I just started XD just finished all my training and have still to go out the first time >>

Mad Woman in the middle of the desert looking to make new friends

Location:Safford,AZ USA, Originally from Clio, MI
How you got into Sherlock:I kept hearing about Sherlock on Tumblr and finally watched it. I was instantly hooked.
Other adaptations you enjoy:I love the original books, reading them as a kid made me fall in love with Sherlock Holmes
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s:)Sherlock/John,Mycroft/Lestrade
A prompt you'd like to see filled:John walks in on Sherlock doing yoga in the nude, lots of smut happens.
Favourite episode and why:
Things you enjoy in fics:Smut, Fluff, Smut & Fluff, Smut
Other fandoms:Torchwood, Doctor Who, NCIS
Non-fandom interests:Reading, Knitting, Writting
Five random facts about you:I like to dance, I love to cook, I like tatoos, I think snakes are cool, The final episode of MASH always makes me cry
Something you'd like to do this year: Go see the Grand Canyon
Anything else:I'm a non-married house wife, I'm owned by two Rottweilers and a psycho rabbit,I like to make new friends

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Re: Mad Woman in the middle of the desert looking to make new friends

"I'm owned by two Rottweilers and a psycho rabbit" <- You are amazing! \o/ But does the rabbit glow in the dark?

Where is this yoga prompt? Is it one of yours? It sounds delicious <3

Name/nickname: Zed
Age: 27?
Location: Las Vegas
How you got into Sherlock: I'd heard about it because I hold a passing interest in what Martin Freeman gets up to, but didn't actually watch it until someone assured me that it was actually decent.
Other adaptations you enjoy: Granada, Great Mouse Detective
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): I've always loved Molly, and have recently become quite fond of Jim.
A prompt you'd like to see filled: I have such a hard time keeping up with this meme any more. I don't even know what's out there.
Favourite episode and why: The Great Game, still. It has a good blend of mystery and domesticity, and has the least amount of bits in that make me ragey or confused.
Things you enjoy in fics: The same things I enjoy in the show. Mystery and domesticity.
Other fandoms: Cabin Pressure, Doctor Who, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Probably others, but I can't think of any right now.
Non-fandom interests: Drawing, Minecraft, knitting/crochet.
Five random facts about you: I have terrible insomnia; I have been known to spend hours on end in the bath; After a spinal injury, I lost two inches to my height; I once spent about six months travelling the American west coat, paying my way by doing close-up magic in diners and restaurants; I can't think of a fifth one. I'm not very interesting.
Something you'd like to do this year: Move back to Portland.
Anything else: I distrust LJ, and no-longer use my account here because LJ have proved time and time again that they don't care about their users. You can find me on DW.

I once spent about six months travelling the American west coat, paying my way by doing close-up magic in diners and restaurants

I can't even think of a good way to tell you how fucking cool that is...

Name/nickname: Sator square
Age: 25
Location: USA
How you got into Sherlock: I don't even remember at this point.
Other adaptations you enjoy: Do the audiobooks read by Christopher Lee count as an adaptation? I love his voice.
I've acquired some of the Granada stuff, but haven't seen it yet.
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): Sherlock/Mycroft, Jim/Mycroft, Irene/Mycroft, John/Mycroft... let's just make this one Everyone/Mycroft
A prompt you'd like to see filled:
The prompt where Moriarty brainwashes either Mycroft or Sherlock into obsessively thinking about getting it on with the other one. It would be sooo messed up.
Favourite episode and why: This one's hard. I'm going to go with ASiP. ASiB could have rivaled it for me up until about 20 minutes before the end, when it got a bit silly for me.
Things you enjoy in fics: It varies a lot. I like gen casefics. I like what-if-one-event-happened-differently AUs. I like stories that address how a pairing got together in the first place. For PWP, I like power games.
Other fandoms: Harry Potter, Person of Interest, Doctor Who, Highlander, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, and tons of others, though I only write for Sherlock currently
Non-fandom interests: Languages. Programming. ASMR.
Five random facts about you:
Harry Potter was my first ever fandom.
I've been reading fanfic for ten years now.
I can understand German fairly well, but can't speak it for the life of me.
I have the strong urge to compile in-depth statistics about the meme.
I've never had coffee.
Something you'd like to do this year: Pay off my student loan (highly unlikely, but distantly possible)
Anything else:
I may ramble about strange things.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, hullo! I'm Kristen, and I live in Kentucky but I went to college at Wittenberg University in Springfield. What part of the state are you in?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Name/nickname: Lostgirl
Age: 31
Location: New Orleans
How you got into Sherlock: My fiance's friend told him about it (for which I have thanked him profusely!)
Other adaptations you enjoy: Books, some movies
Favourite Sherlock character(s)/pairing(s): Sherlock/John, who also happen to be my favorite characters. Also love Lestrade and Molly, and Irene sometimes. Molly/Irene is pretty awesome. (I have a bunny!) And Sherlock/John/Lestrade can be pretty awesome. *nods*
A prompt you'd like to see filled: I'd love to see John subtly seducing Sherlock over time. (Oh, wait, that's the show! :-D)
Favourite episode and why: Oh, dear. I love bits and pieces of all of them, and don't love bits and pieces of all of them. I'd have to say that my favorite is The Reichenbach Fall, despite the tear-inducing ending.
Things you enjoy in fics: Oh, I love insecure!Sherlock, pining from all sides, D/s (Top!John), well-written UST (as long as there's RST in there eventually), well-done depictions of Sherlock's thought processes, case-fic, and I love it when they come out to the NSY gang. In fact, combine all of those into a single fic and I may just worship at your feet.
Other fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Non-fandom interests: Writing, drawing, painting, reading, juggling (yes, most of these can be related back to fandom. :-D)
Five random facts about you: 1) I can open doors with my toes, 2) I love cheese, 3) I enjoy knitting, but don't get time to do it often, 4) I can cook three things extremely well (lasagna, quiche, and red beans), 5) I have been happily engaged for about 11 years, together for 13. Seriously.
Something you'd like to do this year: Finish writing a Sherlock/John long fic!
Anything else: In addition to writing fanfic, I also do fanart, although I haven't posted any Sherlock fanart yet.

Edited at 2012-03-16 03:10 am (UTC)

Hey, NOLA! Another place I have family, lol. I did undergrad at LSU in BR and went to NOLA frequently. Shiny.


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