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Prompting Part XXVII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock punches someone in the boob. Could be a woman.

Or, you know. Mycroft.

lol yes

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"I'm going to rescue him!"
"Rescue him?"
"It's my duty. My duty as a complete and utter bastard."

Oh yes! This! please! I loved Timeslides!


Inspired by a line in a fic I've read recently.

Sherlock loves being the keeper of John’s genetic material. Smutty, cracky, magical realism etc...


Do you mean you want it to be smutty, cracky, and with magical realism, or do you want any of the above?

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Hey everyone. :3

We have a new reprompting rule ^^^ up there. It basically says, you need to wait every other prompt post before reprompting.

If you see any occurrences of too frequent reprompting, let us know. Mods reserve the discretion to delete prompts that don't follow this rule.

Thanks! :)

Re: Mod Post


Thank you, mods. Thank you! Bless you!

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Differently abled – paralysed!John

Sherlock/John AU
h/c, differently able character

Sherlock is caught driving recklessly, under the influence of alcohol/cocaine/his own brain etc. Mycroft uses his influence to reduce sentencing. Apart from the fines, his community service/punishment from Mycroft is to work for a charity for people with spinal cord injuries.

That's where he meets Dr John Watson. At first Sherlock thinks John is as dull and uninteresting as everybody else, until he deduces that John is actually the most wonderful and Intriguing person Sherlock has ever met. John is also paralysed from the waist down after having been hit by a drunk driver during his two-weeks’ mid-tour leave from Afghanistan.

A happy ending of some sort would be greatly appreciated. And the driving insident couls be changed if the author felt like it.

Re: Differently abled – paralysed!John

Seconded! :D

My Shield of GLOMP

Sherlock knows that the first thing John is going to do when he sees him after believing he was dead is punch him. So Sherlock figures out a crafty way to avoid that.

When he's face to face with John, before John can do little more than pull back his fist - Sherlock rushes forward and GLOMPS him in a bone-crushing bear hug.

Bonus points if he lifts John off the ground. XD

Re: My Shield of GLOMP

Whoever you are, anon, ILU.

And I think I will have to fill this. <3

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Sherlock jumped off the roof too soon to witness Moriarty regenerate.

All the yes for this prompt!!!

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Someone (Lestrade maybe?) catches Mycroft doing the Risky Business dance.

Bonus, umbrella involved.

Double bonus, he doesn't give a fuck.

Edited at 2012-03-11 02:52 am (UTC)

Re: Mycroft Rocking Out

That sounds awesome. But the link 404s :(



Demon!Jim and angel!John fighting for Sherlock's soul. Or, for an awesome twist, angel!Jim and demon!John.

Gen, or any pairings among the three of them. Or a threesome.

Dear god. Soooo seconding this.
Especially the angel!Jim and demon!John twist.

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The reason Sally Donovan doesn't like Sherlock is because she's jealous of his curls.

This is actually a rather lovely idea.

Jim, Sherlock/Mycroft (noncon/dubcon, incest)

Jim somehow captures both Sherlock and Mycroft. He orders them to perform sexual acts with/on each other... knowing full well that Sherlock has always wanted it, but Mycroft either had no idea or has simply never been willing to do it in the past.

Forced orgasms (non-con)

One of the methods Mycroft used in Jim's interrogation was forcing him to come over and over and over again. He handled it personally.

Re: Forced orgasms (non-con)

Oh god yes.

John the secret kink-memer

John's getting incredibly frustrated, whenever his kinkmeme has a prompt freeze, he thinks up at least three really good prompts but never writes them down (cause Sherlock would find them and then the mocking) but when the new prompt post goes up, can he remember a single one of his prompts?

No, he fucking well can't!

(anon is projecting, yes, yes indeed)

Re: John the secret kink-memer

This anon shares the pain. While there's no prompt freeze no idea's will flow. Then BAM! Prompt Freeze! Idea's galore.


Mind control incest, dubcon

Moriarty somehow hypnotizes or brainwashes Sherlock or Mycroft into wanting to fuck the other, without the afflicted party having any idea it's even happened. The afflicted one is simply forced to go about his day while being tormented by increasingly explicit thoughts of fucking his own brother.

Can lead to actual Holmescest, but doesn't have to.

Bonus for the method Moriarty used requiring the afflicted one to have some kind of pre-existing feelings for it to work

Re: Mind control incest, dubcon

want want want want want want!!!

Moriarty isn't real

A song made me think of a short story...

So in the short story, an author ended up plagiarizing a fellow student a long time ago, and the student got expelled. Now the student is trying to ruin the life of/kill the author.

Thing is, it's the author's guilt manifesting itself as a... split personality? He's basically ruining his own life without realizing it, hallucinating the other person. Then he figures it out and goes bonkers.

So, similar concept. Sherlock's brain made up Moriarty without telling him (more likely to keep Sherlock entertained than out of guilt). Sherlock is convinced that Moriarty is real, and 'Moriarty' is very good at fabricating evidence of his existence. But eventually, the evidence adds up, and Sherlock realizes Moriarty is him. Going bonkers is optional.

Re: Moriarty isn't real

Secret Window, Secret Garden prompt? now this is interesting...

Re: Moriarty isn't real (Anonymous) Expand

Blame it on the rant post.



Re: Blame it on the rant post.


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Lestrade's new job (post Reichenbach spoilers)

After The Fall, Lestrade gets fired/demoted, so he has more free time on his hands and is in need of money.

One of his kinky friends talks him into working as a professional dom.

He's very good at it.

(maybe a five times fic, with male and female clients?)

Re: Lestrade's new job (post Reichenbach spoilers)

Oh hell. This please. :D

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University AU

Jim and Sherlock were flatmates in University. Sherlock went on to solve crimes. Jim went on to cause them.

Gen or Jim/Sherlock, please. Preferably no non-con or D/s, though dub-con is a-ok! beautiful
oh god, all the seconding power of yes on this post please

Sherlock teasing John with anal beads, denying him his orgasm several times over. D/s or dub con very welcome.

(Possibly: Sherlock makes John walk around in public with the beads still inside him = ♥!)

Yes please

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Genderswap angsting and adultery.

Fem!John is married to Mycroft. (arranged-marriage, convenience etc, idk) Because Sherlock and his brother don't always get on well (mostly Sherlock), Sherlock has yet to meet his sister-in-law.

By some circumstance, they meet for the first time and there are definite sparks and they fall in love... (maybe while working on cases together.)

I'd love to see a happy ending for everyone though if it works out.


It's mainly about the Love...

This idea has been festering in my mind for a while. It's based on a previous prompt, but I'm thinking something different.

There's a third of males who get female-like periods. They're treated exactly the same way with the same attitude, but advertisements for the products differ like deodorant and shampoo does. Monthly cycle, effects mood and weight and so on and so forth. Thanks to Sherlock's bad diet all of his life, he never experienced one so he never knew he was in that third.

Then, thanks to John's influence of better eating and sleeping habits, they randomly start one day.

Why do I find this so funny?!?? I think it's a sign that I really should go to bed...

Eh, but anyway. SECONDING!!

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Double penetration


Sherlock getting DPed by John and Irene (with a strap-on).

If Sherlock is hesitant or reluctant at first, I will love you even more!

Re: Double penetration



yup. this is the awesomest thing ever

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Make it happen! It doesn't matter how!

Re: Mycroft/Anderson/Lestrade


What's happened to John?

Sherlock: What have you done to John?
"John": What are you talking about?
Sherlock: People are suffering, dying and John - my John - would care.

Re: What's happened to John?

Oh God Yes! Anon is definitely boarding this train!

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Not sure if many are aware but SHINee (a Korean Pop group) has named their mini-album 'Sherlock'.

Because of this, I'm requesting Sherlock and John and whoever else you'd like (because seriously, whoever it is I wouldn't mind in the slightest) as Korean Pop idols.

Roll with it!

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