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Prompting Part XXVI
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock can't come without pain

J/S, established D/s relationship, please. :)

Re: Sherlock can't come without pain

Definitely seconded!

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Sebastian occasionally sedates Jim, either because he's making sure Jim sleeps every now and then, or sometimes just because Jim gets to be too much and Sebastian needs a break from him.

It also helps that Sebastian loves fucking Jim when he's coming out of it, still half asleep and pliant and a little bit grumpy about waking up

Seconded !

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FILL ^^ (Anonymous) Expand

John non-con

John is raped. Once they find out how sensitive they are, they pay extra attention to his nipples.

Re: John non-con

Well, hello, two-kinks-in-one!

Seconded. =D

Re: John non-con (Anonymous) Expand


Sherlock loves sucking cock so much, just the sensation of having a cock in his mouth brings him near to coming.

I knew there had to be a good reason his homeless network helped him out.

I mean, seconded!

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Fill: Debauched (2) (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Fill: Debauched (2) (Anonymous) Expand
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FILL: Slut (1/1) (Anonymous) Expand
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Mummy is a free spirit who got knocked up against a portapotty in woodstock ....

...9 months later Mycroft arrived. Mycroft's partner (preferably Lestrade) is curious to meet Mummy. Mycroft is reluctant, he loves mummy very much but is a little embarrassed by her bohemian lifestyle. She likes to tell people how she got knocked up against a portapotty at woodstock, she suspects either Roger Daltery or Keith Moon is the daddy but isnt quite sure, she lives in a trailer in the woods (on holmes estate) and likes to commune with nature ... or something along those lines.
Reprompted from Part XIX
TLDR Mummy is a free spirit, Mycroft loves her but is a little embarrased by her.

Re: Mummy is a free spirit who got knocked up against a portapotty in woodstock ....

SECONDED. So good!

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More Time Travel is never a bad thing (Doctor Who crossover)

When he was younger, Sherlock traveled with the Doctor. (Maybe around the time he started using drugs. The Doctor took him as a companion to try and show him that there was more to the universe).

Along the way Sherlock finds out that he will eventually gets married in the future to a man simply named Doctor John Holmes.

Flash-forward to Sherlock and the Doctor traveling to one of the three years Sherlock is “dead” and run into John. John who is so frazzled by Sherlock’s sudden appearance that he accidentally introduces himself as John Holmes (and then quickly corrects himself, “WATSON! John Watson!”).

Bonus: John is the reason that Sherlock gives up drugs for good. Even though he hasn‘t officially met John yet he wants John to be proud of him.

Re: More Time Travel is never a bad thing (Doctor Who crossover)

OMG! SECONDED! (Smitten!Sherlock who just wants to please John is always seconded!)

Dr. Stapleton and John or Sherlock

I just like the idea of either John or Sherlock getting close to Dr. Stapleton (who is either divorced or widowed) after the Hounds incidents, meeting little Kirsty, giving her a replacement pet for Bluebell...

D/s - John's Collar reprompt

Sherlock is a Dom. John is a sub.

Sherlock comes home 3 years later to find John still wearing his collar.

John took care of himself just fine before he meet Sherlock and he took care of himself after Sherlock died. But he couldn't bring himself to remove the collar. He promised Sherlock he never would.

Re: D/s - John's Collar reprompt

wasn't this just prompted in the last meme?

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and Watson are John's Parents but not the ones standing in the living room...yet.

This is a reprompt. It kind of got lost in the shuffle last post.

Holmes and Watson somehow get transorted to Modern Day London. They meet Sherlock who tries to figure out a way to get them back to their own time.

When John comes home he doesn't miss a beat and hugs them and tell them "It's good to see you. I didn't know you were going for a visit!".
Until John realizes that the Holmes and Watson standing in their apartment aren't his parents because they look younger than his parents.

TL;DR - Holmes and Watson aren't John's parents....yet.

Holmes and Watson are John's Parents but not the ones standing in the living room...yet.

Sorry, the subject line needed fixing. :)


After helping Sherlock fake his death, she cannot face the people in her life anymore without immense feelings of guilt, so she runs away with a man in a little blue box.

Re: companion!Molly

seconded so hardddddd

"That's a penis."

"I'm sure it's not---Oh my god that's a penis."

"Told you."

"Who the hell keeps a penis pickled in a jar in their fridge?!"

"Sherlock, obviously."

"Oh my God. You don't think he-"


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From the Rules Above:

All kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance--whatever. Go wild! :D


(However you could make it work; I'd like to see what you some of you can come up with!)

Fill: John in a Jumper, part 1/1








potentially filling this (Anonymous) Expand

Lestrade whump! with John love!

Anything that involves Lestrade getting whumped (preferably not in a silly way - whilst working or something) and John helping him recover/tending to wounds/taking care of him like the pro that he is.

Sweet lovin' entirely encouraged. :)

Re: Lestrade whump! with John love!

Possibly filling this one, if gen is alright.

Sherlock reveals he's alive in the middle of John's wedding, during the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' part. By speaking up, of course.

D/s J/S

Could be a D/s AU or a D/s relationship, either's fine.

John and Sherlock attend play parties/a BDSM club. All the other doms want a go on John's beautiful, well-trained but headstrong sub and take delight in watching John top Sherlock, who's so pretty when he's under.

Re: D/s J/S

seconded like woah.

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When Sherlock Holmes comes back from the dead, Mary has no problem sharing her husband with him. In fact, it is the one thing she can't stop thinking about.

Re: John/Mary/Sherlock

I second this whole-heartedly. I was going to prompt pretty much this myself. Needs to happen.

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I appear to have developed a bit of a kilt!kink.

So... something with kilts please ^_^

I just want to see/read about everyone wearing kilts. Not even kilt!porn. Just... wearing kilts.

I can't even think of a plausible reason. I don't even care about reason. I just want everyone in kilts XD

Even Mycroft! No... especially Mycroft. Dem legs XD</i>

i didn't think i had a kilt-kink....and then i pictured Mycroft in one.
and oh, god, i wish i knew how to write because i'm just imagining so many scenarios of Mycroft forcing people to wear kilts for 'reasons'.


Edited at 2012-02-17 11:30 pm (UTC)

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"Mycroft, who is your brother texting?"

The Holmes's have a family dinner. Sherlock won't stop texting John and Mummy is concerned....until Mycroft tells her that Sherlock is texting her future son-in-law.

Re: "Mycroft, who is your brother texting?"

safkjabfajysefxblazkjfbx SECONDED <3

Family car ride (my kink tonight be humour)

After Hounds, Lestrade drives the three of them back to London. Sherlock and John bicker and annoy each other in the back seat like a couple of kids while Lestrade is the father quickly losing his temper and threatening to turn the car around if they don't behave.

Bonus; at some point after Lestrade berates them, the boys say in unison:

"Sorry Daddy."

Re: Family car ride (my kink tonight be humour)

Haha, oh god, this. And I'm sure he'd be "secretly pleased", too!

Molly is mild-mannered and quiet, but she has little ways of being subtly rebellious. One of these is that she likes to touch her clit in public, just a brush of her finger against it when nobody is looking, but enough that she gets that rush of excitement at the thought that she may get caught.

Eventually, someone does catch her, and they make sure to give her so much more than just that little touch.

(My preferred pairing is Lestrade/Molly, but I'll take whatever I can get. Fem pairings welcome, too.)

What a limited skill set...

After Sherlock's return, it comes out about Molly's part in his deception (whatever part you want that to be, so long as it is an obvious one) and about all of the times she helped him and gave him parts and such... She is fired from her job and basically blacklisted from every possible position she can work in the greater London area. I'd like a fic about her getting knocked on her ass then back on her feet, maybe with a bit of help from Lestrade or Mycroft (preferred pairing, if there is one, is Molly/Lestrade). Happy ending preferred, also prefer that Molly is not a super secret BAMF.

Re: What a limited skill set...

Molly and Lestrade get their lives ruined but then they fall in love?

I'd just love some sleepy, sleepy Sherlock fic please? Warm and fluffy and snoozy. Yum yum, etc.

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On one horribly boring

Sherlock walks into a restaurant and asks his waiter to marry him. Of course, it's just a bit of fun. He didn't expect the waiter to say yes.

Now he's marrying John Watson. Mycroft is just going to love this.

Happy S/J wedding to follow.

Re: On one horribly boring

Lol!! Seconded!!

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Mini fill (Anonymous) Expand

Moar paternal!Lestrade please

That's literally my whole prompt. Do what you want, though whump is fun.

Re: Moar paternal!Lestrade please

My favourite! Seconded ^^

Jim's descent - warning for suicide

Jim had a descent down his path to suicide. For days he'd run on autopilot because he was so lethargic and unmotivated, lacking any desire to wake up in the morning or live his life. He'd visualize his death often or constantly, at random times. He reached out, even subtly, to someone. He sought comfort somewhere. But however much it was, it wasn't enough.

I'd love seeing Jim interact with (or obsess over) Sherlock and John with this scenario, and have any kind of relationship with Sebastian. I'm a multi-shipper, so take it where you heart desires.

Re: Jim's descent - warning for suicide



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