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Prompting Part XXV
Giggles at the Palace
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Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

One of the Holmes boys is an alpha, and the other is an omega. Normally, siblings aren't compelled to knot each other during oestrus; in fact, the hormone cocktail is supposed to put off close family. But Mycroft and Sherlock already put each other off, and it's not like they're anything approaching normal on a good day...

No preference on which brother is which. I haven't seen an omega!Mycroft at all, yet, and there's something about him that just begs a good dub-con fucking. There isn't nearly enough omega!Sherlock in the fandom, though, so I'm all for Mycroft nailing his little brother through the floorboards.

Bonus points:
+ Breeding kink. No actual sprog necessary, just relevant dirty talk.
+ Dub-con gone to nonviolent non-con. "I don't want this." "Your body does, and that's all that matters."
+ Violent non-con, complete with fighting and kicking and scruffing. In fact, my kingdom for scruffing kink.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

i was just about to prompt this exact same thing...and i totally couldn't decide which brother i would rather be omega either....this kink is taking over my brain -_-'

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

OMG I think I'm a little bit in love with you right now

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

so I'm all for Mycroft nailing his little brother through the floorboards.

Me too.

Ah well, I heard special hell is quite nice this time of the year.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

let's see...

Holmescest? Check.
Omegaverse? Check.
dubcon-nearing on noncon sex? Check.
rough sex? Check.

So, this prompt is basically a compilation of all my guilty pleasures in one. Holy shit, how much I want this written.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)


I don't want to raise expectations for a quick fill, but I'd like to know:

- Would you prefer that it was drafted several times (and/or beta'd), or would you like it ASAP?

- If it was unbeta'd, would you mind if post-publish picking was requested? (I'm Amurrican. I may just go with "asshole" and "pants" and "sidewalk" for consistency until I can fix it. Dealbreaker? I don't mind, it'll just take a bit longer.)

- How do you feel about posting in a fickish sock account rather than on the meme? (It's getting long.)

Please feel free to have preferences!

I can't believe how much I want someone else to write this, like, NOW. Fuuuuhhhhhck. But, working.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

Blessed anon, I think I speak for the entirety of this thread when I say INSTANT GRATIFICATION PLZ. However! I don't want to rush you into posting something you're not happy with, so whenever and however you like is absolutely fine. Drafting/beta'ing/Britpicking or the lack thereof, Americanisms, off-meme—all fine by me.

(I might actually write my own mini-fill for this at some point. Shameless promptcest, wot.)

Also, because it bears flailing: \:D/ YAAAAAAY POTENTIAL FILL.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)


Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

Because there can never be too much 'cest in one thread!

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

Ohhhh! Non!OP!anon is so excited! Can you give us a hint at which Holmes might be the Omega here? *-*

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

I dig the idea of Omega!Mycroft, but I couldn't swing him that way this time, alas.

Sherlock on Mycroft, through the floorboards. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)


I'm Bob Ross (anon) and I approve of this message.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

I have ideas for this. Delicious, delicious ideas. But I have no idea how it would end, and I fear that starting it would lead to me abandoning my current WIP. *indecisive!*

Give me ending ideas? (More than "he came," thanks.)

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)


Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

Good GOD, Mycroft. "MADE FOMITE"???? Can we pleeeease have a little porn without worrying about that stuff?

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

I like the sound of these delicious ideas. Don't let Mycroft eat them. (Unless they will inspire him to commit sex upon his brother in some fashion.)

As for endings, ha ha! Yeah, "he came" is... sort of a given, I think? X)

Possibilities off the top of my head:

+ After the frenzied monkey-mating, dazed Omega!brother is bound, buttplugged (either lovingly, cruelly, or both), and left to start germinating the incestuous assbaby. This could play into some kind of twisted "carry on the family name, what-ho" scenario.

+ In the event of a kinder interpretation, Omega!brother kicks Alpha!brother out of bed after the sexing(s). Maybe Sherlock feels like spreading out his starfish limbs in a post-coital haze. Maybe Mycroft has Fucking Meetings to attend the next morning. Cue your regularly scheduled sibling bitchery.

+ In the event of total non-con, John/Lestrade breaks down the door and kicks violating alpha ass LIKE A BOSS. Bonus if Alpha!brother is already knotted and tied to Omega!brother, and John/Lestrade holds a gun to Alpha!brother's head to, ahem, encourage disengagement at the earliest opportunity. (It should be noted that the main point of the prompt is GRATUITOUS BAD!WRONG BROTHERFUCKING, not shipping in the strictest sense. :3)

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

My ideas is set pre-series for certain world-building "plot" points (putting "plot" in quotes because, well, we all know no one's reading for the "plot"), and I'm wondering how comfortable you feel with younger characters?

This could work with Sherlock in his early twenties, but I keep thinking more around 16 (legal age of consent in England, I believe), with Mycroft then being about 23. When Sherlock's old enough to be solidly sexually aware but still too inexperienced to know important things such as how strongly alphas can react to him when he's in heat. It's also while Sherlock's still dependent on his parents, and before Mycroft has settled into a cushy job so he'd have a reason to be in the same house as Sherlock for more than a week. Let me know what you'd prefer though! Ideas are still forming, so who knows, I might change my mind drastically in the morning.

It should be noted that the main point of the prompt is GRATUITOUS BAD!WRONG BROTHERFUCKING

There will be plenty! AT LEAST THREE TIMES over a few days of heat. I have them listed. *pats list*

Also, what kind of scruffing do you mean as a kink? Google provides varying definitions.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

Let's see. Mycroft breeding, breeding, BREEDING OH GOD SO WRONG SO GOOD fucking the daylights out of Teenaged!Sherlock? Nggghh. Hell to the yes. I like everything you describe, with bunk.

Brb, purchasing a pretty collar and cushy bed for this list you speak of. (Holy fuck, it's so late here. I should not reply to things when I am sleep-deprived, ever. Oh well.)

When I talk about scruffing kink, I specifically mean biting the back or nape of the neck as a play for dominance, as some animals do when mounting a mate. How effective it is and why it works (physiological built-ins, social triggers, etc.) is up to the person building the world. I also don't object to extending the "scruff zone" to the throat and the join of shoulder and neck.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

I think you and I are sculling in the same boat. At least you thought to ask whether younger-end Sherlock was acceptable. Oops.

Apparently there is a, hrum, zeitgeist for this kind of thing. It's the pervy pervy dungeon of the English country house. Except I'm not English, so it will be a weird UMC semi-rural suburb near a ... Pentecostal ... high school.

Okay, I'm looking forward to seeing how these diverge! For one thing, my porn tends to be oblique and uneasy, and it tries to slink away while I'm looking at something else. Yurgh.

A challenge!


Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

There's no WIP that can't wait for your list of GRATUITOUS BAD!WRONG BROTHERFUCKING.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

I feel like I'm missing something. What is omegaverse? I keep reading about it, and I think I love it, but I just have no clue where it came from.

Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con)

Word on the meme is that the omegaverse proper was birthed on a Supernatural kinkmeme, and it migrated here afterward.

FILL: The Flight (Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con))

OK. I've just spent a couple of hours chopping and formatting, I have to go to work, and after two weeks I just can't not-post this anymore. I'll put it here in comments later on.

(TW: rape, incest, questionable age of consent)

Edited at 2012-02-23 09:17 pm (UTC)

Re: FILL: The Flight (Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con))

I left a novel's worth of feedback at the journal post, but I have to say this here, in case anyone's wondering:


(Jesus, I'm in awe of you talented-ass people on this meme.)

(Also, Mycroft apparently feels this fill is "financial". I wonder if we can take that as approval?)

Re: FILL: The Flight (Re: Omega!verse Holmescest (TW: Incest, Non-con))

[overemotional spazzing] of thanks! Dunno why, your prompt just made my head spin like no other O!verse prompt has done yet.

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