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Prompting Part XXV
Giggles at the Palace
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Omegavera - Jim/Sherlock or Jim/John/Sherlock

Omega!Jim taunts Alpha!Sherlock when he goes into heat.

Jim/Sherlock or Jim/John/Sherlock please, no character death, dub-con/non-con okay but preferably leaning toward dub-con or consensual.

Re: Omegavera - Jim/Sherlock or Jim/John/Sherlock


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Spoilers for War Horse; TW for PoW

Benedict's character in War Horse is captured by the Germans. So, I'd like a fic where Sherlock and John are at war *any war, any period of time* and Sherlock is captured and made a PoW. BAMF!John rescues him.

Re: Spoilers for War Horse; TW for PoW


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Sherlock fell straight to the ground, but he didn't die. And John didn't get knocked over by the bicycle. He made it to Sherlock, and was the first doctor on site.

So basically, John being Sherlock's doctor and helping him through a long recovery. H/C

Mini-fill: Hero in Hiding 1/3

This is my first fic. Also I'm American so I might have put in Americanisms. And I know this doesn't focus on the recovery so much as on the Fall itself--but I really like this idea so much better than what seems to be the canon so I wrote this one. Hope you enjoy nonetheless, OP!

“No, Sherlock. Just—No.”

John heard Sherlock's confession, pulse racing, unable to process the words except to hear the urgency in them. He sprinted toward the hospital as soon as Sherlock hung up, arriving at the spot as Sherlock hit the ground.

Sherlock lay broken and bleeding on the pavement, just barely breathing. “Everyone stay away! Just—just don't touch him!” shouted John to the crowd that had gathered, spreading his arms to indicate a wide perimeter. “Sherlock, don't move,” he said as he knelt by Sherlock's head. “Just don't move, and you'll be okay, we'll get out of this. You'll be okay.” He slid his fingers under Sherlock's dark curls, clasping his bleeding head just firmly enough to insure it didn't move and snap the spinal cord. He bent over Sherlock, ear above his mouth, eyes focused on his chest, to monitor his faint breathing.


“Don't try to talk, Sherlock, just concentrate on staying conscious. Think of the details of what happened up there, get it all straight in your head, but just don't move.”

“John, listen,” Sherlock struggled to speak, his voice a gasping whisper. “They have—to think—I'm dead.”

“Who does?”

“Everyone. The press. The whole world. I wanted you to think so too—” here Sherlock stifled a cough and John made sure he kept still— “But I couldn't think of a way to make this work without your help.”

“What do you need me to do?”

Even in his injured state, Sherlock could still break into that rapid speech John knew so well. “The paramedics will arrive in approximately 1.5 minutes. Pay close attention to everything I say between now and then and remember it as well as you can; your system is flooded with adrenaline at this moment so that should help you do so. Get the paramedics to strap me to the backboard, but then have them pronounce me dead and cover me in a sheet. I need to look dead when I'm taken into the hospital, John, it's useless without that. Then you'll bring me through the hospital and load me onto a furniture lorry that's waiting by the back door. Drive back to Baker Street and cover me with the Oriental rugs you will find in the bed of the lorry, then wheel me into the house. Molly has ensured me that all necessary medical supplies will be in the bed of the lorry as well. Put everything into the basement flat of Mrs. Hudson's building; it's less vulnerable to espionage than 221b. Then put me in traction—I've at least four, no—five significant fractures—and give me as much morphine as I can take without risking cardiac arrest. Definitely remember that last part. Actually, do that before you put me into the lorry.”

“Got it,” said John, smirking a little despite the situation. The paramedics were arriving now, and John had to pull rank to get them to comply, but he successfully made it appear that Sherlock had been pronounced dead. He was even able to get them to wheel the “body” into the mortuary rather than the emergency room.

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Truman Show fusion with a twist?

The entire world is set up to keep Sherlock entertained. Sherlock has no knowledge of this.

Everyone works for Mycroft. Everyone.

John is an outsider who broke into the facility/island/space station/dream web/whatever and has to decide whether to play along or throw a spanner in the gears.

Re: Truman Show fusion with a twist?

I second this so hard.

Sapiosexual Mystrade

In which Lestrade investigates the shit out of some seemingly unsolvable crime that has befallen the civil service and is many different shades of clever and quick-witted and Mycroft just goes weak in the knees.

Re: Sapiosexual Mystrade

um, Seconded!

Re: Sapiosexual Mystrade (Anonymous) Expand
Sherlock asks John for comfort before he fakes his death.

When Sherlock and John spend the night in the lab before the fall, before John falls asleep, the two are supposed to be trying to figure out a way to bring down Moriarty but Sherlock is just thinking about how he knows, whatever happens, this will be his and John's last night together. John gets that something is up but of course Sherlock can't tell him, other than that he's scared and that he wants John just to hold him and for a while and for them to just talk about mundane stuff.

My heart, dude. My heart.

Okay, however this gets filled out, this is now in my headcanon as a missing scene. I got all wibbly just reading it. ;_;

Oh and, seconding!

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Five ways/times John almost found out about Sherlock and Lestrade, and the one time he did

totally don't ship them - but i'll try and fill this tomorrow!

i love five times/one time fics but haven't written any, so... expect something tomorrow that may be weird and not very good, i'll try my best!

Baby, it's cold outside

Mycroft has his very own little sauna at home. He usually uses it alone to relax/sitch off his mind. You can write about that, I'd be happy. You can also write about the time he invites Lestrade to join him.

Re: Baby, it's cold outside

Oh my goodness, I like this a lot, I'll see about filling this sdahlkda
Mystrade yes yes yes

touch starved

I'd love something angsty but ultimately happy about Mycroft having lived his entire life craving affection and only finally getting it now with a new partner.

Open to any/multiple pairings!

Re: touch starved


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Breakfast in bed

Sex with food play,

featuring a pairing (and foods!) of your choice.

Here is my humble offering called Breakfast Experiments

Sherlock runs away from evil!John

Dark!John shows his true colours. Sherlock is terrified by the betrayal of his closest friend and runs to Lestrade (and the Yard?) for help.

may be slash, gen or other, possible non-con

Re: Sherlock runs away from evil!John

So, so seconded!!!

A comment about button-down shirts under sweaters or vests (a Martin Freeman costuming classic, but I'm referring to Watson, just to be clear!) made me long for a Sherlock pining after John fic where John's propensity for them is Sherlock's undoing.

My very favorite fics are first time fics, as in 'the first admission of feelings' kinds of fics, but I can totally see someone being inspired to write this as established relationship, so that would be okay too.

post-Reichenbach prompt

John is upset when Sherlock comes back and stops talking to Molly.

Molly eventually gets tired of John's cold shoulder and calls him on his behaviour.

Is he really just mad because Molly kept Sherlock's secret or is he mad because he was fooled by shy, little Molly Hooper?

John/Molly friendship

Re: post-Reichenbach prompt

Whoa, brain twin. I was just about to post something similar! Seconded, wholeheartedly.

Pony Play

There is not enough pony play in this fandom. Anyone up for it? Don't you think Anthena would be pretty riding sidesaddle on Mycroft's back?

Re: Pony Play


Mycroft/Anthea is not my thing but for pony play I would read pretty much anything ever.

Sherlock totally needs a bit in his mouth...

Another Hustle crossover post

Only this time with Mycroft.

Perhaps the Hustle team are taking someone who's a member of the Diogenes club, or maybe it's just someone that Mycroft's work brings him into contact with, and Mickey meets Mycroft and tries to con him. Perhaps Albie is a member of the Diogenes club (how does he get around the no talking rule if so?)

Up to the filler what happens next. Does Mickey recognise that Mycroft is actually just a government sponsored conman. Does Mycroft go along with it all because he just doesn't like the guy, or did Mycroft arrange for the con to happen because someone needs to be taken down a peg or two for national security?

Secretly not posh

Sherlock and Mycroft ooze Poshness from their very being, imagine John's surprise when he finally meets Mrs. Holmes and discovers they were all born into poverty.

In fact, their father was nothing more than a lower level crime lord who couldn't get enough control to raise the stature of his family.

Cue John discovering that Mycroft and Sherlock used their wits to get them into University for free, and then tricked the entire world into thinking that they're posh/always had money. John discovers that the reason Sherlock knows so many homeless people was because at one point in this process of deceiving everyone, he was actually homeless (but still dressing poshly so no one would know he was homeless).


Re: Secretly not posh

I'd write this, but it'd be full of americanisms and not accurate at all. Thusly SECONDED.

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Oh they would SO need counseling...

Post-hiatus, after Sherlock is back from his fake-death, he and John become a couple but...yeah, big time trust issues even though John understands the *why* of the deception. So they enter couple's counseling. I'd prefer a happy ending, S/J, please. It can be a five plus one or a one shot or whatever makes the filler sing.

Re: Oh they would SO need counseling...

I didn't know I needed this until I read the prompt. Now I really, really need this. SECONDED!

Re: Fill: Therapy (Anonymous) Expand
This isn't the first time that Mycroft and Jim have crossed paths, though Jim never knew it.

Back when Sherlock started obsessing over the Carl Powers case Mycroft solved the murder (obvious really) and sought out young Jim. Behind the scenes he manipulated Jim's life to steer him towards becoming the man he eventually became.

All to give his brother the ultimate gift - a worthy adversary.

oooh I love this. seconded!!

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The blame game

When I first watched Reichenbach I was pretty angry at some people (Mycroft, Sally, Anderson, the world in general) and that was an instinctive gut reaction.

However, since then I've sort of come to understand why all those characters did what they did and why they couldn't really have done anything different. So I'd like fic of John coming to the same conclusions and forgiving people - or realising that there wasn't anything to forgive in the first place. Realising that while Lestrade might have had a moment of doubt, he never truly believed badly of Sherlock, or that Sally needed to do her job and that Mycroft can't stop the world for his brother because he's not actually omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

I've read a lot of fics where John's angry and doesn't seem to get over it, and a lot of fics where John's already come to terms with everything or wasn't actually angry at all, but nothing that really deals with him actually going from one stage to the other.

I want blame, guilt and the final realisation that the only person to blame here is Moriarty himself.

tl;dr After Reichenbach John is angry and blames everyone at first, but gradually comes to realise why they acted like they did and forgives them - except for Moriarty

Re: The blame game

Oh, seconded! I can totally see John dealing with this.

Molly and Transformers

Molly's grandfather leaves her his vintage WWII jeep. In the letter he left her, he cautions Molly to never give the jeep up.

One day when Molly's enjoying a drive, Moriarty or Moran (pre- or post- Reichenbach up to the author) tries to have Molly killed.

Hound misses his old friend but grows to like Molly and was about to reveal himself to her when he has to save her life.

and then they go on many adventures? I just want some Transformers awesomeness.

Re: Molly and Transformers


I think I love you, Anon. I really, really do.



John is an omega in heat. Sherlock and Jim are alphas. Sherlock wants John, but restrains himself. Jim turns up and snatches John away, and dub-con/non-cons him.

Bonus points if Jim gloats about it or Sherlock goes frantic searching for John.

Or if Jim isn't appealing, then Mycroft?

Re: Jim/John~

i will never not second an omega!verse prompt with john in it and i wrote omega!verse in other fandoms


maybe i'll give this a try

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Post-TRF--S/J--Sherlock and John have to find their way out of a fairy tale land

Sherlock falls. But instead of landing safe and sound in the back of a lorry or however he planned to survive he just disappears right before he hits. Just blips out of existence. He wakes up in a strange land and is suddenly inhabiting the roles of various princesses and heroines from classic fairy tales. The only way to make it out of each fairy tale is to see it through to a 'happily ever after' ending where he defeats the villain with the help of his one true love. Then he moves onto the next fairy tale. And then the next. If he can just make it through all of the fairy tales he'll be able to return to the real world and his own life will have corrected itself: Moriarty's still dead, but no one thinks Sherlock's a fraud and the police aren't after him anymore (it's up to the author whether or not Sherlock knows any of this).

But of course to succeed he'll need a Prince Charming right? Good thing when John got knocked down by that bicyclist he fell into the same fairy tale land Sherlock did and he keeps showing up right when Sherlock needs him. When they get back to the real world will they have a happily ever after there too?

TL;DR When Sherlock falls he lands in an alternate reality where he must play the role of several fairy tale heroines in order to get back home. John becomes his Prince Charming.

Re: Post-TRF--S/J--Sherlock and John have to find their way out of a fairy tale land

Oh. My. God.
This prompt is so perfect it's freakin magical!
someone, firstborn...if you want... >.<'


Magical AU, body swaps

Sherlock visits John using another's body. Maybe even multiple times.

He makes deals with people to use their bodies, and sometimes he lends them his own.

extra points if you can fit in a scene with Sherlock and Irene being swapped, but any characters will do.

gen, or most ships are good (please no ships with Mycroft)

Re: Magical AU, body swaps

Seconded. Seems super interesting. Post TRF?

"I'm John's dead flatmate, but I came anyway!"

Three years post-Reichenbach, Sherlock shows up at John and Mary's wedding reception.

Re: "I'm John's dead flatmate, but I came anyway!"

And then he surprises everyone by doing crazy dancing with the kids, y/y? :D

Fill: Late to the Party (Anonymous) Expand

Religion kink AU

Sherlock and John as Mormon missionaries.

I just got reminded of the musical the Book of Mormon lol. I think that would be interesting.

Re: Religion kink AU (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Religion kink AU (Anonymous) Expand

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