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The Filled Prompts Post #2: Parts 24 and forward
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 24 and forward.
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Now, that is only an archive of prompts. So here's where you, fillers, come into play! Once you've filled something (this will be easier for you if you remember what page the prompt is on when you fill it, but otherwise you will just have to look through the comments) reply to the comment that corresponds with your prompt.

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1. Sherlock, Lestrade and the hat.
2. Sherlock’s return.
3. Post Reichenbach fic.
4. Molly and Sherlock share a meaningful moment after she does whatever Sherlock needs, and before he meets Moriarty on the roof.
5. What did Sherlock and John do in the dark to kill time while they waited for that reporter (Kitty) to return to her flat?
6. Five times Sherlock used a disguise to watch over the people he left behind and one time he revealed himself.
7. John has conversations with Sherlock's headstone.
8. Five times John wished he told Sherlock he loves him before he jumped, and one did time he, when Sherlock came back.
9. Lestrade puts it all together just like John did.
10. A modern version of The Reigate Puzzle.
11. Mycroft and Sherlock, two months after Sherlock faked his death.
12. Jim/Sebastian post Reichenbach.
13. Moriarty faked his own death too, and now he wants John.
14. Sherlock/Moriarty having sex in 221b.
15. During the black light scene, Anderson is the only one who notices the tiny stain glowing on John's shirt cuff.
16. Moran and Sherlock get along like a house on fire. It's as if they were born to be Best Friends.
17. Anderson is the long-lost Holmes twin, Sherlock doesn't even know he had one.
18. Five times Sherlock comforted John.
19. Moriarty seduces Mycroft, and completely dominates the older Holmes brother.
20. Moriarty is so excited and pleased that he jumps Sherlock right there on the roof.
21. Sherlock finding Anderson and Sally and asking them to please, take care of John for the time being without telling him.
22. John blames Mycroft for what happened to Sherlock.
23. John goes out of his way to avoid Scotland Yard and everyone in it after Sherlock's death.
24. Mycroft, feeling totally responsible for Sherlock's death, just stops eating.
25. John/Molly angst.

Filled! #3 (WIP)

Filling this here!

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1. Lestrade spends the time Sherlock is 'dead' working to get Sherlock's reputation back.
2. Sherlock enjoys submitting to a dom for the aftercare with John.
3. Sherlock and John make love after being reunited.
4. John gets to ride on the back of Lestrade's motorcycle.
5. Five times Sherlock looked after members of his homeless network, and the one time they looked after him.
6. Mycroft based Reichenbach Falls.
7. Mycroft snaps. He pulls Sherlock over his knee and spanks the ever-living Hell out of him.
8. I watch. I think. We guard.
9. Someone believes Sherlock, it’s a small comfort to John.
10. Sherlock contacts Victor to help clear his name.
11. Moriarty creeping in 221B.
12. Inception crossover.
13. A hit has been put on John, Sherlock thwarts the assassin at every turn.
14. Jim finding out that Sherlock was abused in the past.
15. Sherlock standing at the edge of Barth's and his thoughts/feelings while he talks to John.
16. Rewrite the scene in which Sherlock offered John coffee.
17. Sherlock helping Lestrade out a bit without revealing that he's still alive.
18. Sometimes, Mycroft does just have a coffee with Jim.
19. When Sherlock comes back from the dead. Mycroft is the last to know.
20. Over the course of Sherlock being "dead" he and Molly grow closer, gradually falling in love.
21. Sherlock fans all over the world decide to console John Watson.
22. Sherlock deleted legs.
23. After the fall, John notices that Molly isn't quite as upset about Sherlock's death as he expects her to be. He asks her why.
24. Moriarty doesn't want to know about Sherlock's history. He wants to have him, repeatedly, there in the jail cell.
25. What was going through Moriarty’s head when he pulled the trigger?

Fill # 25

Prompt:What was going through his head (no pun intended!) when he pulled the trigger?

Fill: Prayin' for this moment to last

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1. Molly's father was a lot more like Sherlock that she let on.
2. Cats crossover.
3. "Everyone I ever cared about, Mycroft. Three bullets, three gunmen, three victims. John, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade. Note who wasn't included on the list."
4. While in the adjoining cells at the Yard Sherlock and Moriarty have a conversation trough the wall.
5. The truth comes out; Sherlock was a brilliant genius.
6. Lestrade's reaction to Sherlock's suicide.
7. Before he goes out with a bang, Jim forces Sherlock to fuck him, and makes John watch from the ground.
8. Moriarty's poor penmanship causes him to write I ♥ U instead of IOU.
9. Lyrics prompt: Pioneer to the Falls – Interpol.
10. Sherlock is Irene's slave.
11. Inception crossover.
12. Mycroft progresses from yo-yo dieting to a serious eating disorder.
13. Secret Diary of a Call Girl crossover.
14. Five times Sherlock witnessed someone taking their own life.
15. Sherlock is an alien who comes to own John.
16. The missing Mycroft/Lestrade scenes from season 2.
17. Edwin Morgan inspired poem.
18. John "branches out" in his usage of this power, and see how far he can go in telling Sherlock what to do.
19. After Sherlock fakes his death, the 'body' is taken away, and John's gone, Sherlock just cant get himself to stop crying. Molly comforts him.
20. Sherlock initiates and Jim rejects him.
21. John has dreams of Sherlock coming back. When Sherlock really does, John doesn’t believe it.
22. John visiting Mycroft and generally being a friend.
23. Moriarty makes Sherlock choose between John and Mycroft. Sherlock picks. Then Moriarty releases the one he didn't choose.
24. Sherlock is John's good little girl.
25. Ashes to Ashes crossover.

Daddy-kink, feminization


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1. Sherlock and Molly bonding over a sort-of-makeover for Molly.
2. Some days John wonders if Sherlock had the right idea about the end after all.
3. Mycroft adopts John as his little brother during Sherlock's absence.
4. Dark!John makes Sherlock work for forgiveness.
5. Sherlock and Jim lose track of time during their tea, and John comes home to find them eating chocolate hobnobs and watching crap telly.
6. Actually, Jim Moriarty belonged to the second type of fan.
7. John blames Mycroft for Sherlock's death, and what's more he believes Mycroft doesn't even care about what's happened.
8. Mycroft read the article about his brother's death at the Diogenes Club because he knew he couldn't cry there. It would make noise.
9. Jim really does have a tv program where he interacts with little kids and read out stories.
10. Lestrade is King Arthur.
11. John doesn't forgive Sherlock for faking his death.
12. John goes to the same building that Sherlock jumped from and is about to jump himself.
13. Ghost!Sherlock haunts John's every step.
14. Hot handcuffed, alleyway sex.
15. Sherlock asks Molly for a hug.
16. "I may be on the side of angels but don't think for one second I'm one of them."
17. Sherlock is essentially under house arrest at Mycroft’s place.
18. Sherlock has a will.
19. In his twenties, Jim finds out he has an illegitimate half-brother. He finds Sebastian, and bends him into a more pleasing form.
20. After Moriarty’s suicide, Moran kills himself.
21. Jim is obsessed with Sebastian's trigger finger.
22. John is convinced that Sherlock is alive, but he’s actually dead.
23. The only thing that's keeping John going after Sherlock's death is his determination to clear Sherlock's name.
24. What happened to make Jim crazy?
25. John has to face the fact that Sherlock isn't as brilliant as he was anymore.

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Full Prompt:
That moment with Moriarty as Richard Brook, coupled with John's doubts, leave Sherlock more shaken than he first appears. So when Molly asks Sherock what he needs, he gives her a different answer.

“... A – a hug?”

Awkward schmoop and lots of tooth-rotting fluff is what I'm angling for, maybe Sherlock doesn't know how to accept any sort of affection. Preferably something platonic, though I suppose you could always hint at it being pre-Molly/Sherlock if that's the pairing you'd prefer.

I Should Have Worn Heels

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1. Sherlock and Molly have random desperate life-affirming passionate sex.
2. Sherlock is a fairy who goes on adventures with his pet rabbit Bluebell.
3. When he bumps into Lestrade a few months later, John is shocked by the state Lestrade's in.
4. Lestrade feels guilty about doubting Sherlock but knows that Mycroft needs the friendship.
5. John comes home one day after the events from the fall and finds Sherlock asleep in John's bed.
6. Mary Morstan-Watson is in fact Mary Moran.
7. Sherlock decides he can't go through with this anymore and walks up to John before having a breakdown himself.
8. 'I thought you were dead but you're not and I cannot get these clothes off of you fast enough'.
9. Sherlock is a Demon. John is an Angel.
10. Sherlock takes John hostage, they fall in love.
11. How does a man like John continue to stay loyal to someone like him?
12. Sherlock is dating someone and asks John for advice, but doesn't let on that he's being abused.
13. Major Sherlock whump where the comfort is a long time in coming.
14. Instead of jumping from the building, Sherlock gets arrested and Morarity flees.
15. Sherlock use the fact that he could be dead right now because of Mycroft as emotional leverage on him.
16. There really were drugs in the sugar. John has an allergic reaction and goes into anaphylactic shock.
17. John fighting against other people's opinions and never faltering in his belief in his best friend.
18. John and a few friends meet everyone to talk about Sherlock.
19. Calvin!Kid!Sherlock and Hobbs!Mycroft.
20. 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends'.
21. Picture prompt.
22. Molly became the latest victim of the Beautiful Solitude serial killer.
23. Molly and Sherlock are living together abroad.
24. Jim buys Seb a pet tiger, lets him keep it for a few years then tells him to kill it, just to see if he will.
25. And it was in that moment that Sherlock realized that Richard Brook had been telling the truth. Sherlock Holmes was Moriarty.

Filled: #1

Full prompt: Sherlock/Molly. He has a head injury, he's come so close to death and he feels so alive right now. She's terrified of what she's helped happen, she's relieved and excited that it worked. Emotions all over the place for them both.

They have random desperate life-affirming passionate sex on the spur of the moment.


(Deleted comment)
Filled: #7 (Anonymous) Expand

fill #21: nebulous guilt

I'm not too keen on the Sally hate I've seen, because I can sort of understand where she was coming from. She's a police officer and she had to work on the evidence in front of her, which at the time was designed to be damning. My challenge is to redeem her! Surely someone can manage to give her some 3D character and feelings about accusing someone who then commits suicide.

Fill: nebulous Guilt

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(Deleted comment)
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1. Sherlock survives the fall, but he has brain damage.
2. They cry because of their grief. Molly cries because she's not sure she's ever going to be able to forgive herself.
3. That sniper at the end of Reichenbach was Moran.
4. Henry invites John, Sherlock and Greg up to his house and they all have a hot orgy.
5. Sherlock is a Time Lord AU.
6. Sherlock needed Molly's help because somehow he deduced that she has a very life-like sex doll which she's made to look like him.
7. Sherlock and Molly have the 3 next years to make babies.
8. There's a homeless man who plays the most beautiful music John has ever heard.
9. When Mycroft told Moriarty about Sherlock's life story, it included the fact that Sherlock has been sexually abused in the past.
10. Fem!John has scars, and isn't ashamed of them.
11. Sherlock didn't have a plan when he jumped. He dies on the pavement in John's arms.
12. Mycroft/Lestrade: the aftermath of the finale.
13. Jim/fem!Sherlock.
14. Sherlock grabs Moriarty and they take a dive together.
15. Mycroft, government hooker.
16. Mycroft gets the text that his brother is dead.
17. After Sherlock’s supposed death, John tries to destroy himself.
18. Person of Interest crossover.
19. John ends up homeless, but at least he's got Sherlock's network to look out for him.
20. Mycroft sees what John sees, but on CCTV.
21. Lestrade he realizes that he's going to be scapegoated and tossed out. He says “Fuck it and fuck you”.
22. Lestrade always waits until it's nightfall to visit Sherlock's grave.
23. Supernatural crossover.
24. After Sherlock returns, he and John begin to suffer from serious separation anxiety.
25. After a life threatening situation, Sherlock psychologically can’t see John.

Filled #16 - Mycroft gets the text that his brother is dead.

Title: Action Man
Genre: ​ Gen
Characters: Mycroft, Sherlock
Word Count: 2,000

Summary: Mycroft, Post-Reichenbach. He’d known long ago that Sherlock would never see forty. It was written all over him.

On the Meme

On Livejournal

or on AO3

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(Deleted comment)
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Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Jim/Sherlock: epic hate sex on John's armchair.
2. Some time after Reichenbach, John and Molly hook up.
3. In order to get information out of Moriarty, Mycroft has to offer his body.
4. Inception crossover.
5. Anthea was the brains of the operation.
6. Sherlock and John have already undergone learn-to-coordinate training, in handcuffs, in the flat.
7. When John tries to commit suicide, Mycroft locks him up.
8. Sherlock/John: trapped in a burning building.
9. Even after Sherlock’s name is cleared, Sally thinks he’s a thoughtless asshole.
10. Moriarty decides that he wants to die after being really happy.
11. The higher-ups plan to fire Lestrade for involving Sherlock in so many cases.
12. Moriarty faked his death at Reichenbach. Sherlock didn't.
13. At the funeral Mycroft addresses John about where his possessions will be going and tells him everything is left to John.
14. IOU is Sherlock's version of Bad Wolf.
15. Sherlock was abused in his past.
16. Sherlock on a leash.
17. Mycroft may have gotten Sherlock into this mess, but he's going to get him out of it, too.
18. Doctor Who crossover.
19. When Moriarty kidnaps John and Sherlock he's beyond pissed when it leads to them finally admitting their feelings.
20. Sherlock/John: fluffy, smoopy, steamy, happy goodness.
21. Butler-But-Secretly-The-British-Gov!Mycroft and Recently-Come-Into-A-Lot-of-Money-But-Still-A-DI!Lestrade.
22. The reason Harry started drinking is, Clara started to abuse her.
23. The only person Sherlock has to talk to in his fake death, for the next three years (or whatever time frame you'd like) is Molly and/or Mycroft.
24. MtF!Harry: Harry wasn't always short for Harriet.
25. Doctor Who crossover.

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Fill: Part 24 Page 8, Prompt #6

Prompt: Sherlock doesn't have to learn to coordinate with John during the handcuffed!fugitives chase--because John thought of this ages ago. They've already undergone learn-to-coordinate training, in handcuffs, in the flat.

Fill: Coordination -

1. Jim's ghost follows Sherlock to the edge of the roof and is all ready to bask in the glory of watching his arch enemy end his own life and then.
2. Druggie!John after Sherlock's death.
3. Temeraire fusion.
4. Kink!John/inexperienced!Sherlock.
5. Sherlock is willing to do anything to save his friends so he offers himself so Moriarty won’t kill himself.
6. Sherlock, instead of being on the side of the angels doing detective work, becomes a white collar criminal or an art thief.
7. Sherlock and Lestrade and Lestrade's first name.
8. Sherlock puts a remote-controlled vibrator in John. When he wants John to be quiet and stop distracting him, he turns it on.
9. Lestrade doing his job like a boss.
10. Happy!Mycroft.
11. John and Sherlock have spent time discussing/discovering John's triggers.
12. Mummy Holmes comes out of retirement to set the record straight and some heads are going to roll.
13. Mycroft's betrayal of Sherlock was an attempt to impress Moriarty.
14. Lestrade breaks up with Mycroft because he blames himself for Sherlock's death.
15. John with his legs out and with wet hair DOES THINGS to Sherlock.
16. The Three Garridebs reboot.
17. John and Sherlock "adopt" an orphan!Cartwright.
18. Jim never comes back. Sebastian waits.
19. John, I'm not dead. Let's have dinner. -SH
20. Kitty Reilly's real last name is Moran, and she used to be one of the best sharp shooters in the British Army.
21. The structure falls apart, and there's nothing you can do about it...
22. While Sherlock is on the roof, John wants to know it their friendship was a lie.
23. James Bond crossover.
24. Molly with short, dark hair.
25. John is Sherlock's new action man. Mycroft breaks him.

Prompt: After The Fall everything has been tits up. All those horrible lies about her little boy. And poor Mycroft. And that nice Doctor is so sad. Oh and the Yarders are all at risk of losing their jobs because they let Sherlock help out.

Mummy Holmes comes out of retirement to set the record straight and some heads are going to roll.

Fill: Never Fuck with a Good Man's Mum (

Fill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand

Prompt: When Sherlock comes back from the dead three years after Reichenbach, and just shows up in John's flat...

John just bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

Because really, he spent three years mourning his best friend, the best human being he's ever known, three years trying to clear his name, and he's not even dead! This is just so strange.
Can't they see how hilarious this is?
No, he's not hysteric at all!

Let's Have a Laugh

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Fill #7 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John collects all seven Dragon Balls and makes a wish for Sherlock to come back to life.
2. On the day that Sherlock and John admit their spontaneous feelings for each other, the Zombie Apocalypse beings.
3. Moriarty watches John and Sherlock having sex in their apartment through his hidden camera.
4. When Sherlock returns, John checks him over.
5. After Sherlock's fall, John is in the assassin's crosshairs. The assassin kills John anyway.
6. Just going to stand there and hear me cry. Well, that's all right, because I love the way you lie.
7. Tumblr prompt.
8. Every year, John sees a mysterious man beside Sherlock’s grave.
9. "John you remember when you were younger, and you were chubby and didn't have any friends." "...yeah. I remember."
10. John starts getting anonymous texts with clues about cases.
11. Sherlock and John have a kid, John struggles alone but their guardian not!angel is watching over them.
12. Headcannon says that when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, three people will be prepared: John Watson, Mycroft Holmes and Anderson.
13. Sherlock selfharming.
14. You go Mycroft with your bad self.
15. Sherlock and Jim's dramatic rooftop confrontation is interrupted when one of them gets a bad case of the runs.
16. Mycroft is tasked with protecting John during Sherlock's absence. He ends up moving John into his home and starting a sexual relationship with him.
17. After his faked death, Sherlock misses John so much that he visits him in the middle of the night and takes care of him.
18. John is Sherlock's quiet, protective shadow. Someone acknowledges what John does.
19. Jim starts masturbating in front of Sherlock.
20. Moriarty made Mycroft fall in love with him.
21. Moriarty/Lamp!Moran smut.
22. Sherlock couldn't have made Moriarty up--because John was the one who did.
23. John always eats in the bed and on the couch and leaves CRUMBS everywhere.
24. The characters watch seasons 1 and 2 of Sherlock.
25. Dialogue prompt.

On the day that Sherlock and John admit their spontaneous feelings for each other, the Zombie Apocalypse beings.

Bonus if it's somehow Moriarty's fault.

Fill:Zombies are not very romantic

Fill #3 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Guns and leather gloves, John's got them, and somebody's got a kink for that.
2. Molly's coffee dates with Moriarty.
3. Mycroft and John have become lovers. Sherlock "dies" and Mycroft has to patch things up
4. Sherlock is a Time Lord. John is his River Song.
5. Shortly into the hiatus, Donovan, Anderson, and Lestrade discover enough evidence to know that Sherlock was innocent.
6. Mycroft/Molly, daddy play.
7. Mrs Hudson knew precisely what kind of person she was offering tea to. The assassin, however, did not know what she'd added to the tea.
8. During his hiatus, Sherlock fell back into old, bad habits.
9. How the Reichenbach aftermath would be different if Sherlock, Lestrade, and John had been in a relationship together.
10. The first time Sherlock ever calls John any sort of pet name is when he returns from the 'dead'.
11. Irene tells John that Sherlock is alive.
12. Mycroft and Sherlock meet to make plans to bring down Moriarty’s empire before having reaffirming, I’m-so-fucking-glad-you're-alive sex.
13. Moriarty fluff.
14. Sherlock and Irene survive together in the land of the undead by playing the violin and singing on the streets.
15. Supernatural crossover.
16. Moran needs Moriarty to gag him and whip him.
17. Someone likes it when Sherlock wears his security guard uniform.
18. There’s sex pollen in the fog.
19. Taken fusion.
20. Sherlock/John switching positions in bed.
21. Sherlock used to not talk for days on end. Now he talks to John for days on end, even when he isn't there.
22. John/Sherlock/Molly goodness.
23. Moriarty loves to see Moran hurt, but only by his hand.
24. Sherlock/John with a double ended dildo.
25. John is suicidal, and then he meets Moran.

#13 fill

Full prompt:

Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but Reichenbach--while it messed me up with the obv. reasons that it did in all fadnom--did something else. Cause I was bawling faaaar before the end.

Cause one of my very best friends in the universe? Looks, almost exactly like Moriarty/Andrew Scott. Seriously the only major physical difference is B being heavier, and in fact, in my head a lot of times I have accidentally replaced Andrew Scott with B. So basically, last night I got a lovely little mental picture of one of my bffs
dying horribly.

So yeah, while Moriarty is horrible/a monster/a murderer, and all that jazz, I just want fluff you guise. Srsly. Help heal my weirdly wounded heart.


#23 (Anonymous) Expand
Second fill: #4 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Moriarty and Moran: their twisted, convoluted, dark-as-fuck, blood-saturated love story.
2. John is raped shortly after Sherlock "dies" by one of Moriarty's men.
3. Mycroft offers John the guest room at his apartment.
4. John has tried to kill himself four times.
5. Video prompt.
6. Supernatural crossover.
7. Sherlock/John: I love you.
8. Jim wanted to have Sherlock all to himself and break him.
9. Assassin's Creed crossover.
10. John and Greg comfort each other after Sherlock's 'death'.
11. All his life, John has been taking care of others.
12. Sherlock/Jim- When Jim comes to 221b to meet with Sherlock they talk and they have hate sex.
13. Moriarty is a sick man. Boku no pico is a sick show.
14. The night before Sherlock jumps off the roof of Bart's, John and Sherlock make love for the first time.
15. In the past, Sherlock has contemplated suicide, partly because he thinks that nobody would care/nobody is watching.
16. John believes that Sherlock really did try to commit suicide and feeling more and more upset/lost as Sherlock continues to claim to be a fraud.
17. One of the boys (John or Sherlock) is horribly afraid of flying.
18. Mycroft has to tell Mummy that Sherlock is dead.
19. Sebastian Moran is very abusive toward crazy little Jim.
20. People keep trying to convince John to face up to reality and accept that Sherlock was a fraudster from the word go.
21. Sherlock is finally back after three years and he and John finally have sex.
22. John loves honey-glazed horses.
23. Text conversation prompt.
24. Forced into a corner, Moran kidnaps John for insurance.
25. Mycroft/Jim fucking while Jim is still wearing the crown jewels.

Prompt: Text conversation promp!

The fucking drink machine stole 1.75 from me! :[

Punch it in its mechanical face!

Lol tried hitting, didn't work.

Kick it! Mug it and steal it's wallet.


Soda machines are the work of the devil.


I miss you! <3

How my sister puts up with my shenanigans I'll never know. So give me cracky, fluffy text messagin' humor that is either inspired or incorporates that little conversation.

Filled #7 (Anonymous) Expand
#1 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill 8 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill - No. 2 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Moriarty gets himself a live-in ordinary person.
2. Lyrics prompt: Better Than Me – Hinder.
3. John/Henry.
4. John fakes his death and disappears for three years leaving Sherlock alone.
5. Moran discovers Sherlock is alive and captures him.
6. Star Trek TNG fusion.
7. John and Sherlock are both doms who end up moving in together and entering into a relationship.
8. What undoes John is the sight of Angelo, Helen Stoner, Henry Knight, and Chris Melas in black armbands.
9. When Sherlock comes home to him, John vows to never let Sherlock out of his sight again.
10. Sherlock really was a fraud, tragicomedy ensues.
11. Sherlock/Raz.
12. Sherlock is an utter, abject fanboy of some band nobody would ever have expected him to like.
13. Sherlock doesn't jump from the roof, but his name is still completely ruined.
14. AU of Reichenbach where Moriarty's plan was simply to ruin Sherlock's reputation, not kill him.
15. John decides to wake Sherlock up with a good morning blowjob.
16. The pressure of keeping Sherlock's secret slowly renders Molly functionally mute.
17. Five times Sherlock went to Molly for help after his "death".
18. I'm not dead, let's have dinner. - SH
19. Amnesia: The Dark Descent crossover.
20. Jim offers Sherlock Cake or Death.
21. John begged Sherlock to stop being dead, and just come back to him. He forgot to ask for Sherlock to come back to him whole.
22. After the hiatus, Sherlock and John start sharing a bed.
23. After Reichenbach, Molly and Mycroft form a friendship.
24. Sherlock really did die. John refuses to accept this and asks an old friend to do a spell for him.
25. John/Sherlock, Sherlock likes to dress up for John, in whatever outfits John wants.

Prompt: Moriarty gets himself a live-in ordinary person. Not Sebastian, just some random dude Moriarty kidnapped and made him live in his house.

Filled here:

1. Moriarty/fem!Sherlock. Sex while pregnant.
2. John literally has to beat the alphas off of Sherlock.
3. Anthea is a St. Trinian's graduate.
4. Sherlock has a bit of a thing for the unsavory type. He likes John already, but he likes him even more when he does bad things.
5. Sherlock comes back from the dead, goes straight to 221b... and John slams the door in his face.
6. After Sherlock's suicide, John becomes almost catatonic, until one day, he snaps.
7. Oh simple faith, where have you gone? I'm getting older I need something to rely on...
8. Incidently, the lady dining with her son is not a widow. She is carrying a man's ring around her neck because she is a Lord of the Ring fan.
9. Sherlock's mind/soul/whatever jumps from his head to John's.
10. Sherlock's on the side of the angels, but he's actually a demon. After his 'death', he goes to shake Jim Moriaty's hand.
11. The Holmes family is very ancient and very traditional and demands that Sherlock remains a virgin until his wedding night.
12. John is a crazy powerful telepath. He's kept it a secret his whole life.
13. Sherlock is part of Irene’s demands.
14. Five times Sherlock went down on Jim and one time Jim went down on Sherlock.
15. Jim was Moran's Sherlock - and John understands all too well.
16. Moran tells Jim to ask Sherlock out. Sherlock says yes.
17. Sherlockian-style fairy tales.
18. John looks for clues to prove that Sherlock isn’t dead.
19. Irene/Molly.
20. John is very rough with Sherlock during his first time.
21. All of Sherlock's dreams have fire.
22. Sherlock/John/Jim.
23. Sherlock uses his liaison with Lestrade to get himself into crime scenes.
24. Sherlock, John and bromeliads.
25. Errant comment.

Fill #10 - Sherlock shakes Moriarty's hand in Death

“You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you.”

Sherlock's on the side of the angels, but he's actually a demon. After his 'death', he goes to shake Jim Moriaty's hand...


Fill #20 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
1. Five ways Sherlock imagined his and John's reunion to be, and the one way it actually went down.
2. At the end of 'The Reichenbach Fall', Sherlock and Jim are both missing. They're not dead, of course. They're in a hotel, fucking each other senseless.
3. Lyrics prompt.
4. Sherlock gets a job as a teacher in a little school called Lawndale High.
5. One day while Molly is out, Sherlock actually tries to kill himself.
6. Sherlock has no time for thinking about the luxury of turbots, a parrot is eating his house.
7. John doesn't remember the Fall.
8. Sherlock and Jim re-enact IAMX's video for 'Missile'.
9. A month after The Fall, John snaps. Anyone who has condemned Sherlock, who had any part in his 'suicide' is a target.
10. Sally is surprised by her ‘I told you so’ moment with John.
11. Sally uncovers Sherlock's REAL deception.
12. Post Reicnehbach, people blame Mycroft.
13. "Family is all we have in the end, Mycroft Holmes".
14. Sherlock and Henry sleep together. Sherlock's never been with anyone before and isn't sure how to act the next morning.
15. Sherlock takes a moment to mourn the death of his greatest rival.
16. Anderson's grudge makes him the first person to suspect something wrong with Moriarty's story.
17. After Sherlock's 'death' John finds that he has the potential to be a very bad man.
18. Mycroft/Molly.
19. Sherlock's backed into a corner and starts taking hostages and the people who trust him to be on the side of the angels are all seriously freaked out.
20. Harry Potter AU.
21. John is the only thing that makes Sherlock feel.
22. Sherlock is constantly fascinated by John's ability to know where his towel is, no matter where it is or where Sherlock hides it.
23. When Sherlock returns to 221B, John acts as is nothing unusual happened.
24. Soulmates AU.
25. The Reichenbach Fall does not see Sherlock being revealed a fraud, but rather an omega.

Prompt: Sherlock is constantly fascinated by John's ability to know where his towel is, no matter where it is or where Sherlock hides it.

Don't Panic

FILL #1 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
1. Lestrade and Donovan bonding.
2. John discovers the Holmes brothers have high-functioning eating disorders.
3. Anderson is the one to help Sherlock fake his death and escape.
4. Sherlock discovers it was Mycroft who betrayed him to Moriarty.
5. Mycroft let Moriarty use his body.
6. John didn't realize how he truly felt about Sherlock until he watched him fall to his supposed death.
7. Mary Morstan is ok with her boyfriend running into dangerous situations with his best friend because she's off doing her own thing most of the time.
8. When Sherlock falls, he gets licked back to life by magical cats.
9. Mycroft starts lying to John that Sherlock is alive.
10. John gets pretty sick and Molly accidentally lets this information slip to Sherlock.
11. John is so incurably in love with the idea of Sherlock that he can't bring himself to act on his feelings.
12. Sherlock did die after jumping off that roof - but he just can't seem to stay dead.
13. John is keeping a secret. Sherlock deduces it must be a lover and sets out to find out who s/he is.
14. Harry Potter crossover.
15. Misfits crossover.
16. Moriarty gets bored and, instead of starting the whole end-game and ruination of Sherlock Holmes, starts the zombie apocalypse instead.
17. John enters Sherlock's Mind Palace.
18. Mycroft is bored and tries to entertain himself with CCTV.
19. What would everyone's main picture be on facebook?
20. Sherlock says the magic words on the rooftop and successfully makes another type of deal with Jim.
21. Asexual!Sherlock bonds with John.
22. Sherlock Holmes/Jack Harkness.
23. Sherlock takes on the alias James Moriarty and infiltrates the criminal underground.
24. Knotting.
25. Hot Fuzz crossover.

Prompt: AU where Anderson is the one to help Sherlock fake his death and escape

The Opportune Hammer

Fill #24 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
1. Mycroft/Lestrade wingfic.
2. John ends up on the roof with Sherlock and Moriarty during their showdown.
3. John, Lestrade and Mrs Hudson find out about the assassins sent to kill them.
4. After Reichenbach, Jim is left permanently in a coma.
5. Five times John texts Sherlock after his death.
6. Cracktastic desktop background.
7. Sherlock's funeral.
8. John had trust issues when returning from Afghanistan. On Sherlock's return three years after his death, 'issues' doesn't even start to cover it.
9. Raz and the Homeless Network still believe.
10. Unsuccessful sex/erection.
11. When Sherlock comes back, John kills himself.
12. Sherlock comes back when Lestrade tries to commit suicide.
13. John gets married, has a loving relationship.
14. John exploring Sherlock’s arse and legs with his mouth.
15. Sherlock, alone and in hiding, no longer has John to bully him into taking care of himself.
16. Sherlock's way of looking at the world was something wonderful/adorable.
17. One year after Sherlock's death, they run a memorial thingy on the television.
18. Rookie!Lestrade being extremely shaken by something that happened on the job.
19. Paternal!Lestrade Reichenbach angst.
20. Mycroft runs all the captchas. Sherlock runs the autocorrect.
21. The reporter's credibility being ruined by Irene Adler from the shadows.
22. Suits crossover.
23. Sherlock brings Molly a present when he finally comes back.
24. Sherlock returns to discover that he (and everything relating to his life) is now an entire academic field of study.
25. Sherlock watches John cry and talk to his headstone and he finally realises that John feels the same way as he does.

Prompt: Moriarty has always heard voices. But he ignores them and carry on killing people.


1. Sherlock is responsible for the death of Sebastian Moran, the only person Jim ever cared for.
2. Moriarty is obsessed with dance.
3. Sherlock cries at a movie he and John are watching, he tries not to let John see because it's embarrassing.
4. DarkConsultingCriminal!Sherlock hiring assassins and thugs to torture those specific people who, in a way, had a hand in hurting John.
5. Three years after the Fall, John comes home to the sound of violin playing.
6. Jim and Sherlock's confrontation on the rooftop is aired on TV. Everyone sees it. Everyone finds out the truth.
7. Sherlock is pregnant with John’s child.
8. John and Lestrade become closer friends to cope with the loss of Sherlock.
9. During the hiatus, Lestrade still gets an anonymous gift for father's day every year.
10. Life on Mars fusion.
11. Song prompt: I Saw You Die – Apollo Drive.
12. Since he and John became a couple, Sherlock becomes obsessed with losing his virginity.
13. Sherlock wearing the hat does it for John.
14. The little girl in the Reichenbach Fall episode screams when she sees Sherlock because she's a fangirl.
15. In Kitty’s flat, John kills Moriarty.
16. John sees Sherlock standing behind him from a distance through the polished gravestone.
17. Sherlock survives his suicide attempt with severe head injuries.
18. Morarty's tried the whole ordinary-companion thing before, but it's not worked out as well as it's done with John and Sherlock.
19. Sherlock needs Molly's help because he needs her to let his friend Ned into the morgue after he dies.
20. After Sherlock's 'death' it's Mycroft and John who get together.
21. Song prompt: Morissey’s I Like You.
22. Mycroft had no idea his brother was still alive.
23. After hunting down the rest of Moriarty's followers, Sherlock has some kind of nervous breakdown or psychotic break.
24. John comes back from the war and gets a new position as one of the military personnel at Baskerville.
25. John has Broken Heart Syndrome.


Prompt: Sherlock needs Molly's help because he needs her to let his friend Ned into the morgue after he dies. (Pushing Daisies crossover!)


1. After Sherlock's return, John decides he's had enough of the Holmes brothers trying to outsmart each other.
2. Sherlock returns. John, angry and broken-hearted, begins to shout at him. Sherlock shouts back.
3. John takes a moment to read Kitty's article about Sherlock.
4. John's a gangsta.
5. Sherlock is wrong about how his friends will react when he will come back.
6. St. Trinian’s crossover.
7. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
8. Mycroft has always been a woman.
9. During the rooftop confrontation, someone shoots Sherlock.
10. Moriarty’s plan to bring down Sherlock has one very obvious flaw that never occurred to him: he threatened Mycroft Holmes' baby brother.
11. Mycroft believes Sherlock to be dead, and he's convinced it was all his fault.
12. Molly/Lestrade or Molly/Mycroft: dirty talk.
13. Sherlock meets Ella. He thinks her wardrobe is fantastic.
14. Jim wanted information, and Mycroft just really wanted someone to talk to.
15. hen Sherlock returns, John doesn't forgive him.
16. John acts like he's mourning, but secretly he's waiting until Sherlock comes back.
17. Everyone finds out about Sherlock' sacrifice.
18. Mycroft/Moriarty set during Moriarty's interrogation.
19. Highschool!fic, where John is the new kid and everyone warns him to stay away from Sherlock.
20. Song prompt: Always For You – The Album Leaf.
21. Mycroft faints... onto the floor of 221b.
22. Mycroft suffers from acute depression.
23. Someone has to fuck Sherlock while John watches.
24. Everyone falls for Sherlock.
25. After HOUND, John buys a dog for him and Sherlock.

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Fill #18

Prompt: Just to be a bit different: I'm looking for a Mycroft/Moriarty set during Moriarty's interrogation. Say the people trying to extract information got a little *overenthusiastic*, and Mycroft had to be the one to patch things up...and it would give another reason why he would only open up to Mycroft. Slash or platonic: your choice. The genre would be h/c, I guess. I've read story after story focusing on John and Sherlock after the fall so I thought I'd try something slightly more original (original heremeaning "weird"). I thought Andrew Scott's portrayal was chilling, and wondered about another side to it.


(Deleted comment)
Re: Fill #24 (Anonymous) Expand
1. The people who believed in Sherlock Holmes, who had been helped by him.
2. Modern Gatiss!Mycroft meets Frycroft.
3. Secret of NIMH crossover.
4. After Sherlock's "death", John decides Sherlock was right and caring people is a mistake.
5. John has a destiny. A massive destiny that involves saving the world from a great threat.
6. The papers not only trashed Sherlock's reputation when he killed himself they outed his and John's relationship.
7. When he realises his bedwarmer Sebastian has feelings for him, Mycroft does something to hurt him.
8. John learns that Sherlock isn't dead when sees his daughter drawing a picture of Sherlock.
9. Sherlock's analysis of 243 types of tobacco ash.
10. Sherlock did die in the fall, until John asked for a miracle.
11. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" .
12. Errant comment.
13. "My name is Sebastian Moran, and I have a proposition for you, John Watson".
14. "How do you explain to someone as logical as SHERLOCK HOLMES that you can bloody hear people's emotional and mental state?!"
15. Sherlock has go undercover in the world of male models.
16. Mycroft Holmes meets Mycroft Poppins.
17. Doctor Who crossover.
18. Richard Brooke was real.
19. Lestrade and John's lives are taking a depressing turn after Sherlock'd death and the loss of their jobs.
20. Fem!John is left pregnant when Sherlock "dies" and runs off with Irene Adler.
21. Lyrics prompt: Keep Me In Your Heart – Warren Zevon.
22. Quote prompt.
23. Sherlock asks John to physically hurt him because he knows he would never truly injure him.
24. John is one hell of a BAMF!babysitter
25. Aziraphale!John, Crowley!Sherlock.

Fill # 9 Analysis of Tobacco

I want to read Sherlock's analysis of 243 types of tobacco ash.

No, really. I don't care if the data is accurate. I just want Sherlock's OCD opinions on the qualities of ash.

Filled #13. (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #23 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: #2 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John Watson shaves his legs. They feel fantastic.
2. Omegle prompt.
3. Picture prompt.
4. Sherlock is a shadowman.
5. Mycroft's payment for letting Sherlock have access to Baskerville was permission to tell Moriarty about Sherlock.
6. John wakes up several years after the fall tied face down to his bed.
7. Lyrics prompt: Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance.
8. Kitty was out of line when she attempted to get a rise out of Sherlock.
9. Sherlock Holmes is a National Treasure. John Watson is a Thief.
10. After Sherlock's death, John becomes depressed and starts seeking out comfort in strangers.
11. So Molly helped Sherlock but... something in the plan went wrong.
12. Let's update as many great detectives as possible! And Sherlock does like them on his patch!
13. Two groups of cops (and associates) are forced to work together on a case.
14. After Sherlock's faked death, he doesn't know what to do with himself, so he wanders Britain.
15. The shot didn't kill Moriarty but left him in a coma for a few months.
16. Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings.
17. Sherlock meets the love of his motherfucking life: Samuel L. Jackson.
18. Molly/Lestrade: One of them confesses their feelings to the other.
19. The History Boys crossover.
20. One day, a man comes to visit John. His name is Victor Trevor, and he says he was a friend of Sherlock's from university.
21. John Watson is a fairy boy from the suburbs.
22. Sherlock asks Moly to keep an eye on John.
23. The mother in the jury who was shown a picture of her children by Moriarty as blackmail? Is the wife of the cabbie.
24. One day, Molly's going home from work when everything goes black.
25. Sherlock, John, and Mrs. Hudson making brownies. And then eating them.

Fill #6

Full prompt : John wakes up several years after the fall tied face down to his bed. A man he doesn't know begins to speak.

"He's alive you know, Sherlock Holmes. Sorry, pumpkin, but the word is that you're the only way to get him to show himself."

The man cuts John's shirt off. John feels the cold scissor blades slide over his skin. John realizes that the encounter is being filmed and transmitted.

"Do you think he'll show up?"

"He's dead."

The man pulls John's pajama bottoms off. "Soon, love, but not quite yet he isn't. Oh, don't tremble. I won't kill you. Just him."

Sherlock, of course, eventually shows up, stopping John's attacker but he's been forced to reveal himself before it's entirely safe for him, or his friends.

Link (WIP) :

1. The moment Sherlock hits the ground, John Watson finds himself standing next to his best friend again, getting their photo taken.
2. Doctor Who crossover: Sherlock's pesky companions escaped, and they keep slipping through Moriarty's fingers.
3. Henry/John.
4. Doctor Who crossover.
5. Sherlock loves being bruised. He finds them beautiful.
6. Sherlock embracing John or/and Lestrade, sitting or lying on the grass near his supposed grave.
7. Lestrade doesn't doubt Sherlock, he just had a momentary lapse.
8. Angelo knows Sherlock wasn't a fraud.
9. Completely consensual breathplay with the noose in the flat.
10. John Watson fills his pockets with stone.
11. Sherlock touches Lestrade's forehead with his fingertip.
12. Video prompt.
13. Sherlock’s will.
14. Sherlock set in your home country/city.
15. John, post Reichenbach, remembering how he took Sherlock's virginity only a few days before.
16. So how did Seb Moran go from a dishonorably-discharged soldier to a lawyer?
17. Mycroft realises that Sherlock was the hub of a large network of interconnected people.
18. BBC Sherlock takes place in the same universe that the watchmen did.
19. Badfic.
20. John gives Sherlock a kiss whenever Sherlock comes into the room that John's in.
21. Fluffy pre-Reichenbach Lestrade/Molly.
22. What is Sherlock thinking about when he's playing dead, hearing John's grief and disbelief?
23. Sherlock gets into an accident and loses memory. But John isn't there for him when he wakes up. Moriarty is.
24. Sherlock’s drug habit through the years.
25. Lewis crossover.

filled and de-anoned@: AO3 || Dreamwidth || Livejournal

Filled #19 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Song prompt.
2. Sherlock and John spend the night before Sherlock appears in court together.
3. Doctor Who crossover.
4. The sniper posted with Lestrade didn't get the message. He shot the DI right between the eyes.
5. Richard Brooke is Jim’s twin.
6. "For God's sake, Mycroft, you're a beautiful man, stop torturing yourself and just take one!"
7. Richard Brooke is an actual, real person: he's Jim Moriarty's twin brother.
8. What if John was in on the ending of SCAN?
9. Lestrade goes to Molly for comfort after Sherlock's death. She tells him the truth about the fall.
10. Sherlock decides he doesn't want to play Moriarty's little game anymore.
11. Mycroft/John/Lestrade hurt/comfort sex.
12. Five times Sherlock was selfless.
13. After the fall, John becomes the Doctor's companion.
14. FML quote prompt.
15. Dialogue prompt.
16. Moriarty lived too.
17. Sherlock, stretched out on white bed sheets, naked as the day he was born with a pillow under his hips.
18. When Sherlock jumped, the wind was knocked out of him and he had a rather...interesting reaction.
19. Ever since Reichenbach, John has been having constant nightmares about Moriarty pinning him down and doing whatever he wants with him.
20. Sherlock anonymously sends John a memento from all the places he travels to.
21. Sherlock is dead, he has been for years. He's high functioning, intelligent, well embalmed, zombie.
22. John learning to play Sherlock's violin as a tribute and a way to keep his friend alive.
23. Sherlock used to be in a relationship with Seb, not because Sherlock liked him, but because Seb wanted a pretty piece of arm-candy.
24. White Collar crossover.
25. Mycroft doesn’t know Sherlock is alive.

Re: Part 24 Page 25

Prompt: After the fall, John becomes the Doctor's companion.


Ahhhh I forgot to put #13 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #4 (Anonymous) Expand

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