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prompting part XXIII
Giggles at the Palace
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FILL - Not a bad bad guy 1/5

A/N: not even sure if anyone's still looking at this, but I filled it anyway.



She has hair the colour of wheat and it falls to her waist. Her eyes sparkle blue. She as a chip in one of her front teeth and Sebastian watches it fondly every time she laughs.

Her laugh is like champagne bubbles.

She twines her feet with his under the table and talks with her hands, bright and alive, and she sips the wine he’s paying for and he restrains himself from running his fingers over the flush growing on her cheeks.

Her name is Arlene and she has a brother and two cats. She has a mum who is really an aunt and a flatmate who has an abusive boyfriend. She’s terrified about her brother’s friend – who may be more than a friend, Sebastian isn’t sure, he can’t tell, he’s no James Moriarty – and she’s worried about the pills her brother takes (her brother’s not taking them, the friend is, this Sebastian knows, doesn’t need Jim to point out, but he doesn’t say anything).

They finish the wine and the cheesecake dessert and Sebastian pays the bill and leaves a tip for the waiter who looks at him sideways because the service charge is easy to see on the bill but doesn’t say anything other than thanks, enjoy your evening. They don’t grab a cab; they walk along the shop fronts and stop to look at window displays every now and again.

Sebastian’s phone buzzes in his pocket but he ignores it, puts his arm around her waist and pulls her closer. It’s getting cold so he offers his jacket, which is okay, because the knife is in his jeans. His phone buzzes again and it’s not until the third time it happens that he looks at her apologetically and pulls it from his pocket.



And three. Here, now.

Three texts means it’s actually important and Jim’s not just being an arse. He flags down a cab and while it pulls up to them, he turns to Arlene with a sad smile and a kiss on the cheek and an explanation (lie) and keep the jacket, I’ll pick it up some other time which is either a promise to see her again or a lost jacket.

She’s tipsy and sad to see him go but she’s had a good time and would love to do this again some time. He gives the driver some money and tells him her address. He watches the cab drive away before heading for the tube and whatever problem Jim needs him to shoot.

FILL - Not a bad bad guy 2/5



Sebastian goes to the pub to watch the game because Jim can’t stand it and Sebastian can’t stand Jim sometimes. So he sits at the bar with a pint and it’s packed, he can feel the heat coming off the guy sitting next to him and it would be uncomfortable if it were any other situation.

He’s got a good view of the screen and he keeps his eyes on number 15 because he’s a bit of a looker and Sebastian figures he’s allowed to look. 15 scores one try, which he cheers for a little bit harder than the rest.

He checks his phone when there’s a pause and he rolls his eyes. Considers dropping it in his drink, but wants his drink too much to bother. The guy next to him notices and offers a commiserating shrug.

“Left mine at home,” he says, nodding at the phone Sebastian is pushing around the counter. “Only way to get some peace from the flatmate.”

Something clicks in Sebastian’s mind and he internally pats himself on the back for not making it obvious. He knows this voice and this face and he knows the way this man holds himself when in fear. He sighs and shakes his head.

“Yours as horrible as mine?” he asks, because he figures why not, it’s not like he’s working tonight and he’s allowed a life too.

The man laughs. “You have no idea.”

And Sebastian does, oh he does, but he just laughs along because he can’t give himself up that easily and it puts the man at ease. The game heats up and their attention is drawn back to the screen.

They end up sharing a bowl of chips and making small talk at half time. Everything the man says Sebastian already knows, because that’s his job, and he shares some half-truths himself. Tells the man about the mess and the mood swings. Gets an oh, don’t I know it for his troubles.

They somehow end up talking about the army and miss a try that has the pub in cheers. They share an awkward laugh and watch the rest of the game.

They both have places to be so don’t hang around once the game is finished; they walk out together and say goodbye before Sebastian turns towards the tube and John Watson gets in a cab.

FILL - Not a bad bad guy 3/5



Her name is Elsie and she lives three doors down from the flat Sebastian and Jim share. She has a leonberger named Labyrinth that almost reaches Sebastian hip that belonged to her daughter before she moved to America and couldn’t take him with her.

Elsie moved in to the neighbourhood a month after Sebastian, down-grading she explains when he stops to help her move some boxes into the house. He’s just finished a job for Jim – nothing lethal this time, thankfully – and he has the time to stay for a cup of tea and a slice of cake that makes him almost want to move in.

Labyrinth takes to him straight away; sits on his feet and follows him around when he’s given a tour. Elsie chuckles and then sighs before telling him about the tragic scene when her daughter Megan had to part from the dog. Sebastian doesn’t know who he feels worse for, the girl or the dog, so he offers to walk Labyrinth whenever she needs him to.

She beams, calls him a right angel which makes him smile, and lets him know she can pay him for his time. He waves her off, because lord knows he doesn’t need the money, and says he’s always wanted a dog like this but his father only kept racing hounds.  

He ends up with a key to make things easy and he takes the dog out every second day. He goes home with fur on his jeans and Jim isn’t impressed but Sebastian wasn’t trying to impress, not this time, so he keeps walking the dog and eventually drags Jim along for the exercise. When Elsie tells Sebastian to bring his friend for dinner and Jim tries her apple pie, he stops complaining about the dog hair and tells Elsie that if she needs anything, she can just ask.

FILL - Not a bad bad guy 4/5



He’s crouching in the kitchen with his sleeves pushed up to his elbows. He eyes the onion on the chopping board and waves a knife at it.

“It’s curtains for you,” he tells it, giving it a slight prod. It stares back at him, which makes him kind of nervous, so he backs up, straightening and crossing his arms. He tapped the knife against his bicep twice. Leant down to stare at it again.

A hand on his shoulder makes him jump and he almost plunges the knife into Jim’s stomach as he spins around.

“Christ,” he breathes, putting a hand on Jim’s shoulder and another on his own chest, pressing the knife to it, his head bowed. “Don’t do that.”

Jim smirks and pats him on the head. “Big, bad solider Seb get a fright?” He had that sing-song voice of his on again and it made Sebastian shiver.

“How someone so annoying can be so quiet is beyond me,” he says and figures the slap he receives is worth it. He moves back to the onion and places the knife along the top of it.

Jim slides to his shoulder and peers over it. Sebastian knows he has to be on his toes but doesn’t say anything. “What are you even doing?”

Sebastian presses the knife down and grins as it cuts through easily. “Dinner.”

“And that is?”


The knife thunks on the board again and the onion splits down the middle.

FILL - Not a bad bad guy 5/5



He always feels strange sitting in the southern arts lecture theatres. Always shows up late when he has a class there, doesn’t like to wait around in the lobby. It’s the lobby, isn’t it. The one where his life both ended and begun, where he met a man with a snake-like neck who ended up sitting next to him throughout the lecture. The man didn’t take a single note, didn’t even have a notebook on him, didn’t take his eyes from the lecturer who paled and began to speak faster when he spotted them.

Sebastian sat in the theatre and listened to his history professor hark on about something to do with Napoleon and Sebastian tapped his pen against his paper. Third year, third time lucky.

There is a girl in the seat next to him who offers up a shy smile and he returns it, not shy, not entirely willing. She makes a comment about the professor’s hair which makes Sebastian laugh and make one about his tie. She waits for him after the lecture and writes her number on his hand.

The act is so familiar, so burnt into his mind, that he licks his thumb and rubs it off the moment she is out of sight. He catches a bus, walks the rest of the way, and finds Jim sprawled on the floor of the flat. He’s staring at the ceiling like he can see constellations and doesn’t look at him, so Sebastian shrugs off his bag and joins him, the floor hard beneath his back.

Jim pays for his tuition, if only because he was the reason it was postponed in the first place. Not the first time, that was because of the army and the itch to go and do something, but the time after the army, when he was back in London with nothing to do and the last of his parent’s money still in his pocket. Jim whisked him away from that time, his second go, with only a look, because that’s all it took for Sebastian to want to do something again.

This time he shares his time between course work and killing, between walking a dog and cleaning blood from beneath his nails.

Jim starts mumbling something about stars and positions and timing, but Sebastian can’t make sense of it, that’s why he’s taking history, so he just murmurs agreement every now and again and closes his eyes. Jim sees enough stars for the both of them. 

Re: FILL - Not a bad bad guy 5/5

I *loved* it! *Every* *single* *part* of it...

Re: FILL - Not a bad bad guy 5/5

Thank you, anon! This is wonderful. (OP here.)

My favorite is part four. I like the juxtaposition of Seb playing with an onion, which is so silly and normal, to him nearly stabbing Jim on instinct. It shows in an instant how him being a normal guy works around him being a killer, and how the two aren't completely separate. He's both.

John! I got excited when John showed up, and that Seb befriends him. I like how Seb doesn't carry his work baggage with him when he's not working, so he allows himself dates and dog walks and watching the game at a pub with a guy who should be an "enemy." I like that he ignores Jim's texts while he's on a date, so they have a system in place for when it's actually serious and he needs to leave, so he doesn't just get interrupted.

The ending is endearing, with Seb being loyally bonded to Jim - going to school with Jim covering tuition, rubbing off a possible date with a girl he laughs with, and lying down with Jim on the floor just to be beside him. "Jim sees enough stars for the both of them." Love it. Thank you so much!

Re: FILL - Not a bad bad guy 5/5

I love this! I love the details, and the characterization of Sebastian is convincing; this could have veered so easily into crack, but you kept it steady and created a three-dimensional Moran who walks a neighbor's dog, bonds with the enemy, and kills people.

Also I am not usually one to demand sequels, but I totally want one where Elsie takes Jim up on the offer of a favor. There's so much potential in that one line!

EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 1/?

Thrilled you liked it. Here's an extra bit.


Sebastian has a soft heart, Jim knows this, knows that it doesn’t stop him from doing his job because his heart is softer for Jim than for anything or anyone else. When Jim had first realised this, he felt somewhat bad about it, because this was the one guy he didn’t actually want to drive away, which is a weird feeling in itself because what the hell makes him so special? Why shouldn’t Jim use him and keep him in the dark as much as he does to the rest of his employees? And when the hell did they move in together? Whose bright idea was that one?

Jim thinks it’s crazy, sometimes, that he would rather drug Sebastian to make him smile than to make him pass out.

But, that’s all rather here nor there, isn’t it. What it is, is that Sebastian has adopted himself an old lady and as a result, tracks dog hair through the flat.

Not that he’s assuming the little old lady moults dog hair, as interesting as that would prove to be.

Sebastian says she’s lovely and the dog he’s looking after, Labyrinth or something equally ridiculous, is enormous. Says it looks like a baby bear, and if he were a kid, it might’ve been something his father sent him out to hunt.

Sebastian loves hunting, obnoxious father aside, but Jim knows he would never shoot a dog. Especially not one that puts that sparkle in his eyes.

Unless he was told to, but Jim reckons he has other guns for that.

So Sebastian eventually manages to drag Jim out to walk this beast of a dog with him, because Jim is slightly curious, and maybe even jealous, possibly because he never had a dog as a kid and maybe because he was never hugged enough. Not really the point, though, is it. He goes along for the damn walk and whilst the dog doesn’t immediately declare him its new master like most other living things do, he sort of likes the look Sebastian gets on his face and the way he talks to the creature as though it actually understood.

If it wouldn’t be such a hassle, he might’ve thought about bringing one home one day. The reaction might be worth it. Maybe he could get one that looks threatening and growls at anyone who looks at him funny. Might be a good asset. Laughs a little when he realises he already has Sebastian for that.

He goes along on these walks – if you can call them that, they’re more like bloody hikes – every now and again, not because he needs cheering up and Sebastian’s face can do that, no, not because of that at all, but because Sebastian will get himself hit by a car by not paying enough attention and he rather needs his best gun in one piece. And when Sebastian tells him the old woman, Elsie, has invited them for dinner, he goes because he can’t have her poisoning him or anything.

Her flat isn’t much different from theirs, except where there’s has guns and obscene amounts of technological equipment, hers has photo albums and a library in miniature. He scans the spines of the books while Sebastian talks to Elsie and finds a few he wouldn’t actually mind looking at in closer detail sometime. He knows Sebastian has a key, so it won’t even be breaking and entering.

He’s polite and answers all her questions over dinner and by dessert he has this nagging feeling she thinks him and Sebastian aren’t just friends and isn’t that cute. She doesn’t come out right and ask so he doesn’t come out right and deny it. He’s not sure that Sebastian has noticed, but the man’s not an idiot, he wouldn’t be here if he was. Either way, the apple pie she serves almost has him drafting a contract and hiring her as the cook. He knows his answers have been a bit suspect and maybe Seb wasn’t completely able to clean the blood from under his nails, but he doesn’t want to give the old woman a heart attack by inviting her to cook dinner for thieves and murderers.

Instead, he ends the night by telling her that if she needs anything, anything at all, she can just let him know and he’ll sort it out.


EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 2/?

It’s three months before his offer is taken up.

They go to dinner at least once a fortnight. Sebastian roped Jim into getting a car and taking the dog to the countryside for the day. Twice. Jim’s heard Sebastian talk about Elsie’s daughter, who is in America, and the conversation he had with her over webcam.

It’s the most normal thing in Jim’s life, and he’s not sure if that’s a bad thing.

He’s sitting in the kitchen at the table, a newspaper spread in front of him and he’s half listening to Elsie teach Sebastian how to make cheesecake. He’s not going to complain, her cheesecake is marvellous and it’s another reason to keep Seb around. Not that he’s looking for reasons to keep him around. He’s James Moriarty, dammit, and he doesn’t need reasons.

Sebastian is doing, well, Sebastian is doing something, something which is producing a rather lovely smell, when Elsie sits at the table next to him. She’s turned towards him and has her head in close. She beckons him into whispering distance and he figures, why not, and leans in.

She nods her head towards Sebastian, who is shaking his hips as he stirs a pot Jim sees when he glances over at him, and whispers, “his hands.”

Jim thinks for a second, thinks about Sebastian’s hands, no, no, he’s never done that before, no, but can’t come up with anything alarming. He inclines his head in a gesture for her to elaborate.

“Just what is it you boys do?”

Well, isn’t there a million and one answers for that.

“Why do you ask?”

She hesitates then, looks him over, almost as though she can see the blood in his eyes.

“Blood, under his nails,” she whispers, and, oh, yes, maybe it’s a bit obvious, that. “And he sometimes has GSR on his fingers.”

Jim blinks and casts a quick look at Sebastian.


Elsie actually smiles at him, which makes him reconsider everything he previously thought about her ‘innocent old lady’ image.

“Oh, dear, don’t worry. It’s very faint. The only reason I can tell is that he sometimes smells a bit like rotting flesh as well.” She winks at him. “I studied forensics while you were still in the crib.”

Isn’t that a frightening thought? He’s drafting the contract in his head already.

“So, tell me, what area of business are you in? Don’t worry; I’m far too fond of the pair of you to go telling anyone.”

“I’m fond of you, too, but I don’t rather think that I’d have to worry if you did run off and turn us in. Not only is there no real evidence, Sebastian would have you drowning in your own blood before you made it to the door.”

Her grin almost unnerves him.

“Isn’t that lovely?” The grin disappears and the old lady returns. “I only ask, because you once said that if I needed anything…”

He lets her trail off. She truly is an exquisite creature. He hasn’t meet many like her before.

“Of course. What do you need?”

EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

“I’ve told you about my daughter, Megan, and that she’s living in the States.”


“Right. Well, the reason she left. She,” Elsie pauses, and there’s pain in her eyes and Jim knows because he’s seen many types of pain and this is an angry pain. “She was sexually abused.”

Jim keeps his face passive.

“It’s why I moved here, actually. I needed to get away.”

“You’ve taken this to the police.” It’s a statement, not a question.

“Yes. But the courts, they were unable to convict the man.”

Jim thinks it through quickly in his head and comes up with a dozen interesting ways to make this man hurt. “Dead?” he asks.


She’s confused; he’s skipped ahead. He sighs and drags his thought train back. “Dead. Do you want him dead?”

“If you can make it painful.”

“I can make it plenty painful.”

They both turn, Elsie startled and Jim amused, to Sebastian. He’s put the spoon down and has a knife clenched in his fist. He looks like he wants to plunge it into someone’s eyeballs. Jim smiles, because Elsie thought she was being quiet and Jim knows Sebastian has been listening on his toes since the word blood. Always ready. He would’ve gutted her if Jim had given the signal, regardless of how much he liked her.

“Give me a name, and it’s done.”

Elsie blinks and Jim knows she’s seeing something in Sebastian that she hasn’t ever seen before. Jim likes seeing Sebastian like this, hard, eager, well, he likes seeing him like that as well, but that’s not like this, not the same as hard eyes and eager trigger finger. He likes watching him switch between the two the most, though. Watching the change. Watching the poor sod who’s about to get it in the gut drain of colour when they realise he isn’t as harmless as he can make himself appear.

“Brian Halliday.”

Things are getting better as Sebastian’s face darkens further, because Jim can see the cogs tick over in his mind as he puts two and two together. The moment when he gets four is beautiful.

“Son of a bitch,” Sebastian snarls and the knife finds itself stuck hilt deep in a block of butter.

Elsie jumps and Jim laughs. “Calm down,” he says. “We’ll put the Goode job on hold, sort this out. I’ll even have Smith clear a space in that warehouse you like so much.”

Sebastian’s replying grin is a frightening sight and makes Jim feel warm all over. He turns to Elsie. “Call your daughter. Let her know the problem is solved and that if she’d like to come back to London, Sebastian here would love to take her to dinner.”


Two weeks later, the body has finished bleeding out and is being disposed of and Sebastian changes his jeans for a suit and is going on a date with Miss Megan Halliday. 

Re: EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

This... beautiful, gorgeous.

Re: EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

Wow, all I had to do was ask and I got exactly the fic I wanted! I wish the world worked like that more often.

I really like your Jim! It's so easy to overdo it writing him, but you've done a great job here showing us his inherent imbalance without stepping over the line. I like how, for all his genius, he can't even begin to quantify his affection for Sebastian, and his justifications for treating Sebastian differently and wanting to spend time with him are the WORST EVER (he might get hit by a bus! She might poison him! Oh, Jim). He has a friend and he doesn't even know it! I like his confidence in Sebastian's absolute loyalty, too, and the way you mirror outside perspective on Sherlock and John by having Elsie think her neighbors are more than friends. Which, she's not wrong, it's a complex relationship that doesn't really fit under any one label.

And I love Elsie, just as I suspected I would if she got fleshed out a bit more. Her personal library is not entirely boring! She has a background in forensics! She is a MAMA BEAR. God, I love a good OC, and Elsie is an AWESOME OC.

In short: this fic was pretty much tailormade for my brain and I adore it. Thanks so much for writing it!

Re: EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

Just as brilliant as the first one :D

Re: EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

Oh you wonderful person, I love them both.

Re: EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

I am 100% behind this portrayal of Seb, cuz it makes him even more like what would happen if John went the wrong way. Whoot!

Re: EXTRA FILL - Not a bad bad guy: Blood is thick 3/3

wow, these are both great! like an anon above mentions, i love how your seb is nearly john-gone-wrong, but he's got his own special something. i'm really taken by your narrative style, too. the opening of your first fill is really great especially :)

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