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prompting part XXIII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sebastian refused to leave the walkway of the pool. Said pool was empty now, with no lackeys or consulting detectives hanging about, but he refused to leave anyway. He had been promised at least one death tonight, and goddammnit he was going to get it. He leaned back against the concrete wall, lighting a cigarette. He placed it in between his teeth and crossed his arms over his chest. Jim was calling his name from the bottom of the stairs that lead down to to the pool but Sebastien was content to wait.

It only took fifteen minutes before Jim was stomping his way up the steps, bellowing something about not wanting waste anymore time and really he had had enough now.Sebastian was on him instantly, the handgun usually strapped to his thigh slipped from his holster and pointed to Jim's head before the crime lord could fist the front of his shirt.

"You fucking promised." Sebastian hissed, the cigarette still firmly clenched in his teeth. He watched as Jim's expressions changed. The slighter man went from surprised to confused to amused in three seconds flat.

"I did promise, but somtimes I can't keep promises. You know that." Jim licked his lips, tilting his head to the side as he followed the press of Moran's gun.

"You've never kept any of your promises when it comes to Holmes." Sebastian's lip curled, as he grabbed his cigarette and flicked ash onto the floor. "One would think you like him more then me."

"Never," Jim purred, just as his hands came up to stroke Sebastain's chest through the olive coloured shirt he was wearing. "How about I make it up to you? Hm? Une petite mort instead?" Jim's smile became sharp as he stepped closer, tipping his face up to look Sebastain in the eyes. His nails dipped into Sebastain's shirt as he pulled forward and pressed his lips to the sniper's.

Sebastain opened his mouth, the cigarette in his hand dropping to the floor as he reached out and fisted Jim's hair with one hand as the other automatically flicked the safety off the gun in his other hand.

Jim let out a soft groan as he heard the soft click, melting into Sebastain's grip. His hands slid downward, nails pulling on Sebastain's shirt before sliding past his belt line to palm Moran's crotch. He gave a squeeze, fingers flickering back up a moment later. At that moment all of the blood that had been rushing to Sebastain's head suddenly changed direction and went straight for his dick.

Sebastain nipped at Jim's bottom lip before pressing the gun into Jim's temple just a bit harder. "I want you in you knees."

Jim threw him a nasty look but he did as he was told, hooking his fingers in Sebastain's belt loops as he kneeled. Sebastain took a moment to take in the details. This was the fastest he'd ever gotten Jim in this position. The criminal mastermind must be just as wound up as he was. He traced Jim's lips with the barrel of the handgun, pushing it past flesh and teeth to have it rest against Jim's tongue. Jim looked up at him, hands still at Sebastain's side.

Sebastain slid the gun out a bit, leaving the barrel against Jim's teeth. His tongue soon flickered out and slid over the metal, leaving a wet stripe before Jim's lips sealed over the end of the barrel. He blinked up at Sebastain before hollowing his cheeks.

Sebastain groaned, unbelievably turned on by the sight. Jim's fingers were pulling on his belt as Sebastain thrust the gun in and out of his mouth. He pushed Sebastian's trousers down around his thighs, not getting them any further because of the empty thigh holster still strapped to his leg. He pulled his head back, releasing the gun from his mouth and letting Sebastain press it to his forehead.

Jim inched forward, sitting back on his heals as he lean forward and mouthed Sebastin's erection through the briefs he was wearing. His slim hands went straight for his own pants, undoing the zip and practically moaning with relief.

Sebastain's head fell back to the wall, eyes sliding closed. He adjusted his grip on the gun against Jim's forehead. The consulting criminal let out another groan, his shoulders trembling. Sebastain tapped Jim's temple gently, telling him to get on with it.

Jim glared up at him again but pulled Sebastain's briefs off. He licked his lips as he flicked his gaze from Moran's face to his dick. He started gently, placing his lips around the tip and sucking gently. Sebastain let out a stuttering breath as his free hand clawed at the wall he was leaning on. Jim continued down, sucking more of Sebastain into his mouth and swallowing around him. He took as much of Sebastain into his mouth as he could, before pulling back and swirling his tongue around the head.

Sebastian arched his hips up, forcing himself back down Jim's throat. Jim gagged softly before he pulled away and pinned Sebastain's hips down and leaning a bit to suck on one of Moran's balls. He gently ran his teeth over it as he let it drop from his mouth, knowing if he used any more pressure he'd get pistol whipped. He licked a stripe from base to tip before putting Seb's dick back into his mouth and bobbing his head. He kept a firm grip around what he couldn't fit into his mouth.

Sebastain stroked his hair with his free hand. Jim's free hand wandered to his pants. He dipped his fingers inside and jerked himself to the rhythm of his own bobbing. He twisted his wrist a bit on every upstroke. Sebastain looked down at Jim and the criminal met his gaze. Sebastain's head tipped right back with a groan and the fingers tightened in his hair. He could feel the twitch of Seb's dick against his tongue.

He glanced up at his sniper, who had gone back to clawing at the wall. He realised Moran was close and sped his own hand up, wanting to get off the same time Sebastain did. He closed his eyes and relaxed his throat, before he pushed all of Moran's cock into his mouth. The head hit the back of his throat and he swallowed a few times. Sebastain breathed his name out in the most desperate way and Jim couldn't take it. He moaned as he came into his hand.

A clipped "Shit-!" was all of a warning that Jim got before Sebastain was cumming. Jim jerked away, glaring up at Moran as he spit it to the side. Sebastain grinned at him a little sheepishly. The snippet pulled his lover to his feet and kissed him softly.

"Did that work as making up for a broken promise?" Jim asked, throat full of gravel.

"Yes, I think it did." Sebastain just smiled, pulling Jim close.

(/end fail. I haven't written porn in so long. Please enjoy your PWP, OP.)

Re: No Safety 2/2

Loved the danger of all this, just, I, everything. Well done!

Very creepy and fairy hot, which is great for this pairing!

oh jesus that was good

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