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Prompting Part XXI
Giggles at the Palace
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Because I can get this out of my head:

Sherlock/John, Dark Ages AU. Sherlock is interested in logic and science and that does not go well with the Church of that time. John could be a priest or something (oh dear, my priest kink is showing).

Re: Because I can get this out of my head:

I see your priest!kink! And I second it. Also your prompt :D

I see your priest!kink, and raise you some bondage h/c.

No idea where Mycroft is in this universe, or why he hasn't rescued poor Sherlock yet, but Jim's thoroughly enjoying his job as an inquisitioner.

Re: Artfill - Wrong

Oh wow - this is AWESOME!

Re: Artfill - Wrong

ok- is it wrong that I totally have the hots for your priest!John?

No, no it's not. He's totally a BAMF in sheep's clothing - I mean, it's a dark ages AU. He probably fights with a sword.

Re: Artfill - Wrong

Oh sweet Jesus, the scenes floating around in my head. Want to write this, but I don't know if I'll have time. But... gah. Now this is all I'll be able to think about for the rest of the night...

Re: Artfill - Wrong



Re: Artfill - Wrong -- OP


I can't believe I get an art fill! And a beautiful one at that! Thank you so much :DDD

Re: Artfill - Wrong -- OP

Glad you like it! Couldn't resist - I love interesting AUs.

I of course hope someone will come along and fic it, still. *Makes sad puppy eyes at everyone* I'll art it, even. Especially if John is at any point holding a sword - mmmm, sword!John.

...I'm going to draw myself some sword-porn now...

Re: Artfill - Wrong -- OP

You'll have to shar it with the rest of the class

Yes, yes, YES! So much story already here and there's only 11 words. *squee*

Re: Artfill - Wrong

Oh my god. This is brilliant...

Re: Artfill - Wrong

Mycroft is a Major Archbishop who does what he can to keep Sherlock out of the hands of the Church while trying to get his mind away from this science nonsense, but even his influence and imponence aren't akways enough to repair the damage done by Sherlock's big mouth and arrogance.

Or maybe he's still 'the Government' - or rather the power behind the throne, given the era. But the church has its own thumb in politics - a handhold over the king, perhaps - and so Mycroft is caught in a tug-of-war for control.

Then Sherlock gets kidnapped while Mycroft's distracted by politics, maybe in an attempt to use as a bartering chip in the struggle...

I like this story too much. I wish I could actually write. :(

... and Moriarty is the Archbishop, vying with Mycroft for ultimate power over the throne, pulling the strings behind a lot of the criminal activities going on (to fill the church's his vaults and gain power); Moran is his henchman! Sherlock with his heretic ideas would obviously be in their way, and even though he amuses Moriarty, he just cannot be allowed to continue...

Ack! I wish I could (still) write too!

Re: Artfill - Wrong

Someone needs to write this omgomgOMG


Re: Artfill - Wrong

Someone has written a one shot priest John fic before . Though not the same as what OP wants

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