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Prompting Part XX
Giggles at the Palace
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Hope you enjoy OP. Pure crack and mostly dialouge.

~~~Some super, secret, evil, hideout of doom~~~

"I refuse to accept this!"

"That's fine, Jim. You don't have to accept it."

"Sebastian if you leave this hideout and go on a date with, I will personally kill you."

"No you won't."

"Yes, I will!"

"No you won't Jim. You hate getting your hands dirty. That's why you hired me."

"I'll get one of the underlings to do it!"

Sebastian laughed.

"Sure, I'm sure once they're done pissing themselves, they'll stab me in the kidneys."

Jim opened his mouth to complain and threaten more, but Sebastian just walked by him and out the door.

By the time Sebastian got in the car and started driving away the cafeteria had exploded and henchmen were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

~~~221 b Baker Street~~~


"Not listening, Sherlock."

"John, this is a mistake. That man is a killer."

"I'm not exactly a saint myself."

"He has pointed a sniper rifle at you and I."

"And I held my gun against his head."

"Yes, then asked him out. I was there." Sherlock pouted.

"He's a decent bloke, Sherlock."

"He's working for Moriarty!"

John rolled his eyes. "That doesn't make Sebastian a bad person."

"Does make him a good one either, " Sherlock muttered.


"Nothing, just please don't go John. Nothing good will come from this union."

"Jeeze, Sherlock. You make it sound like Sebastian and I are getting married. We're just going out for dinner and a movie."


"I'll enjoy it and it was Sebastian's idea, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it too."


"Bye, Sherlock. Don't wait up!"

John was out the door and by the time he was outside the apartment, he could hear Sherlock abusing his violin; violently.

~~~At some nice normal resturaunt~~~

"So, how did your's take it?"

"Not well. I'm sure the violin will need to be replaced tonight. How about your's?"

"Blew up the cafeteria. The henchmen were very upset, but I'm sure he was too."

John chuckled, while Sebastian laughed, and their waiter tried not to piss himself in fear. Poor Mr. Al Samson always got the werid ones.

Once thier food arrived both former army men tucked in and kept up a light conversation.

Neither one had been paying much attention to anything but each other so it was a surprise to both when one consulting criminal and one consulting detective decided to suddenly appear.

At the exact same time.

The incident that occured would later be refered to as 'That Time' by John and Sebastian. It still caused the couple to laugh.


An: Idek. I just felt like writing JohnxMoran and I wanted to write crack. Sorry if it's not very funny, but I do hope you all enjoy it!

HAH. I had almost forgotten about this prompt. Loved the minifill

Glad to here that OP. It was fun to write.

Re: Mini-fill

Bwahahah. I lol'ed so hard at this:

"And I held my gun against his head."

"Yes, then asked him out. I was there." Sherlock pouted.

Wow! Asking out your hostage in front of Sherlock. That image makes me laugh so hard!

I loved this!

I belive John has reached the point where he just doesn't care if Sherlock knows or not. After all Sherlock is going to find out and try and cockblock John anyway. John might as well ask his date out as soon as he gets a chance.

Glad you like it!

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