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Prompting Part XX
Giggles at the Palace
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Throw my voice and burn your heart.

Reprompt from part 16

Sherlock leaves London for a case. While he's gone he keeps in touch with John, and the two begin to share increasingly flirty and emotionally vulnerable texts, emails, etc. and by the time Sherlock returns he's thrilled that he and John are finally ready to embark on a romantic relationship. But when he arrives home John has packed his things and moved out, leaving a bitter, angry handwritten note declaring he never wants to see or hear from Sherlock ever again. Sherlock is confused and heartbroken.

Meanwhile, John has moved far away and is looking for a new start in life after having fled from Baker Street because of the increasingly cruel, hateful, demeaning messages he had received from Sherlock while he was out of town, dashing all hopes John ever had of he and Sherlock ever becoming more than just friends.

Turns out Moriarty, technological wizard that he is, has faked all of the communication between John and Sherlock over the last few weeks. He himself generated all of the texts, emails, and perhaps even phone calls (maybe he's got some wicked good voice synthesizing software) and he's been totally manipulating both of them as part of that whole "burn the heart out of you" thing.

Of course an eventual happy Sherlock/John ending would be fantastic.

TL;DR While Sherlock is away Moriarty fakes all of the texts, emails, and phone calls between Sherlock and John. Sherlock returns home happy thinking John wants to start a romantic relationship, but John has moved out because of "Sherlock"'s cruel declarations that he has grown bored with him and wants him gone.

Re: Throw my voice and burn your heart.

Oooh, double whammy, I like it.

(Deleted comment)
John is pregnant. He has yet to tell Sherlock and quite frankly is afraid to tell his lover in fear that Sherlock will leave him. So, he decides that the best way to tell Sherlock is to ease into it.

Que John staring giving SHerlock not very subtle hints. ("Have you ever thought about children?"...."No, that's not a basket, Holmes, it's a bassinet. No, it's not for Gladstone."..."Look what I found at the store today. *pulls out a mini magnifying glass and kid's deerstalker cap.* Aren't they precious?")

Bonus: Sherlock is too focused on a case to pay attention to John's subtle hints. After the case however, he becomes concerned that John is acting strange and looks different as well.

TL;DR John tries to tell Sherlock that he's pregnant by dropping subtle hints.

(Deleted comment)
Re: Epilogue (Anonymous) Expand

Write something you wouldn't read

Write a kink you DON'T like with a pairing you DON'T believe in.

Sherlock pursues Anderson and then gets double fisted?
Dark!Lestrade makes Donovan “earn” her promotion?
(For the shippiest shipper) Genfic pee desperation?
Jim intentionally impregnated by John?
Sebastian and Mrs. Hudson eating sushi off of Mycroft's naked body?

Re: Write something you wouldn't read

Your last suggestion. YOUR LAST SUGGESTION. If only my stomach felt better right now... it might be able to withstand the bizarreness of writing such a thing...


As the first son, Mycroft will inherit everything.

As the second son, Sherlock needs to be married off to someone with a fortune or a who makes a good living. Except...Sherlock verbally/physically cuts down anyone who has ever been interested so his family is desperate for absolutely anyone to marry him. Happy ending, pairing up to author.

Bonus for rich!Jim (still a consulting criminal) wanting Sherlock for his mind and virginity.

Re: inheritance


Re: inheritance (Anonymous) Expand

Moriarty brainwashes Sherlock to kill John

Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and secretly brainwashes him to respond to a set of trigger words that will only work if John says them directly to him.

One night weeks or months later, John nervously pulls Sherlock into a sweet embrace and finally tells him "I love you."

When Sherlock wakes up from a trance he's horrified to discover that the flat is completely trashed, there's blood everywhere, and John is barely clinging to life.

Reprompt from part 17

Re: Moriarty brainwashes Sherlock to kill John


Welly Welly Well!

Something based off A Clockwork Orange. Maybe a case!fic where Sherlock has to stop a bunch of criminals inspired by the book? Or maybe Sherlock is part of a similar gang? Or Moriarty? Or all of them?

I don't care, just anything! Bonus points if you use some of the language.

Re: Welly Welly Well!

It all makes sense! THAT'S why fanon has John buying so much milk!

Re: Welly Welly Well! (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
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Re: Mini fill is mini (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mini fill is mini (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mini fill is mini (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mini fill is mini (Anonymous) Expand
All I want in life is for someone to write epic, angst-ridden action!fic about Sherlock and John being forced out of London on the run from Moriarty in the lead up to Reichenbach Falls. Lots of impending doom and clinging together in hotel rooms after assassination attempts would be much appreciated. S/J.

Yes, please!

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(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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RTYI? (Anonymous) Expand

This assassins idea has been on my mind

John Watson, Mary Morstan, and Sebastian Moran all use to work together as a team of assassins. They disband and all go their seperate ways.

One day, Mary shows up on John's door. Someone is trying to kill her and she needs help. John, who is still in contact with Sebastian despite him working for Jim and being evil, enlists Sebastian's help.

The twist? Sebastian and John are trying to keep them helping Mary from Sherlock and Jim. When Sherlock and Jim find out they try to help, but are pushed away. Not because they don't want the help but for their own safety.

Bonus: There's bad blood between Mary and John because Mary is the one who shot John. She was ordered to kill him, but Sebastian knocked the gun out of her hand and John just got hit in the shoulder.

Any pairings are welcome.

Re: This assassins idea has been on my mind

Oh god yes please I need this to!

"I like company when I go out."

"I like company when I go out and I think better when I talk aloud. The skull just attracts attention."

So Sherlock Holmes, self-declared sociopath, who has no girlfriend or boyfriend and appears to have no acquaintances beyond work colleagues and former clients, says this to the man he has known for only a day and who is now apparently the closet friend he has.

So who the hell is this "company" Sherlock is talking about in this statement? Colleagues? Clients? Prostitutes? People from the homeless network? Is he lying or joking about "when I go out" and he actually spends a lot of time at home incredibly lonely? Or did he really take the skull with him everywhere he went before John showed up?

Re: "I like company when I go out."

Oh, I'd read this!

Jim's mind works in mysterious ways

I recently discovered that I can only write Jim fics after listening to The High Kings (IDEK, maybe it's the Irish thing), and was quite distraught (really, you can only listen to "Marie's Wedding" so many times while writing diabolical schemes).
Cue Jim's mind having similar (ridiculous) hang-ups. Like, maybe he can't remember the periodic table of elements without singing the song (, or he has to listen to Voltaire's "When You're Evil" while plotting against Sherlock.
IDK, Fandom, just run with it!

Re: Jim's mind works in mysterious ways

As an anon I feel I can say here, I once wrote of Dr Who's (Simm)Master taking off his TARDIS with this song (

Which is a long winded way of saying YES random songs as apt soundtrack. Must be written!

Can I get some pregnant Jim please? Please fandom?

The evening draws in. Seb can feel it in the change of the winds that turn softer, and the light that turns greyer, pinker, less aggressive. The calm washes in like the ocean and everywhere is silent. Outside, the grass blooms a vivid green and breaths out a freshness. Everything is so quaint and quintessentially peaceful. He never thought he'd like the country: he never thought he'd lie Ireland.

No, it is far too quiet for Seb's tastes. Not enough excitement or peril. Not enough civil unrest to be instigated. The silence wounds him, winds him. For all of the time he's spent in sandy trenches was filled with the rumble of a flickering gunnery, or in London were the traffic sighs. In Ireland, there's nothing but the grass and he's bored, so very bored.

Jim loves the noise of London, and the flickery of gunneries. It's strange to think him fond of such a place. Though, for Jim the place is a ghost town. Full of memories, stories he half-tells of his Mam, and of younger days. Few of them are true, he suspects, but it's still interesting.

Jim stirs then, mumbling into his consciousness like reading a script from a half-remembered dream. He lifts his head from the mess of the bed and paws at his molten eyes. The rest has done nothing to energize him, he's just as tired and uncomfortable as he was. Seb doesn't even clock he's awake, too bust staring from the window, absent-minded, dissolved in thought.

"Close the bloody window," Jim snaps, dropping back into the covers and wriggling. Never a man of many words, Seb complies mutely and goes over, slowly, cautiously to where Jim tried again to sleep. He's laying on his side, hasn't been able to sleep on his front or back in a few months and Seb knows all about it, has been told. The fresh air clashes with that of damp and sharp sweet sweat, makes a smell as if of graves. Him way of well be buried, the way he's wrapped up.

"You okay?" Seb asks, amiable, affably. He can be pleasant, really nice. Those are just the 'A's'. Bold, he reaches a hand into the duvet and smooths it over Jim's arm, follows it curved over his stomach, sleepily.

The brown eyes look up with such macabre beauty. "You'd make the prettiest corpse." Jim tells him. They look at eachother, just look, for the longest of whiles until Seb reaches out and threads his fingers through the black of Jim's hair.

"How romantic," He deadpans, muttering.

"Piss off."

OP Reprompt

LadyHawke AU

Moriarty curses Sherlock and John. Now every night Sherlock turns into a wolf and every day John turns into a hawk. (or vice versa)

Re: OP Reprompt

Not familiar with LadyHawke, but this does sound like it could be a fantastic story.

Re: OP Reprompt (Anonymous) Expand
Re: OP Reprompt (Anonymous) Expand
Molly isn't a secret BAMF, and while she is intelligent she is not a secret super genius. She's goofy, shy, geeky and nervous...and someone (lestrade or mycroft preferred) still has a tendre for her and pursues her. I'm interested in how she reacts to being pursued by a confident, well-established man, basically. Happy ending preferred! No Sherlock or Jim pairing please.

Yes! This please!

Re: Ordinary Girl (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Ordinary Girl (Anonymous) Expand

Lestrade badassery

a lunatic that Lestrade put away during his pre-Sherlock days breaks out from prison and begins stalking Lestrade and threatening his family.

Sherlock, John and the rest of the Met help but it's ultimately Lestrade's knowledge of the perp and his bravery that leads to the bad guy being recaptured.

tl;drcase fic about baddie from Lestrade's pre-Sherlock days coming back to get revenge on him. Lestrade is a BAMF.


Mycroft has twins! A boy and a girl preferred, but wherever the muse takes you.

Bonus points for Mystrade. *coughs awkwardly* Please?

Re: Twins!

Ooh! Me! Mememememememe! I will fill!

Re: Twins! (Anonymous) Expand

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