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Prompting Part XIX
Giggles at the Palace
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lestrade/john, spanking.

or harry/sally. :9 same prompt.

Oh yes, seconded! I really can't get enough of people spanking John. In my ideal fantasy world, he'd be spanked every day.

Do you care which is giving/receiving?

prefer john or sally being spanked, but either way is fiiiiiine. c:

Fill: Priorities (1/2)

“You know,” Greg says as he kisses his way down John’s naked back, “I really think you owe me one for running out on me like that earlier today.”

John pushes his head up off of his folded arms and turns a lazy smile in Greg’s direction. “You wish. You know what he’s like – if I hadn’t, he’d have shown up anyway. Best to head him off before it just gets ugly. Or homicidal, depending on whether Anderson is involved.” John hums in delight at the feel of Greg’s fingers trailing down, down, down, over the small of his back and the curve of his arse, featherlight touches that spark and dance across his skin. “Besides, I did that thing you like, with the tongue, earlier. And that’s actually quite difficult, by the way. I think we’re even.”

“Oh no, you don’t get off that easily.” Greg slowly pulls John up by the hips. John readily complies with the unspoken request, arse in the air and his shoulders still resting on the bed. A nice, slow, languid fuck really would put the cap on the evening. Sherlock had texted a few hours earlier, just when things had been getting a bit sweaty on Greg’s couch, an imperious demand whose lofty tone practically dripped from the words and put paid to any further fooling around on their part.

“That so?” John asks. Greg really was understanding, most times, but still. It was still better than having Sherlock show up at Greg’s flat at an inopportune moment.

Greg smiles, a mischievous smirk that has John on high alert but before he can move, Greg has one arm wrapped around John’s waist, pinning him. “I think you need to be reminded where your priorities are,” he says, and lays a hard slap right to John’s upturned arse.

“Ouch! Hey! That hurt! What the hell are you –" John’s cut off when Greg swats him again, the double hit making his skin warm, flush.

“Rearranging your priorities, pet,” he says, and smacks him again. “Planning to leave me hard and aching on the couch again?”

John could stop this at any time, he knows; he could have Greg flat on his back on the floor in five seconds. He isn’t sure what’s gotten into Greg tonight, but whatever it is, it’s making John tingle, a wave of arousal making him hard, making him want.

“No,” he says. “I didn’t want to leave, but Sherlock, he -"

Another blow lands and it’s hard, enough that John grunts a little with the pain of it. “I don’t want to hear his name in this room, understood?” Greg smooths his hand over John’s arse, the skin tingling and sensitive. “I don’t care what he wants. I want to be the most important man in your life, John. Me. Only me.” Greg kisses John’s rear gently, kneading the muscles and sliding his fingers between his buttocks.

John blinks a bit with the pain and suddenly serious tone. “Of course you are,” he says, and the words are almost a moan. Something is going on here, something more than just a little lover’s play, but John isn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Fill: Priorities (2/2)

Greg pulls his hand back and smacks him again. This time the sharp sting of contact sizzles up John’s spine, making him cry out.

“Oh god, John, your arse is so gorgeous like this,” Greg spanks again and John’s vision goes white, pleasure and pain warring in his brain, resulting in a throbbing erection that’s almost pulsing with his heartbeat. When Greg lets go of him he almost collapses, but Greg catches him again from behind, between John’s thighs. “You all right?” he asks quietly.

“Yes, God, yes. Please,” is all he can say. He’s more than ready, hoping Greg won’t draw it out much longer. He hears the click of a cap, the slick feeling of lubed fingers pushing into his body, the sensation flaring up his spine, his shoulders, his head, until all he can do is moan, a wanton sound that sounds almost vulgar, even to himself. John’s quivering at the edge of exquisite bliss, waiting for the push that will send him over the edge into oblivion.

It comes when Greg pushes into his body in a slow, smooth stroke, his cock just big enough to stretch a bit more than John had been comfortable with before. “God, Greg, it’s perfect, please, fuck me, oh – “ He’s almost gone when Greg wraps an arm around his waist to stroke his cock, drawing out his pleasure and keeping it taut, a fine wire singing with tension and ready to snap.

Greg thrusts into his body in short, quick motions, hips hitting John’s still-tingling arse and that’s all it takes, a few sharp reminders of what transpired earlier and John’s crying out, spilling over Greg’s fingers.

His orgasm trips Greg’s in a matter of moments. He drapes his body over John’s back, wrapping his arms around John’s chest and pushing into him in a final, hard thrust that leaves him shaking and calling out John’s name.

They stay together a moment in the dim, quiet room, sweat cooling on their bodies, until John realizes his arm is asleep. He groans and pushes Greg up and off of him, snagging a couple of tissues from the bedside table in a half-hearted attempt at a cleanup.

Greg is oddly quiet the entire time, and when John turns back to him, he’s looking at John with a pensive expression.

“What is it?” John asks quietly.

“Was that…ok?” he says, and the soft uncertainty in his voice is almost heartbreaking.

“Yes, of course,” John hurries to reassure him. “It was fine, perfect, really. A bit unexpected, perhaps.”

“I'm sorry - I just...I want more than just your promises, John,” Greg says, pulling John back down to the bed and resting his head on John’s chest. “I want you to look at me and know how much I adore you, that I’d do anything for you. That you’re the best fucking thing that has ever happened to me, bar none.”

John’s heart swells with happiness. Their relationship was still a bit new, still, but he felt more at home with Greg than he ever had with anyone else, his heart knowing contentment for the first time in a long time. He ducks his chin to kiss Greg on the top of the head and tightens his arms around his shoulders. “Me too, you daft thing. Now get some sleep. You’ve been up for almost 20 hours.”

“Yes, dear,” Greg says, a sarcastic lilt in his voice. John smiles and settles against the pillows, ready to doze off, when his mobile vibrates from the nightstand. He feels Greg tense next to him as he checks the screen.


He smiles, gives Greg a little squeeze, and pitches his mobile across the room, where it lands with a satisfying thud.

Re: Fill: Priorities (2/2)

Oh yes, that was very sexy and those two are so adorable together.

Re: Fill: Priorities (2/2)

*happy sigh*

Spanking and fluff? Oh you have made my day :).

Re: Fill: Priorities (2/2)

I really liked this!Even when there's spanking this pairing is cute ♥

Re: Fill: Priorities (2/2)


John needs to know his priorities indeed!

Re: Fill: Priorities (2/2)

Oh oh oh, this was utterly smutty to begin with, and finished so, so sweetly. I think this is fantastic!

AuthorAnon, here

Thank you for your lovely comment - and I must say, you started me on this J/L path, so thanks for that, too.

Re: Fill: Priorities (2/2)

That was super cute... The ending was just absolutely perfect and sweet. <3 Very, very lovely!

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