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Prompting: Part XVIII
Giggles at the Palace
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John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

When John needs to be punished and Sherlock is feeling particularly lazy, Sherlock has John ride him. Sherlock, with the aid of a cock ring, doesn't feel the need to come for quite a while, whereas John has tiny vibrators wrapped around his cock that Sherlock holds the remote to. John has to keep riding Sherlock until Sherlock is ready to come, no matter how many times John comes. If John needs encouragement to keep going, Sherlock has a riding crop in his other hand.

Re: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

*blinks at prompt*

*glances down*

*glances back up again*

Well. I came.

Re: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

Yep, I was literally holding my head in my hands and shivering by the end of the prompt itself. Oh my.

Re: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

What a deliciously perverse mind you have!

Re: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

seconding this to infinity and beyond!
dom!sherlock is my absolute favourite.

Re: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop

Oosh. The only way this could be hotter is if Sherlock is busy texting or working on his website during. *_*

Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 1/2

This prompt killed me; I had to try something for it. Unfortunately I may have cheated with the riding crop, but it has seen enthusiastic application.

(Also freakin' LJ won't let me post anonymously. Oh well, shame is overrated anyway.)


John was shivering.

He wore it beautifully, the fine tremors coursing through every muscle of his body, shuddering breaths against Sherlock’s chest resonating like sobs in the space of the room. Sherlock could feel John shaking from inside him, and down where their abdomens brushed together each time John’s back flexed, and along his hips and flanks where the man’s exhausted thighs kept him moving astride Sherlock. Sweet as it was to Sherlock, to John it meant weakness, vulnerability, something he invariably, endearingly tried to hide as long as he could. Shivering like this meant John had finally come undone, only his naked will keeping him going past his physical endurance for the pleasure Sherlock was inflicting on him.

The riding crop was really a formality at this point. Sherlock brushed it across the marks he’d made on John’s shoulders every now and again, a counterpoint to the gentler touch of his hands, but the remote controlled vibrator rings the smaller man wore were a far more effective incentive when John was this overstimulated. Sherlock applied them with the sensitivity of a skilled violinist. John had shattered for him over and over again tonight; he was so fragile now, and the point was emphatically not to break him.

Sherlock loved seeing John’s will laid bare in all its glory. Outside sex, he only ever exposed himself like this for seconds at a time, tiny glimpses in life-or-death situations when he placed both their lives in Sherlock’s hands and it felt like the strength of his conviction alone could carry the detective on to accomplish anything.

It was probably why seeing him like this was so addictive. Poor John. Watching him come apart for Sherlock alone was a headier experience than a mere orgasm could ever be. He could drink him in like this for hours if he had his way—and in point of fact he did.

He looked down to meet John’s hopelessly expressive eyes. The man barely even begged when they did this, at least not verbally, but everything he felt was there in his eyes for anyone with the sense to read them. Sherlock cupped a hand to his face and stroked his thumb down his damp cheek, then pressed it gently between John’s lips when they parted. He felt a frisson of his own when John licked it, stripped-open gaze locked on Sherlock’s.

That was John’s way of begging. Quite suddenly, the pleasant ache of anticipatiion Sherlock had nursed for the past couple of hours spiked into painful demand. Sherlock grabbed for John’s hips and held him still to drive into him twice—John’s choked cry of shock was delicious—and then paused briefly to decide whether he liked the angle.

“Mmm, no. On your back.”

Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

He rolled them over before John coul d do more than open his mouth. Protest or agreement or whatever it might have been, the words died in a hiss when their weight settled on the marks Sherlock’s riding crop had left across his back. Sherlock could feel the little smirk hovering at the corners of his lips. Satisfying, to know that John would feel him for days.

When John had had a moment to situate himself, Sherlock lowered his head to ravish his mouth with a literally breathtaking kiss, drawing the air out of his lungs so that he couldn’t cry out when Sherlock began fucking what was left of his brains out.

He drove deliberately into John’s overtaxed body, negotiating the fine line between stimulating force and pain that they both needed to get off at this point. With his tongue, he pressed the electric-metal taste accompanying the growing quiver of his limbs into their mingled mouths, so they could savor it together like a fine wine. The sensations of John writhing, whimpering, arching, and crying out into his mouth under every thrust captured him like the poetry of a complex puzzle. He watched every movement with intent focus, unwilling to miss a millisecond of it; held his eyes so that John couldn’t look away from him when they both felt his exhausted body begin to shudder in protest against yet another climax.

He could, he had discovered, bring John to the point of panting need by doing nothing more than studying him. One day, he would hold John down and deny him orgasm until he explained exactly what it did to him.

But not today.

That was his last coherent thought before his mind shorted out with pleasure.

When his brain came back online, John was pushing weakly at his shoulders. Sherlock turned his head to kiss the insistent fingers.

“Sherlock. Move.”

Sherlock caught John’s waist in the loop of an arm and rolled them over, pleased with the resulting effect of John draped bonelessly across his chest. John muttered something incomprehensible but approving into Sherlock’s collar bone. He was still shaking, Sherlock noted contentedly; trembling with pure exhaustion now. He gave in to the temptation to smooth a palm down that liquid spine, and smiled when it coaxed out a shiver of a different kind. All of that, and John still couldn’t help responding when Sherlock touched him.

John batted at his arm with kittenish irritation. Lifting his head to meet Sherlock’s eyes, he enunciated carefully, “You are such a bastard.”

Sherlock smiled and twined his fingers into John’s hair.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

God that was good. The description of the shivering especially.

He could, he had discovered, bring John to the point of panting need by doing nothing more than studying him. Wow. Yes.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Thank you!

Yeah, I...might have aspirations to writing the fic where Sherlock takes John apart just by analyzing him. >.>

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

I fully support everything about that.

...Mycroft says "FULLY", not even joking.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Very nice and well written! <3

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Thankee! :) I had fun with it.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2


That's just gorgeously hot.

That is the precise reaction I was hoping for! Thank you. :)

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2


Did you read my mind or something? Because this is exactly what I wanted :) You even got the part of the prompt that I decided not to put up for fear of being to specific, the part where at the end Sherlock rolls them over so he's on top.

I loved how you described John's reactions, and how tired he was at the end. And Sherlock was perfect in handling John.

Yay, this makes my day! :D I cannot comment on the use of psychic abilities. I debated on whether to roll them over, and it seemed like the thing to do, so perhaps I did read your mind!

Poor John, he was absolutely demolished by the end. Multiple orgasms really take it out of a person.

I want to thank you for this prompt because 1: OH MY GOD that was hot and 2: it helped me break my writer's block.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

I think my brain just melted. Yes. there it is. On the floor. Damn you.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

What velvet said. *dead*

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Put it in the freezer and you should be good to go in a few hours! :D

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Score. I didn't think I would manage brain-melting!

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2


Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Glad you enjoyed!

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Oh my God. That was fucking amazing. *pant*

You are quite talented. *smile*

I would like to read more form you.

Re: Fill: John/Sherlock, dom!Sherlock, riding crop - 2/2

Thank you! Heh, what an appropriately placed comment. This was the first thing I wrote for Sherlock fandom.

Fortunately, I can oblige!

My AO3 account serves as my primary archive. My fic journal, arbitrary_fic, also stores my stuff and sometimes I also post excerpts and stuff that I know I'm not going to finish. I've also got a few bits and bobs scattered around the kink meme that I haven't posted to those yet, but I do plan to get around to it.

Not everything is smut. I do a bit of everything--fluff, angst, humor, crack, dark/horror, various combinations thereof--but I try to make it clear what sort of story you're about to get into, so if you have anything you shy away from, keep an eye on the tags and warnings.

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