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Prompting: Part XVIII
Giggles at the Palace
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Had this floating around in my head for a couple of days now and it won't leave me alone, nor will it resolve itself into something more substantial. I leave it here for you, meme, to hopefully do something with. Warning for Possible Major Character Death.

The name is one that no one speaks, if they can help it. They say he lurks in shadows, that he haunts the dark spaces, preys on fears. They say he commands armies, that to draw attention to one's self is to become one of the walking dead for it is only a matter of time before he finds you.

They say he's everywhere, that he knows everything. They say there's nowhere to hide.


No one knows--no one wants to know--what he's doing. But there are rumours that there is a man--one man--who is his equal, who walks alone: the only hope humanity has against the encroaching darkness.

They say his name is Sherlock Holmes and those who know the man are every bit as intimidated and afraid of him as they are of his adversary.

But there is one element that no one counted on. One piece on the chessboard--one twist in strategy--that none (not even the wisest) saw coming.

His name is John Watson and he is not afraid.

He stands firm when others run; he looks fear calmly in the eye, and he possesses enough resolve, enough loyalty and love to fight and die for what and whom he believes.

He believes in Sherlock Holmes more strongly and fervently than he's ever believed in anything. And it just so happens that he's heard tell that sacrificing everything in the name of love makes the object of that love untouchable, undying.

And if there's even a shred of truth to that, he's willing to find out.

Okay, probably a little inspired by HP. IDK, go with it if you want.

Dude this is amazing


Re: IDEK Guys

Ooo... Yeah, I might have a go at this... Wouldn't be fast and might take me a bit for the first bit though(I have way too much else going on at the moment...), so if anyone else wants a go at it in the meantime, yay! lol I'll be back though!

(I take it from your prompt you'd like S/J? What about ending? Bittersweet? Tragic? Happy? Or suprise? lol)

OMG, I really hope you're able to do it--that would make so happy. :D

Anyway, yeah, I did imagine some S/J going on. Personally, I'm a bit of a fan of pining!John, so if you can include that, that would be great. As far as the ending, I'm a sucker for a happy one (or a hopeful one), but if the muse takes you in another direction, I'm up for that. I prompted this knowing full-well that it could end in tears/character death.

One thing I would ask, though, is that I want Sherlock, by the end, to appreciate John. Even if John ends up dying and Sherlock doesn't fall in love with him, then I at least want some genuine grief/regret from Sherlock. Anything else, though, is totally up to you. :)

Thank you in advance, and I'm going to set up camp here, ever hopeful. :)

Aaaaaaannnnnd de-anoning. XD Cause I don't wanna play with Mycroft-captcha anymore tonight. XD

Pining!John? I love him... *makes a note of it* And how could Sherlock NOT love John? At least as a friend, right? ;-> I can't make any promises for the end, but I can at least say that whatever happens, John's selflessness will not go unappreciated! ^_^

First bit, a prologue, is up. The story kinda ran away with me... Hope you don't mind. I hope even more that you like it! :)

Fill: My Heart's Protection 1a/?

Um... Yeah, just meant to make a start and a few notes on this because I really LOVED the prompt, but it sorta ran away from me.So, OP, here is my fill earlier than expected. XD Still, little!Johnny is adorable and so sweet I think! So he makes up for it. Lol. First Chapter should follow before too long. Still need to make those further notes before this migraine completely kills me.

This is unbeta'd, so any and all constructive criticism will be even more loved than usual. And I always love it! So don't be shy. ;-> Also, not brit-picked. Sorry!

I hope you like! I'm also gonna be posting on my dreamwidth at in case you prefer to read there?

Johnny’s mother wore vanilla extract instead of perfume. So when he thought of biscuits, he thought of his mother and nights spent cuddling with a book.

She’d put him to bed before his sister since Harry was a whole four years older than him and got to stay up until nine instead of eight. Harry said it was because she was a big girl and he was just a baby, but Johnny didn’t really mind. He figured being a baby wasn’t so bad as long as he had his mother to fall asleep snuggling with.

Every night at seven o’clock, Johnny would take his bath, put on his pajamas, and get a glass of milk from the kitchen. Then he and his mother would climb upstairs to his small bedroom where she would tuck him in before sitting down next on the bed to him.

“Where did we leave off?” Mummy would always look as though she was trying very hard to remember.

“Right there, Mummy,” Johnny would tell her, giggling and pointing at the bookmark that glittered through the laminated plastic above the pages.

“Ohhh…” Mummy would reply, exaggerating her surprise and turning to the page. “You’re right! That’s where we were! Clever boy!”

“Mummy! That’s where my bookmark was! We used it to mark the page!”

“And a very nicely made bookmark it is,” Mummy would compliment him, pulling it out to admire once again.

This Johnny always knew was real. His mother had been very proud when he’d brought his bookmark home and had taken it with her to work to have it laminated the very next day. She said it was because she didn’t want to lose a single bit of glitter Johnny had used to write his name on it.

They’d start reading after that. Tales of adventure or mystery were what they usually read with fantasy and science fiction being slightly less usual. One of Johnny’s favorite stories was Kidnapped and they read it over and over again, but he also loved to read fairy tales and the occasional romance because they made his mum smile the most.

Then one day, his mother brought him home a new book, a collection of ancient fairy tales that weren’t very popular anymore. Mummy always wanted to make sure Johnny had the best education he could, which was probably why they rarely read anything more contemporary than the 1950’s.

“Which one would you like to read first,” his mother asked him, settling the book across their laps. She turned to the Table of Contents and smoothed the cover pages down.

“Um….”Johnny said, considering as he looked for an interesting title. “That one! ‘A Heart’s Protection’!”

His mother frowned down at the page and then turned to look at him with a gentle smile. “I know you like hearts and helping people, but I doubt this story will be a good one for bedtime. Why don’t we try—“

“No! I want that story, Mummy,” Johnny protested, shaking his head and feeling the familiar panic rising up in him. They couldn’t change the story now! “That one feels right!”

Mummy’s frown deepened as a hint of alarmed realization flickered through her light blue eyes. “Feels right, does it? Well, I guess I can’t argue with that.”

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/?

She turned to the page and started reading, her voice hesitant at first but growing stronger as she continued. The feeling of rightness seemed to swell in them, keeping Johnny’s attention rapt on the story and even distracting him from the pictures that accompanied it. Mummy didn’t even think of stopping, not when the heroine gave her heart to the lake spirit to protect her beloved in battle and not when the hero ran to the lake to find his lady love gone, her heart turned into a shield that he carried with him all the rest of his many days.

“Mummy,” Johnny said, finally looking over the picture of an old knight sleeping under a tree with his shield next to him. Not far away, viewed over his shining armor-clad legs, the knight was dancing with his love over the waters of the moonlit lake. “Why didn’t he just give her heart back?”

“Because that wouldn’t work,” his mother told him, running her fingers soothingly through his hair. “She gave her heart to protect someone she loved. He would have destroyed her by turning that love away once it was freely given.”

“But why did she have to die to protect him? Isn’t love supposed to make everything all better?”

Mummy smiled sadly and hugged Johnny close. He snuggled into her, hiding his face in her chest and breathing in her vanilla scent. “Yes, that’s why she died, sweetie. Her love could protect him best by giving him a shield made from it. Because he had that shield, he could survive any battle.”

“But he didn’t have her anymore…”

“No. He still had her love though. And love isn’t something that ever truly disappears.” She tapped his temple to get his attention, and then pointed to the couple dancing in the background of the final picture. “See? They’re together again. It just took a little longer than usual.”

Johnny nodded, but still wondered if he would ever understand even as his mother kissed him good night and turned out the light.

That night, he dreamed of a man with light quick-silver eyes and a mischievous grin that called to him. He wouldn’t remember the dream in the morning, but he would always know there was someone out there he had to protect no matter what.

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/?

I'm following the shit out of this just so you know. I don't have a dreamwidth account but I'm keeping the tab open forever. Ah I just loved the opening. I have so much hope for this. You have such a wonderful writing style. :D

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/?

Aww... Thank you!! I'm putting up the next part now, so I hope you enjoy it just as much!

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/? OP

This is awesome and amazing! I can't believe you got something this good up so quickly. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more. :D

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/? OP

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Sorry for the long wait in the next part. John was being pouty. And I wanted it to be longer, but Sherlock was a brat and demanded his own section. He finally got it. XD I hope you enjoy!

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/?

This is really fantastic, I can't wait to read more! I sense heartbreak and happy endings!

Re: Fill: My Heart's Protection 1b/?

Jesus fuck, this is BEAUTIFUL. I shall be following the crap out of this fic.

Fill: My Heart's Protection 2a/?

Sorry this took me so long. RL sorta is exploding here. Plus John was being pouty and Sherlock decided to be a brat until he got his own part. I gave into him and he comes in next part. John got happier as I felt out his abilities. He really is a protective little BAMF! I hope I'm writing him as such, anyway. All constructive criticism, not to mention brit-picking, is thoroughly welcomed and encouraged. Thanks! Please enjoy! ^_^

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

When you went away to war, you were supposed to come home and be happy to be back. You spent time with your family, got reacquainted with life not involving bombs exploding or bullets flying, and generally tried to rediscover normal.

Instead, John had traded one battlefield for another, and all he longed for was to be back in the Afghani desert getting shot at. At least there, he could see his enemies. There he knew where they were coming from and what he had to dodge. He’d had a purpose and friends to back him up in the desert. Now…

London looked the same as always, but it wasn’t the same at all. It was darker now. Even if the clouds overhead miraculously cleared and let the sun finally beat on the city streets, they’d still remain dark with the atmosphere of fear and distrust that permeated them.

Men and women scurried from place to place, speaking of the latest murders and mysteries in whispers as though afraid to draw attention to themselves. John had only heard a few of the rumors though. The distrust that was now indelibly imprinted on everyone’s hearts did not let them easily allow a stranger in, even a newly invalidated soldier from Afghanistan. Instead, they nervously laughed off his questions and beat a hasty retreat as soon as civility allowed.

Children no longer played in the sidewalks or city parks. Their frightened parents hurried them past on their way to the supermarket or their school, leaving the playgrounds looking like ghost towns. They sounded a bit haunted too with their swings creaking eerily in the wind.

The playgrounds and parks made an excellent metaphor for the state of things, John thought. Once places of joy and carefree laughter, now they were hollow and rusted. The pirate ship in Kensington Park looked old and bleak, as though it mourned the children it had been built for. As though it was waiting in pained silence for them to return. The ship also held a sinister quality to it, but that might have simply been the paranoia catching John up in its grip finally.

To John’s mind, this setting just made it all the more fitting when he finally heard his name and discovered the rumors. Because, really, that was when it all began.

Mike Stamford had apparently taken to eating lunch there, staring sadly at the deserted playground. It said something about the atmosphere in London that John had barely noticed him except to move to the far side of the path he was walking on. Then, Mike had called his name, and John had turned, disbelieving, towards the sound of it.

Fill: My Heart's Protection 2b/?

“It is you!” Mike stood and practically ran over to him, grinning manically. “I thought I’d recognized you. What are you doing here? Last I heard you were in the army getting shot at.”

“Yes, well, one of those shots got through. And they don’t keep a broken Aegis in the army, do they,” John told him blandly, suppressing a wince. He rolled his shoulder to mitigate the sudden spike of pain in it.

“Ah…” Mike said, his happiness at seeing John visibly dimming. “Sorry… I should’ve realized.”

John shrugged and tried to smile at Mike. It wasn’t his fault John’s life had gone to hell in a hand-basket, and he was the only person to smile at him so freely since his return. To smile at him at all, truthfully. Not even Harry did these days..

Thankfully, the smile seemed to work, because Mike’s old easy smile came back.

“Join me? I was just finishing my lunch, but I’ve some more time to talk with an old friend.”

John nodded, truly grateful, and made his way over to the bench. They sat with the remainder of Mike’s lunch between them, talking about the good old days. It was a conversation that John had needed as badly as he suspected Mike, always so friendly and eager, had. John managed to feel human again, alive, as they laughed and reminisced over the pranks with corpses he and his old mates had pulled, not only in morgue.

“I still remember old Professor Dorring’s face when his student suddenly fell over dead just as he finished saying, ‘A bit of hard work never killed anyone!’” Mike’s perfect impersonation of their old biochemistry professor’s reedy voice dragged out another giggle from them both.

“I remember that! It was perfect! I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there,” John laughed. “That must have been the hundredth time he’d said that, and he never did say it again after that. At least not in our class.”

“Or anyone else’s,” Mike chortled. “Think he was too wary of finding himself with another corpse as a student.”

“Did they ever find out who stole it from the morgue? I can’t remember.”

Mike shook his head. “No, but they had their suspicions. And security was tightened down there for the next year.” He sobered at this, getting the sad, pensive look in his eyes that John had come to recognize since his return to London. “Nothing like it is today though. No one could ever manage to plant a body in a class now. And if they did, they’d likely be arrested and expelled from the school.”

John nodded and, finding it too hard to continue looking at his suddenly gloomy friend, looked back at the tall pirate ship that dominated the playground.

“Why is that?” John didn’t know if his question was for what Mike had said about the school’s most likely reaction or the current London society in general, but it didn’t seem to matter. They were both connected as far as John could tell. He set his jaw and turned towards Mike, almost, but not quite, Demanding the other man meet his gaze with a soft pull from his mind. “No one will tell me anything, but everyone seems to skitter around like mice wary of being caught by a cat. You’re the first person I’ve spoken to in London who didn’t treat me like I could possibly be some—some evil alien set on eating their brains!”

“Shh!” Mike glanced around them quickly, fear pouring from his every pore. “Don’t say that so loud!”

“See? That’s what I mean,” John hissed back at him. “We weren’t even this afraid in the middle of the front lines in Afghanistan, where a bullet or a bomb could take you apart at any moment! What happened to my London, Mike?”

He happened,” Mike told him, his eyes still darting around them fearfully. “It didn’t happen suddenly. There was simply an upspike in the murder rate. And then the crime rate. Soon, reports of criminal activity were being reported from all over the city, and everyone had been touched by them in some direct way. Scotland Yard couldn’t seem to do anything. It became so bad, that everyone feared everyone else. Even if you were family or close enough to be family, you could be working for him.”

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