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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1) Mycroft thinks he’s too flabby for anyone to be attracted to him, but Lestrade is.
2) Torchwood crossover. Anderson captures Mwyfanwy and keeps her locked up
3) Sherlock pretends to be a woman for a case
4) John is asexual or demisexual
5) Sherlock is a surprisingly tactile touchy/feely person with John
6) Sherlock and John are attracted to each other, but afraid to make the leap.
7) Sherlock makes John list his best qualities in bed
8) Besotted!Sherlock and straight!John
9) Five times John and Sherlock almost met, and the one time they actually did
10) Castle crossover. The world's only consulting detectives meet each other.
11) Moriarty/Sherlock. Jim has a thing for necks and collarbones.
12) Sherlock and John come face to face with a question they can’t figure out
13) A picture of Lestrade kissing another man circulates around the office and Sherlock becomes aroused
14) Starfleet Crossover. Joanna McCoy is sent back in time and changes her name to Dr. Joanna H. Watson
15) Sherlock notices John has some lovely little lovehandles and is besotted.
16) Doctor Who crossover. John and Rory are kidnapped, Sherlock teams up with the Doctor and Amy to save them
17) Sherlock is a famous singer, Mycroft is his manager, and John is his new body-guard.
18) Mummy hires John to babysit her sons.
19) Mycroft/Sherlock/John, brandy butter
20) Sherlock/John watersports
21) Mrs Hudson becomes a criminal monster mind to spare Sherlock from boredom.
22) Sherlock killed a man for John. Everybody know, but nobody can prove it.
23) John finds out that Sherlock has never been kissed, and wants to chance that, but Moriarty gets there first.
24) Joanna’s sister Harry wants a baby, so she agrees to be a surrogate
25) Sherlock finds a teddy bear in a cuddly jumper on his sofa. It's John!

Filled #21 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Someone is a very good artist
2) Mycroft used to steal Sherlock's food as a child.
3) John finds hair dye in the bathroom.
4) Pilot version. Sherlock reacts to the drug the cabbie gave him and John takes care of him
5) John and Sherlock watch a sad movie, and John suddenly notices that Sherlock is crying
6) Sherlock gets a haircut and suddenly becomes nice and likes John
7) Sherlock is being turned into a teenager and John has to deal with his hormones.
8) John can see ghosts, and when he moves to Baker Street, he sees Sherlock Holmes
9) The reason we never see John's sister Harry is she's secretly Harry Potter!
10) Sherlock and John end up in a parallel universe and meet Joanne Watson and Sheridan Holmes.
11) John/Sally. With an extremely jealous Sherlock and Anderson
12) Moriarty infects John with a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu virus
13) Anderson/Moriarty? Or Lestrade/Anthea? Or Mycroft/John/Sally?
14) By the time this Sherlock Holmes reaches retirement, all the bees have disappeared.
15) Sherlock likes touching, but can’t stand being touched
16) Sherlock had an experience with a woman that left him badly burned.
17) John tries to get Sherlock to be more active by teaching him football or rugby or something.
18) Sherlock really likes the way John smells.
19) Sherlock is always asking after Mycroft's diet because he's secretly sabotaging it.
20) Mycroft/John
21) Something forces Sherlock and John out of 221b. They stay with Mycroft
22) John and Sherlock get stuck in an elevator together.
23) Sherlock and John riding a tandem bike through London.
24) Sherlock likes to tackle John at inopportune moments.
25) Sherlock is like a cat. He clearly brings those body parts to the flat to impress John.

Filled Prompts

WIP #12) Prompt:

Moriarty knew he might not win against Sherlock Holmes, so he had a back-up plan. When he captured John and strapped him to the bomb at the pool, he also injected John with the dreaded Mary Sue/Gary Stue virus!!! Now, a month after the incident at the pool, it's starting to take effect.

Suddenly, everyone who so much as glances at John (male or female) is instantly in love with him, and he's slowly becoming perfect at everything! Even seeing clues that Sherlock misses at crime scenes!

Now, Sherlock needs to find a cure, using his awesome chemist skills, before some of John's more unsavory suitors do something drastic, either to each other or to John. But it's so hard to concentrate on chemistry when he can't stop thinking of John!

S/J or J/S, please. Super bonus points for John being all, "Sherlock doesn't really love me, it's this stupid virus making him think he loves me. I shouldn't take advantage, but I want/love him so much!!!" except, of course, Sherlock loves John anyway, without the influence of the virus.

#19) Prompt:

Sherlock is always asking after Mycroft's diet because he's secretly sabotaging it.

Filled #4 (Anonymous) Expand
20 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sounding
2) Sherlock uses deduction. It’s super effective.
3) Sherlock is absolutely silent during sex. John takes it as a challenge.
4) John and Sherlock both get caught together in a hostage situation and Sherlock antagonizes their captors.
5) Mycroft is Sherlock’s guardian angel. John is also an angel.
6) Sherlock is a psychic that can see things from the past
7) Sherlock as the Wizard Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
8) John and Sherlock accidentally find each other's erogenous zones
9) Everyone from the show dancing to "Forever" at John and Sherlock's wedding.
10) Sherlock and John make a bet. Loser has to be the winners slave for a week.
11) Lestrade/Mycroft Mycroft loves not being in control in bed.
12) Lestrade/Mycroft Lestrade's handcuffs and Mycroft's umbrella kink!
13) Mycroft's umbrella is like Hagrid's and Sherlock’s a squib
14) A John & Sherlock vid to Living in the Fridge.
15) Sherlock squirming and trying to maintain control and John getting off on it
16) Sherlock breaks his neck and lives.
17) Sherlock enjoys the taste of John's blood.
18) Anderson and Lestrade are cheating on each other with the same woman!
19) Five people who figured out Sherlock has a heart and one person who always knew
20) Sherlock finding the prospect of rimming disgusting until John tries it out
21) Sherlock/John Role reversal/submission
22) John jerking off to thoughts of Sherlock's coat
23) Modern retelling of "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client"
24) Moriarty is the Master and Sherlock is the Doctor
25) Sherlock is empathic, but can’t deal with the input and blocks everything out

Filled Prompts

#4) Prompt:

John and Sherlock both get caught together in a hostage situation, a particularly dangerous one where the bad guys are extremely sadistic and are more than willing to beat or torture their victims for shits and giggles. Sherlock tries to antagonize them into focusing their attacks on him and not the more vulnerable hostages (maybe he teases them about putting their equally sadistic friends/relatives in prison?) John tries to bear with it until Sherlock devises a plan to get them out.

#8) Prompt:

I'd like to see John and Sherlock accidentally find each other's erogenous zones, I was hoping for something uncommon (I'd prefer ears, neck, hips, etc. but pretty much whatever you find easiest to work with). And not realizing the effect it's having on the opposite person until things have gone too far.

Maybe Sherlock deduces John's most sensitive spots by the way he stands or something. Maybe John is checking Sherlock over for some medical excuse.

Whatever. Please, just....Something!

#13) Prompt:

Mycroft's umbrella is like Hagrid's. It has pieces of his broken wand in it, and the reason Sherlock is bitter towards Mycroft is because Sherlock was born a Squib.

#25) Prompt:

Sherlock isn't a sociopath but rather the opposite, he has strong empathic ability. Unfortunately experiences in childhood left him unable to deal with them (emotional overload, unable to deal with the difference between what people are saying and what people's behaviour tells him, not able to differ between his own emotions and those of people around him, etc.) So Sherlock being Sherlock he decided he didn't need it and deleted it from his hard disk. And then he meets John.

I would love some Sherlock trying to deal with his emphatic abilities and John or Mycroft being supportive. (Slash, pre-slash, gen are all fine)


Fixed Links! My bad! (Anonymous) Expand
#15 - wee!fic (Anonymous) Expand
1) Lestrade/Sherlock Moriarty goes after Lestrade
2) Mycroft and Sherlock play games with real people as their pawns. John finds out.
3) Fic or vid to Florence + The Machine’s ‘Cosmic Love’
4) Sherlock hates Mycroft because Mycroft always protected him from their abusive Dad
5) Someone calls Sherlock out for always picking on Mycroft’s diet
6) Sherlock/John fic prompted by Texts From Last Night
7) Lestrade and Mycroft were together in The Blind Banker
8) Sherlock gave up on sex because he couldn’t figure out how to undo clothing
9) Sherlock diagnosed as a sociopath while a child by a doctor
10) Harry is pregnant with Sherlock’s baby, but dies giving birth. Sherlock and John take care of it.
11) John goes with Sherlock to visit his Dad in prison
12) Sherlock things he’s a freak because he enjoys inflicting pain. John assures him it’s fine.
13) The Great Game vid to Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’
14) John is asked by Lestrade to go undercover to a leather bar/BDSM club and finds Sherlock
15) Sherlock is God. Or Satan
16) Lestrade walks in on Sherlock going down on John
17) Mummy Holmes falls for Lestrade. Mycroft and Sherlock have to convince her she can’t have him
18) Sherlock can’t have contact with his one true love without both of them dying.
19) John walks in on Sherlock dying his hair and teases him about it
20) Texts from Last Night prompt
21) Text prompt: It's like the only way I know how to apologize is by giving a blow job.
22) Moriarty: oh, Sherlock, you know that our romance would put Lady Gaga to shame
23) Text prompt: You were making dinosaur noises while jerking me off..
24) Teen Sherlock is depressed because he doesn't dare come out to his family
25) 5 Times Villains Used Sherlock or John's "Boyfriend" Against Them And The One Time They Got It Right

Full prompt:

Sherlock thinks he's a freak for liking inflicting pain on others, and controlling them. From a young age he learned that this was not considered normal sexual fantasy or behavior.

So he's tucked all this away, and doesn't even think of his sexuality, until he meets John.

John who doesn't think he's a freak for it. At all.

(Porn is great, but I'd like a BDSM love story, where John helps Sherlock understand that he's not a freak and it's okay. Plus John rather likes it.)

Ask and Ye Shall... -

Filled #7 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #10 (WIP) (Anonymous) Expand
1) Dexter crossover. Sherlock and John take a case in Florida
2) Fic or song based on lyrics from Spring Awakening
3) Someone becomes so absorbed in something that they forget everything else
4) Moriarty/Anyone Bondage, with Jim subbing
5) John has a houndstooth hanky in his pocket and Sherlock takes action
6) John starts a new feature for his blog: LOLSherlock.
7) Narnia crossover. Sherlock and Mycroft ventured into the wardrobe, but came back to the real world
8) The development of a Sherlock/Jim/John/Molly foursome after The Great Game
9) Sherlock and John meet the Libertines
10) Anderson solves a case with his extensive knowledge of dinosaurs. Sherlock doesn’t react well.
11) Sherlock and John vs. Daleks.
12) Cabin Pressure crossover. Sherlock hires MJN Air
13) Sherlock bribes Anderson with dinosaur figures
14) Everyone gets annoyed when Sherlock says 'The Game is on.' It causes them to lose the game.
15) Cingular commercial. IDK, my BFF John?
16) Sherlock doesn’t step on cracks or lines because he’s superstitious
17) Sherlock and John get a cat
18) After The Great Game, John travels back in time to before he met Sherlock
19) Sherlock does whatever it takes to keep John by his side.
20) Genderbending. Sherlock gets female!John pregnant and is fascinated by the growing stomach.
21) Sherlock has an identical twin. Same looks, but not the same smarts. John falls for him.
22) The space between Sherlock's fingers are right where John's fit perfectly.
23) When Sherlock and Mycroft were kids, they shared a bedroom.
24) Sherlock's Belstaff coat is so awesome it has adventures of its own.
25) Sherlock and John team up to rid Lestrade of his virginity



The space between Sherlock's fingers are right where John's fit perfectly.

#24 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Donovan/Anderson, Anal sex with Anderson receiving
2) Girl!Sherlock has sex with John out of boredom and plans to give the baby to Molly and Jim
3) John loses his memory and everyone tells him Sherlock is his lover, so at night, he goes to Sherlock
4) John/Sarah
5) John/Sherlock, aquaphilia. After the pool, one of them loses their love for sex in water
6) Sherlock is married to Miwurke, a Russian biochemist finishing her studies abroad
7) Mycroft is kidnapped and Lestrade freaks trying to get him back
8) John comes home to a baby duct taped to the wall
9) Sherlock’s mom is schizophrenic, which cased his dad to leave and made Sherlock afraid of relationships
10) M is Mycroft and Sherlock’s Mummy
11) Moriarty/Donovan Odd evil mastermind meets sassy badass cop.
12) Mycroft walks in on Sherlock and John having sex.
13) Luther crossover. Alice is Irene Adler
14) Mycroft doesn't like to text because his fingers are too big for those tiny little buttons.
15) Sherlock comes home to find John getting the crap kicked out of him and loses it
16) Sherlock plays songs backwards
17) John soothing Inspector Dimmock after everyone got away at the circus
18) Anthea is actually Mycroft’s boss
19) Mycroft has to deal with supernatural problems and nations as well as natural ones
20) Fortysomething crossover. Sherlock and Mycroft are members of the Slippery family
21) Anderson gets into the Torchwood hub and meets Mwyfanwy.
22) Lestrade is tired of Sherlock pick pocketing him
23) Anthea is Chrestomanci's agent in the world Sherlock exists in.
24) John gets seriously hurt in the leg, and Sherlock binds the wound with his scarf
25) After Reichenbach, John replaces Sherlock with a robot. Then the real Sherlock comes back

Filled Prompts

#4) Prompt:


Just anything with these two as a couple. Please. It could be Sarah dealing with having a boyfriend/husband who always likes to go off with adventures with Sherlock, or how Sarah helps them occasionally in their cases. Or of the times Sherlock interrupts their dates, and the one time Sherlock arranges for them to have a great time.

#8) Prompt:

John comes home one day to be greeted by a baby duct taped to the wall.

WIP #19) Prompt:

Okay, so Mycroft basically rules the world, we're all agreed on that fact, right? (With more than a little help from not-Anthea)

This also involves liaising with other worlds... as in the Magical world of HP, perhaps (I'm thinking the first chapter of HBP) or the world beyond Wall (Stardust) and possibly Wonderland (I'm personally in favour of the Syfy version, but any will do), and any other alternate, secret worlds that might exist (Neverwhere, underground vampire/lycan groups, etc)

I'm not entirely sure what I'm asking for. Perhaps a 5 times fic - 5 times Mycroft saved interdimensional (or whatever a more important phrase might be) relations and one time he had to ask Sherlock for help? 5 times Mycroft proved to Sherlock that eliminating the impossible was a bit narrow minded.

Or maybe I'm asking for a not-Anthea is a liaison from another world fic or perhaps I just want a day in the life of Mycroft where he deals with weird and utterly ridiculous problems.

So... right, summary: Mycroft has to deal with supernatural problems and nations as well as natural ones. However you want to interpret that.

#19 FINISHED (Anonymous) Expand
FILLED #16 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is uncharacteristically loud during sex when Lestrade surprises him with his tongue
2) Anything mentioning the Headphone Bull
3) John doesn't mind Sherlock inserting a finger inside his rectum if it’s not a severed one from the morgue
4) John collapses and is sent to the hospital. When he comes home, Sherlock is a mother hen
5) Mycroft isn’t off his diet, he’s pregnant
6) Sherlock meets James Bond
7) At the end of TGG, it's Mycroft that comes out as Moriarty
8) John disappears and everyone thinks Sherlock killed him.
9) Lestrade is self-conscious about his looks
10) Sherlock wants to experiment with mutual masturbation
11) 5 times Sherlock groped John through his trousers (for a case) and one time he did it with sexual intent
12) Mycroft starts a war, John and Sherlock get stuck in traffic, Sherlock is bored
13) Mycroft writes gay porn under a pen name
14) John and Sherlock have been in a relationship for a few months. If only John realized it.
15) Mycroft is secretly Sherlock’s father
16) John forgets the safe word.
17) Sherlock and John’s relationship through the eyes of criminals.
18) Sherlock and john dry humping against Lestrade’s desk
19) John is baffled when Sherlock becomes friends with Sarah
20) Sarah breaks it off with John because she's convinced he's in love with Sherlock.
21) Sherlock/Sarah, John’s not around
22) Sherlock overworks himself on a case and goes mental
23) Mycroft/John. Chubby sex.
24) Sherlock and John finally get together. Sherlock is happy and he shows it.
25) An art club decides to hold a contest for drawings of John and Sherlock

#4 and #5

#4) Prompt:

Sherlock doesn't notice how ill John is. Everyone, some subtly...some not so much...tries to clue Sherlock into the fact that John is about to keel over. All the while John is ignoring his own health...and trying to shut everyone up.
John finally collapses and is sent to the hospital. He is in the hospital for several days. Out of it, really sick.
When John is sent home, the doctors tell him he must take it very that Jazz.
Sherlock is all BAMF mother hen....and John loves it.

#5) Prompt:

Mycroft/Other. He isn't off the diet, getting fat, he is just pregnant! Fem!Mycroft if you so choose.


Sequel to #5 fill (Anonymous) Expand
Sequel to #5 fill (Anonymous) Expand

11 and 21

Prompt: Sherlock/John Mycroft/John Timeshare.

Both brothers are involved with our dear doctor. John have certain weekdays set off each one of them. They are not just or primarily sexual relationships. Companionship, domesticity and genuine emotion please. *bambi eyes*

Cookies, love and chocolate for any of these.
-Brotherly squabbling.
-How this came to pass(angst and delicious drawn out jealousy are love!)
-The Courting of Doctor John Watson.
-um.. *looks about furtively* Sloppy seconds? One or both of the brothers enjoy fingering, caressing and or fucking Johns red, cum soaked and leaking hole after he comes back? You know, from the other brother? And John loves it?
-John reconciles the Holmes brothers.
-This developing into a triad?

Prompt: Not X caught a chill and Y sets him right with a cuppa and a cuddle.

I want some hardcore hypothermia h/c on this meme, darn it! Have someone fall through the ice on the river. Get someone lost in the snow. Trap them in a walk-in freezer. Make them very, very, cold. So cold that they forget that they're cold. So cold that they're not shivering anymore. Tea and cuddles can result, of course, but make 'em work for it first! (I would prefer that John be the potential popsicle because Sherlock freaking out over hypothermic John would be lovely.)

1) John and Sherlock get into a big argument, and in a moment of anger John calls Sherlock a freak.
2) Sherlock and John are separated and find they miss each other
3) Sherlock remembers John after his death
4) Sherlock slowly growing through his relationship with John
5) You know, Sherlock, when I said ‘do something nice to him for once’ I did not mean ‘take a bullet for him’.
6) Fruits Basket au. The groups is cursed with the Zodiac
7) Mycroft/Moriarty My enemy's enemy is my friend.
8) Mpreg John is moody and bitchy and Sherlock is all :D
9) Sherlock fisting John
10) Sherlock deduces that John has a foot fetish
11) Sherlock is a sex addict that wants John at inappropriate moments
12) Sherlock makes love like an eagle falling out of the sky
13) Lestrade puts Sherlock and John in jail overnight to teach them a lesson
14) Anderson is Irene Adler.
15) John tries to convince Sherlock that even he has social inhibitions
16) Sherlock’s sex addiction is a bad thing
17) When Sherlock is really, really lazy, he wears a robe with nothing underneath in the house
18) Sherlock is sent to counseling for sex addiction and meets Chazz Michael Michaels
19) Orgy with everyone in the same bed and not really sure who’s touching whom.
20) Soo Lin fic
21) Sherlock’s gay and John’s the first man that’s ever been attracted to him
22) Lestrade/Sherlock, fluff with Lestrade in a tux
23) John experiences a flashback and Sherlock has to calm him in front of everyone.
24) Sherlock hurts John’s feels and has to seek advice on how to fix things.
25) Cold water changes him into a girl and hot water changes him back

1 and 20

Prompt: Sherlock has been frustrating John for weeks; hiding body parts, being even more sociopathic than usual, just being an all around PAIN. John and Sherlock get into a big argument, and in a moment of anger John calls Sherlock a freak.
Of course, John regrets it right away, but Sherlock is a little hurt (and surprised by it, because it never hurt when Sally called him a freak).

Prompt: Soo Lin needs more love. Lots more love. She's a lovely, interesting character. I know she got screwed by the Orientalism of the episode, but I wanted more of her.

Seriously, I don't care what. I just want fic with her.

Fill #19 (Anonymous) Expand
1) The Three Garridebs modernization.
2) John is tortured, then released, and tries to hide it all from Sherlock
3) Everyone thinks John has been murdered, but Sherlock doesn’t stop looking
4) Everyone in the world suddenly switches gender
5) Watson can not afford...dicks?
6) Sherlock is hurt when John stares at a woman
7) John whispers in Lestrade's ear, /Trust me Greg,’ his grin growing wider, ‘I'm a doctor.’
8) Orgasm denial. Lestrade gets Sherlock all worked up, then says they’re going out.
9) Mycroft set Sherlock up for a blind date and that’s how he met John
10) John’s leg injury is from a D/S scene where proper precautions weren’t taken.
11) John wakes up to a blow job for his birthday
12) Sherlock gives John an impromptu blow job. In Lestrade's office. While Lestrade is off making tea.
13) Sherlock was a kept fucktoy in his teen years.
14) While sick, John goes shopping and the store is held up.
15) Gregson/Lestrade talk about how totally in denial about their feelings for each other john and Sherlock are
16) John loves making Sherlock scream.
17) A killer is targeting male transvestite prostitutes and Sherlock dresses up to go undercover
18) John makes enough to move out and both he and Sherlock are too shy to admit they would rather stay together
19) Fucking someone's brains out.
20) Sherlock reads something about children marking what belongs to them by licking it and licks John
21) Sherlock starts experimenting with all kinds of hair care products to see how John reacts.
22) To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die
23) John solves a case and Sherlock is so turned on he wants John right then
24) When Mycroft isn’t being the government, he enjoys writing (and publishing) porn.
25) John and Moran team up to keep Sherlock and Jim from killing each other

1 and 14

Prompt: The three garridebs.
John Shot
"by god...."
(please don't totally re-boot it....please don't make sherlock the injured one. The entire meaning...the whole reason for it is "worth a wound")

Prompt: Even though he has a horrid cold, John goes grocery shopping. The store is then held-up by a very crazed man.
John plays BAMF and takes care of the situation.
John gets home with the groceries, crashes on the couch.
A while later sherlock is all "you subdued him with a loaf of bread?!"
And john is "i'm sick here!!!"

#20, Filled (Anonymous) Expand
Part 3, Page 15 no 15 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled #6

Full Prompt:
John and Sherlock are together. The relationship is all sparkly rainbows, anthromorphised decaying bodyparts and mind blowing sex. It's all gooood.

Then one day Sherlock is whammied by [aliens, magic, science, dormant family curse, gamma rays] something and is de-aged. 12-14.

Oh he is still himself, just.. trapped in an short adorable hormonal body. Horny hormonal body. He tries to get it on with John. John? Can't scramble away fast enough and tries to explain all the ways that. is. just. wrong.

Lets see tiny!Sherlock manipulating his way back into Johns pants.


#22 (Anonymous) Expand

#5 Filled

Mycroft and Sherlock double penetrating John, with snarky banter.

Fill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
10 and 17 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Prompt: A witch that Sherlock pissed off puts a curse on him, so that he empathizes heavily with the person standing closest.

Not only does the curse make him know what the person feels, which would be a boon to a detective, but he feels it as well, which is very distracting.

Cue Sherlock feeling a warm fuzzy feeling whenever John is looking at him, and wondering what the hell that is.

Bonus points: Sherlock starts choking up when talking to a family member of some victim, and Scotland Yard having a collective question mark dangling over their head.

Fill: Blood from a Stone

1) Sherlock doesn't know how to cuddle.
2) Dollhouse crossover. Mycroft creates the Dollhouse
3) Sherlock realizes John is going out with women that look like him
4) **
5) Picture prompt
6) Harriet used to be Harold before the hormone treatment and the operations.
7) John finds Sherlock and Harry snogging. He doesn’t know who to protect and be mad at
8) Sherlock is a contestant in the Big Brother House
9) Sherlock and John, talking
10) Sherlock researches porn and is confused to find himself hard
11) Sherlock and John travel to America.
12) The Master and Moriarty have an understanding. The Doctor and Sherlock want their enemies back.
13) Jim/Moran. Parallels with Sherlock and John
14) Picture prompt
15) Someone begging Lestrade to come to bed to get some sleep
16) Sherlock asks John to hurt him during sex. John likes it until he realizes Sherlock is punishing himself
17) John works for Mycroft and when Sherlock meets him, he’s attracted to him
18) Jim falls for girl!John and tries courting her, amusing and upsetting Sherlock
19) Mycroft/Lestrade - first meeting
20) John’s dating Lestrade, but people think he’s with Sherlock and tell him when they see John with Lestrade
21) Sally angsting over the fact Anderson’s married
22) Doctor Who crossover. John doesn’t meet Sherlock and the Doctor takes him back to fix time
23) Sherlock gets shot in the ass
24) Anderson hates Sherlock because he shaved off his beard when Anderson was passed out.
25) Sherlock tries to get John to move out because being in love is distracting


Anderson hates Sherlock because he shaved off his beard when Anderson was passed out.

Logic (

7 and 13 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #19 (Anonymous) Expand
#17 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock can't sleep, so he asks John to sing him "Soft Kitty."
2) Sherlock isn't the one who likes cross-dressing. John is.
3) Female!John teaches virgin!Sherlock about sex. And possibly pegging.
4) Mycroft and Lestrade bump into each other, both wearing an Apricot hanky, on opposite sides.
5) Sherlock gets braces
6) Sherlock and John take a modeling job for a gay magazine
7) Primeval crossover
8) Avatar crossover. Sherlock is a Na'vi who has been snooping around the human facilities
9) Mycroft is raped and Lestrade comforts him
10) Sherlock plants seeds into John's subconscious, believing he sees things John is unaware of.
11) John screams so beautifully, Sherlock.
12) John gets Sherlock a DS and pokemon to prevent boredom
13) Sherlock is in the hospital and one of his enemies decides to finish him off
14) Sherlock wants John to get his cock pierced (more stimulation during sex).
15) John wears jumpers to hide his tattoo
16) Sherlock and John take in a foreign exchange student or foster child
17) John moved in with Sherlock because he has orders to take down someone dangerous.
18) Alex Rider crossover. Mycroft and Sherlock are involved with the case
19) Five moments that shaped Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship.
20) Today, I broke my toe. After telling my friend about it, he promptly stomped on it.
21) Jim kidnaps John and Sherlock. Mycroft and Molly team up to save them
22) Sherlock and John go to Blackpool
23) Female!John/Mycroft John just wants to be wooed for once - Mycroft is happy to oblige.
24) Jim’s backstory
25) Lestrade is auctioned for charity and Mycroft buys him

8 and 25

Artfill 8)
Prompt: Just finished Avatar again and I don't know if it's prompted already or not, but I need Sherlock to be a Na'vi who has been snooping around the human facilities to learn more cause trees are getting boring (whatever), and John takes the place of Jake Sully in that he reluctantly goes to Pandora just to see how it goes only to like the fact that he can walk without a limp in his new body.
I don't care if it's slash or not, I just need this to happen. I need Na'vi Sherlock now. If I get this, I'll contribute a picture of one of them as a Na'vi or something? << Please?

Prompt: This pretty much one of my previous prompts but only much more of a cliche.

I want one of those police charity man-auctions that I'm fairly sure don't exist in real life. You know the one, where the men are forced to dress up and who ever bids the highest gets the man for a day. Where the men are the goods. The kind that Lestrade would absolutely hate. Being flaunted and having women leer at him. The price would go through the roof. Lestrade would be horrifed because he doesn't quite know why but he is glad to be raising the money for charity but he's dreading what he's expected to do.

Mycroft turns up and offers a price no one can match.

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