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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1) Sherlock’s family is really upper-class. They’re related to royalty.
2) Sherlock goes to a gay club and dances with… himself.
3) Dark, depressing and chilling
4) Why Sherlock remembers that nursery rhyme.
5) Criminal Minds crossover. The BAU profiles Sherlock
6) Moriarty's last puzzle for Sherlock is a fight. Sherlock has to kill everyone he's ever known and loved.
7) Sherlock takes on a case involving a mysterious disease, and calls for a consult with Gregory House.
8) Sherlock Holmes meets Cal Lightman.
9) Sherlock Holmes vs. Mack the Knife.
10) John gets to give a talk at a medical conference and Sherlock tags along.
11) Raising Hope Crossover.
12) **
13) Sherlock is a Samurai Lord and John is a Geisha
14) John or Sherlock gets hiccups while hiding and desperately tries to stop.
15) Lestrade takes every to a game of Laser tag. Sherlock and John team up.
16) John gets sick, so Mycroft shows up at the flat to watch over him while Sherlock’s away.
17) John dies in Afghanistan and his spirit goes to 221B Baker Street. Then Sherlock moves in.
18) Knitting fic based on art
19) Polly’s ideas, based on another prompt fill
20) Sherlock used to live with Mycroft, but got tired of walking in on his brother and lover.
21) Moriarty/Sherlock, song prompt
22) trapped-in-a-closet-together porn, preferably with Sherlock rubbing back against a mortified John.
23) Sherlock and John work on a case in Vegas, get drunk, and wake up married.
24) Sherlock may not be very fond of his older brother, but he loves his little sister to death
25) Moriarty plans to burn Sherlock’s heart by having John killed when they have sex for the first time.

#16 John/Mycroft Striped Sweater Love!

I hope I'm doing this right, first time posting! love me some Mycroft/John love! I'm sorry if this is really detailed... What I would like is for John to be at home sick with a cold/flu. Mycroft knows he hasn't gone into work because he keeps the cameras trained on John because Mycroft has a crush on him. Mycroft texts Sherlock to see what's up with John, and when Sherlock tells him John is ill Mycroft shows up at 221B to take care of him. John opens the door, all cute and sleepy... and in that adorable striped sweater! Cue Mycroft drooling, them getting together fluff. I have midterms this week and I would just love some cute, fluffy, in character Mycroft/John :)

#15 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Brett!Holmes and Cumberbatch!Sherlock meet and fight over John.
2) John playing Doctor with Sherlock
3) Sherlock and John go undercover to Hogwarts posing as teachers and encounter a boggart
4) Lestrade has a folder proving Sherlock and John are together.
5) Either Sherlock or John is horribly claustrophobic.
6) Sebastian gets sick, so Jim takes care of him.
7) Sherlock playing his violin for John.
8) Sherlock and Jim are both good guys in the beginning, but then Jim makes the dark side his own.
9) Sherlock reads something online about children marking what belongs to them by licking it. Sherlock licks John
10) Sherlock or John contracts a horrible disease and the other cares for him.
11) Arguments and tension over Sherlock forgetting things and what he calls ‘useless knowledge’.
12) Sherlock at university
13) John or Lestrade makes the other lose the game. They then have to explain to Sherlock.
14) My Sister’s Keeper au. Sherlock was born as spare parts for Mycroft.
15) Sherlock is groped and John comes to his rescue.
16) Sherlock and John are stuck in the flat and play Truth or Dare.
17) Sherlock and John attend a Holmes Family dinner and Mummy makes them stay the night.
18) Sherlock and Sarah become friends and team up against John.
19) Sherlock was raped and decided to deal with it using aversion therapy.
20) An Anomaly opens in Anderson bedroom and he sees a real dinosaur.
21) Sherlock is the most tactile, grabby person John knows
22) John dies a violent death because of Sherlock and is trapped in purgatory.
23) Sherlock, The (10th) Doctor, and Captain Jack all meet up and the three are all like "Hey, nice coat
24) John disappears and Sherlock is the only person that even knows he ever existed.
25) Star Trek reboot au. The Sherlock cast as the crew of the Enterprise.

#6 - Sebastian gets sick, so Jim takes care of him.


1) John can't find any privacy - no matter where he locates himself for "alone time", someone bursts in.
2) Lestrade is divorced, shares a child with his ex-wife and has Mycroft as a lover
3) John has to give Sherlock mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and they end up kissing.
4) Sherlock lets John rut against him and do other things to him as long as he doesn't have to do anything
5) Sherlock's a trekkie. He goes to all the conventions and dresses up like Spock.
6) Sherlock and John participate in mung.
7) John has a horrible day, goes home, and decides to make it better by fucking Sherlock.
8) Sherlock and John love each other platonically.
9) Video prompt
10) Moriarty builds an evil!John robot with shiny white teeth.
11) John is Little Red Riding Hood. Sherlock is the Big Bad Wolf
12) Mycroft has conservatorship over Sherlock, but it ends soon and John is worried that Sherlock will move out
13) Mycroft is gay. Therefore, Gay people run the country.
14) Sherlock borrows one of Mrs. Hudson herbal soothers. John joins him.
15) Mycroft is awed by what his little brother does.
16) Sherlock is annoyed when the married couple next door has loud sex.
17) John makes comparisons between Sherlock and Mycroft.
18) Jim likes to talk dirty in bed and he likes to be called Daddy.
19) Mycroft hates to do any kind of sport, but Lestrade convinces him to give it a go
20) Moriarty uses a machine he's invented to switch bodies with John Watson. John has to warn Sherlock
21) What happened in the few seconds after Moriarty left and then decided to return? What changed his mind?
22) Mycroft holds auditions to find Sherlock’s perfect match. John tries to stop it, but is asked the questions.
23) Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?
24) Sherlock and John visit Gotham City.
25) cheesy porn version of the last scene in TGG.

Filled #2

Prompt: I've read fic where Lestrade is in a relationship with Mycroft. I've read fic where Lestrade is divorced. I've read fic where Lestrade has a little kid.

I want to read fic where Lestrade is divorced, shares a child with his ex-wife and has Mycroft as a lover. And awww, maybe the kid calls him uncle Mycroft?

Filled #6 x 2 (Anonymous) Expand
fill#19 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #4 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Moran is embarrassed by how hard Jim tops him.
2) Sherlock’s married to his job because he’s a sex addict
3) John is sent down and winds up sharing a cell with Sherlock.
4) Girl!Jim has the hots for girl!Sherlock.
5) John and the day he was a complete slut.
6) Sherlock or John keeping a perfectly emotionless face as the other dies.
7) Sherlock/John, Lestrade/Mycroft and Moriarty/Moran
8) Art prompt
9) Mycroft and Jim’s older brother, discussing how they’ll ruin each other’s plans over tea.
10) When Moriarty acts mental, Moran is scared he might have to kill him.
11) Someone gets stuck at the flat for the weekend and finds out how caring Sherlock is with John.
12) Mrs Turner and her "married ones" having dinner with Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock/John,
13) Moriarty falls in love with John and attempts to romance in his own special way.
14) John loses his temper and swears profusely.
15) Anderson is actually fond of Sherlock and defends him.
16) Mycroft meets Lestrade and begins courting him.
17) Amy and Rory from Doctor Who are Sherlock and Mycrofts' parents.
18) Sherlock is fond of children and actually has a child that the mother gave up for adoption.
19) I find it simply astounding you spelled drunken wrong but pterodactyl right
20) After three years of being presumed dead, Sherlock comes back to find John getting married.
21) Dinosaur texts from last night
22) If someone makes Mycroft lose The Game, it’s fucking WWIII
23) Quote prompt, save you
24) Who are Mrs. Turner's married roomers? Apollo and the Midnighter.
25) John loves smaller penises because then he can swallow it all easily. Lestrade certainly doesn't mind.

Prompt: Mycroft and Jim’s older brother, discussing how they’ll ruin each other’s plans over tea.

Fill: Unconventional Enmity (scroll down a little bit)

1) Sherlock develops a porn addiction.
2) Video prompt, How would you describe Sherlock Holmes?
3) Someone discovering they’re sexually dominant.
4) John is a sad, lonely, little teddy bear looking for someone to love him. Sherlock is a little boy.
5) Sherlock/John or John/Sherlock. One drugs the other to have sex.
6) Sherlock used to work in porn and met Lestrade when he arrested one of his actors.
7) Irene Adler totally supports John/Sherlock. She plays matchmaker
8) Sherlock's reaction to finding out that everyone wants HIS John, and how he told them to piss off
9) Sherlock and Mycroft set up puzzles for each other, but Mycroft goes too far by kidnapping John
10) Song prompt, Walk Away by The Script
11) Someone gets addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack
12) Moriarty is Sherlock's half-brother. Moriarty knows this and that’s why he's so interested in him
13) Sherlock has to solve a case in Balamory.
14) Sherlock and John’s wedding
15) Lestrade/Sherlock, Sherlock needs to test the bruising pattern of a belt/flogger/whip/whatever on a living person.
16) Sherlock and John leave the radio on and aggressively fuck to music that doesn't fit with the mood.
17) All the other Holmesverses are Sherlock’s (and John’s) past lives. Sherlock remembers all of them.
18) Jude Law!Watson/Martin Freeman!Watson
19) **
20) Sherlock/John consensual knife play. Preferably using blood as lube
21) Lestrade had an affair with Mummy Holmes when he was 17/18, and is Sherlock's daddy.
22) Sherlock can turn into a woman at will and meets John in a bar. They go on a date.
23) Anderson tells Donovan about his dinosaur kink. In return, she tells him about her vampire kink.
24) Sherlock's idea of decorating for Halloween just involves not hiding his stolen body parts
25) Lestrade picks Sherlock up in a bar and is horrified when he realizes Sherlock is a prostitute.


Cause when you're in too deep
You wake up when it's too late
You've fallen in love in the worst way
And if you don't go now, then you'll stay
Cause I'll never let you leave
Never let you breathe
Cause if you're looking for heaven, baby
It sure as hell ain't me

- Walk Away by The Script


Filled #16 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #18 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled: #8 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Molly and Harry get together, but Molly just wanted to make Sherlock jealous. Harry calls John, depressed.
2) John tries to think of ways to make Sherlock stop talking alll the way through during sex.
3) Molly secretly works for Mycroft, spying on Sherlock
4) Sherlock tries seducing John while high and John turns him down. Sherlock becomes depressed.
5) Sherlock isn't really a sociopath, but because everyone expects him to be he can't let himself change.
6) Sherlock & Watson. Deadpool.
7) You'll look so pretty with tears running down your cheeks and swollen lips. I want to break you.
8) Sherlock/Jim video to Wicked Game
9) Sherlock has sex with John's girlfriend in order to break them up
10) Sherlock tells John that his girlfriend is cheating on him.
11) Mycroft writes gay fiction under a pen name. It's based on John and Sherlock's adventures.
12) John is sent by the government to rescue Sherlock every time he’s kidnapped.
13) John gets his jumpers from his Grandma. So what happens when an officer kills his cousin?
14) It's Pretzel Day at Scotland Yard. Besides cases, this is the only other reason Sherlock comes down to Scotland Yard.
15) Mycroft and Lestrade killing zombies for the common good of Humanity and Queen and Country.
16) John is the youngest of five, and the other four are all girls and insufferable..
17) Sherlock reads a fairytale and John (Or Lestrade) thinks its a massive turn on.
18) Sherlock is raped by Moriarty, but everyone thinks it was consensual and say it’s his fault.
19) Sherlock wakes up aching to the point when someone comes back for round two he bursts into tears.
20) Quote prompt. Sherlock asks about Sarah and John sleep with him.
21) Something happens and John develops deductive skills better than Sherlock’s
22) John is obsessed with Sherlock's neck.
23) John takes care of Lestrade after he’s injured in a charity footie match.
24) Art of your favorite character
25) Sherlock convinced John to start a sexual relationship with him because of the danger Moriarty posed

Filled #24 (though don't think 'fave' character was specified)

We need more art on this meme! go doodle a character in your style.

FILL 24 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 23 fills - 12, 21 (Anonymous) Expand
1) A Softer World prompt
2) Sherlock’s angst at being bored is a ruse. He’s really Banksy.
3) One day, Sherlock and John open the front door and find an unusual arrival
4) Mycroft or Lestrade breaks into 221B and finds an open laptop. Sherlock and John have to explain the kinkmeme
5) Sherlock fakes his death and John doesn’t know. He finds comfort in Jim, then Sherlock comes back
6) Sherlock and John (and whoever else feels like joining in) do the time warp.
7) Every time Mycroft comes to 221B, Sherlock plays the Imperial March from Star Wars.
8) City of Angels crossover.
9) Sherlock can’t stand being touched while naked and hides an injury he receives.
10) Sherlock Holmes plus brain freeze equals one very unhappy detective.
11) Sherlock and John are Jedi knights that managed to escape Order 66.lll
12) Mycroft's furious when he learns Sherlock took the missile plans to Moriarty for selfish reasons
13) Sherlock doesn’t understand love. John tried to explain it to him.
14) Shaun of the Dead crossover. Sherlock and John join Shaun’s group.
15) Virgin!Sherlock is concerned about how large John’s penis is.
16) Sherlock is dying and Mycroft is with him. They only have a little time left.
17) Sherlock lives alone, and one day John Watson comments on his blog. Sherlock comments back.
18) John Watson is responsible for Sherlock Holmes existing. He just hasn't realized it yet.
19) Sherlock suffers from Merinthophobia
20) Mrs. Hudson takes some of her "herbal soothers" and goes off an epic mission to find White Castle.
21) Non-consensual bondage with Sherlock being tied up.
22) John did a semester abroad at Miskatonic University.
23) Five times Sherlock called for John and one time John didn't answer
24) Sherlock takes John to a lounge and John is surrounded by admirers.
25) John and Sherlock walk in on Lestrade banging Mycroft.

Prompt: How many times have we had Lestrade walking in on John and Sherlock?


John and Sherlock walk in on Lestrade banging Mycroft. GO!


Page 24 fills - 7, 16 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #15 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Come Dine With Me, Moriarty style.
2) Everyone wondering why John’s so proud of being with Sherlock
3) Nightmare before Christmas au. John as Sally, Sherlock as Jack, Jim as the Oogie boogie man
4) Sherlock and Dexter cross paths! They both recognize each other for the "monsters" they are.
5) Sherlock or John finds a lamp with a Genie/Djinn. Two options.
6) Lestrade het.
7) John’s limp isn’t psychosomatic.
8) Life on Mars crossover. John and Sherlock end up in the seventies or eighties.
9) Sherlock makes high pitched little hamster-like squeaking noises during sex, in tie with the thrusts.
10) What kind of nightmares do the others have?
11) It gets around that Sherlock is the "bottom" in the relationship. Sherlock doesn't understand the perception of that status
12) Sherlock and John get separated by an avalanche. One hallucinates the other is there.
13) Sherlock the Musical.
14) Sherlock goes with Lestrade to investigate something and the situation goes from bad to worse.
15) Sherlock’s ill when they land in the pool after TGG
16) Sherlock and Tony Hill working on the same case.
17) Mycroft/Sherlock, mutual masturbation
18) People keep thinking John Watson is suicidal. He really isn't.
19) John is really smart in his own unique way.
20) Song Prompt, Let’s Make Lots of Money
21) Sherlock reveals Anderson's dinosaur kink, Anderson decides to find some big secret about Sherlock
22) Lestrade has a teenager who meets Sherlock and gets a huge crush on him.
23) When Moriarty left the pool, he was merely making sure everything was set up for phase two.
24) Someone breaks Mycroft. Sherlock and John (and perhaps Lestrade) put him back together again.
25) Someone attempt to do the worlds hardest high-5.

Full Prompt: When Moriarty left the pool, he had no intention of that being the end. He was merely making sure everything was set up for phase two.

Sherlock does shoot the explosive vest. Nothing happens. Moriarty laughs. "Finally. Now we can move on to the real reason I've brought you both here."

While Sherlock was en route to the pool, Moriarty's goons rounded up Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Mummy, Harry, Sarah, and Lestrade. They're all at 221B Baker Street. They're all strapped to explosives. Sherlock has to make a choice - he kills John or Moriarty's snipers kill all of them (John & himself included). He has three minutes to make his decision.

I would like one of the following endings please.
* Sherlock kills Moriarty. Moriarty's snipers kill Sherlock & John. 221B Baker St. explodes.
* Sherlock refuses to kill John. 221B Baker St. explodes. Moriarty's snipers kill John and then Sherlock.
* Sherlock and John have a painful, angst-filled goodbye. Sherlock kills John. Everybody else lives.
* Sherlock and John have a painful, angst-filled goodbye. Sherlock kills John. He tells Moriarty that he got what he wanted so let the others go. Moriarty laughs and says, "I can't believe the great Sherlock Holmes actually fell for that." Nobody else was ever in danger. Sherlock's reaction to that reveal and/or the reactions of Lestrade, Mycroft, etc. when they get to the pool and realize what Sherlock has done, is entirely up the filler.

Fill is here: Shattered.

7 (Anonymous) Expand
15 (Anonymous) Expand
2 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled: #22 (Anonymous) Expand
#14 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock making remarks about Mycroft’s diet.
2) Anthea and Mycroft are married, but only when they’re not working.
3) Sarah's feelings about John leaving her for Sherlock
4) John sucking a splinter from Sherlock’s finger
5) John does everything Sherlock says because he can’t refuse. He’s cursed with obedience.
6) Sex on a beach
7) "You haven't given up on me yet?" "Never"
8) Sherlock and Mycroft have a timeshare when it comes to John
9) Sherlock deduces his Father is having an affair and blames himself when his parents divorce
10) Sherlock builds a time machine to rearrange his first meeting with John.
11) John loves drag queens.
12) Sherlock calls John ‘Daddy’.
13) A Sherlock version of Flowers for Algernon.
14) Saito/Mycroft, Because together they could take over the universe before bedtime.
15) “After all this time?” “Always”
16) Picture prompt. Mycroft. With tongs.
17) Harry is John’s adopted sister, a transgender Harry Potter
18) Sherlock has to convince John to have sex with him after John realizes Mycroft watches
19) Sherlock keeps worrying about John after the pool incident. John suddenly finds it extremely sexy.
20) John proposes to Sherlock at a crime scene
21) Harry/Mycroft get together, and John/Sherlock find out. John finds it weird, but Sherlock is outraged.
22) John’s Jumpers
23) Sherlock barges in on John trying anal sex with a sex toy.
24) Sherlock writes a monograph/essay/study about The Common John Watson, His Uses and Needs.
25) I just came so hard my spunk hit the ceiling.

Fill #5

Full Prompt: Based on Ella Enchanted.

The real reason John does everything Sherlock tells him to? He can't refuse. John was cursed as a baby so that whenever he's given a command, he has to follow the orders. The curse of Obedience. (Perfect for a man in the army.) Normally, John doesn't like being ordered around, but for some reason, he doesn't mind when Sherlock does it... S/J pairing, please!

- Sherlock doesn't realize John's cursed. To him, it's just what John does.
- John is mad at Harry because she took advantage of his curse when they were younger, and he's never forgiven her. (She made him do her homework or all of her chores or something.)
- The curse is the source of his trust issues: everyone he trusts takes advantage of him when they find out about the curse.
- Moriarty figures it out and decides to use John to his advantage.

Fill: Man's Original Virtue

20 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 26 fills - 5, 8, 16 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #13 (Anonymous) Expand

Page 27 fills - 7, 15, 21

7) Art prompt, Little Red Riding Hood

15) Sherlock wins The Game

21) Sherlock and John, joking about and roleplaying as Jim and Molly

1) Mrs. Hudson has lived at Baker Street for 200 years and all her tenants become couples.
2) John is Moriarty, Jim from IT is just a henchman.
3) Plane arrived early, will be home earlier than expected. Get out the special stuff, wash penis for occasion. SH
4) Mrs Hudson plays matchmaker for Lestrade and Mycroft.
5) Errant comment
6) Sherlock Googles himself and reads all the rumors going around about him.
7) yeah...i noticed he pets people when he's drunk. It's odd.
8) Crime scene scarf
9) Texts from Last Night
10) Sherlock learns about the solar system to impress John and is upset Pluto isn’t still a planet
11) I need a second opinion on who's blood is in my car.
12) Sherlock gets John and himself matching BFF necklaces,
13) John grows a moustache... Sherlock doesn't like it.
14) teenage Sherlock/John
15) Mycroft keeps the broken remains of his wand in his umbrella
16) Sherlock and Mycroft get into an almighty fight and kick the shit out of each other.
17) Sherlock proposes to John by sending him an unmarked envelope with a ring.
18) People licking stuff off each other.
19) Sherlock is a Na’vi snooping around human facilities.
20) Bondage. John/Sherlock. John in control.
21) Sherlock coming just from having his prostate stimulated.
22) John telling his parents that he is dating Sherlock
23) Sherlock hears John telling his mum about his new girlfriend and is hurt that John is lying to his family about him
24) When Sherlock is ill, he makes John sing ‘Soft Kitty’
25) Someone sharing a dance with their daughter at her wedding.


Prompt: 'Sherlock coming just from having his prostate stimulated.'


FILLED #25 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 28 fills - 2, 9, 25 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sailors in the 18th century. John is a ship’s doctor
2) John finds out that Sherlock thinks kissing is sex.
3) Mycroft is surprised Sherlock would choose an ex-soldier as his best friend, since they’re both army brats
4) Sherlock and John are at a crime scene and Sherlock can't concentrate because of John's walk
5) Sherlock explaining how he figured out a case to John during sex
6) John keeps disappearing. Sherlock follows him and finds out he’s seeing Mycroft.
7) Mycroft is in control of every area of his life but every now and then he needs to see a dom or dominatrix
8) John cooks and Sherlock finds out he likes it.
9) Why does Sherlock resent Mycroft so much?
10) A stalker turns out to be a teenage fan who has a lot in common with the detective
11) If Mycroft eats well and exercises, he can do whatever he likes to Lestrade
12) Secret Diary of a Call Girl au. Sherlock is Belle.
13) Clara/Harry, fic quote prompt
14) i have a dinosaur tramp stamp
15) Mycroft quits eating because of Sherlock’s teasing and faints.
16) John's sternal rub is brutal. Sherlock finds this out first hand.
17) Sherlock needs to present something for a case and acts normal.
18) Sherlock thinks Santa/Father Christmas still exists. It's actually just Mycroft dressed in a Santa outfit.
19) Sherlock asks a man out to make John jealous, but John won’t make his move.
20) Texts between/about Sherlock and Mycroft
21) Sherlock is part water sprite
22) Sherlock is injured by the explosion on Baker Street, John comes running back.
23) Lestrade loves John, but won’t admit it because he feels he doesn’t measure up to Sherlock.
24) John reflects about his life with Sherlock after his death.
25) Sherlocks favorite movie The Blues Brothers.

Full prompt: (281):my little brother just told me that I should start chasing my vodka with slim fast. genius.(203):I woke up this morning to 7 word documents that all said "remember to be extremely angry at your jerk of a brother." What the hell did you do to me last night?(+32):Just woke up. First thing I see: Little brother eating last night's jello shots thinking they're reg jello.


First text is a banner. Second text tiny picspam.

1) Moriarty is Sherlock’s father and Jim is his brother.
2) The characters play the game Werewolf together.
3) Sherlock and Mycroft are separately having sex with John in order to be closer to each other.
4) JTHM/Sherlock crossover.
5) a really frustrating wank where they just can't get over the brink
6) Sherlock explaining a case. "Two fingers, just the way John likes it"
7) John is regressing to a child, but still feels the need to take care of Sherlock
8) Sherlock drugs John for his own good.
9) Lestrade, John and Sally put makeup on Sherlock after he passes out
10) Sherlock and John go to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales for a case
11) Sherlock hires a prostitute to sleep with John, and later repeats everything with Sherlock
12) Sherlock relapses and convinces John to go on a drug binge with him
13) Sherlock/John video to In My Head by Jason Derulo.
14) Mycroft/anyone; knife-play, blood-play
15) Sherlock and John are in America and go to a Walmart. Sherlock gets really annoyed there
16) Mycroft's known for being always calm and masterful. But he gets nervous around Lestrade
17) Unleashed crossover. John was Jim’s pet until he escaped.
18) Since that night at the pool, Sherlock and John can't let each other out of their sight.
19) Video prompt. John coming out to Harry and talking about Sherlock
20) Donovan calls Sherlock "freak" because she's spent years learning to hide the very tendencies she despises in him
21) Dark!Lestrade/Sherlock. He finds out Sherlock still uses and teaches him a lesson
22) Wallace Wells can seduce anyone, even if they are "married to their work."
23) Sherlock’s enemies get together and plan revenge
24) Teenage Sherlock and middle-aged John move in together.
25) John wondering why everyone thinks he and Sherlock are together

Page 31 fills - #4, #11, #17

4) JTHM/Sherlock crossover.

11) Sherlock hires a prostitute to sleep with John, and later repeats everything with Sherlock

17) Unleashed crossover. John was Jim’s pet until he escaped.

Fill 18 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Mycroft manipulating captcha
2) Sherlock hired Sarah to date John for an experiment
3) John expects Sherlock to be rough during sex and is surprised by how attentive he is.
4) Sherlock and John meet slenderman
5) Anthea defending Mycroft against Sherlock’s teasing about his weight.
6) John suicide fic
7) Mycroft and Jim fight using mind games and getting under each other's skin as well as punches.
8) Doctor who quote prompt
9) **
10) John seduces Sherlock by complimenting him.
11) Even though Sherlock shows no interest in anyone else, John chases off anyone who tries to flirt.
12) John comes home to Sherlock and Mycroft playing Mario Brothers
13) Everyone goes BAMF on each other.
14) Sherlock is really depressed about John moving out to live with his wife.
15) Lestrade and John are werewolves.
16) John shows up at a crime scene to find Sherlock lying on the ground
17) Moriarty didn’t have snipers pointed at Sherlock and John, just laser pointers.
18) Sherlock has a broken bone and Mycroft freaks out.
19) Sherlock goes undercover as a waiter and Sebastian comes into the restaurant.
20) John is a well-adjusted bisexual that doesn’t need Sherlock to tell him what he is.
21) Jim Moriarty and the innuendo squad
22) Giant Rat of Sumatra
23) Sherlock doesn’t like facial hair on John, so John grows a mustache/beard as a way to punish Sherlock
24) Blog post prompt, embracing kink
25) Sherlock is in a coma. John gets the idea to bring him out of it by having all kinds of annoying sounds in the room

Fill: 1 - Captcha'd You

Full Prompt:
(Hacking Captcha is to Mycroft as computer Solitaire is to ordinary plebes like us.)


Fill: 12 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill 18 (Anonymous) Expand
#10 Fill (Anonymous) Expand
1) Pegging with John on the bottom
2) Why Sherlock moved out of Montague street
3) John finds out Sherlock has both male and female genitalia; he's intersexed
4) Sam and Dean end up in London and meet Sherlock and John
5) Sherlock tries deepthroating for a case, but can’t do it. John shows him how.
6) John/Sherlock first time, and everything that could go wrong goes wrong.
7) Sherlock is leaving the country and John realizes he can’t wait until he comes back to admit his feelings
8) John finds the Stupid Button on Sherlock.
9) John gets raped by Moriarty while Sherlock watches. Sherlock notices John becomes aroused and accuses him of cheating
10) John and Sherlock have unromantic sex, followed by romantic gestures.
11) John breaking down Mycroft esteem until he has a threesome with John and Sherlock
12) Sherlock ignores Lestrade’s texts one day, but they don’t say what he thought they would
13) Five things that are different between universes Holmes
14) John talking about his sex life
15) Sherlock and John go to Torquay on a case (or holiday). Sherlock finds a nice hotel.
16) After Sherlock dies, Sarah fucks John to a sex tape of Sherlock and John.
17) John and Sherlock are both inexplicably turned into women and Sherlock decides they should experiment with sex
18) Sherlock is dating John and is curious about his werewolf side.
19) John undoing Sherlock with really slow, attentive, loving sex
20) Sherlock finds John to be a really bad flatmate.
21) Dresden Files crossover. Harry and Sherlock find themselves working on the same case.
22) John storms off after a fight with Sherlock and Sherlock thinks that means they’ve broken up
23) Somewhere in their Baker Street flat John finds a little tunnel that leads into Sherlock’s head.
24) Ianto as Mycroft’s assistant. He makes perfect tea, but would rather serve Mycroft coffee instead.
25) Sherlock proving there aren’t any heroes.

Page 33 fills - 3, 10. 14

3) John finds out Sherlock has both male and female genitalia; he's intersexed

10) John and Sherlock have unromantic sex, followed by romantic gestures.

14) John talking about his sex life

1) Torchwood crossover. Anthea is actually Ianto Jones
2) Jim is mostly a complete and utter psychopath. But occasionally, he has moment of lucidity.
3) Sherlock gets unwillingly sexted by Moriarty.
4) Doctor Who crossover. Mycroft having to deal with new Minister of Defense Harold Saxon
5) Mycroft is Minister of Magic
6) Someone vacationing in another town or country
7) Sherlock and John both get sick and are stuck in the flat.
8) John takes it on himself to teach Sherlock a few things he's ignorant about
9) Sherlock kissing John in a dark allyway as part of an undercover investigation.
10) Mycroft gets turned into a puppy. Sherlock and John have to look after him
11) Mycroft takes a bullet meant for John
12) Mycroft invented Moriarty to amuse Sherlock
13) Sherlock and John get mugged whilst having sex in an alley
14) Sherlock and John have a case outside London and have to share a bed in a hotel.
15) John finds out Sherlock was sexually abused by his Dad.
16) Sherlock and John are Mermen and have sex
17) Sherlock is a Na’vi living in London
18) Asexual!Sherlock attempts to show John how much he is in love with him without sex.
19) A Sherlock or Moriarty vid to Miley Cyrus’s ‘I Can’t Be Tamed’
20) Sherlock and John have sex on a plane. Or a train.
21) Everyone is a wolf and they’re all part of a pack.
22) Dialogue prompt. Sherlock is bored.
23) Patching plot holes in Sherlock
24) Sherlock gains the ability to read John’s mind, but wishes he couldn’t when he realizes John only thinks of sex.
25) Glee au.

Fill #10

Mycroft gets turned into a puppy. Sherlock and John have to look after him


#3 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #24 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 34 fills - 4, 21 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill # 19

Mycroft photobombs Sherlock at a funeral.

#7 - Raffles crossover (Anonymous) Expand
1) Moriarty goes to Molly’s home and she captures him
2) Sherlock and John are the ambiguously gay duo
3) Heroes crossover. Moriarty eats brains, Mycroft can fly, Lestrade's the telepathic copper
4) Mycroft likes to fuck sheep.
5) Irene Adler is a drag queen
6) Sherlock as a drag queen with quote for inspiration
7) Anderson bitches out the prompter who posted the first dinosaur kink prompt.
8) Someone else has noticed these little noises of John's and finds them extremely... distracting.
9) After Reichenbach, Moriarty wakes to find himself alive and in the presence of Mycroft
10) John takes care of his alcoholic father.
11) Young Sherlock falls in love with the new transfer student, John
12) Secretary au. Lestrade as Mr. Grey and Sherlock and Lee.
13) Sherlock and John are drugged. When they wake up, they’re married.
14) Sherlock notices that Mycroft’s upset when their father dies.
15) Sherlock has a fetish for watching John eat
16) John is sent to prison and Sherlock breaks in to see him.
17) Sherlock gets figged.
18) A spell is put on Sherlock that he’ll love the person he wakes up to. John wakes him up.
19) Foot fetish, Sherlock’s feet
20) Sherlock goes missing and is found in an abandoned room with ginger up his arse.
21) When Sherlock was little, he hid in the woods behind his house and Mycroft watched over him.
22) Sally and Anderson pointing out ways they know Sherlock and John have been shagging
23) Sherlock observing John drink from a beer bottle
24) Sherlock is a sorcerer and has the gift - "mummy" is a minor god. John is a knight of the Realm of Tortall.
25) Sherlock doesn’t know Mycroft is his father, but John works it out.

Fill #2-Fanvid

Fanvid fill for #2

Re: Part 4, Page 36 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill Prompt #10 above (Anonymous) Expand
Page 36 fills - 8, 24 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John holds Sherlock’s violin hostage
2) John performing cunnilingus on somebody
3) Mycroft dies, John tries to console Sherlock, and Sherlock says "What, why? You know I wasn't close to him."
4) Sherlock as a unicorn
5) Art prompt. Why are there so man ostriches.
6) Sherlock stands up for Anderson
7) When Sherlock’s frustrated, he speaks Japanese.
8) Sherlock buys and wears Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab colognes, and John is really attracted to the scent.
9) John is jealous of Mycroft’s ability with women until he realizes he’s the only one that can win Sherlock
10) Sherlock tries to get Lestrade to come into work while he’s with his kids.
11) A group of teenagers bully John every day. Sherlock or Mycroft take care of them.
12) John has intermittent episodes of imaginary pain, or limps under stress
13) Sherlock reveals to John that he’s wearing something naughty at a crime scene
14) John asks Sherlock if he’s ever had a taste of the body parts lying around.
15) Sherlock’s teenage daughter comes to live at Baker Street
16) Workaholic Anthea pretending she is fine and Mycroft insisting on her resting.
17) Sherlock fantasizes about amputation.
18) I love you, without using the words
19) John and Sherlock pull out the shock blanket at home when they need it
20) Someone is stung by a wasp and the only anti-histamine is a liquid syrup
21) Sherlock has a kink for men who use canes and manipulates John until his limp comes back
22) Sherlock meets Totoro.
23) Sherlock, who is fully clothed, fucks naked John in front of a mirror.
24) Sherlock needs to prove to himself that he's as good at playing gay as Moriarty is.
25) Sherlock has the sniffles. John puts on his coat and takes care of him. Medfet


I have a huge thing for things where people say "I love you!" without actually saying it in so many words. They say or do something that conveys the message without using those words, and the other person gets it because they know each other so well.

So, without using the word love, write "I love you!" scenes. Romantic, platonic, familial (please, no incest), any characters you like. Show me the love, people!


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#19 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 37 fills - 4, 11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock and Mycroft as children. Video prompt.
2) Sherlock and Anderson can’t stand each other, but they have amazing sex.
3) Mycroft and Sherlock parents died when they were young and they ran away to London.
4) Beauty and the Beast au, with Sherlock as the Beast and John as Belle
5) Sherlock and John are in New York for some reason. They end up in MacLaren's.
6) Mycroft telling Sherlock how well he looks in a dress.
7) Lestrade pining after Sherlock and reflecting on Sherlock’s relationship with John.
8) Sherlock decides to get Female!John pregnant so she won’t leave him.
9) John discovers a mostly empty bottle of rohypnol among Sherlock’s things and asks about it.
10) Sherlock is afraid John will be capture again, so Mycroft locks him in a bunker.
11) Sherlock and Mycroft are part of the Austra family
12) Sherlock enjoys making fun of Mycroft’s weight too much to realize he’s pregnant.
13) Someone is a fish or some kind of animal and has to learn how to be a human.
14) Sherlock can’t stand sex and hires a rent boy for John, but becomes jealous while watching.
15) John gets a job doing phonesex and is brilliant at it.
16) John telling stories about Sherlock
17) Sherlock answering the phone to talk to Lestrade in the middle of sex with John.
18) John is sent on an errand through a forest. There he runs into the big bad wolf.
19) remote-controlled plug up sherlock's bum. at a crime scene. john's got the remote.
20) Sherlock writes a phrase book. Or a children’s book.
21) Sherlock burns scalds himself and John coddles him
22) John discovers a system for getting information out of Sherlock about his past
23) Sherlock/John. John is a Nazi during World War Two
24) Sherlock/Molly. What starts as a sexual exploration becomes more than either of them know how to deal with.
25) Sherlock: When it comes to humiliating people, I learnt from the very best

Fill #7

Full prompt: I want In-love-with-Sherlock-Lestrade pining/reflecting on Sherlock and John's relationship and how jealous he is of John.

Page 38 - 9, 19, 24 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock/John vid to the song ‘Next Contestant’
2) Sherlock is a prostitute, slowly sliding into a life of drugs and sex to fund the drug habit
3) John gets Sherlock started on video games as a way to keep him from being bored.
4) Cuddling on a long winter night
5) Sherlock experiments on John by putting aphrodisiacs in his tea. It's for a case!
6) John is a Dr. who fanboy, so Sherlock dresses up as the Doctor for Halloween
7) Sherlock and John at twelve, fumbling or feeling funny
8) In a land of myth and a time of magic the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name...
9) Jim and Sebastian being domestic, or as domestic as they get
10) Errant comment
11) One character giving the other a massage
12) When John and Sherlock first meet, Sherlock is undercover pretending to be a woman.
13) Sherlock keeps falling asleep. everywhere.
14) Sebastian Wilkes is actually Sebastian Moran
15) John visiting Mycroft’s office
16) John realizes Sherlock never cuts his hair and offers to do it for him.
17) Sherlock tells John, "You'll make a wonderful mother some day."
18) Not an errant comment
19) Sherlock likes calling John ‘Daddy’ in bed. Then John finds out Sherlock was abused by his Dad.
20) After being molested by a teacher, Sherlock gives head to anyone that will protect him.
21) Sherlock. Hand fetish
22) John wants Lestrade to hurt him, Sherlock decides to find out if Lestrade is a match for John.
23) John/Sherlock ageplay.
24) How Lestrade found out Sherlock was an addict
25) Sherlock is bound and thrown into a body of water. He struggles to stay afloat before John rescues him.

2010-10-18 09:21 pm UTC (link)
X and Y havin' a lurvely cuddle. can be crack, slash, gen, pr0n anythink as long as there's enough fluff to keep me warm on these loooong Scottish winter nights. :D

1) John starts suspecting that Sherlock has ADHD and insists he see a shrink
2) Quote for Mycroft
3) After John gets married and moves on, Sherlock keeps coming by in the middle of the night.
4) Sherlock’s teen angst
5) John is actually a sleeper agent for Moriarty.
6) Sherlock is a genius, scarily observant with the adrenaline of a case, but not always on top of personal issues.
7) John finds out that Sherlock's dark hair comes from dye
8) Sherlock comes home after a case and hears john playing the clarinet.
9) Genderswap, Sherlock being analytical over John.
10) Mycroft is scared of horror movies and hides when he watches one with Lestrade
11) Song prompt. Prodigy’s ‘Breathe’
12) Someone is buying the old Watson house and John has to clean out the attic.
13) a Mycroft vid to a linked version of Umbrella
14) John telling Sherlock what he’ll do to him, then rimming him.
15) Sherlock was abused and doesn’t like intimacy.
16) Sherlock is a wizard and Mycroft is a squib
17) Sherlock or John, erotic asphyxiation
18) Sherlock intentionally gives himself electric shocks. One day, john finds him passed out on the floor.
19) John is fascinated with Sherlock’s neck and his mole.
20) Just because you're bored doesn't mean you can torment the interns
21) Sherlock is named after an ancestor. John, before he met Sherlock, met Sherlock the first.
22) Lestrade, Donovan and Anderson being competent at their jobs.
23) Message from Jim. Play his game to keep John safe.
24) Sherlock goes on an eating binge at the end of a case.
25) Sherlock and John in bed in the morning.

Mycroft is scared of horror movies and hides when he watches one with Lestrade

Fill at my journal here

Fill - #24 (Anonymous) Expand
Sequel to Fill - #24 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John got his ass squeezed by sexy Cupid and he wants to take a ride on Sherlock's discostick
2) John finds a picture of Baby!Sherlock dressed as a bunny.
3) Archimedes prompt. Sherlock obsessing and yelling at people to not get in his way
4) John adopts puppy!Sherlock from the humane society.
5) In exchange for access to bodies, Sherlock lets Molly top him once a month.
6) A video set to clips of songs from Pink, entitled a study in P!nk
7) John walks in on Sherlock dying his hair. What's the first thing that goes through his mind?
8) Midsomer Murders crossover. John and Joyce go to a crime scene with their nephew Lestrade
9) Monsters don't have fangs, monster come at you with smiles...
10) Sherlock, Moriarty, Mycroft conversation prompt
11) Sherlock gets clean after he almost causes Lestrade to overdose.
12) Halloween fic, Dr. Watson and Mr. Hyde
13) John goes to a crime-writers convention that is taken over by Moriarty
14) When Sherlock was 16 he fell in love with the older John Watson and now John’s back.
15) Sherlock investigates, meets Old Gregg. Love Games ensue.
16) Mycroft and Harry become a couple, and their brothers are shocked
17) Conversation text prompt
18) Mycroft calls the Millionaire Matchmaker for Sherlock and one of the contestants is John.
19) Sherlock and Mycroft reach a truce and kiss each other on the cheek
20) Sherlock and John have sex, but John isn’t sure what it means. He goes to Mrs. Hudson for advice.
21) John song prompt
22) Lestrade gets Mycroft chocolates, because he likes watching Mycroft/Chocolate.
23) Everyone has a soulmate and Sherlock’s just met his.
24) Sherlock shaving Lestrade with a straight razor.
25) Someone fucking Mycroft's mouth, and Mycroft letting them.


Full prompt: Lestrade gets Mycroft chocolates, because he likes watching Mycroft/Chocolate. Make it smutty.

Hopefully something like what the OP asked for - it's a bit short though, sorry!

1) Sherlock or John is sick and confined to bed.
2) John is so happy, he’s crying
3) John and Lestrade. Frotting, sex and dirty talk. Lestrade topping.
4) John gives Sherlock a massage or vice versa
5) Sherlock doesn’t like sleeping because he never dreams.
6) Sally/Sherlock shower sex
7) Mycroft/Sherlock, with Mycroft teaching Sherlock how to kiss
8) Criminals come to Sherlock with stories of a man stealing from them and he meets John.
9) John discovers that one of Sherlock's boredom coping mechanisms is developing contingency plans for disasters.
10) An escaped X5 makes it to London, goes into heat and needs tryptophan
11) Sherlock has an oral fixation. John watches him suck on something and jumps him.
12) Sherlock drives himself to collapse and John has to feed him.
13) Sherlock ties John up, puts toys in him, teases him, talks dirty, makes him beg and has his wicked way with him.
14) Sherlock is in love with John, but doesn’t tell him because he doesn’t want to disappoint him with lack of sex.
15) Sherlock Holmes has no security system. Sherlock Holmes welcomes intruders!
16) Sherlock in the shower the Morning After, and he feels John's cum trickling out of him, which gives him the shivers.
17) Sherlock comes into John’s room and sleeps with him. The next morning, he doesn’t say anything.
18) I wish sherlock holmes were still around today... he'd be able to find my g-spot.
19) Lestrade is an absolute stud in bedroom and fucks Sherlock in a number of different positions.
20) Sherlock’s knowledge of bizarre laws.
21) John and Sherlock were cursed in a past life. They remember each other when they kiss, but die if they have sex.
22) Sir Henry Baskerville & John Watson in a long white limo, drunk, listening to Lady Gaga
23) John introduces Sherlock to the joys of kissing with someone who is good at it.
24) Sherlock is a rational man who relies on science for his deductions. John Constantine relies on magic.
25) Missing comment and Mycroft playing with Livejournal

Filled #6

Is anyone up for some het (I know, I know...)? I'd like some Sally/Sherlock shower sex, pretty please?


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Filled #10 (Anonymous) Expand
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Page 42 fills - 1, 7 (Anonymous) Expand

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