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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1) John is injured trying to protect Sherlock, who has to leave him to get help
2) Any character playing Apples to Apples
3) Video prompt for Moriarty’s past
4) Sherlock wears women’s underwear for John
5) Sherlock and John are stuck in limbo and can’t escape without the other
6) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
7) Mycroft invented Moriarty for Sherlock’s amusement
8) Lestrade is divorced, shares a child with his ex-wife and has Mycroft as a lover
9) **
10) Sherlock tries making dinner for John and messes it up.
11) Nobody can love him when he's wearing lady knickers on his head and reeking of gin.
12) Mycroft loses his control when something tragic happens
13) When they can’t go to a hospital, John has to care for Sherlock
14) Sally and Anderson, hurt/comfort
15) Donovan hates Sherlock because she thinks he murdered her boyfriend
16) Mycroft shows up at a crime scene and Lestrade snaps at him.
17) Mummy is dating someone and Mycroft and Sherlock can’t figure out who
18) Sherlock is the Na’vi friend of human John
19) Sherlock is injured and John has to keep him stable until an ambulance arrives
20) Molly and John share a drink and whine about their hyperintelligent-but-spectacularly-ignorant other halfs.
21) Sherlock breaks up with John over text message or spray paints the wall of the flat to say "I'm breaking up with you."
22) Five people killed in front of little Jim, and one person killed by little Jim
23) Sherlock/Dark!John. Medfet.
24) John/Sherlock Ice Play.
25) Vampire!Mycroft wants Human!Lestrade

Prompt: Mycroft shows up at a crime scene to talk to Sherlock and Lestrae - having no idea who he is, and is in a mood coz of Sherlock swooping about calling him an idiot - snaps at him and tells him to piss off away from HIS crime scene (or something like that).
No-one talks to Mycroft like that. Ever.

So, naturally, he finds it a massive turn on!

Filled #23 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Fill #14 (Anonymous) Expand
Whoops - forgot the link! (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock and Mycroft team up and cause mischief
2) Sherlock offers John sex in exchange for supplying him drugs
3) Moriarty is actually Carl Powers’ little brother, jealous of the attention Carl always got
4) A second Sherlock shows up
5) Dear diary: Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again
6) John comforts Sherlock after a case ends badly
7) Current day London is really purgatory and their lives in Victorian London were real
8) Sherlock meets John’s parents
9) “You graffitied the oldest cliff-face in the universe.” “You wouldn't answer your phone.”
10) Sherlock tells Mrs. Hudson all about his new relationship with John
11) John is sent to prison and Sherlock breaks in to get him
12) Sherlock is a virgin and sex for the first time with John is too much
13) Inspector Wallander and Inspector Lestrade need love
14) Either Sherlock or John has a very small penis.
15) Dark!Sherlock au based on video
16) Groundhog day. Sherlock style.
17) Someone takes advantage of Sherlock’s long limbs for sexual purposes.
18) After Mycroft cuts off his drug money, Sherlock turns to sex as a means to pay
19) John must decide which of two Sherlocks is real and which is evil
20) John is caught in the bomb blast as Baker Street and sent to the hospital
21) Sherlock and John at the beach, with John admiring Sherlock’s body
22) John and Sherlock are both sick
23) Sherlock in John’s jumper
24) John reacts to one of Sherlock’s ‘not talking’ phases
25) Sherlock and John meet as kids and Sherlock becomes possessive of his new friend

#16 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled #9

Prompt: 'Lestrade and the gang perform another drug bust, but this time they find all Sherlock and John's sex toys. Bonus points for John being all embarrassed and Sherlock being smug about it.'

Fill here (

#12 - minifill - hugs (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Filled #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John and Sherlock investigate a crime in Royston Vasey.
2) Sherlock begins experimenting during sex
3) Sherlock watches over a drunk John
4) Sherlock loves John, but thinks he’s straight until John comes home drunk and jumps Sherlock.
5) A collection of different kisses
6) Lestrade yells at Sherlock, who deduces he needs sex and tries setting him up with Mycroft
7) Sherlock turns feral during sex because of sensory overload
8) Mycroft using Mummy to send Sherlock on an emotional guilt trip
9) Sherlock goes to tea with Mycroft wearing eyeliner to see his brother’s reaction.
10) Why John was surprised Sherlock is/was a junkie
11) Moriarty rapes John and Sherlock tries to care for him
12) John really loves giving head
13) Historical Denmark relationship prompt
14) Sherlock thinks he’s a goth and wears eyeliner, which turns John on
15) Mike Stamford is cupid
16) Sherlock and John, trapped on an island
17) John takes Sarah on a date to a restaurant and gets blacklisted because the owners think he’s cheating Sherlock
18) Lestrade is a vampire that’s protected London for centuries
19) Sherlock and John knew each other before John left for the military
20) Sherlock is the Doctor's companion, they end up in London in 1846, and find a gloomy barber.
21) John is put into Witness protection, but killed when he tries to see Sherlock
22) Mycroft/Sherlock/John. Spitroast with John in the middle
23) Life on Mars themed. After TGG, Sherlock or John wakes up in Victorian London.
24) Mycroft protects John while Sherlock is away
25) Mycroft buys John as a slave for Sherlock

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#17 (Second fill) (Anonymous) Expand

Prompt: I had a nightmare a silver fox was killed by a hound/wolf (it was a nightmare, the dog species kind of morphed). It made me sad/terrified.

What made it worse is that I think the silver fox was Lestrade.

Do with this what you will. Make a character have that dream, have a character be the wolf who hunts Lestrade, anything, it doesn't even have to make sense. Please, I'd love to see some fic about this.

Filled #13

Prompt: Multiple fill challenge!!
Write what you usually wouldn't!!(cause seriously this should be called the 'we love to hurt sherlock' meme)
Whats the prompt?
I shall leave almost everything to you...except:
No crack. Must be tragic.

Fill: Five Deaths of Doctor John Watson


#25 (Anonymous) Expand
filled #17 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John and Sherlock have a lazy Sunday in bed.
2) Lestrade loves coffee, so someone always brings him some
3) Sherlock is scared of orgasms
4) Spooks crossover
5) When Sherlock meets John, Mycroft decides it’s time to talk to him about sex
6) Mycroft loves America’s Next Top Model. Sherlock calls him ‘Diva Fever’
7) A vampire moves into 221C and John starts dating her
8) John or Lestrade rescues Sherlock from drowning
9) Sherlock ends up handcuffed to a bed.
10) Dark au. Sherlock and John as sick, evil bastards.
11) Sherlock squirts honey up his butt and has John lick it out.
12) Lestrade is Lestat, a rockstar vampire who solves crimes
13) Lestrade has a bad day and later has sex with a stranger. He doesn’t remember it’s Mycroft
14) V for Vendetta crossover. Lestrade is part of the Nose, Mycroft is the Finger
15) John finds out Sherlock worked as a prostitute to fund his drug addiction
16) Sherlock brushing food crumbs off people without asking first
17) Mycroft/Lestrade, John/Sherlock. Five ways their relationships mirror each other, and one way they are completely different.
18) Sherlock wears women’s underwear and when John finds out, he thinks it’s sexy
19) John is babysitting, but has to leave the baby with Sherlock, which he finds adorable
20) Sherlock has a weakness for Nutella. John decides to use this to his advantage.
21) Sherlock and John are trapped on opposite sides of London and have to fight their way to each other
22) John keeps having psychic visions of Sherlock's death, and has to keep preventing them.
23) Sherlock using John's stethoscope in some hurt/comfort-y way
24) Sherlock kidnaps John on the day of his wedding and tries to convince him to stay with him.
25) Explicit Mycroft/Sherlock with Mycroft topping

Re: Part 3, Page 42 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock meets an updated Nancy Drew
2) Sherlock or John can’t work because they’re drunk
3) Sherlock kidnapped, tied up and helpless
4) Pic prompt. John realizes Sherlock wants to kiss him
5) Gladstone dies as a puppy and John catches Sherlock sleeping with one of his old toys
6) When John goes without a case for too long, he suffers from withdrawal
7) Lestrade discovers Sherlock’s rainy day stash during a drugs bust.
8) Mycroft teases Sherlock about his lisp
9) Video request to ‘Nothing else Matters’ by Metallica or Apocalyptica
10) When the tremors get bad, John indulges in unsafe sex
11) John finds The Point-of-View Gun.
12) Molly saves Sherlock and John from Moriarty’s henchmen
13) Sherlock has issues with Mycroft because Mycroft had him locked up in a clinic for his drugs problem
14) Early edition crossover. Sherlock gets tomorrow’s paper today. John finds out.
15) Sherlock throwing a fit and clinging to John
16) Sherlock and/or John join Mrs. Hudson in smoking her ‘herbal soothers’.
17) Poetry prompt
18) John is a priest and Sherlock seems determined to ruin him
19) Mycroft has to marry Mrs. Hudson. He's actually pleased.
20) Sherlock is impressed by how much of a BAMF John is
21) Sherlock walks in on John dissecting the person that raped him
22) John has a random encounter with Jim and promises to kill him if he threatens Sherlock again
23) Lestrade/Mycroft. Some mornings, Mycroft comes in with a limp
24) **
25) Sherlock has never learnt how to drive so John offers to help teach him.

Prompt: The reason why Mycroft and Sherlock don't get along is because, when he was desperate to quit cocaine/heroin (not sure what's the usual canon drug here) and asked Mycroft for help, all his brother did was lock him in a clinic and not bother to visit or call for months, even though Sherlock often tried to reach him.


Filled #8

Sherlock speaks French during sex.

Prompt and fill here. (

#5 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John/Sherlock, fake!marriage, true love
2) Sherlock can only get off when he's dressed as a woman and being called a woman during sex.
3) Sherlock puts John in a disguise and sets him out as bait, seducing the suspect
4) John sees what the world would be like if he'd never been born.
5) John has insomnia and Sherlock decides to run experiments to help him pass the time
6) Sarah and Molly track down the guys when they’re at the pool in TGG
7) Sherlock is surprised by John’s Scottish accent when talking to Harry
8) Sherlock suffers from recurrent depressive episodes
9) Sherlock and Mycroft are really angry, they yell at each other in French.
10) Sherlock arranges to be kidnapped, but doesn’t tell John
11) Sherlock is very possessive and keeps marking John
12) The reason Sherlock isn't really into food is because he has no sense of taste.
13) Sherlock condescends to playing a sport, ending up all sweaty and dirty and panting...
14) Errant comment
15) Every 6 months or so, John freaks out and Sherlock has to be the responsible one
16) Sherlock appears obsessed with John’s hands, observing how a left-handed person copes
17) Someone catches Lestrade speaking French
18) Harry Potter crossover. John is a wizard, Sherlock is a muggle
19) Mycroft/anyone. Hand fetish.
20) Someone is caught listening to embarrassing pop music
21) art prompt. Sherlock and baby John
22) Sherlock and Jim get into a proper physical fight, but are both utterly crap at it
23) Mycroft/Umbrella. Mycroft loves his umbrella
24) Sherlock reading to a child
25) Lestrade/girl!John

20: Someone is Caught Listening to Embarrassing Pop Music

Fill to #20:

1) John dealing with Sherlock’s black moods
2) Lestrade and Sherlock are fuck buddies and John joins them one day.
3) Five times Mycroft Holmes couldn't be damned to get up to do anything; once when he could.
4) Sherlock experiments on a virgin female!John
5) A telegram from Jim
6) Either Sherlock or John is Sailor Moon. The other one is Tuxedo Mask.
7) Sherlock and John in soap opera situations
8) Sherlock/Molly; there might be more to women than he had previously concluded
9) Sherlock/Buffy Summers
10) Something involving Sherlock and/or Watson and a grown up Shirley Holmes
11) Mycroft gets a text and calls back with a three-word response.
12) John gets bad news and the others comfort him
13) Sherlock meets John McClane and wonders how he’s still alive
14) Moriarty getting off involves pictures of horribly mutilated bodies on the ceiling over his bed.
15) Jim’s horrible childhood/youth
16) Sherlock thought he had John all figured out, and then he found a vagina between his legs.
17) John goes to a reunion rugby match and takes Sherlock with him
18) Sherlock and John having sex in Mycroft’s bed
19) Moran dies before Moriarty does. Is Jim's reaction human, or is he ever the psycho? Or both?
20) Sherlock/internal vibrator.
21) Mummy died
22) Sherlock (or John if we want to do this vicariously) has jury duty.
23) Sherlock finds photos of a tiny John and thinks about what John's children would look like. Or his own. Or John's and his.
24) Sherlock is bored and fucks produce.
25) Sherlock makes fun of Mycroft's weight is because Sherlock himself is a chubby chaser




#8 - Sherlock/Mycroft blackmail


#7 serial killer au (Anonymous) Expand

#4 - John is an empath (Anonymous) Expand

Filled #25

Full prompt: "Sherlock *loves* sucking cock. Write me a story from his point of view, in great detail, how much it is that he enjoys cock-sucking."


Fill #15 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John is Moriarty and Sherlock gets revenge
2) Five times John said something to Sherlock and he didn't care and the one time he said something that really hurt.
3) Sherlock doesn’t enjoy sex as much as John hoped he would
4) Future Army Doctor John is a recovering in a high tech rehabilitation unit. Sherlock is the unit's AI.
5) Sherlock outs Lestrade as gay in front of his whole crew, just in passing, like a man who has no idea what decorum is would.
6) Sherlock goes to John in a panic when he feels aroused
7) Sherlock and John end up in Royston Vasey to solve a crime and stumble into the "Local".
8) Sherlock or John used to be a teen pop sensation
9) Errant comment
10) Sherlock finds John unconscious
11) The pool scene was set up to see how much Sherlock cared about John
12) John uses Old Spice to seduce Sherlock
13) BBC!Mycroft meets Ritchie!Mycroft
14) John and Sherlock fin themselves in the 1800s
15) Metamorphosis crossover. Sherlock is a bug
16) Sherlock is pushed to the edge, then has a suction pump attached to his cock
17) Mycroft/Sherlock filthy incest
18) Mycroft/Sherlock/John John knows they’re using him to get each other
19) Mycroft curing his boredom
20) Mycroft and Sherlock get into a fight at a Turkish bath
21) Terminator crossover. Sherlock and John join the resistance.
22) Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and tries to induce Stockholm syndrome
23) Sherlock relationship with Sebastian
24) John and Sherlock have sex while Sherlock is out of his mind on something and he doesn’t remember later
25) Sherlock accidentally sends John away to get wanked in a massage parlour.


Full Prompt:
Make it as filthy as you like.


#9 - errant comment!fic (Anonymous) Expand
1) Vampire Diaries crossover. Katherine goes to London and meets Sherlock and John
2) Mycroft angst
3) Dystopian future where Sherlock is a drug-addicted cowboy and John is his long-suffering partner
4) Mycroft and Lestrade were childhood friends and/or went to university together.
5) Fetishes conversation. Feet, choking, jumpers
6) Molly used to be Sherlock’s assistant
7) Fullmetal alchemist crossover. Sherlock finds Hoenheim’s journals
8) John, in court, on Tuesday, getting an ASBO (or not).
9) Sherlock and John’s plane crashes in the Scottish highlands
10) Mycroft's flies are open, and nobody dares tell him his cock is out.
11) John overhears a plan to kill Sherlock, but then gets amnesia
12) Sherlock wakes up in hospital and is surprised to see Mycroft, slumped in a chair next to his bed, snoring.
13) Mycroft protects John and makes sure Sherlock knows how special he is
14) Mycroft and Sherlock dress in drag and pretend to be sisters.
15) Sherlock and John bake a cake for Mrs. Hudson’s birthday.
16) Sherlock is in shock and everyone’s worried.
17) John gets Sherlock to detox
18) John gives Sherlock chocolate and he gets a sugar rush
19) Sherlock abuses John on a regular basis, to the point of suicide.
20) Sherlock begins courting John
21) Someone thinks they’re becoming a vampire
22) Sherlock gets his foot caught in an escalator and panics.
23) Someone bad mouths Lestrade in front of Sherlock and he tells that bitch off.
24) Sherlock gets a headache and John gives him a head massage
25) Project Runway AU


Sherlock gets a headache and John, sick of the whining, gives him a head massage. It should be very business-like at first but then John gets lost in how soft and lush Sherlock's hair is. Meanwhile Sherlock is melting into a helpless puddle of arousal. There can be sexytimes but they aren't required. Just PLEASE give me lots of hair stroking and caresses. PLEASE!

Filled here:

#1 - Sherlock ravishes John very thoroughly


1) Lestrade/Sherlock Sherlock gets off on being insulted
2) Sherlock and John as The Persuaders Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde.
3) Sherlock and John go undercover in the office
4) Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson are the leaders of the Sherlock/John fanclub
5) John taught Sherlock how to fall in love, but he never taught him how to fall out if it
6) Mycroft's new PA is a cute gay guy who is receptive to John's flirting.
7) Steampunk!Sherlock
8) Torchwood crossover. Lestrade calls Sherlock in on a case in Cardiff
9) Mycroft has to deal with Sebastian from Little Britain.
10) Sherlock has pneumonia, but continues working on his case
11) Sherlock and John go shopping and Sherlock gets skin tight jeans
12) Doctor Who, the Christmas Invasion. Sherlock doesn’t know why John’s on the roof
13) John gets pregnant and Sherlock reads the baby bedtime stories
14) Sherlock used to be engaged to Mrs. Hudson's daughter, Irene Adler.
15) After a fight or an accident Sherlock ends up with scars, and it upsets him more than he thought it would.
16) The helmet of Sherlock's penis looks like a miniature version of Sherlock's head.
17) Sherlock tries to rescue John when he’s kidnapped, but something happens and Sherlock snaps
18) Anything involving Sherlock being hypnotized.
19) John finds a stack of journals in Sherlock’s room and finds out they’re the descendants of Holmes and Watson
20) John bakes Sherlock a cake and gives some to Mycroft.
21) Preteen Sherlock and John falling for each other
22) John genuinely believes he has no interest in Sherlock until Sherlock brings a date home.
23) Little!Sherlock tells Mummy he wants to marry Mycroft.
24) Mycroft slept his way up the career ladder because he wanted to.
25) Harry and Mycroft are gay, but they question their sexuality when they meet.

John and Sherlock go shopping, Sherlock gets the jeans he wore in the unaired pilot...
Do what ever!!

Filled here:

#1 - Five differences between Sherlock and Mycroft


Molly/Anthea (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is/becomes Inspector Gadget...
2) Red Eye crossover. Jackson Rippner is Moran
3) Sherlock speaks to Mummy in a southern American accent.
4) Sherlock and John get together, and Sherlock is happy. He's so happy, it's starting to scare people.
5) Sherlock misses something not particularly obvious and calls himself stupid for it
6) Art of Sherlock in an apron and John with chocolate smudges.
7) A shattered, heartbroken Sherlock in unrequited love with John.
8) Moriarty plans to kill Sherlock, but he's waiting for it to be a special occasion. In the meantime, he masturbates over it.
9) Sherlock likes to climb things
10) Mummy found out that Sherlock has a friend and insists he bring this John fellow around for Christmas.
11) so I woke up without pants, but my cardigan was still on and fully buttoned. curious.
12) Sherlock tests an aphrodisiac on John without telling him first.
13) Sherlock locks himself out of the flat while it’s raining and has to wait for John
14) Mummy is M from James Bond
15) John is hurt physically. Sherlock is hurt emotionally. There is comfort
16) When Sherlock misbehaved as a child, someone would sit on him. John finds this out and decides to try it
17) Mycroft gets hurt and Sherlock worries
18) John tugs on Sherlock's hair and Sherlock realizes that it's very stimulating.
19) Sherlock ties John up kinbaku-style.
20) Song prompt
21) Sherlock and John Sleep together, Mycroft catches the act on his surveillance he's set up in the flat
22) Sherlock is a Cleric and John is a member of the resistance who just wants to feel
23) Video prompt
24) Sherlock becomes well-known and famous abroad, and is invited to go on a Japanese variety show.
25) FTM Sherlock goes into great detail about how amazing it feels when John sucks his cock.

#4 - fill

Sherlock and John just got together, and Sherlock is happy. Very happy. Deliriously happy.

He's so happy, it's starting to scare people. >>

FILL: The Kind of Smile That Makes You Duck and Cover

Re: #4 - fill (Anonymous) Expand
#13 - wet!sherlock (Anonymous) Expand
1) Everyone is an animal.
2) Lestrade is hurt/sick
3) Word prompt, skull, scarf, riding crop, violin, cell phone, coat
4) A riot breaks out, so Sherlock, John and Mrs. Hudson protect Baker Street.
5) Lestrade/Sherlock daddy!kink.
6) Dr. Cox was John's mentor.
7) Sherlock was turned on by the thought that John was Moriarty
8) Dirty talk in foreign languages.
9) Moriarty kidnaps John and manipulates him to his side
10) Lestrade abbreviates his first name because he’s embarrassed about it
11) Deathstar canteen
12) John and Sherlock have a big fight, and Mycroft ends up having to act as mediator
13) Sherlock has connections to the homeless population of London is because he used to be homeless
14) Mycroft and Sherlock swap bodies.
15) 'The fact that you could barely do more than slur incoherent sentences didn't stop you from correcting her grammar'
16) Mycroft loses his legendary control when Sherlock is shot during a case
17) Sherlock and John have professional sex on the kitchen table
18) Sherlock moves in with Mycroft as a teen
19) John is kidnapped and swapped for an alien that wants to collect the wolrd's greatest detective's sperm
20) Sherlock/John, watersports
21) five times someone called John a ridiculous pet name he hates, and the one time he's never minded so much.
22) Sherlock cracks his head and becomes disabled. John has to deal with this.
23) Five times Lestrade dreamed about having sex with John Watson and one time it was real.
24) Consensual, kinky Jim/John
25) Moriarty doesn’t go back to the pool and Sherlock is super-protective of John.

Filled #3

The story behind:

1. The skull.
2. The scarff.
3. The coat.
4. The riding crop.
5. The cellphone.
(6. The violin)


1) Sherlock and Lestrade have a romantic history, involved for almost a year before.
2) Sherlock, John, Mycroft and Lestrade are the best team of con artists Modern London has ever seen.
3) Sherlock to take part in mixed martial arts matches.
4) The Beekeeper's Apprentice.
5) John dies in Sherlock's arms....or John dies off screen. Sherlock decides he will hunt the killer.
6) Sherlock freaks out and withdraws whenever John calls him beautiful as a result of Sherlock being sexually abused when younger.
7) John and Sherlock dress up as Victorians to infiltrate a party/convention.
8) Established relationship, Lestrade has to convince Mycroft that he is his one and only.
9) Sherlock doing drugs.
10) Mycroft shares his drugs with Sherlock, but when he stops, Sherlock doesn't.
11) How the relationship changes-grows-weakens when John loses his sense of hearing after an accident caused by Sherlock.
12) Major, hardcore UST for Mycroft.
13) Sherlock puts amphetamines in John's tea.
14) Sherlock is a celebrity, becomes ill and hires a personal doctor--John Watson.
15) Sherlock is distracted, John is being stalked by a disgruntled patient, Mycroft lets both Sherlock and the patient know that's not okay.
16) Moriarty can make his voice sound like Sherlock's. He uses this to seduce John in the dark.
17) Sherlock shaving Mycroft with a straight razor. Make it as sexual tension filled as possible.
18) Water sports, An unwilling Sherlock is used as a urinal.
19) Something that starts out consensual, but very quickly turns into something much less so and much more painful, with John in control.
20) Sherlock sends John a typo.
21) Sherlock takes things literally and John says "Ugh, Fuck me."
22) Sherlock learns a song on his violin and convinces John to sing the lyrics with it. This turns them both on.
23) Correcting grammar during sex, John/Sherlock.
24) Harry shows up to 221b completely shit-faced to yell at John, then torn into by Sherlock....and Mycroft.
25) "I hate you." "No you don't."

Full Prompt:

Sherlock freaks out and withdraws whenever John calls him beautiful. It turns out Sherlock was sexually abused when he was younger and the abuser called him beautiful.


over at my livejournal: Beauty is a bad thing?

#2 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #6 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John was the first person Harry came out to in high school, and became her protector and support against bigots and bullies.
2) Sherlock and John go to a boxer's gym as part of an investigation and Sherlock gets in the ring
3) Sherlock investigates a case and is poisoned
4) Sherlock’s fitness routine
5) John accidentally shoots Sherlock while on a case
6) Sebastian starts stalking Sherlock
7) John and Sherlock play good cop/bad cop
8) John and Sherlock attend a costume Halloween party and Sherlock finds a criminal.
9) Sherlock goes commando
10) Sherlock’s enemies team together to get revenge
11) Sherlock gets drunk and is very happy
12) Mycroft created John's penis, and he wants it back.
13) Star Trek: The original series crossover
14) Sherlock wasn't aiming for the bomb. He was aiming for Moriarty's foot.
15) Sherlock gets onto TV Tropes to research a case and he can't leave!!!!! Cue John.
16) John hates being on the bottom, but Sherlock doesn’t know
17) Sherlock doesn’t want people knowing he’s dating John for fear of others looking down on John
18) Mycroft has manipulated everything and everyone in Sherlock's life
19) Sherlock and Mycroft didn’t grow up together, and when they met, it was genetic sexual attraction
20) John discovers that Sherlock has a pet rat which he keeps in his room and dotes on.
21) Sherlock and John are equals and no one is always on top.
22) After their parents die, Mycroft starts acting as a father figure and Sherlock loathes it
23) The pilot is an alternate reality and the two Sherlock trade places.
24) Mycroft proposes to Lestrade in some hugely public way
25) John is mugged and Mycroft comes along to take care of him

John discovers that Sherlock has a pet rat which he keeps in his room and dotes on.

Bonus if it's just a random wild rat that Sherlock found rather than something he bought.


# 23 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John and Sherlock, kidnapped, thrown in a room together, naked.
2) "If you want me, you can have me."
3) Five times Lestrade failed at romance, and one time he got it right.
4) Pokemon crossover.
5) John falls under the spell of the giggle loop
6) Sherlock is scared of the dentist, so John has to drag him to the appointment and hold his hand
7) Back to the Future, except when John goes back in time Sherlock is way hot and John is sexually confused.
8) **
9) "Mr. Holmes, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"
10) John goes into Sherlock’s room and finds out he has a secret pet.
11) Sherlock has a child, or Sherlock and John both have kids when they meet.
12) John accidentally ________ the whole Holmes family.
13) Scanners crossover. Sherlock is a renegade psychic
14) Lord of the Rings crossover. Pippin and Sherlock compare scarves.
15) Sherlock seduces John by talking in the dark. No touching until the end.
16) Sherlock speaks Dutch while having sex
17) John is kidnapped and Sherlock finds him several days later strapped to a dildo machine
18) John is the top and decides to try something new and different
19) Fanvid to ‘If I Had a Million Dollars’ by Barenaked ladies
20) John/Lestrade with Sherlock watching and getting off on telling them what to do
21) His collegues want Lestrade to be part of the Scotland Yard Nude Calender for charity.
22) Mycroft reflects about the brother he has, and the brother he lost.
23) A day in the life of Mycroft. Involves being charming in some situations and frighteningly threatening in other instances.
24) Sherlock and John flip a coin to see who tops
25) Moriarty forces a mortified John to do a strip-tease in front of him and Sherlock

Filled #5

The prompt: John knows/believes that Sherlock isn't sexually experienced, and doesn't want to screw up by denting his pride or embarrassing him during their first time. Their tentative first encounter is going well, until...

...John falls under the spell of THE GIGGLE LOOP

Fortunately for John, Sherlock is suppressing an even bigger Giggle Loop of his own.

(Bonus if their later shags also tend to collapse into giggling, including (especially?) when they're next door to a roomful of police.)

The Fill: The Giggle Loop (

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