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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1. Sherlock has a hard time dealing with accidental betrayals.
2. Moriarty kidnaps Irene.
3. The real reason Sherlock finally got clean is because she discovered that she’d miscarried the child she never even realized she was having.
4. John has writer's block. Sherlock helps to cure it with yummy smut.
5. John as a BAMF who BAMFs while BAMFing during a smack down.
6. Lestrade's partner is transexual.
7. Sherlock is pregnant. Problem is, mpreg is something that only happens in fiction.
8. Assassin's Creed crossover.
9. Portal 2 crossover.
10. For a case Sherlock has John dye his hair and wear an amazingly tailored suit.
11. Sherlock floundering about as he tries to deduce who it is that John has painted so lovingly.
12. Anthea = Lisbeth Salander in disguise.
13. Soldiers fighting with each other with kittens instead of guns.
14. How a Criminal Mastermind discovers, uses, then falls in love with a poor, down on his luck ex-military sniper named Sebastian Moran.
15. Sherlock tries to make pigs fly to get his way.
16. Jude!Watson helps BBC!John devise a strategy to seduce Sherlock.
17. Sherlock might have a phobia about sex. He's gonna treat it with science, more or less.
18. Anderson is Mycroft's husband.
19. Mycroft/Sherlock.
20. In order to save Mycroft's life (Moriarty has rigged his offices to blow) Sherlock must confront his brother and hurt him as much as he possibly can.
21. Sherlock and John are having sex when Lestrade/Donovan/Anderson walk in on them.
22. Lestrade accidentally finds out how ticklish Mycroft is.
23. A chain of goodness.
24. John/Molly.
25. Errant comment.

Prompt: When Sherlock had oh so casually made his suggestion, and John had promptly replied with a snort and a 'When pigs fly,' well... In his defence, he really hadn't meant for Sherlock to take that as a challenge.

He should have know better.

A.K.A.: Sherlock tries to make pigs fly to get his way.

Because mechanical flight would be cheating

Fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand
5no24jmy (Anonymous) Expand
1. Someone has to tell someone else they just aren't in love with them.
2. Fail sex that doesn’t get solved just accepted.
3. Sherlock loves music.
4. Five times Sherlock and Lestrade had sex somewhere other than a bed, and the first time they were in bed.
5. Captain Planet crossover.
6. My Little Pony crossover.
7. Some of the boys is attracted to some other guy who is straight. So he takes a potion that will turn him into a woman for a certain amount of time.
8. Jim/Seb based on Kiss With A Fist by Florence & The Machine.
9. The Giver fusion.
10. Sherlock and John have to take care of a de-aged Jim.
11. Mycroft gave Lestrade a Rolex for their anniversary.
12. A zombie virus is released, and the survivors gather in a secure compound.
13. Sherlock is losing his memory, and refuses to believe or admit it.
14. Sherlock comes face to face with someone who bullied him at school.
15. Mycroft feels too self-conscious about his looks when he's in anything but his fine, expensive three piece suit.
16. Sherlock and John meet through Craiglist’s casual encounters.
17. Sherlock (or Mycroft) does the Twelve Days of Christmas. Their beloved is NOT AMUSED.
18. Moran is more of a Rory William's type of character. Jim loves watching him calmly, perfectly, effortlessly killing people.
19. BBC!Watson retelling of Guy Ritchie!Watson's stag party and wedding.
20. He's Just Not That Into You fusion.
21. Sherlock/Irene.
22. When John starts hitting on Irene, Sherlock gets surprisingly jealous.
23. All of the characters in the Jersey Shore house.
24. How does John cope with having a whole family dying under his care?
25. Sherlock got the idea to become a consulting detective from Batman.

Sherlock/MLP FIM crossover
The twist? It has to be more to the mood of MLP than Sherlock.

Pictures Fill:
Pictures for inspiration

Fill #2

Prompt: Character A:"I kissed Mycroft!" Character B:"What!" Character A:"He told me I had to." Mycroft: "I did not!" Fill:

1. Sherlock is kidnapped, and it's not the torture that breaks him; it's the silence in between.
2. Our boys dressed up as Captain Hook and Smee.
3. Warehouse 13 crossover.
4. Sherlock/John sleepy sex in a non-established relationship.
5. Sherlock/John involving a vicar outfit.
6. Take your favorite quote from any movie/book/show/song and use it in a mini-fill.
7. BBC!John and Brett!Holmes.
8. Sherlock makes gingerbread cookies.
9. Discworld crossover.
10. Instead of recommending a blog, John's therapist recommends a dating site.
11. Molly/Anthea.
12. Mycroft and Sherlock are planning to steal Santa’s Christmas technology.
13. Teen!Lestrade, middle-aged!Mycroft.
14. Supernatural crossover.
15. Goldi!John and the Three Sherlocks.
16. When it looks like John’s injuries have hit a psychological wall, they call in Sherlock Holmes, psychologist extraordinaire.
17. Sherlock and John both fake their deaths.
18. Sherlock and John meet the only other person in the world who might be able to call himself a consulting detective - Adrian Monk.
19. Jim likes both Molly and Seb. Jim always gets what he wants, ergo he has a relationship with both of them at the same time.
20. Sherlock keeps small people in a jam jar.
21. Sherlock is doing something to the Pink Panther theme song.
22. Irene Adler shapes Molly into her own version of John Watson.
23. "You'll have to explain to me what exactly is going on here. I'm afraid that even I can't deduce what's happening."
24. John/Anderson or Sherlock/John/Anderson.
25. Two or more characters being forced to play Russian Roulette.

Re: Part 23 Page 16

#9 - Discworld crossover

Filled here:

Filled #6 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Someone breaks up with John; Sherlock comforts him.
2. Sherlock thinks John is dead and breaks down in front of Lestrade, Anderson, and Donovan. Then John shows up and isn't dead.
3. John/Sherlock: One of them falls into icy cold water. The other saves his life by sharing body heat.
4. Lestrade/Moriarty: Foreskin play.
5. John and Sherlock are taken captive by Moriarty. Non-con ensues.
6. Sherlock teases Mycroft about his weight because it’s the only thing that embarrasses him.
7. Sherlock has a prince albert piercing. Someone else finds out just as they are about to have sex.
8. Sherlock's previous flatmates.
9. Mycroft used to be an extremely shy boy and preferred sign language to communicate with people back then.
10. Either John or Sherlock's sick with a cold and the other has to take care of them.
11. Someone is stuck in the hospital and can’t have visitors.
12. Moran’s full name is Sebastian Dylan Moran and he is the most hilariously incompetent evil henchman Moriarty has.
13. Sherlock is angsting about how to tell John about his feeling when he hears That's How You Know from Enchanted.
14. Both Sherlock and John are slaves. As ponies.
15. Sherlock is a bratty 14 year old student being taught the piano by 30 year old teacher John... feelings develop.
16. Everyone makes resolutions for the new year to change their lives. What are their resolutions and who do they involve?
17. Mrs. Hudson concocts various beverages and brews.
18. An AU in which memories are tangible.
19. Character A was raped as a child. They're fine now, but sometimes they have vicious flashbacks. Character B offers comfort.
20. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo crossover.
21. One of the ladies being awesome at a job they love.
22. Lestrade's family has a genetic trait. He's had silver hair since he was 18.
23. Sherlock set in a world from a different fandom.
24. Sticking your tongue in the middle of a blossom, sucking the juice off each petal.
25. Anything with Sherlock and those sparkly shoes that I've seen Benedict wear.


Prompt: An AU in which memories are tangible.

It one day strikes Sherlock to wallpaper the flat with the happy days of his childhood.


1. Sherlock shamelessly uses John as an "external hard drive".
2. Someone fighting sleep.
3. Over the course of a few cases Sherlock discovers that John is a REALLY good thief.
4. Sherlock tries sex with John and hates it - John is hurt.
5. Werewolf!Sherlock meets kiddie!John.
6. Sherlock has a plan to lure out the bad guy but it involves manipulating John's emotions.
7. Someone discovers someone else wearing stockings.
8. X-Men First Class crossover.
9. Mycroft and Lestrade are married. Mycroft gets custody of kid!Sherlock. Sherlock loves Lestrade and wants him.
10. Sherlock and John spend the New Year's eve together, drinking champagne and fooling around.
11. Sally Donovan has a hobby.
12. Prompt freeze.
13. Sherlock sleepwalks. John gets him to do ridiculous things in his sleep until one night, Sherlock wakes up.
14. Prompt freeze over.
15. Irene sends Sherlock text-instructions of what to do with John in bed.
16. Sherlock/Lestrade post ASiB.
17. Mycroft takes the blame for the Bond Flight falling through, and has to suffer through his 'Masters' punishment to protect Sherlock.
18. Molly/Lestrade.
19. Lestrade's marriage is failing. Mycroft's alone and afraid of letting himself get close to someone. They meet and fall in love.
20. Why do I keep ending up getting carried by just about everyone I know?
21. Mycroft isn't like Sherlock, he loves and he cares and he hurts. But he hides this from his brother.
22. Mycroft and Lestrade take care of a de-aged Sherlock.
23. John is inexplicably turned back into a seventeen year old and is horny all the time.
24. Tell your brother you are alive, Sherlock, or I'll come after you.
25. Sherlock will never admit it, but nothing hurts him more than Mycroft being disappointed in him.

Misread a previous prompt....
so, werewolf!Sherlock meets kiddie!John.

(the prompt I misread was on page 61 of the previous part.)

A little fill for a little John

1. Sherlock tries to compose a song for John.
2. How Irene/Sherlock evolves over the years.
3. "Come on, John, the man's hanging round with you, there must be something wrong with him."
4. It only takes John a few days to realise Irene Adler is still alive.
5. Sherlock was the person to break Mycroft's heart and teach him feelings are a disadvantage.
6. John is in love with Sherlock. Sherlock sees, but he does not observe.
7. "I imagine John Watson thinks love's a mystery to me."
8. Lestrade catches up with Sherlock when John laughs at his website.
9. In a future Christmas, Sherlock invites Mycroft over.
10. Irene's demand that would take so much from the country? She wants Sherlock.
11. Sherlock finds he has to understand exactly everything about sexual domination.
12. "Please snog him before he talks himself into a panic attack."
13. Prolonged John whump.
14. Jealousy Sherlock and John feel over the other's partners or interests.
15. John is ridiculously easy to kidnap. All you have to do, seemingly, is drive up in a black car and he'll assume it's Mycroft.
16. Harry Potter AU that focuses on Mycroft, with him as a Slytherin.
17. Sherlock/Irene/John.
18. Sherlock/Irene; sexting.
19. After leaving John thinking he's dead, Sherlock deals with rather foreign feelings of guilt and loneliness.
20. Mycroft/Sherlock prostitute/client role play at the Diogenes.
21. Irene/Kate.
22. Irene just can't resist a good pun.
23. Sherlock and Mycroft share a cigarette after making love.
24. Sherlock thinks it's perfectly reasonable to provide jerk-off material, so he walks around 221B naked.
25. Mycroft is a serial murderer who killed everyone on the plane so that he wouldn't be bested by the terrorist organisation/Moriarty.


Full Prompt: John is ridiculously easy to kidnap. All you have to do, seemingly, is drive up in a black car and he'll assume it's Mycroft.


Filled #1 (Anonymous) Expand
Another fill for #1 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #17 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
1. John is secretly a member of a medieval reenactment group.
2. John is a violin. Sherlock is a violinist. Together they make beautiful music.
3. Sherlock and Mycroft aren’t human.
4. Some BBM chats between some of the main characters.
5. Artemis Fowl crossover.
6. Post-ASIB John/Sherlock angst with a happy ending.
7. Here's your challenge: 500 words, 10 minutes, no editing.
8. Mycroft and John friendship, with jealous Sherlock.
9. John/Joan Watson is a fairy godfather/mother!
10. Dialogue prompt.
11. John and Sherlock are now sort-of public figures. What do the broadsheets/tabloids/magazines write about them?
12. Moriarty makes Sherlock fuck John after the pair have been captured sneaking around one of Moriarty's bases.
13. If Mycroft ever found out about dark!John.
14. Five times Mrs Hudson looked after the boys and one time they looked after her.
15. Mycroft/Sherlock – leash.
16. John has a "bad day" and reminds Sherlock that he's the one in control.
17. Sherlock is dying, and John tells him he loves him. It’s a lie.
18. Jim Moriarty/Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes.
19. 1984 AU, in which Sherlock is working for the party.
20. John meeting a bamf!Sherlock cross dressing.
21. Who died and who broke Mycroft's heart?
22. Mycroft raised Sherlock.
23. Mycroft and Sherlock, who can turn into dragons, oppressively rule a magical underground kingdom.
24. Characters all lose consciousness, and when they wake up they don’t remember who they are.
25. The Virgin and Ice Man are Sherlock and Mycroft's super hero aliases.

1. Sherlock and John end up in Irene's dungeon having to play games with her and her assistant.
2. Lestrade fingers Mycroft as Mycroft tried to keep quiet because John and Sherlock and sleeping in the bed next to them.
3. Fem!John has scars, and isn't ashamed of them and doesn't try to hide them, even though people usually stare.
4. Sherlock's very light chest hair.
5. John encourages Sherlock to date, it doesn’t go well.
6. Doctor Who crossover.
7. John has a deep-seated and long denied interest in being dominated.
8. Fic with PTSD that's more amusing and harmless than angsty and crippling.
9. Moriarty wants to change the nicknames he gave to the Holmes brothers.
10. Irene/Sherlock/John.
11. Irene reveals Moriarty's nickname for John: The Puppy.
12. Irene prompts John/Sherlock anonymously.
13. Sherlock has bipolar disorder and Mycroft has major depressive episodes.
14. What do you get when you put a lesbian dominatrix, an asexual detective, and a heterosexual doctor in the same room?
15. Midsomer Murders crossover.
16. "I will turn you into shoes."
17. Joan is a bisexual woman in love with her flatmate who is actually asexual and in love with Irene who is very much gay.
18. Staying Alive is a ring tone on Moriarty's phone when he doesn't know who the caller is. What are assigned ringers for the gang?
19. John finds out that Sherlock lied about Irene and becomes self-destructive.
20. Mrs. Hudson is more shaken up by the events of ASiB than she lets on. Sherlock's the only one who notices.
21. John gets his own Moriarty.
22. Fem!Sherlock/Irene.
23. John is jealous of Irene so he tries to win over Sherlock by proving him he can be as sexy as her.
24. What if Irene actually got to have Sherlock on the desk until he begged for mercy... twice?
25. When John finds out Sherlock is still a virgin, he starts feeling undeniably attracted to this new, vulnerable self.


Full prompt: "I will turn you into shoes." - Moriarty has hilariously frightening during that scene. Give me a fic elaborating on that line.

Fill: "Shoes."

Fill #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1. What if John were the one to compliment Sherlock by saying things like he'll have him on his desk?
2. While punching each other in the alley, Sherlock and John are unexpectedly turned on.
3. Irene doms the hell out of Anthea, who loves every second of it.
4. Irene/Sherlock non-sexual BDSM.
5. John/Sherlock Post ASIB werewolf!AU.
6. John fucks Sherlock over that posh couch in the palace. Mycroft walks in.
7. Mycroft and Sherlock being BAMF Holmes brothers together.
8. Sherlock and Irene have baby. They name the baby Hamish.
9. Mycroft/Molly: romance at the morgue.
10. Sherlock calls Mycroft "The Queen" because he knows Mycroft has dealt with a lot of homophobia and gay-bashing in his life.
11. Drugged!Sherlock is a toppy virgin.
12. Moriarty deflowering Sherlock.
13. Sherlock as a pirate, John as his second in command.
14. Mycroft fucking Sherlock in one of his huge double beds, with them sharing a special bond that only they have.
15. After three years of thinking Sherlock is dead John gets a very simple text. "I'm not dead; let's have dinner. -SH"
16. Irene makes Sherlock beg for mercy... twice.
17. After Sherlock's comment at the Christmas party, Molly considers having a boob job.
18. How Mycroft/Lestrade got together, broke up, got back together, separated disastrously and finally stopped being stubborn and wed.
19. Holmes boys have excellent timing.
20. Someone makes Mycroft cry. Sherlock is not happy.
21. Irene/John/Sherlock spanking.
22. Moriarty is a closet Top Gun fan.
23. Lestrade is a great foster parent. John and Sally are his adopted kids.
24. Genderswap porn.
25. Whenever he gets drunk Sherlock would always think John is his favorite lost childhood toy.

Prompt: Whenever he gets drunk Sherlock would always think John is his favorite lost childhood toy and would do things like hug him and tell him how they're going on adventures.


Edited at 2012-01-18 08:52 am (UTC)

1. When Mycroft steps on the sheet, John sees why Sherlock was completely covered.
2. Sherlock becomes annoyed because he always thought he was attractive enough and never heard John once say, "I'd fuck you, Sherlock" or anything.
3. In return for saving her life, Irene pulls out all of her tricks to give Sherlock the one thing he needs most in the world: John.
4. Rewrite something you didn’t like about ASIB.
5. Sherlock fetches Mrs. Hudson an orange shock blanket.
6. Sherlock and John save Irene, and after the mess, John is gone.
7. Dark!John split personality.
8. After the 007 Plane Thing fails, Mycroft is in Very Big Trouble with his superiors.
9. Molly/Lestrade.
10. John and Mycroft get into a huge heated argument over Sherlock.
11. John knows that Sherlock actually was on hand and saved Irene.
12. John and Irene have sex in the warehouse.
13. Sherlock dies and John’s life falls apart. Irene steps in.
14. Sherlock will put a collar on John, and when Sherlock thinks John needs it will put a leash on him.
15. Alpha werewolf!Irene.
16. The Flight of the Dead turns out to be zombies.
17. John says he would die for Sherlock.
18. Mycroft never has sex with the same man twice.
19. Sherlock and John laughing.
20. Irene taking Sherlock's virginity.
21. Moriarty gets off on fantasizing about injuring John.
22. Monster!Sherlock and Hunter!John.
23. Sherlock flipping out over John being hurt.
24. Omega!Sherlock and alpha!John.
25. The man who holds Sherlock/John/Irene at gunpoint decides he's had enough, and has John shot in the shoulder.

Prompt: Okay, fandom: make it all better.

Seriously. If there's anything that's bothering you about Scandal, whether it's a few lines of dialogue or an entire plot point, then this prompt grants you full permission to write the fix of your choice.

Maybe you need an explanation for something. Write it. Maybe you want to rewrite a scene. Or add a missing one. Write that.


Okay. I look forward to it.


Yet another fill #4 (Anonymous) Expand
#6 aramuin Expand
FILL NOW FINISHED (#8) (Anonymous) Expand
#14 Fill (Anonymous) Expand
1. Demon!Sherlock and Demon hunter!John.
2. Mycroft punishes Sherlock for the plane fiasco and puts Irene to shame.
3. "I swear I'll shoot him if you come closer!" John shouted, keeping a tight grip on Sherlock with the gun still pointed at the detective's head.
4. In light of everything with Irene, John decides it's time he make a life for himself that doesn't revolve around Sherlock.
5. In Irene’s phone, there are pictures of Mycroft and Sherlock kissing.
6. Lestrade/Sherlock inspired by 2x1.
7. Sherlock is dating someone and asks John for advice, but doesn't let on that he's being abused.
8. Major Sherlock whump where the comfort is a long time in coming.
9. Sherlock fucks John for the first time after ASiB, and they become friends with benefits.
10. Mycroft knows Sherlock is only a virgin in the sense that he's never fucked anyone... been fucked? Oh yes.
11. Mycroft is a mutant.
12. Moran's made it his favorite game ever to switch the ring tone on Moriarty's phone without him noticing.
13. Irene is Moriarty's sister.
14. The person who called Jim at the pool? Yeah, that was Sebastian, telling Jim to back the fuck off because Sherlock was not bluffing.
15. Moriarty meets Ledger!Joker.
16. The Tournament fusion.
17. Sherlock/Molly Christmas fic.
18. John actually read Sherlock's dissertation on 243 types of tobacco ash.
19. Sherlock in the sheet.
20. Mycroft and John were totally on a date in that café.
21. Irene agrees to have vanilla sex with Sherlock.
22. Sherlock has two options: stay in London and finish the job he started, or get John out of harm's way and risk what he has worked for being destroyed.
23. "Marriage of the minds." Apply this to the Holmes brothers.
24. Mycroft gives Moriarty the full attention he's been seeking.
25. In order to protect his little brother, Mycroft gives himself up to Moriarty.

The person who called Jim at the pool? Yeah, that was Sebastian, telling Jim to back the fuck off because Sherlock was not bluffing.

What he offered to Jim as an alternative, well. Sebastian's very creative.

No Time For Invitations, just Count on the Reception

1. John takes Sherlock on a holiday to the Caribbean to go look at pirate lore.
2. Five times throughout their childhood that Sherlock asked Mycroft, "Have you ever wondered if there was something wrong with me?"
3. The ‘new’ boyfriend Molly’s going to see after the party is Moriarty.
4. John goes crazy with grief.
5. Irene needs a Sub to go undercover with her and thinks John would be perfect.
6. Mycroft decides that if Sherlock won’t bed John, he will.
7. Mycroft decides to let Moriarty have his way with him for one night in exchange for his secrecy.
8. One of John's bad days
9. Moriarty calls Sherlock the Virgin, but tonight he plans to change that.
10. Having a drugged virgin Sherlock at his mercy in the bed upstairs after all that is just too much for John to resist.
11. The American intruders rape John in front of Sherlock.
12. Irene tries to work out a balance between virgin!Sherlock, John and herself.
13. Mrs. Hudson still stands in the way of the camera phone. Sherlock arrives too late.
14. Jim turned people into shoes.
15. John crawls into bed with a recently-drugged-up-by-Irene-Adler!Sherlock.
16. Sherlock asks Irene to be his dom for a case.
17. Avengers crossover.
18. John has a secret.
19. Moriarty luring/taking/whatever Sherlock into his mansion and trapping him there.
20. Sherlock was a difficult, hyperactive and willful child.
21. Irene slept in Sherlock's bed and wore his robe. And now she's gone forever.
22. Sherlock/John: Five times the paper found the not to salacious truth about their home life.
23. A universe that's D/s AND Alpha/Omega.
24. Fem!Sherlock/Fem!John/Irene.
25. Instead of going back home after seeing Irene's corpse, Sherlock goes to Lestrade's.

# 2

#2 filled:

Fill # 13 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John and Sherlock fighting for fun and not pulling any punches.
2. Fans start using John's blog to post anonymous kink meme type prompts.
3. Moriarty has Sherlock dance with him in public at a (well-dressed) party.
4. Sherlock's 'danger nights' and John and Mycroft's growing 'friendship' over their concern for Sherlock.
5. What Sherlock would do for the people around him.
6. Irene and Sherlock in a luxury hotel in Karachi.
7. Sherlock is married to the only woman she ever submitted to.
8. Mycroft paired with that man in the palace.
9. Pirate AU.
10. Drugged!Sherlock/Drunk!Molly.
11. Sherlock is really a shape-shifting fox who is only allowed to live among people as long as no one discovers his secret.
12. Sherlock, Lestrade and the reindeer antlers.
13. Molly/Lestrade.
14. I would have you, right here on this desk, until you begged for mercy twice.
15. John taking care of Sherlock after he was whipped by Irene.
16. Irene and John team up to teach virgin Sherlock a thing or two about sex.
17. Sherlock and Mycroft have some victory sex after defeating Irene.
18. Mycroft/Harry.
19. Five times Mycroft Holmes said 'Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on' and one time he told him to take them off.
20. Lestrade has a side job as a professional dominant, and Mycroft seeks his service whenever his job becomes too stressful.
21. Mycroft was the one beaten by the CIA trained killers.
22. Sherlock was speechless around Irene because BDSM is his kink.
23. Someone is after John Watson.
24. Sherlock/Irene sexting.
25. Mycroft as alpha and Lestrade as an Omega.

John and Sherlock fighting for fun and not pulling any punches.

Why? For fun? Because they feel like it? Because they want to see who has the better fighting skills? Because someone pissed in their wheeties and they need to work out the frustration of that injustice?

Art Fill:

1. Dark!Molly/Sherlock.
2. Irene having Sherlock on a desk and making him beg for mercy.
3. Mycroft is fired - not because of the plane thingy, because he's grown to know too much.
4. Sherlock is not happy to be in the friend zone with John.
5. John inherits a fortune.
6. Sherlock told John he was incapable of abiding romantic love. It changes when he meets Irene.
7. Moriarty is playing with both Holmes brothers.
8. Every few months, Sherlock and Irene meet up at a new exotic locale to cause mayhem together, in and out of the bedroom.
9. John was in New Zealand to visit his cousin, Bilbo Baggins.
10. John and Irene knew each other long before each of them met Sherlock Holmes.
11. Mrs Hudson leaves Baker Street. England falls.
12. Anthea/John Watson.
13. Sheik!Sherlock.
14. Post-ASIB, Mycroft and Irene are the ones to deflower Sherlock.
15. Bartimaeus Trilogy AU.
16. John takes up boxing to work off his sexual frustration.
17. Dark!John takes virgin!Sherlock over that desk. And makes him beg three times, no problem.
18. Molly/Lestrade.
19. Lyrics prompt: Where Do You Go My Lovely – Peter Sarstedt.
20. John ‘freehands’ Watson is always naughty.
21. John is worried about Sherlock, and tells him that it's ok to be upset about Irene Adler.
22. Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock to keep him away from Irene, but Irene comes after them and there's an epic showdown.
23. Sherlock keeps putting John down to show off in front of Irene.
24. Insanity runs in the Holmes family. Every year, Mycroft and Sherlock have to go visit Mummy at the asylum and avoid upsetting her.
25. Molly/Lestrade porn.


Prompt: Mrs Hudson leaves Baker Street, England falls.


1. Sherlock returns and John has him up against the wall at gunpoint in 5 seconds flat demanding to know what 'the imposter' thinks he's doing.
2. Some Mycroft love.
3. Mrs Hudson/Irene.
4. Harry from Buckingham Palace is Harry Watson.
5. John steals Sherlock's phone and personalises his own text alert tone.
6. Irene's phone password is JOHN.
7. Sherlock figured out Flight 007=Bond Air only because John made him have a "Bond Night" all those months ago.
8. Someone comes to the startling realization that they've fallen in love.
9. John and Irene team up to seduce and deflower Sherlock.
10. "For the record, anyone out there who still cares, I'm not actually gay. Well I am."
11. John and Irene recognize each other from BDSM circles.
12. Jim and Irene are BFFs.
13. Mycroft/Sherlock: some brotherly discipline/spanking.
14. Mycroft has a very effective method to deal with spies that try to seduce secrets out of him: locking them in chastity belts until they're begging.
15. John and Sherlock have a river/doctor relationship.
16. Sherlock figures out that women are not really his area.
17. What does Sherlock observes/thinks about while listening in on Irene and John's conversation at the power station.
18. The Queen is secretly listening in on the bed-sheet scene.
19. Sometimes, when he's feeling very generous, Mycroft allows Sherlock and John to borrow Lestrade for the night.
20. John gets dumped, dates, and Sherlock gets possessive.
21. Sherlock and John return to London and visit Baker Street.
22. Sherlock Holmes, meet Patrick Jane.
23. Irene masturbates in The Coat before she returns it to Sherlock.
24. Kid!Sherlock having pirate adventures.
25. Sherlock has a thing for heartbeats, especially girl!John's.


Someone comes to the startling realization that they've fallen in love. In the same breath, they realize that the other person can/will never love them back. Rare pairings are love, but any one will do.


Fill 1: Mycroft (Mycroft/Moriarty)

Fill 2: Molly (Molly/Sherlock)

Fill 3: Lestrade (Lestrade/Molly)

Fill 4: John (John/Sherlock)

Fill 5: Sherlock (Sherlock/Irene and Sherlock/Moriarty)

Fill 6: Irene (Irene/Sherlock)

Fill 7: Moriarty (Jim/Carl Powers)

Filled#17 and 10 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
1. The way Irene treats royalty is the way Mycroft treats John. And John doesn't want Mycroft dominating anyone else.
2. Mycroft at work.
3. The drug Irene gave Sherlock was a powerful aphrodisiac, and when its effects took place Lestrade might have filmed them.
4. Fem!John's into chestbinding.
5. Sherlock dominating the hell out of Irene.
6. Even after he saves Irene, Sherlock is still not interested in sex.
7. Molly's thoughts before, during and after the Christmas gathering at 221b, and the unprecedented apology.
8. Doctor Who crossover.
9. Although Sherlock remains uninterested in sex, his interest in romantic involvement grows. So, Sherlock decides to woo a lover.
10. Jim the bomber, can he fix it? Jim the bomber, yes he ca--BOOM!
11. John/Sherlock: One of them is a monk and teacher. The other goes to school at the monastery. They fall in love.
12. Harry from Buckingham Palace is Harry Watson, John’s FtM brother.
13. The first time John introduces Sherlock as his best mate and how Sherlock reacts.
14. Moran hacked into Jim’s phone (again!) and changed it to an embarrassing ringtone.
15. Mod request.
16. Irene Adler is Bela Talbot.
17. Sherlock and John discovering the Kink Meme.
18. Irene goes to see her little sister: Molly.
19. Why is there a Cluedo board stabbed onto the wall above the mantelpiece?
20. Mycroft is a dad.
21. John, somehow, discovers that Sherlock "saved" Irene, that his time of "grief" months earlier was faked.
22. Sherlock/Lestrade: the wife thing is some elaborate code between them.
23. Children of Men AU.
24. Who was the dead woman Sherlock identified as Irene Adler in the morgue?
25. When Sherlock phoned Mycroft on Christmas Day, he wasn't home alone. Lestrade was upstairs getting ready for him.

# 19

# 19 filled:

1. Sherlock's had people doubt his asexuality ever since he could label himself so, but it's even worse after Irene.
2. Five instruments Sherlock can play perfectly and one he can't play at all, but he'd be damned if he didn't try.
3. Irene knows what one of the coppers likes.... can it be the adorable ginger one?
4. Mycroft was sexually assaulted when he was young.
5. The real reason Sherlock kept Irene's "special" text alert tone is because he doesn't know how to change it.
6. A Scandal in Belgravia with female!Sherlock.
7. John goes BAMF!protective on Irene.
8. Irene is a time traveller.
9. Sherlock and Jim are friends.
10. Doctor Who crossover.
11. "Then there was that really odd case with the melting laptop and the time Sherlock stole a bus."
12. Mary Morstan is John's Moriarty/Adler and they've been dancing with each other for a long time.
13. Molly is part of the "Baker Street family" and Sherlock wouldn't let anyone actually hurt her.
14. Sherlock/Irene Adler- Nocturnal penile tumescence.
15. Sexually Oblivious!Sherlock.
16. Dialogue prompt.
17. Mycroft's POV on the events from pool to Irene Adler.
18. Tamora Pierce's Tortall universe.
19. John always taking care of drugged-up!Sherlock.
20. Dom!John doesn't appreciate Miss Adler trying to move in on his territory. Sub!Sherlock doesn't appreciate being moved in on.
21. John's River of Denial damn finally breaks.
22. Sherlock doesn’t play the violin; he has a tiny mp3 player in his violin.
23. Sherlock/Irene: feeding kink.
24. Irene/Molly.
25. Sherlock is a meth addict.

Fill #1

Prompt: Sherlock's had people doubt his asexuality ever since he could label himself so, but it's even worse after Irene. The comments, the insinuations, the questions, things he's done so well to ignore and sidestep so far have increased tenfold and he can't take much more.

So what happens? What does Sherlock do or say?

I'd like John to be on Sherlock's side, but Bonus Points for Molly for clueing up and being on side too.

Filled here Choices -

Fill #7 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #13 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Someone comforting Mycroft.
2. Werewolfc-created-with-science.
3. Sherlock and Mycroft compete for Moriarty's attention.
4. Molly/Lestrade.
5. What goes through Sherlock's mind when he finds Irene Adler asleep in his bed?
6. D/s world AU where each Dom and sub pair are created for one another.
7. Knowing that he can destroy Molly makes Sherlock feel completely safe.
8. Sherlock's new VIP client isn't sure John can be trusted. Sherlock basically tells the client "John stays or you can get the fuck out."
9. John is a navy officer/doctor captured by a pirate crew.
10. Stuart: A Life Backwards crossover.
11. John/Sherlock/Irene: Sherlock suggest they try roleplaying.
12. John Watson decides to drown his misery over Sherlock's death in extreme sports and other dangerous and life threatening activities.
13. John and Irene suggest that Sherlock dress in drag. After much convincing, he agrees and they proceed to tag-team him.
14. An interesting case brings John and Sherlock to a rehab center where Mycroft once sent Sherlock.
15. Irene calls John when Sherlock freaks out before they have sex.
16. John is arrested for murdering his Dom. Sherlock doesn't believe John is capable, and interviews him.
17. John finding out that Irene tied Sherlock up and had her wicked way with an unwilling!Sherlock.
18. What starts out as a friendly tickle fight turns into something more when Sherlock suddenly comes in his pants.
19. Sherlock will never forget the day John came home after visiting a "sober" Harry, sporting fresh bruises from his big sister.
20. John starts dating Victor because he considers him to be an attainable version of Sherlock. Sherlock gets jealous.
21. Sherlock may not be interested in Molly, but Irene sure is.
22. Mycroft found Irene and made sure she did lose his head because Mycroft doesn't play nice nor fair.
23. Victor Trevor is a goat.
24. Irene and John wind up having hate sex. John turns out to be the kinkiest person Irene has ever been with.
25. Hghlander crossover.

Sherlock/John (Stuart: A Life Backwards crossover) Alexander/John
John's got a boyfriend, and Sherlock hates him. Alexander is modest, nice, normal, cooks a great curry (he calls it 'convict curry') and he's gotten a book published about his dead homeless friend. Alexander reads books about the colour mauve and brings John out on perfectly sane dates with walks in the park and ice cream and nose-rubbing and flowers. John is a little in love.

Sherlock's trying his best to compete, and resents it when he leaves the kitchen to let the experiment brew and finds Alexander and John snogging on the couch like teenagers.


I can live with vanity and puns (and morning temper runs)

1. Sherlock's passwords on his laptop are different measurements of John's body.
2. Sherlock’s a virgin and proud of it.
3. Sherlock is John's family as much as John is Sherlock's, but he'll be damned if he ever lets anyone find out.
4. Picture prompt.
5. Doctor Who crossover.
6. How did Molly found out about Jim?
7. Errant comment.
8. Dialogue prompt.
9. Something with Jeremy Wade in it.
10. Bakery AU where John is a baker and Sherlock is still a consulting detective.
11. Dom!John topping both Holmes boys.
12. After Reichenbach Falls, both Sherlock and Jim are alive. They are trapped together someplace.
13. Mycroft makes a mistake that causes Lestrade to ask for a break in their relationship. For the first time in his life Mycroft has to apologize and mean it.
14. The only clue/witness to a crime is a cat.
15. Sherlock realizes he's relying on his magnifying glass too often and decides to get a thick pair of glasses.
16. Doctor Who crossover.
17. What happens after the speckled-blonde-tobacco-ash exchange?
18. John/Lestrade/Mycroft.
19. The reason why Anderson knows so much about Dinosaurs is because there's one that lives in his home pretending to be his wife.
20. Three years after Sherlock's death at Reinchenbach, John gets a text message: I'm not dead. Let's have dinner.
21. What was Irene thinking while Sherlock was in the depths of his brain.
22. Secret Diary of a Call Girl crossover.
23. Moriarty tells Irene that Sherlock is a virgin, and that she is absolutely not allowed to alter this.
24. Sherlock Holmes is an extremely successful and highly devious dom/master. Irene Adler is an aloof consulting detective.
25. Sherlock/Mycroft bodyswap.

The reason why Anderson knows so much about Dinosaurs is because there's one that lives in his home pretending to be his wife. Even though it's male. Yes, it's that stupid, but Anderson loves him anyways (in a totally platonic way). (Think Dilbert Dinosaurs)

Fill: Suaropods are inconspicuous

1. Sherlock is the god of purity. Mycroft is the god of ice.
2. The day Lestrade called Sherlock a good man, he was pretty certain Sherlock couldn't hear him, because he was too busy crying.
3. Other times when Mycroft saw John and Sherlock behaving nothing like grown-ups.
4. The Woman is Mary Morstan.
5. How would pilot!Sherlock react to the events in A Scandal in Belgravia?
6. When she steals Sherlock's phone, she also uses it to send John naughty text messages, pretending to be Sherlock.
7. Irene going at Sherlock with a riding crop again.
8. Song prompt.
9. John is raped by one of the men who broke into Irene’s house.
10. Lestarde was at the Christmas party because he hoped to see Mycroft.
11. Irene is sneakily drugging Sherlock and having her wicked way with him while he sleeps.
12. Sherlock has sex with Molly while drunk.
13. Someone has changed Sherlock's main ringtone to Like a Virgin.
14. Sherlock is the one helping Mycroft finding love.
15. Sherlock tells John about Moriarty nicknames for the Holmes, and they laugh about "the virgin".
16. Mycroft wasn't alone on Christmas. He was with his partner, Victor Trevor.
17. Sherlock and John must pretend to get married for a case.
18. John decides to play matchmaker for Mycroft.
19. Jim giving Sebastian a blowjob with a gun pressed to the side of his head.
20. Good Omens crossover.
21. Whatever song you are listening to at the moment is now your prompt.
22. When they were younger, Mycroft enjoyed dressing baby!Sherlock up and playing tea parties.
23. Jim is not happy about Molly/Lestrade.
24. Sherlock tells Molly she looks nice.
25. After fighting their way away from the execution squad in Karachi, Sherlock asks Irene to have dinner with him.

Prompt: Whatever song you are listening to at the moment is now your prompt.

Artfill: Hey man, slow down (Radiohead's 'The Tourist')

Filled #2 (Anonymous) Expand

1. Mycroft knew Sherlock could crack the code and was just buying time by pretending to be defeated.
2. Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John - They've bonded/mated and now John's heat is coming and they have to prepare.
3. Mycroft thinks Moriarty is desperate for his attention. Moriarty just thinks it's some flirty texting.
4. Lost!Misunderstood!Hummingbird!Sherlock ends up in Animal Rescue Worker!John's care.
5. The morning after they have sex, Sherlock pretends nothing happened and John thinks it was a dream.
6. Sherlock believes he should fake his death, but he doesn’t want John to be angry.
7. What Sherlock and Sebastian were like at uni.
8. Mycroft was raped in the past, and knows that sex isn't something always pleasurable and could be a painful experience.
9. Image and quote prompt.
10. John finds out Sherlock didn't trust him to keep the secret that he was alive after Reichenbach.
11. John/Lestrade/Mycroft porn.
12. John/Stamford.
13. After the pool, how did John and Sherlock react when they got home?
14. Sherlock says "L O L smiley face kiss kiss hug".
15. Sherlock/John dialogue prompt.
16. Lestrade cheats on his wife with Sherlock.
17. Seb is not happy his red dot was called off at the last minute.
18. To thank Mycroft for the protection he grants her in the end, Irene teaches/texts him tips on How to Discipline Your Disaster-Prone Little Brother.
19. Florence Nightingale effect fic with John being and injured soldier and Sherlock being his doctor.
20. During the three years Sherlock is "dead" after Reichenbach, John keeps updating his blog. Sherlock reads everything.
21. Irene is a long lost Holmes sibling.
22. Reichenbach: "Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side."
23. Artemis Fowl crossover.
24. Irene helps Sherlock fake his own death take down Jim's crime empire.
25. Sherlock likes to read Murder Mysteries after John has gone to sleep.

Alpha/Omega Universe - Planned Mating Repost
It seems like a lot of the Alpha/Omega prompts have to deal with the omega's heat happening suddenly or their meds fail and they go into heat.

So....Alpha!Sherlock/Omega!John - They've bonded/mated and now John's heat is coming and they have to prepare. John counting the days down on the calender, grocery shopping to make sure that have enough supplies, cleaning/making the bed comfortable.Sherlock documenting/noting the changes in John's scent and behavior, making sure that no one distrub them, etc.


1. Five times Sherlock sees Irene after ASiB.
2. Being Human crossover.
3. Five times John worried about Sherlock's mental state while Sherlock was writing sad music, and one time when Sherlock composed a happy tune.
4. Sherlock/Molly: first time.
5. Mycroft starts taking care of John.
6. John and Lestrade are buried alive.
7. Sherlock is a Poe fanboy.
8. After Sherlock "dies" John and Mycroft go on a BAMF world tour of sorts.
9. Moran is someone from John's past, and the closest thing he might have to his own archenemy.
10. "I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. You're not a consolation prize. I never wanted him. I've always wanted you."
11. Sometimes, after John leaves Sherlock follows him. He doesn't approach John, he just observes.
12. Lestrade already knew about the affair but he was still trying to work it out with his wife because he felt so guilty since he had an affair first, with Mycroft.
13. Virgin!Sherlock/John/woman.
14. A Study in Pink never really happened.
15. John walks in on Sherlock masturbating. He is surprised by what Sherlock is looking at.
16. John Watson, Mary Morstan, and Sebastian Moran are a BAMF!trio of enemies.
17. Sherlock is way older than John (anywhere from 10 or more years older).They're living together and dating.
18. John/Sherlock jealous sex after the events of ASiB.
19. What happened between the moment John was drugged and the moment he woke up in his bed.
20. Pokemon crossover.
21. Five times Sherlock ended up in John's bed without permission, and the one time he was invited.
22. Fight Club crossover.
23. Fullmetal Alchemist crossover.
24. Gregory House is Sherlock and Mycroft’s father.
25. Greek Mythology prompt.

Prompt: Mycroft and John seem to have a tentative bond of some sort over attempting to keep Sherlock from self-destructing, and after Reichenbach they stay in touch out of habit more than anything. To distract John from his grief and depression, Mycroft offers John a job as a MI6/spy/whatever and John takes to it like a duck to water.

Sherlock comes back from "death" and is stunned to find John and Mycroft are not only still in contact and somewhat friendly, but also systematically hunting down and destroying Britain's enemies with terrifying efficiently.

Jealous doesn't even begin to cover it.

TL;DR: After Sherlock "dies" John and Mycroft go on a BAMF world tour of sorts. Sherlock is not pleased. Pretty much looking for John+Mycroft almost-friendship and maybe some Sherlock/John icing.

Fill: (WIP)

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