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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Forever Yours lyric prompt
We sing together out of key
although we try it seems we just can't find our harmony
we just don't fit each other's frequencies
that makes you out of reach
and I am finally accepting that.

Any pairing.

(Forever Yours is by Alex Day, being sold on iTunes, it's a catchy song, all proceeds are going to charity, and the official very amateur video has zombies and superheroes! )

Mini Fill:

Fill #13 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Mycroft fakes his death for two weeks.
2. Lestrade loves Mycroft. Mycroft thinks he's a substitute for Sherlock.
3. Jim's first date with X was in a cemetery.
4. John/Sherlock tango.
5. Lestrade becomes obsessed with John.
6. "I..thought you were going to kiss my hand again." "I DIDN'T KISS YOUR HAND! You put you hand over my cup!"
7. Sherlock gets the milk. Without thinking, John kisses him.
8. John is a construction worker who comes to Sherlock's flat to fix the wall.
9. Footjob under a restaurant table.
10. Any first-time!sex that isn't amazingly hot and perfect on the first try.
11. Sherlock set in a different culture/country.
12. Every time Sherlock falls asleep, he wakes up in a different parallel universe.
13. John and Sherlock were in an established relationship when John went off to Afghanistan.
14. The dance from Thriller is a clue to a case.
15. Take what you think is the worst cliché and try turning it into your hottest fic ever.
16. Mycroft/Lestrade: frottage in Lestrade's office during lunch break.
17. Lestrade/Sherlock, Christmas phone!sex
18. "I'm sorry... I guess I'm not the immovable object you thought I was."
19. Lestrade and Mycroft dated way back when they were very young.
20. John/Sarah/Sherlock.
21. Sherlock is actually Sebastian Moran.
22. Lestrade tries to flirt with Mycroft. But Mycroft doesn't know how flirt.
23. Sherlock lovingly dressing John.
24. Over the years, Lestrade has unofficially adopted Mycroft as well as Sherlock.
25. John and Mycroft have to kiss. Sherlock is convinced that they have feelings for each other and gets jealous.

Prompt: John and Sherlock were in an established relationship when John went off to Afghanistan. He left most of his things in London, including a blue scarf Sherlock starts to wear everywhere--even long after John's scent has faded from it.

The day John returns, Sherlock unties the scarf from around his neck and wraps it around John's. And then uses it to tug John in to kiss him senseless.

Short fill is here.

Fill for nr 20 (Anonymous) Expand

Can i have Sherlock or John angsting over not being able to learn something? IDEK, like, maybe it's a speech they need to say (wedding?), or they have lines for being all detective-y and in-character on a case and they can't remember them? IDK anons, but i just need this.

It could even be Theatre!AU if that's the way your brain takes you :)

Fill: (parent for additional parts)

Filled prompt 20 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #24 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Teenage!Sherlock crushing hard on teacher/tutor!John.
2. Exhausted!John/Lestrade.
3. John's the destined ruler of one of the Twelve Kingdoms.
4. "I'm tired. So tired. I just want everything to stop. Please? Make it stop?"
5. Sherlock: John, I know what we're going to do today! ... hey, where's Lestrade?
6. Sherlock and Mycroft have different fathers.
7. Werewolf!Sherlock/John.
8. Damaged Sub!John, starting new relationship with understanding Dom!sherlock.
9. Sherlock has never been tickled before. John decides to fix this cosmic error.
10. Sherlock is Asthmatic, yet doesn't know that he is until he suffers a massive attack shortly after the confrontation with Moriarty at the pool.
11. Game of Shadows inspired prompt.
12. While helping John patch up Sherlock and Lestrade, Molly lets slip that she has a tattoo.
13. The first impression of Mycroft when Lestrade first meets him is that he looks like a well-fed cat.
14. Five times someone introduced Sherlock and John to one another and one time they met all on their own.
15. John has a very nice singing voice.
16. Mrs Hudson is everyone's dome.
17. Character A can only cry when surrounded by strangers.
18. Multi-era magical Christmas fluff.
19. While out in public, Sherlock sees the person (or the people) who raped him years ago.
20. John/Sherlock: Sex on Baker street because they didn't quite make it inside.
21. Sherlock and his partner use honey from Sherlock's bees in the bedroom.
22. Doctor Who crossover.
23. The Lovely Bones fusion.
24. John/Molly - pity date.

Filled #25


Mini Fill:

You only get one sentence to reply to this prompt:

"What the hell are you doing, Sherlock?!"

Multiple Fills:

1. John is not quite the lady's man everyone thinks he is.
2. Molly would totally get points for organizing the birthday party in the morgue.
3. Sherlock gets aroused by not allowing himself to go to the loo until he's so desperate he almost wets himself. Sometimes he does.
4. Pretty Woman AU.
5. Sherlock was rather overweight as a child, and Mycroft used to tease him about it constantly.
6. Sherlock/John with past Sherlock/Victor.
7. Once Upon a Time fusion.
8. Mycroft/Sherlock hurt/comfort.
9. John/Moriarty based around the Bluebeard story.
10. Cock rings.
11. Mycroft and Lestrade making a sex tape.
12. What else has John agreed to without knowing it?
13. Sherlock and John are fucking when Sarah, John's girlfriend, walks in.
14. Character X is an angel who left Heaven for Earth and tore off their own wings.
15. Sherlock starts to lose his memory.
16. Mycroft and Lestrade are in sixth form, and are shagging-but-probably-not-boyfriends.
17. Any character masturbating.
18. When Sherlock sits down and opens John's Christmas present to him, it's the toy he always wanted.
19. Lestrade and Mycroft are in a clandestine relationship.
20. Artist!John, model!Sherlock.
21. Wicked crossover.
22. Molly and Sarah totally beat Sherlock and John at strip poker.
23. Annual 221b Baker Street Toga Party.
24. Mycroft likes Sherlock best when he's ill; it's the only time that Sherlock is pliant enough to listen to his older brother.
25. Either John or Sherlock was raised at the North Pole, and has now come to London to reunite with his family.

Re-Prompt from Part IX and a Fill. Triggers for (falsely implied) Rape

The prompt was from page 50 and reads:

Sherlock and John and fucking when Sarah, John's girlfriend, walks in. John doesn't notice her but Sherlock does. And he does:

1) Smile and continued to fuck/get fucked to show John's his.


2) Pretends that he was attacking/forcing/raping John so the man gets off the hook (obviously that might not go as planned.)

Rumor Has It

Fill #17 (Anonymous) Expand
Full Prompt: Anon can't be the only person watching Sherlock and thinking he's got to be ADD, can anon?

Being significantly effected and impaired by anon's own ADD, anon would love fic about this. Most anything, as long as it's respectfully handled, since it's not something anon has seen mentioned anywhere at all - and anon has looked. A lot.

Accurate information, reliable links, anon's own anecdata, et c. regarding ADD in adults available upon request.

Fill: Perception [ Meme 1 | Meme 2 | AO3 | FF.N ]

Edited at 2011-12-29 04:21 am (UTC)

1. John becomes the perfect brother for Mycroft.
2. John used to be part of a "Paranormal Investigation Team".
3. Mycroft is a closeted nerd.
4. Fighter!Sherlock and sacrifice!John, with Sherlock patching him up and being very caring and affectionate after each battle.
5. Five times Mycroft and Sherlock didn't make it into the Guinness Book of Records, and the one time they did.
6. 10th Kingdom crossover.
7. Mycroft loves Christmas, and when Sherlock and John are out one day he ninja!decorates their flat.
8. John's hands are damaged in an accident.
9. Mycroft and Sherlock visiting Mummy for Chanukah please.
10. Toby is actually Molly's son.
11. Comic prompt.
12. Molly is the Cat Whisperer.
13. Mycroft pays off people's layaway bills.
14. Sally is tired of being the other woman.
15. Sherlock must go undercover as a dancing girl.
16. Vorkosigan saga fusion.
17. Sherlock is a pterois.
18. "Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend, and I said something grammatically wrong during it. He chose to correct it. FML"
19. Sherlock finds out John is still friends with one of his ex's.
20. Sherlock is mad because Mycroft and Lestrade get together before he and John does.
21. "Today is a day that is brighter than bombs."
22. Mycroft is an avid Star Trek fan and secretly likes to think he's Klingon and knows how to speak Klingon.
23. A conspiracy is hatched to treat Sherlock like a child whenever he acts like one.
24. John wakes up to Sherlock humping his face.
25. Protective!Alpha!Sherlock getting into a fight with another alpha that is interested in John.

can we have something based on the concept of pairs from Loveless?
I can easily see fighter!Sherlock and sacrifice!John, with Sherlock patching him up and being very caring and affectionate after each battle. Sort of like a D/s au, actually! How did they meet? What's their true name? What's going on with them versus Moriarty and Seb?


quote from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson:

"Being a homicide detective can be the loneliest job in the world. The friends of the victim are upset and in despair, but sooner or later--after weeks or months--they go back to their everyday lives. For the closest family it takes longer, but for the most part, to some degree, they too get over their grieving and despair. Life has to go on; it does go on. But the unsolved murders keep gnawing away and in the end there's only one person left who thinks night and day about the victim: it's the officer who's left with the investigation."

Please write something Lestrade-centric based on that.


Fill #22 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock is captured by bad guys and he is subjected to repeated bouts of suspension torture.
2. Sherlock masturbates John with his gloves on.
3. Sherlock accidentally triggers John.
4. John and Lestrade can't feel any type of pain.
5. Lyrics prompt: Symphony in Blue – Kate Bush.
6. Lestrade’s kid is in custody for something serious.
7. The moment that Sherlock realizes fighting/chasing Moriarty isn't fun anymore.
8. Zombie apocolypse and John leaves Sherlock for five minuets, only to have him turn into a zombie.
9. Based on the Six Million Dollar Man.
10. Molly is suicidal.
11. The government clones Sherlock for their purposes.
12. Sherlock learns Moriarty's nickname for him, and is incredibly embarrassed by it.
13. Android!Sherlock is temporarily installed with emotion software WATSON but when his time is up he wants to keep it.
14. Mycroft likes to walk around his house bare ass naked.
15. Sherlock/Moriarty prison sex.
16. Sherlock picks up slang from watching telly with John.
17. Mycroft is pregant as a result of an one night stand with a stranger. Sherlock finds out, and insists that he father the child.
18. Sherlock watches 'Trapped in the Closet'.
19. Mycroft and Lestrade have an epic bromance that no one knows about.
20. Sherlock insults Mycroft's looks all the time to cause self-esteem issues.
21. Dialogue prompt.
22. They are having dinner in the restaurant seen in the first ep. and a Lady and the Tramp scene rises.
23. John is a BAMF chess player.
24. John unknowingly agrees to marry Sherlock.
25. Lyrics prompt: Rihanna’s Cockiness.

Edited at 2011-12-22 03:45 pm (UTC)

Filled #8

Prompt: Zombies have overrun the world (doesn't matter how long it's been since they have) and Sherlock and John believe they are the last humans left. They stick close together, never leaving each other's side.
For one reason or another John leaves Sherlock alone for five minuets. (Thinks he sees someone? Feels that Sherlock was safe and needed to get supplies?) When he comes back Sherlock has been turned into a zombie.
A distressed John tearfully puts Sherlock out of his misery.

TL;DR- Zombie apocolypse and John leaves Sherlock for five minuets, only to have him turn into a zombie. He is forced to kill him.

Prefered established John/Sherlock.


Fill #13 There is no keeping John safe.

By far the favorite rationale for Sherlock to run off after Reichenbach is "to protect John." Hey, I'm not knocking it, I've used it myself. But we're talking about a man who would rather be fighting in a war than living a normal life in London. How do you protect a man who wants to live in danger?

So the prompt: There is no keeping John safe.

Doesn't have to be Reichenbach-related. Angst, H/C, whumpage, character study, happy ending or not, anything on that theme!


Edited at 2011-12-31 10:22 am (UTC)


Full Prompt

Lestrade used to be in a abusive relationship with his boss during his first year in the yard. His partner blackmailed him into having sex with him (with his gangster/ prostitution past etc.) He finally got out of it when the man was killed during a case. Year and years later, he met Mycroft, who fell for him. Mycroft had never been in a real relationship in the past (only one night stands etc.) due to natural of his job. He was really forthcoming about his position & power (or as forthcoming as he could be), as well as his fetishes and kinks. He didn't want to scare Lestrade, but he still wanted the man to see the full picture before he making his decision, just to be fair. Unfortunately, Lestrade didn't see a man who genuine cared for him, only a predator who would go extreme measures to get what he wanted, just like his old boss. So he agreed to be Mycroft's lover to protect his career and his team. He went along with all of Mycroft's requests and participated in various sexual kinks, like bondage, breathplay, orgy etc. against his own will. And he was getting more depressed as time went on. Mycroft didn't realise there was anything wrong with his relationship due to lack of experience with long time relationship, and Lestrade had been trained as a perfect actor. Until one day, he found Lestrade pointing his gun at his own head...


Kink Meme (


Full Prompt: Mycroft has never lost The Game. Ever.

Look at you poor sods, now you've all lost it. :P

Fill: Rule One [ meme | FFN | AO3 ]

FILLED #21 (Anonymous) Expand
Gah I hope I am doing this right STOP JUDGING ME

part one of fill is here-


1. Someone grieving a terrible loss.
2. Every year before John when Sherlock was alone on Christmas.
3. Sherlock whispers naughty things to John while they're on a case.
4. Unknown to Sherlock and John, the showdown at the pool was televised live all over Britain.
5. Sherlock and John get married, and Mycroft and Lestrade are Sherlock's groomsmen - they grow closer together during the run up to the wedding.
6. Sherlock and Anderson get kidnapped, and have to stick together whilst they whether their assailants abuse and try to find a way to escape.
7. The doctor comes into John's life after Sherlock's death at the falls and helps him travel back in time to save Sherlock's life.
8. His Dark Materials crossover.
9. Sherlock is drafted. Things start to get really bad back home.
10. Molly and Father Holmes get together.
11. John and Sherlock hooking up while they're in university.
12. Irene gets together with Harry and they're thrown back in time to form an alliance with Madame Vastra and Jenny.
13. There's a bomb threat, and Sherlock has to piece the clues together to figure out where the bomb is.
14. Beauty and the Beast with a twist.
15. No character on the show is actually who you think they are.
16. Avatar: The Last Airbender AU.
17. "You're so tense. Calm down. I won't hurt you."
18. BBC-verse take on the 'The Blue Carbuncle'.
19. Once upon a time, there was a little prince with a heart that was just too big for his chest.
20. Dialogue prompt.
21. Mummy Holmes married the nanny.
22. Sherlock and Mycroft must spend a week doing one another's jobs and living one another's lives.
23. Something happens to John that cripples him physically and mentally.
24. Sherlock goes to a New Year's Party. When the clock strikes 12, Lestrade is there to kiss him.
25. Everyone is confused when, one day, Mycroft drops Lestrade off to a crime scene, going to far as to kiss him goodbye.

Someone grieving a terrible loss. Hardcore h/c. Please.

A Man Lost In The Desert

FILLED #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Doctor Who crossover: John and Sherlock have to take care of a de-aged Master.
2. Doctor Who crossover: Irene Adler meets River Song.
3. A suspect threatens John and Sherlock with a gun. John snatches a gun out of the suspect's hand.
4. Deleted post.
5. Sherlock and John being forced to kiss under the mistletoe.
6. Sherlock doing lines off John's chest.
7. John cheats on Sherlock.
8. Sherlock climbs into John's bed, lies down next to him and pulls John's arm around him.
9. Sherlock notices he likes John using his stethoscope on him.
10. Sherlock gives John a back-rub or massages some salve into John shoulder, causing John to make rather obscene noises.
11. John finds out that the first person Sherlock had sex with was Mycroft.
12. John has a fetish and is nervous about telling Sherlock.
13. Five times Lestrade saved Sherlock's life without either knowing who the other is... And the one time Sherlock saved Lestrade's.
14. SGU crossover.
15. Sherlock and Mycroft get de-aged for god knows how long and Lestrade is the only one who can look after them.
16. When Sherlock was small, there was nothing that made him happier than showing off his big brother.
17. Dialogue prompt.
18. Sherlock and Lestrade can look after themselves, but one thing that always pains them is people judging them.
19. Two people decide to have sex, but it isn’t great.
20. John is a baker. He makes cupcakes that look like different body parts.
21. Sherlock was a father to a little boy.
22. Mycroft is horrible/hurts John, Sherlock threatens him to never come near them again.
23. Character A is a Night Fury that can never be complete without his 'rider' Character B.
24. It's not about sex, it's about control and getting Sherlock and John to give up control. And getting John and Sherlock to have sex with each other.
25. Mycroft was a dominatrix’s regular customer.


Prompt: Sherlock and John being forced to kiss under the mistletoe.

Fill: "What Mrs. Hudson Has Planned All Year"

Filled #9 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #3 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock and Lestrade discussing religion.
2. One of the Victorian versions of Holmes and Watson are BBC! Mycroft and Sherlock’s parents.
3. During a press conference, the footage Lestrade is presenting is replaced by a porno movie.
4. Supernatural crossover.
5. Once someone acted homophobic to Jim and Seb. Two days later, and the offender was never seen again.
6. There is a party at 221B. The next morning, Molly comes out of Sherlock’s bedroom.
7. After Molly stifled a giggle at one of Sherlock's snipes at Anderson, Anderson takes a crack at Molly.
8. AU dialogue prompt.
9. When people learn that John's a soldier, they all want to hear stories.
10. Sherlock outs Mycroft on television.
11. When John and Sherlock both were teenagers, John was actually the taller one of the two before Sherlock met his growth spurt.
12. Mummy Holmes is Crowley.
13. Sherlock/Mycroft first time story.
14. John slowly helping Sherlock become comfortable with his sexual side.
15. Sherlock and John are happy together until they figure out they’re actually brothers. Then they’re still happy, but life is much harder.
16. Sherlock loses his memory and gets picked up and seduced by Moran. John finds him by accident and is able to save him in time.
17. Lestrade and John like to curl up on Lestrade’s sofa together and smoke pot.
18. When he was little, Sherlock used to have an imaginary friend.
19. Cabin Pressure crossover.
20. Lestrade slept with that cute guy from IT who came to fix his computer.
21. Sherlock and John having to chase or herd sheep.
22. Every time Sherlock deduces that John and his brother are shagging, he deletes it.
23. When Sherlock was little, one of the adults in his life was sexually abusing him. Sherlock was blamed for it.
24. SGU crossover.
25. Sherlock is John's father.

Jim/Seb attempted homophobia
Once someone acted homophobic to Jim and Seb.

They were undercover so couldn't do anything about it. Two days later, and the offender was never seen again.

Calamity Jim

FILL #21 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John wakes up in his undergarments and covered in blood. He doesn’t remember what happened.
2. John gives off a scent that is irresistible to demons; the more aroused and/or humiliated he is, the more irresistible he becomes.
3. Consensual Jim/John.
4. Sherlock/John: One of them is really contented and pliant whenever they wake up, the other loves to use this to their advantage.
5. Sherlock/Irene.
6. Sherlock takes a cerebral holiday by letting Dom!John take control.
7. Sherlock views Sally as a sister, and believes she see's him as a brother.
8. John with a collar made from hickeys.
9. In the middle of having sex with John, Sherlock starts shouting, "No!"
10. Dialogue prompt.
11. Mycroft has two choices: rape his younger brother and they both get to leave, or watch while Moriarty's minions rape him and they both die.
12. Kidnapped!John save himself.
13. Sherlock gives John a collar for Christmas.
14. Mummy died of a genetic disease and Mycroft has just found out that he has it.
15. John&Mycroft dialogue prompt.
16. Sherlock is nearly raped in a gang bang.
17. John is Death.
18. Sherlock/John role reversal.
19. Sherlock shaves/waxes his chest.
20. Sherlock and Mycroft tease each other about their sexuality.
21. Sherlock and John have lived hundreds of lives.
22. Despite being given distinct orders not to touch himself, Dom!John keeps finding sub!Sherlock masturbating.
23. John is a scholarship student at a VERY prestigious public school. On his first day, he gets on the wrong side of Sherlock Holmes.
24. Sherlock is at least ten years younger than Lestrade.
25. Five times John says, 'Oh, oh. Oh, (a name) and one time Sherlock makes him say it.

Prompt: John is Death. When he's at the surgery, he's really collecting the souls of the dying and taking them into the afterlife.

When Sherlock dies, John lays down next to him and dies too.

(warnings: blood & character death)

Fill #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Afghanistan - crossover
John Watson. RAMC, and doctor.

Tony Stark. American billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer.

Both were in Afghanistan.

Mini Fill:
Mini-Fill to Pass the Time

Fill no.19

Full prompt: I think I've read this before (can't find it?), but it's a very pretty idea.

So, as it says: Sherlock is the god of night, while John is the god of day.

Fill here:

1. Molly proves to Sherlock that her mouth is not too small by giving him the best blowjob of his life.
2. Sherlock isn't a sociopath but rather the opposite, he has strong empathic ability.
3. Because Sherlock and John are absolute shit at communicating their feelings, all of their important conversations occur in texts.
4. New Years’s Resolutions.
5. Firefly AU.
6. Sherlock Holmes is the only person in the whole wide world that can make Mycroft follow his diet.
7. John and Sherlock go to a bar, chat up two nice girls, take them home and fuck them.
8. "You got drunk on chocolate? How much did you eat? Is that even possible?"
9. John somehow convinces Sherlock to go to a pantomime.
10. John/masseuses in any way shape or form.
11. Sci-fi AU.
12. Dr. Horrible crossover.
13. After Reichenbach, the only two people knowing that Sherlock is alive are Mycroft and Molly.
14. Mycroft is an alcoholic.
15. Sherlock uses Earth magic.
16. Mycroft/umbrella/Lestrade.
17. Tradition holds that a dark man should be the first across the threshold in the New Year to bring luck for the rest of the year.
18. On the fifth day of Christmas, Moriarty gave to Sherlock…
19. However depressing the situation gets, Sherlock will never shed a tear. So John cries for him instead.
20. John went to Narnia.
21. To be honest, I'm just happy smoke didn't start coming out his ears.
22. Sherlock/Jim.
23. Mycroft and Sherlock are star-crossed lovers, reincarnated as brothers.
24. Sherlock and Alan Shore.
25. Mycroft plans a big wedding for Sherlock and John. It’s not what John wanted.

New Year's Resolutions
Does Mycroft have Anthea consign his on her BlackBerry?

Does Molly firmly tear up Mike's, telling him a diet would ruin his adorable chubby look?

Does Sherlock hide his so that paternal!Lestrade will "accidentally" find them on his next drugs bust?

And what would Jim and Seb's list look like?

Any genre, gen or any pairing welcome.



No one ever suspects the butterfly.

Suck Your Heart Out (With My Proboscis)

Re: Part 23 Page 8 (Anonymous) Expand
Full prompt: Are there any artists around?

Because I would love to see Sherlock (Female!Sherlock or male!Sherlock) wearing one of those dresses from when the fashion fad was a slim boyish figure, flat chest... I think it was the 1920s when it became very popular? I love that look <3


I'd like some good old-fashioned dry humping, S/J style.

because they're too impatient and full of adrenaline to even undress.


1. Established relationship fuck or die fic, only both men are gagged and blindfolded.
2. Megamind fusion.
3. Dom/Sub AU.
4. Hunger Games crossover.
5. Moriarty makes John say filthy, filthy things to Sherlock, until Sherlock is hard and desperate despite himself.
6. Lestrade falls in love with Sherlock when he's a junkie but he refuses to make a move until Sherlock gets clean.
7. Mycroft/Lestrade: casual, married-couple sex after they both finally managed to get a day off at the same time.
8. Someone has an utterly useless skill.
9. John writes children story books.
10. Mycroft did not guess Sherlock wasn’t dead. For two weeks, he thought his little brother was dead.
11. Arranged wedding with a twist.
12. Someone rescues Lestrade from a horrible day.
13. Star Trek AU.
14. Doctor Who/My Little Pony fusion.
15. Fairly Odd Parents crossover.
16. "Cute scruffy muppet-man now trying to flirt with me. So sweet, yet so hopeless."
17. Sherlock and Holmes swap places.
18. Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
19. Moriarty makes John the first pip. BAMF!John rescues himself and totally screws up Jim's plan.
20. After a night of drinking, John decides it is a brilliant idea to make a list of the five people he is going to have sex with before he dies.
21. Mycroft is actually Mummy Holmes.
22. Ninjas.
23. No one notices that John is not adjusting well to a life of slavery, until he tries to kill himself just to escape.
24. 'Anderson is the office slut. Everyone at Scotland Yard has had him. Everyone.'
25. Not a happy ending.

Full Prompt: After a night of drinking, John decides it is a brilliant idea to make a list of the five people he is going to have sex with before he dies. He leaves the list in some odd spot in the flat and completely forgets about it the following morning. That day, Lestrade and co. bust in for another drugs bust and Anderson finds the list. He gleefully reads the list out loud.

John expects Sherlock to belittle him.

All Sherlock can say is, "Why am I nowhere on your list?"

Fill: Here


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