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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Filled: #5

Original Prompt: Sherlock being gangraped. Not consensual. Fighting and screaming, held down on the floor.

Fill Here:

Filled #2 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled # 17

Prompt: Every night Sherlock rapes John; every morning John forgets about it


Other Fill:

John walks in on Sherlock in the bathroom. Not doing any man stuff that men usually do, but Sherlock is dyeing his hair.

Because I'm Worth It

When John unpacks the few boxes he's brought to the flat, Sherlock discovers the many joys of bubblewrap...and everything goes downhill from there.

Sherlock + bubblewrap + SCIENCE = (-.o)!John

Micro Fill:


Prompt: Sexytimez mini-fics under 50 words. Go!

Fill with 49 words:

Fill 21 - Lestrade's Proposal

Full prompt : Lestrade/Sherlock proposal fic. We have several lovely fics/fill for Sherlock and John proposing to each other, but this pairing seems a lot more rare, which is a shame!

I was going to prompt for a specific kind of proposal, but really there are so many hilarious/romantic ways this could go. Does Lestrade keep trying for the ~perfect proposal~ but something messes it up every time? Is he amazingly suave? Does he surprise Sherlock? Go down on one knee? So many possibilities!

Fill : Cheesy minifill

Sherlock, John, Lestrade, Mycroft, Sally, and Molly are kidnapped by Moriarty and thrown into a room. They have 15 minutes for Sherlock to lose his virginity or Moriarty kills them all. Who does it?

Multiple fills (hah) are highly encouraged.

Mini Fill:

Jim is absolutely shattered when his pet dies. No, not Moran, his real pet. Like a dog or a cat he has at home.

And the reason it died is probably even his fault, becoming obsessed with Sherlock and forgetting to feed it or something. That makes him all the more devastated.

Picture Fill:

Fill for #3 (Anonymous) Expand
I read this fic and just had to prompt this. :P

"You didn't tell me, though. Why's no-one on the groom's side?"
"Oh, he's a reformed serial killer," he replied, waving his hand as if it was nothing.
"WHAT? You've gotta be blooming kidding me!"
"Nope," he said, popping the 'p'. "Stay away from the dad, though. He isn't," he added as an afterthought.
"A serial killer?"

Fill: (parent for additional parts)

Prompt (really found at the end of Page 45):
"Sorry, you have me confused with the other Holmes brother. You know, the one in the flashy Belstaff coat who's in love with you."

Mini Fill:
Ending Us

Prompt: We've had John as an army bomb dog turned human, so let's go for a similar situation for Sherlock.

He was some scrappy alley cat before some unknown force turned him human. He knows all the ins and outs and funny little back routes because that's where he grew up.

Do other people find out? How does Mycroft fit in with all this? Run with it, author anons!

Prompt and Fill:

Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill: #9

Full prompt: Moran/twig! It's true love~


Fill: #14 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill #25

Full prompt: John likes how skinny Sherlock is because it fascinates him how everything fits when John fucks him and how easy it is to hold Sherlock or push him into whatever position John wants.


#5 Mycroft distracts himself from hunger with sex

Chocolate Digestives and Sibling Rivalry

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